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Cholo Lovers 2

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/22/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Production Date: June 2009

Directed By: Rainbow Pimps


Peter Piper, Kris Anthony, Enrique Currero, Adrian Hart, Jack London, Fernando, Daniel Diaz, Mikey Fernandez, and Tony Silver

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours & 14 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Kris Anthony (good-looking wearing a red do-rag, goatee, and toned/smooth body, tattoos) and Peter Piper (cute with short dark hair and a toned/smooth body) have noticed each other a number of times on the subway. Finally hooking up, Peter chows down on Kris' big fat cut cock giving an excellent blowjob working his hot wet mouth up 'n down. Dude loves sucking that dick, jacking the shaft, rubbing those plump balls, and making Kris loudly moan with pleasure. Switching up, Kris is soon sucking Peter's uncut prick shown via some very clumsy camera work.  During both blowjobs, the hand-held camera stays in a medium shot for much too long before going in for a closer view. I find this to be irritating. Repositioning himself on the couch, Peter exposes his tight lightly hairy bunghole leading Kris to munch down however the viewer will not be able to see it.

Kris then fingers dude's asshole with some okay look-sees of the digit penetration. Butt sex time! Kris fucks his pick-up from behind using long 'n smooth strokes with crummy camera shots from the side where the viewer will not be able to see anything. Peter's cock stays limp throughout the scene. I guess he's as bored as I am. Ha! Switching to the side/missionary, Kris continues to fuck Peter quick 'n hard with decent penetration shots from the front but we are back to that blasted static medium shot. Finally after twenty minutes, there are some descent shots of the action then it is back to the same ol' no-nothing videography during the missionary position. Kris pulls out, yanks off his rubber, and shoots a nice thick load all over Peter's chest 'n stomach. Peter magically gets a boner and dumps a thick nut on his own stomach.  

Scene Two:

Enrique Currero (good-looking with a dark buzz cut, beard stubble and a toned/smooth body) and Adrian Hart (nice looking with dark hair, goatee and a toned/smooth body) are hanging out rubbing crotches. Adrian pulls Enrique's delicious uncut dick out and blows him as the camera stays in the same tired medium shot for much too long. Finally the fucking camera moves in closer and we can get a better look and Adrian's vast oral skills. Adrian strips off his clothes showing off his big unclipped meat and mouth-watering hangy nuts leading Enrique to suck like a champ with more static medium camera shots that finally lead to some descent close-ups.  Enrique's hungry for a taste of his buddy's pinga so he blows that tasty meat sliding his mouth up 'n down while giving some very nice head.

Naturally, the camera is once again stuck in that same medium shot and then finally moves in for a closer view. Adrian's cock never gets fully hard during the blowjob. Switching up for some anal pleasure, Enrique slides in from behind and fucks his pal long 'n smooth while Adrian yanks on his limp noodle. Bad camera shots from the side showing no penetration follow as well as the camera going in and out of focus. Good times! There are finally some descent penetration shots from above of that fat cock sliding in 'n out.  Changing to the missionary position, horny Enrique keeps on keepin' on banging that tight man-hole. The good ol' static medium shot is once again used before going closer (in and out of focus) for a "better" view. Adrian cranks out a hot thick load on his stomach followed by Enrique cutting loose with thick jizz on Adrian's inside thigh and hand.

Scene Three:

Fernando (cute with a dark buzz cut and toned/smooth body) is standing in an alley obnoxiously blabbing on his cell phone when Jack London (good-looking with dark hair and an average/smooth body) barges outside and threatens to fuck dude up. Jack forces Mr. Cell Phone inside, pulls out his own uncut cock, and makes Fernando to suck it. Fernando is more than happy to comply wrapping his hand around the shaft and wildly sliding his mouth up 'n down giving some very good head. After the obligatory overly-long medium shot, the viewer will get a better look at the oral pleasure. Fernando strips down revealing his shaved pubes and unclipped dick and then continues to suck his new pal.

Jack once again takes control and fucks dude fast, smooth, 'n hard doggy-style. "Yeah! Take that fuckin' cock!" Fernando digs being porked and fills the air with high-pitched moans, sighs 'n girly squeals. There are no penetration shots during this position. Changing to the missionary, we can see that Fernando's cock is still limp while Jack bangs the heck outta him with some okay penetration shots from above (that go in and out of focus). The dudes are totally into the action filling the room with loud sounds of lust. "Take it you fucking whore!" Jack rubs one out all over Fernando's stomach. Fernando doesn't cum.

Scene Four:

Daniel Diaz (good-looking with dark hair and a toned/smooth body) storms into his pal's apartment where he finds Mikey Fernandez (cute with a black buzz cut and toned/smooth body) slouching on the stairs waiting for someone to suck his dick. Mikey pulls his own baggy blue jeans and boxers down revealing dark pubes, hangy nuts, and a big unclipped cock.  He wags that meat teasing his buddy leading Daniel to stroke 'n suck that thang giving excellent oral pleasure. Dude totally knows how to suck a mean tool. The videography is still clumsy but at least there are some nice camera shots of the blowjob although Mikey has problems maintaining a boner throughout the scene. Daniel finally strips off his clothing and bends over the stairs allowing Mikey to munch down on his tight bunghole. Of course there are only mediocre half-assed camera shots of the rimming.

After a number of tries, he finally gets his semi-hard meat up that tight shaved asshole and fucks Daniel fast 'n lubed from behind.  There are no penetration shots. "Why don't you get on your fuckin' back so I can fuck you some more?" Moving to the traditional missionary position, Mikey continues to drill Daniel with more crummy side-views and a semi-hard cock. At one point, there is a nice penetration shot from above and then an excellent one from behind (too bad Mikey's dick is going limp at the same time). Daniel frantically jacks his uncut cock working that delicious foreskin and busts a big thick nut all over his own stomach. Mikey cuts loose with an ample load of jizz all over Daniel's plump balls, inside thigh, and hand.

Scene Five:

Tony Silver (good-looking with a shaved head and toned/smooth body) is mopping up the men's room when his boss Adrian Hart (scene two) walks in bitching that the job has not been finished. Adrian forces Tony to his knees, hauls out his own uncut cock leading the horny employee to blow that thang, baby.  Tony gives some very good head sliding his mouth up 'n down and receives a tasty face fucking. Adrian definitely digs the blowjob and fills the loo with lots of heavy breathing. Boss Man wants a taste too and is soon chowing down on Tony's big cut prick jacking the shaft and sucking the dong like a man outta control. Dude loves to suck dick.

There are some nice camera shots during both blowjobs. Adrian bends over and Tony slowly slides his large prick up that tight shaved man-hole and fucks his boss fast 'n lubed. The penetration shots start from the side are no good but then there are some excellent shots from behind/below of that slab of pork sliding in and outta that snug man-hole. Adrian then plays a nice game of the ol' sink/bounce while Tony sits on the toilet. Ha!  Did I just hear a fart? Okay. I didn't. There are some nice penetration shots from the front. The other scenes really needed camera shots like these! Adrian beats off while riding Tony's hog and shoots a thick load. Tony wanks 'n dumps a small load.


Shot in high definition and presented in widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The main picture quality is sharp and clean but the videography goes in and out of focus numerous times during the movie.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk and then get down to the lusty sounds of man-on-man action.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, and nice slide shows from each scene featuring solo and hardcore photographs.


Latino men and uncut cocks really turn me on and there are plenty of 'em offered in Cholo Lovers Volume 2. The dudes are all very sexy and give a range of performances from excellent to having trouble getting and/or maintaining hard-ons. The hand-held videography is bad. Annoying static medium shots and in-and-out-of-focus camera shots seem to be the name of the game here. Skip It.

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