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Love In An Elevator

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 9/22/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Love In An Elevator
Wicked Pictures

Directed By Stormy Daniels
Running Time: 1hr and 54 minutes

Tech Specs (from PS3)

Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel
48 kHz
384 kbps
4.2-6.1 Mbps

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene starring Kirsten Price and Kris Slater from Until There Was You (12 minute scene)
Trailers (6)
Behind the Scenes (20 minutes long, you get a few interviews, some photo shoot footage, and we get to see some footage of them building the sets)
Photo Gallery
Motion Menu


Kirsten Price
Alektra Blue
Madison Scott
Monique Alexander
Riley Evans
Sadie West
Aaron Wilcoxxx
Brendon Miller
Chris Johnson
Dane Cross

Overall Thoughts:

And we get things going with a trailer for Maid to Order and Until There Was You. I am going try and do this review without quoting the Aerosmith song with the same name, maybe I should try and use their lyrics and change them up a bit. But you know that reading this, means your most likely going to have that song stuck in your head. Welcome to my hell. Anyways on to the movie, I have to say that the movie kind of started out a little bland to me, but I have to say that the scene between Kirsten and Chris, was the scene that really worked for me, and I am really hoping that it keeps going after this scene. And it did continue onto the following threesome scene and we reach the climax with the Kirsten and Brendon scene at the end. Kudos to you Miss Daniels for that scene alone. So it had a somewhat mellow start but really ended strong. Don't get me wrong the first few scenes had their moments, so I am not saying that they are completely worthless. Some decent special features and the same great audio/video quality that you expect from Wicked. Kirsten really does a great job showing her acting chops as a leading lady in this film. Some funny performances from both Dane and Brendon and some great one liners throughout. So when you combine that with Alektra Blue and Madison Scott making an appearance, I have to say that you got yourself a pretty good movie, so I am going to give this a HIGHLY RECOMMEND. You can see how much work and effort was put into this film, and we got a great movie due to all of that hard work.

Scene One: Kirsten Price and Aaron Wilcoxxx

It's a special day for these two, he proposes marriage to her, and she says yes. Guess it's time to have sex to celebrate. They get things going with some decent foreplay, as she strips down to her panties. She pulls down his pajama bottoms and gives him a decent blowjob. He puts her on her back and begins to lick her pussy, but before long he replaces his tongue with his cock. For a second there, I thought he wasn't wearing a condom, my bad, it's just a very clear one. A slight transition and she is on top of him for some reverse cowgirl action, and she really puts a lot of energy into it, as she hops up and down on him. She backs that ass up into his mouth, and then onto his cock for some doggy style on the bed. He grabs a hold of her ass while he pounds away on her. And the scene kind of ends quickly, as he ends up cuming in her mouth and a little on her tits.

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Scene Two: Riley Evans and Dane Cross

Back at the office, Dane (her assistant) is excited to see the ring, almost a little too excited. And everyone seems to be hiding from Lucy and her cake. She tries to give some to Kirsten, but she shows her some naughty copies people have been making at work. She takes a few bites just to make her happy. She finds Dane in his office, she yells at him, and we see that Riley is working him under the desk (very hot). She continues to work on him, as he slowly gets her clothes off. Her bra comes off and she slips his cock in between her tits for some titty fucking. He picks her up and puts her on the desk, and stuffs his face in her pussy, while getting a few grabs on her breasts. He lifts one of her legs on his shoulder and begins to pound away on her. They struggle to get her skirt off, but after they do, she is bent over the desk, as he continues to fuck her. He decides to join her on the desk as he slips behind her for some spoon. They do a great job of not knocking anything over the desk. We get some anal action as he continues to fuck her from behind. The scene ends as he pulls out and cums on her tits and a little in her mouth.

Scene Three: Alektra Blue and Monique Alexander

Kirsten is all dressed up and ready to go party. She gets into the elevator with Brendon, and what do you know the elevator stops working. He seems pretty calm about it and she is freaking out about it. There is some pretty funny footage from one of the cameras of them trying to figure a way to get out of there. A little later they are basically playing 20 questions with each other. We get a flashback to his old girlfriend, who does her best to get him to leave, and when he does leave, Alektra pops up from behind the bed and the two of them starting getting each other out of their clothes. After a bra gives them a little trouble Monique is enjoying playing with Alektra's boobs. But then Alektra, using her fingers and mouth begin to please her pussy. A few fingers get put inside her pussy, and then Alektra sits on her face and she gets to play with her pussy. Something about the fact that Alektra keeps her belt on that is really sexy. They take turns fingering each other's pussy. They end up kissing some more and he walks in and see what they ladies are doing, he grabs his stuff and walks out.

Scene Four: Kirsten Price and Chris Johnson

So after he tells his story, it's her time to share, she doesn't at first, but he begs her until she agrees. We get a flashback as 2 ladies and 2 guys are sitting around in their underwear playing a game of truth or dare. She says dare and she is supposed to make out with the other girl, but she refuses, so her other option is take Chris into the next room and jerk him off. Very hot foreplay as she is leaning up against him while he leans on the sink. They continue to kiss as she opens his pants and begins to play with his cock. She gives him a rather long blowjob until he comes in her mouth. I really would have loved to see this scene go a little further, but oh well, it was still pretty hot.

Scene Five: Madison Scott, Sadie West and Aaron Wilcoxxx

So after she tells her story, we get more camera footage of the two of them passing time, which includes some yoga I think. We cut to her bday party and we that her fiancÚ seems to be more concerned about the two ladies who are giving him lots of attention. He leaves the party and heads into the VIP area. Back the elevator, she has fallen asleep and he puts his coat on her, and then the elevator starts working. They start to head out the door, and she invites him to the party, but he denies. He gives her his card and they go their separate ways, you can sense a little sexual tension between the two of them. She gets a call and runs to the club. At the club we see that things are getting pretty heavy between her fiancÚ and the two ladies. The girls are down to their underwear and they are determined to do the same to him. Sadie opens his pants and Madison grabs his cock and gets some deep throat action going. Madison sits on his face while Sadie takes over cock duty. Madison takes the initiative and climbs on top and rides him for some reverse cowgirl, but quickly turns around and continues to take his cock in her pussy. Sadie finally gets her turn, as she goes for a reverse cowgirl ride as Madison rubs her pussy, but then she ends up sitting on his face once again. Sadie follows that up with some very wet oral followed by some more deep throating while Madison plays with her pussy and ass. Sadie then gets some doggy action from him, as she plays with Madison's pussy. Sadie really seems to working up a sweat during all of this fucking, you can't say she doesn't give her all in this scene. The scene ends as he cums on Sadie's ass. Doesn't seem like he got a lot of time with Madison in this scene.

Scene Six: Kirsten Price and Brendon Miller

So Kirsten finally makes it to the club and she finds her fiance, and she runs out of the club, just as Brendon comes in all decked out. She runs back the building to see if she can still find his card that he gave her, but threw out. She has no luck, so she goes home and is crying on her bed. We see her at the office and she is till thinking about the man she met in the elevator, and it's been a month and she hasn't run into him again. She finally does, but he is hugging a blond woman, she walks away and he catches up to her. We find out that the blond is his sister and she wants to play truth or dare with him. They leave and end up in the bedroom and start off with some pretty hot kissing. You can tell the chemistry between these two is great. He slowly opens the back of her dress and then pulls it down to her ankles. He works on her pussy a bit before he pulls her bra down enough to play with her tits. She slowly unbuttons her shirt, this is starting to sound like one of those trashy romance a bit. I can't help it, they are really building up the heat between these two as this scene goes on. He continues to rub her pussy through her panties, but finally slips his fingers past and into her pussy. Her panties finally come off and he has his face deep in her pussy, as she moans and purrs with delight. They kiss some more, as she finally gets him out of his underwear and she begins to give him some oral. She climbs on top of him and begins to sway and pivot as she takes him in her pussy. Slow and steady at first, but quicker as they go one. They switch things up a bit and she is on her back (on the bed still) and he continues to fuck her. Next up we get some doggy action and the pounding gets faster and faster, but not too fast, we don't want this scene to end already, I'm enjoying this way too much. But he cums on her chest and we have to sadly end this scene.

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