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Snort That Cum Vol. 6

Studio: Immoral Productions » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 9/28/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Cumshots

Director:  Uncredited

Cast: McKenzie Banks, Jenny Baby, Amy Brooke,  Misty Love & Shania Beverly

Special Guests: Shawna Lenee, Tanner Mayes, Syren Sexton & Tanya Tate

Date of Production: 10/15/08, 6/16/09, 1/20/10, 3/24/10 & 12/11/09

Length: 2 hr. 6 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is really clear, but it is not specified if it is digital/HD? The picture quality is excellent, and I'm also unsure if it is digitally mastered or in HD. The scenes are in a widescreen format/ratio.

Overview: From the "2010 AVN Nominated Best New Studio" IMMORAL PRODUCTIONS, comes the next evolution in semen consumption! You may have seen cum brushing, or even gokkun, but in this DVD you will find a new form of cum intake! this time around love is truly the drug! The girls get as naughty as they possibly can by snorting cum off of each other, and other places as well ... So if you're a fan of girls who love cum like a bad addiction, then sit back, and enjoy ... you are in for a surprise!!!

Before each scene 'Dr. AY FILL' from the University of Idiocity and Stupidity gives a short, unusual intro ...

Scene 1: Misty Love

In this holiday inspired scene, Misty visits Porno Claus in hope for some 'fun'. She practically sits in Porno Caus's lap while wearing no panties! Porno Claus goes over Misty's naughty list, noting the bad things she had done all year long, like having two guys' cock in her vagina at the same time! Porno Claus got straight to the point, and told her that she had been a naughty girl. He told her that she only deserved two lumps of coal, and asked her what she thinks she deserved being she had been such a naughty girl. She answered telling him she'd just like a little fun, and maybe some sex toys ... Not only does Porno Claus grant Misty's holiday wish, but he delivers it himself!!! The scene is filled with sex toy play provided by the jolly man, as well as some cocksucking provided by the grateful Misty Love. There is actually a lot of sex toy play in this scene, and I would have honestly liked to have seen more sex. Misty has some very hot, and lengthy orgasms during the scene that were ok to begin with, but they began to wear on me a bit before the end of the scene. I really enjoyed watching Porno Claus get a blowjob at the end. After all was said and done,  Porno Claus emptied his rather large load onto a table nearby from which Misty snorted The cum up with a small straw! The cum snorting was a bit strange to me ... I'm not sure what to think about it at this point ... Overall the scene was ok.

Scene 2: McKenzie Banks

-- sponsored by --

This scene has a somewhat odd camera distortion about it. All of the performers are dwarfed in size, as well as their personal parts. The scene is a 'Fuck-a-Fan' scene. If you don't know what that is, it's where some lucky (and I do mean 'LUCKY') guy gets to have sex with one of his favorite female performers from the Adult Movie industry. this time around the lucky guy gets blessed by two female performers. Most of the time he is only fucked by one, but I don't think he minded at all. The scene was a bit chaotic for me. The camera would be focused on the Fuck-a-Fan pair for a bit, but then it would focus on the other two girls that were off messing with a computer (they were naked, though ...). Porno Dan gets his share of action as well, from both McKenzie and the other female performer. Amidst the chaos of a hallucinogenic camera filter, the dwarfed performers, and the unfocused 'action'. I was left a bit unsatisfied. The part where Porno Dan was doing McKenzie doggystyle was pretty sweet, and the cum snorting was pretty hot in this scene. McKenzie snorted it off of the other girls bare breasts, and bragged about how she liked it! The sex was pretty enjoyable throughout the scene. There was a good variation of sexual positions, and there was also Dan's finger banging skills! It would have been much better if the girls didn't look like dwarfs, and the the camera was focused on the Fuck-a-Fan guy a bit more. Don't get me wrong the Dan Leal sex part was enjoyable too. I just wish they wouldn't have tried to cram so much into one scene. I can't really, honestly say I like this scene. It could have been much better.

Scene 3: Amy Brooke

The scene starts of with a little pre-scene preparation. The set looks like a total mess, and the couch looks as if some girl had just squirt all over it. They spend a good bit of camera time going back and forth amongst the performers, producers, and guests as they set up the scene. It gives you some insight on what goes on behind the scenes, without the content being in a behind-the-scenes featurette. This is another 'Fuck-a-Fan scene, and this time the guy got picked for saying he would give up his marijuana if he could fuck his favorite female performer! To start off the poor guy waits anxiously for pussy while everyone else is laughing, having a good time, and carrying on. The dude actually looks a bit left out at times. Not only is the Fuck-a-Fan guy, and Dan getting some action this time, but a contest winner is also in on it. There's three guys, and three girls! Once the sex gets started it's really good. It would have been truly great if they would have saved the setup part for a behind the scenes extra, though. I really like the innovative cum snorting bit they did this time. They had a skateboard with one of the female performers pictures on it. Amy Brooke ended up snorting the cum off of the skateboard!!! This scene was rather good, but could have done without the scene setup.

Scene 4: Jenny Baby

This scene has a different approach to it. It's not on the usual live set as the previous scenes, and looks more like a porno scene. The scene includes Porno Dan (Dan Leal), another male performer, and Jenny Baby. This has got to be the hottest scene I've ever seen Dan in! It suits him better as well. Jenny gives an awesome performance, and the guys are even good! The scene starts off with Jenny doing a bit of cocksucking. Then Dan, and the other guy make a sex sandwich out of her. Dan does her doggystyle while the other guy gets some oral attention. After that, and a little more blowjob action, Dan lies down on the floor and Jenny rides him cowgirl style. At first I didn't notice, but she was riding anal cowgirl style! The sex is definitely hot in this scene, and I can tell you right now this is my favorite scene! Getting back to the sex ... Jenny even does some deepthroat which I thought was awesome! I'm beginning to wish all of the scenes had been like this ... The scene ended with Porno Dan trying to shoot a massive load straight up Jenny's nose from his dick! Sadly, a lot of the cum ran down her face, and in her mouth (hey! what am I saying!? I like a girl who gets a mouthfull of jizz ...). This was an awesome scene! The sex was hot, and the ending cumshot was satisfying. Who could ask for more?

Scene 5:  Shania Beverly

The scene starts off almost immediately with Dan removing his pants, reclining on a couch, and getting two very lovely ladies to attend to his cock. Shania starts off giving him a blowjob, and then a titjob. after that another girl steps in and helps by licking his balls. It didn't last long before Dan decided to give his signature finger bang to Shania. Porno Dan really knows how to treat the ladies! This time around the finger banging was short, but he fucks her missionary style which was nice. Dan ends up shooting his load on the other girls pussy, and has Shania snort it right off of her!!! The scene seemed a bit short to me, but it wasn't bad. I actually liked to see Dan in on the action more than he usually is. After the cum is snorted, and Shania is done she states that she'd love to snort some more cum, but sadly this is the end of the last scene. The cum addiction will have to be fed some other time ... I actually enjoyed it. It was a great way to end the DVD.


The only extra on the disc is 'Trailers' which gives video previews of Titterific, Squirtamania, Slumber Party, and Assmazons.

*NOTE* The 'Trailers' section is not located on the right place in the DVD menu. It's actually under the 'Chapter Select' option.

Final Thoughts:

While I expected more from this DVD, it was not all that bad. My main problems were from the in-scene scene setups (which in my opinion should have been put in a behind the scenes extra), and the odd camera usage in that one scene that made the performers look distorted. Other than that the sex was great, and the perfomances were very energetic. I really enjoyed the scene with Dan, and Jenny Baby. The sex was truly at it's best in that scene, and I honestly thought it was better than the live show theme. The live show theme was good for a while, but variation in scenes/themes is also a good thing. The whole Dr. Ay Fill thing was also a bit odd. The DVD could have done without that bit of animation. This is still a good DVD, and Is definitely worth recommending!

*NOTE* In the DVD Menu the 'Trailers' & 'Chapter Select' were switched around.

Final Rating: Recommended!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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