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Jesse Jane Playful

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Steve Ward » Review Date: 9/26/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Hey Again Xcritic visitors!
Steve Ward here with this review of Digital Playground's "Jesse Jane: Playful"
Tech Aspects: "Playful" is presented in 16x9 widescreen HD, with 5.1 digital surround sound, and no regional coding.
There is a pretty cool little 8 minute BTS featurette, kinda Hollywood style. It basically shows the stars rehearsing the script, A few interviews, and some fun on set moments.

Trailers for "Pirates 1 & 2", "Nurses", "Island Fever 4", "So Fine", "Girl Next Door", "Fly Girls", and "MILFS All Star"

Slide Show

Photo Gallery

CAST: Jesse Jane, Madison Parker, Jayden Jaymes, Hillary Scott, Angelina Ashe, Cindy Hope, Mick Blue, James Deen, and Scott Nails.

Overview: I have been itching to see a Digital Playground movie for a long time now. The Studio that brought you the "Pirates" franchise as well as "Island Fever", and a raft of larger budgeted features. Among Digital's contract starlets are Katsuni, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, and of course our cover/title babe Jesse Jane. 
Robby D is the company's most productive director, hell if you see a Digital Playground movie at your local adult video store, chances are pretty good that Robby D directed it. Jesse Jane is at the center of attention in this movie, the Barbie doll babe who has been a veteran of the porn biz for several years now. 
We also have the brunette bombshell (with one of the greatest asses ever captured on tape) Madison Parker, along with another Brunette who has been making quite the impact over at Elegant Angel: Jayden Jaymes. Just to name a few. I expect this to be a damn good flick with that cast, so let's get it started...
Scene One: Jesse Jane w/ Mick Blue
So right off the go get, we have a little scenario where Jesse and Mick are kissing on the couch when Mick's cell phone rings and he engages in a conversation with his mother while Jesse starts giving him a BJ, a cute little scenario to open our scene. Jesse is looking as good as she usually does wearing a simple little black dress with a black & white striped top. I won't bother giving you the usual play-by-play because this is a very simple, all vaginal scene with your usual Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl positions included, finishing with a facial. Pretty standard, you get the idea. What I like about this scene is that it is very well paced, I estimate about 15 minutes long, good length. I also like the performances, Jesse and Mick both do a nice job of being into each other. What I didn't care for so much is Robby D's camerawork. Nobody ever wants to see a shot of the guy's face during a scene.
Anywho, so the actual look of the scene is excellent, the 24fps widescreen is always nice in these "high-end" fuck movies, while we typically don't want that in our hardcore gonzo movies, it is always welcome here. The lighting and sound are as good as anything to be expected. Overall it is a pretty decent generic scene that is shot in exceptional quality. 

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There 2 things about this scene that I must make mention of. The first is that it really feels like a formulaic, choreographed scene. Robby D clearly gave the performers a breakdown of what was to be done in what order. The Other thing is... (I hate making negative remarks about a performers looks or body, but It's my job to be honest with you) The cover image of Jesse is obviously photoshopped, and we all knew that going in, but when her non photoshopped body meets the unforgiving HD camera lens. Every little imperfection stands out. Every stretch mark, vein, pimple, bruise, and every bit of cellulite is captured. I don't mean to make her sound haggard, she's still the ultra hot, Barbie doll, fantasy girl we all know and love, But be aware that the cover image has been dramatically airbrushed from the real thing.
Scene Two: Angelina Ashe w/ Scott Nails
So now we have Angelina Ashe, A gorgeous naturally stacked blonde walking into her home wearing a denim miniskirt and a white, button up top (mostly unbuttoned of course) looking for her boyfriend Scott (Nails) who is hiding from her. After looking for him for about 7 seconds Angelina sits down on a plush bed and begins caressing herself, supposedly aroused by her man's childish behavior. Finally Scott joins her and things get sexy. 
He starts warming her up by eating at the Y and finger banging her for a little while longer than necessary, and then she responds in kind with a lengthy BJ. From here it's pretty standard stuff like the first scene, Doggie, Missionary, Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, regular Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl (again), and Doggie (again). 
Finally the scene culminates in a facial. Pretty nice scene, rather generic in terms of the sex presentation, but as with the first scene; it is the cinematic value that they are going for here, and It looks great. You would have to be an alien to not get aroused by watching this sexy babe get nailed (pun intended). Good scene, I'm enjoying this movie so far!
Scene Three: Madison Parker w/ Mick Blue and James Deen
In this scene, Madison Parker, the stunningly gorgeous European brunette is dressed up like some 1860's brothel girl as she is sexing up her boyfriend Mick Blue who is preoccupied with his wrist watch. When she catches on to him and asks him why he's so nervous, Mick confesses that he bet on a poker game that if he lost the winner could fuck Madison in the ass (what a lovely, thoughtful idea, I sure hope she marries him!). 
So about a nanosecond later James Deen shows up and starts bossing Mick around, which amuses the hell out of me as James Deen looks about as tough as an earthworm in the sun (but, I Digress). So James come over to Madison who quickly removes her thong underwear and Invites him to fuck her, while telling Mick to stay and "watch what I do for you!" (anybody creeped out yet? I am!) So James fucks her vaginally first and then switches to anal while Mick sits there stroking himself. 
Eventually Mick joins in and turns it into a DP.  They trade off fucking her ass and getting BJs for the rest of the scene and ending it with a double facial. Not a bad scene at all. Madison is as hot as ever, and a DP is always part of a fun scene. 
Scene Four: Hillary Scott & Cindy Hope w/ Tommy Gunn
So this scene starts with Hillary (A hot brunette wearing black lingerie) and Cindy (A dark skinned brunette wearing white lingerie) are shooting a sex tape in Hillary's bedroom. Some minor lesbian stuff here, things pick up when Tommy Gunn walks in and volunteers to take over on camera. So Hillary and Cindy get into some lesbian sex, after a little while Hillary decides to bring Tommy's wiener into the fun and the 2 girls trade off giving him BJs.
Finally Tommy hands the camera over to Hillary so he can he fuck Cindy missionary style. Pretty soon Hillary ditches the camera and joins in. So from here on we get the same positions in just about the same order as the other scenes only this time the 2 women take turns and add some 69ing and fingering in between. The scene ends with a 2 girl facial. Pretty cute premise with the sex tape angle, but otherwise another generic scene, all vaginal. 
I think it should be said that Robby D has given the men in the movie far too much exposure, between his obsession with getting a shot of the dude's face before every cumshot and the fact that you see more of Tommy's ass in this scene than the 2 girls, cause me to raise an eyebrow or two. Hillary and Cindy are both super hot, but I felt that Hillary's performance was a little dull, and yet again the scene feels overly choreographed, but it looks great so it balances out if you like high-end looking porn. Pretty good scene.
Scene Five: Jesse Jane & Jayden Jaymes w/ Scott Nails
Our final scene in the flick starts with Jesse, Jayden, and Scott hanging out on the couch taking pictures of each other with their nifty camera-phones. Jayden is the stacked brunette wearing a sexy black dress showing a lot of cleavage, Jesse; our Barbie doll blonde, is wearing a simple blue top and white short-shorts (Like on the cover). At first they are taking simple and innocent pictures, but the pictures gradually get sexier until Jesse and Jayden are taking pictures of each other giving Scott a BJ. 
Pretty quickly they ditch the phones and just start sucking him off. Jayden gets the dicking first in doggie while she eats Jesse out. Then Jesse takes a turn in Reverse cowgirl. Jayden trades with her for some standard cowgirl, and switches to reverse after a BJ break. From this point forward, Scott alternates between the two ladies in the spoon, and after a little while they end the scene with a 2 girl facial, which Scott takes a picture of. We see the cum-faced gals on the phones display as the flick fades to it's end credits.
Another nicely paced scene, One of the best looking scenes in the movie. Pretty cute build up with the cell-phone photo shoot angle. Jayden (Who I must admit I am not really a fan of) looks especially good in the scene. The Performers gave pretty solid performances, and overall it's a pretty solid scene to end a pretty solid movie. 
Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed this movie. The high quality of the presentation as well as the performances was very enjoyable. The terrific pacing of the scenes is a plus. This is a flick with a lot of replay value, and I'd say it is a good buy.
As for the cons; well the guy's face and ass shots are a huge turn off to any straight male viewer (making up around 90% of the audience, So that is actually a pretty big deal, and I have to take some points away for that. Another issue is the somewhat choreographed feel of the performances, there isn't a whole lot of raw energy, and as a fan of hardcore gonzo primarily, that kinda sucks.
So I say Robby D's "Jesse Jane: Playful" for Digital Playground deserves a Recommended rating, It's an all around good movie, It just has a few issues that set it back from the real standout flicks out there right now. Buy this movie if you see it at your local Adult Video store or online at a discount, or if you are a fan of any of the women in the movie, It is worth owning for those 2 reasons. If you are looking for a really hot and heavy movie with lots of raw, raunchy, aggressive sex; This one might not be up your alley, but I'd still say rent it if you want a solid fuck movie with great visual and audio quality and a solid cast. It's not bad at all.
I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please send them to [email protected] Thanks for reading!

Steve Ward

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