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Masturbation Nation 8

Studio: Tom Byron Pictures » Review by GT XXXTreme » Review Date: 9/27/10

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Tom Byron Pictures 


  Masturbation Nation


Ava Rose, Bobbie Starr,
Austin Taylor, Caroline Pierce, Karlie Simon, Alexia Sky, Lindy Lane, Vicki
Chase, Rebecca Blue, Amber Rayne, Coco Velvett, Sindee Jennings, Tatiana Kush,
Mason Moore, Charley Chase, Sara Stone, Rachel Love, Adrianna Nicole and Natasha

Special Features 

Photo Gallery 
  Bonus Scene (Rachel Roxxx) 
  Bonus Footage (Interview w/ Tom Byron)

  These ladies take things into their own hands. There's nothing like a little self-stimulation to satisfy yourself! See these twenty girls getting off!  

So that's what the description of this movie tells us but does it fulfill?  In my opinion...No.  I dig Mr. Byron and what he gives to us with his films but this is my first experience with one of his "Masturbation Nation" titles and besides all the beautiful women, the flow of the film is not there for me.  And yes it is just a solo flick so not much can go into making such a film and pleasuring yourself but hey, I'm a reviewer and I watch mad porn for a living. I have watched better solo films than this so hopefully in the next upcoming volumes they do get better.  Maybe I should go back to some of the older ones and see where it started to fail.   
Here is my breakdown on each scene to help you with pin pointing to the right chick to get your jizz on:  

Scene 1: Adrianna Nicole

  OK, here is a chick whom I have never watched before.  Always a plus for me in these solo films.  I'm down for watching new faces.  Now, for me she is OK looking but her solo action...BAM!  "Pure hotness!"  She totally gets it on and works her pussy fast, possibly making your personal rubbing to an end due to your love juice escaping immediately.  If only all the scenes continued like this....  

Scene 2: Alexia Skye

This is a scene to skip. Sorry Alexia but I love your moaning but your scene just didn't make my list for this film to watch.  

Scene 3: Allie Haze

  OK, so here's a chick whose innocent look makes her a possible watch while pulling out your yanker but due to the camera work, it was a fail in my part.  I like to check out a
chick's entire body while they are playing with themselves.  I love the quivers that they get when they reach that orgasmic point.  Here we are stuck to watch at a pussy watching P.O.V. while she rubs one out.  Fail. But she is damn cute though.  

Scene 4: Amber Rayne

Another newbie for me and a definite watch.  From the start of her smacking her own ass,
to her clothes dropping right down to the pussy finger fucking and my favorite....the ass finger fuck!  Amber does it right for this solo flick.  Just wait till her four finger fucking .....OMG!  

Scene 5: Austin Taylor

Austin is that voluptuous hottie that when she spins around to show you that ass..."BAM" HARDIE IS UNDERWAY! And what's hot about this scene is she digs toys.  And so do I! Just watching a chick go at it with a toy is crazy hot.  The famous magic wand comes into play and Austin is in pure ecstasy as any woman would be with that piece of hardware.   

Scene 6: Ava Rose

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OK, so here's a chick that is popular amongst the porn world.  I'm not totally there yet with
her and this scene does not help.  I get the whole maybe someone, (like a parent or a boyfriend) is in the other room so let's try to rub one out and be quiet about it thing.  But damn it, I need moans!  I need crazy get yourself off action.  FAIL!  

Scene 7: Bobbi Starr

Oh Bobbi.  I want to like this chick but again, this scene did not help.  She definitely knows her pussy and knows what to do to get her off but the camera angles. Now, I understand some peeps dig this kind of P.O.V. action but it doesn't help the beauty of the woman in the scene. To me I think it hurts it actually. This scene made your head look tiny and her lower half gigantic.  Not a turn on.  And again, that's my opinion.  So for all you P.O.V. lovers, this scene might just blow your pants off.  

Scene 8: Caroline Pierce

Pretty face, nipple/clit piercing and dirty talk all a plus in my book!  She even added a glass dildo to the mix.  I wanted to really like this scene but for some reason it didn't totally do it for me.  Maybe her chemistry with the camera?  Not sure but not a bad scene.  

Scene 9: Charley Chase

Back to a more popular starlet in my book, the hottie known as Charley Chase.  Great tits, an exotic face, she moves her body in wonderful positions, (you all know how much I love women's legs).  And she sports black boots...can you say SEXY!!!!  She does what she needs to do on a chair whether she is spreading the legs and rubbing down below or
getting in a doggie position while playing with her pussy and asshole.  Besides the patch, (which I am not a fan of) she does her pussy quick and to the point.  

Scene 10: Coco Velvet

We now hit the midway point of this film with a thin, young looking hottie known as Coco Velvet. Does she work this scene?  Well she gets to the point with some nice finger fucking as she clutches her titty and makes herself cum while sitting on a toilet.  Hey it looked clean enough so I'm cool with that!  

Scene 11: Karli Simon

So are you ready for a hot ass blond? I sure am! Karli is spread eagle from the get go, finger fucking her pussy like a mad woman! This chick is hot and guess what, this is my first time I'm checking her out and I am digging this chick. Just when you thought you've seen them all, another pops right up. Karli does it right. From the three finger fuck session that she gives herself to the hot knee high white socks she sports, this scene jumps to my favorite of this flick so far.  

Scene 12: Lindy Lane

OK so I wanted to like this scene but I'm not sure what happened. Lindy has a great voice, which is awesome for the hard on to begin, and her rubbing technique is pretty good but there was something missing. Maybe it is the fact that I'm not digging the piercing above her lip. Kinda looks like a booger if you ask me. Sorry Lindy.   

Scene 13: Mason Moore

Get ready to go wild on yourself! Coz Mason totally gets wild on her own self! This female is fuckin HOT! The whole package: sexy face, big tits, a great ass, tattoos and she digs the toys. Good enough that it makes her squirt! That's right, "SQUIRT!" And a lot! It's all over the place. How in the hell does a chick shoot that much fluid....I have no effin idea but
it's kinda hot! Does that make me sick....fuck no!

Scene 14: Natasha Nice

Off the bat she is totally naked, her legs are spread wide and she is already rubbing. No tease, just right to the point. Unless you consider a solo flick a tease. Natasha is not that very nice as she uses two fingers and goes in deep into her pussy. Her rubbing of the clit action is fast and hot as hell. When she cums her body goes insane as she jumps and quivers, which to me makes for one fine ass scene. Oh and BTW, she plays with that ass
too. All in all, I dig this Natasha chick. Thanks for not being so nice but being very BAD!  

Scene 15: Rachel Love

So, right when you get me back into this film, just like that I am thrown right off of it. Now, I love females. But sometimes there is a few that do not turn me on at all and I am sorry to say Rachel Love is one of them. Not my cup of tea but you might be a fan. I'm not dogging you for that. She totally cumz very realistic and you can see that she feels it and I give her
that but all in all, it's a click to the next scene for me.

Scene 16: Rebecca Blue

Rebecca had me from her first moan. HOT SCENE ALERT! Me being a leg man totally fell for this chick. And thank god the camera dude got it right on this scene. Let's enjoy the whole body! Rebecca spreads them legs and fingers her pussy in ways that'll make you burst and come back for more after taking a five minute break. So what it took me a while to get through this scene...it's that good! Rebecca, you rock darlin'!  

Scene 17: Sara Stone

Damn it, why! OK so she has great tits, a pretty face, but why do you go from one awesome scene that's to me is mind blowing to a slow paced OK scene. Maybe this is where you can actually take your break and get cleaned up. I dug the spit but she kinda looked a mess. Hair not done, not sure who did the make up but too plain of a scene for me. One plus for Sara that I'll give her is she does know how to cum.  

Scene 18: Sindee Jennings

This scene started off OK. Hot chick loving a pink dildo. One thing was the major patch that she was rocking. Total downer for me. And the cough didn't help either. I actually giggled a bit while she was inserting the vibrator into her pussy. The sound of it going in and out didn't help bring the hotness to the table.  

Scene 19: Tatiana Kush

KUSH KUSH IN HER BUSH! Sorry just had to. Now here's a cutey that loves the rubbing action. Too bad I didn't love her doing it. Total boring scene. Kinda felt like a fill in just to have the film over 90 minutes long.   

Scene 20: Vicki Chase

  As we jump into the last scene of this so so solo flick, Tom gives us Vicki Chase and her fine ass. In the beginning it totally felt as if her ass was the focus of this flick and cool, I'm down for that but this is a masturbation flick...let's get to the point and use that hand for some orgasmic action...wait is that a Gumby tattoo? When we finally get to her loving her
pussy, she gets totally into it in letting us know how wet she is. She is also good at moving her ass up and down as if she was getting fucked by someone else. Hmmm... I might have to check out Vicki in some B/G or G/G action...coz she is HAWT!  

 Final Verdict

  So if you are wondering why I didn't fully like this flick due to the fact that I did like a few scenes....cough "Rebecca Blue" cough, here ya go. To me every scene should be top notch. Come on girls, you know how to turn a dude/chick on. Use that body, moan a little, don't just sit there and rub and cum. Go the full length. Cum as hard as you can and enjoy it while
  letting us enjoy it. Camera dude, let's chill with the camera a bit. Enough of that zooming right up to the face and pussy. It doesn't help show the hotness of the performer. Stand back a little and let us dive into the entire scene.  Also, I didn't want to forget about the bonus scene with Rachel Roxxx...HOLY SHIT!  Yeah it's that bad ass!  

And chicks, keep playing with yourself...it will be forever SEXY! 


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