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Dirty Me (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 10/1/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Erotic Vignette, High Definition

Director: Celeste

Cast: Andy San Dimas, Capri Cavalli, Charles Dera, David Perry, James Deen, Katsuni, Mick Blue, Mulani Rivera

Date of Production: 8/18/09

Length: 1 hr. 29 mins.

Audio/Video: The Blu-ray is shot in HD, and has 5.1 Digital Surround Sound. The scenes are shown in a 1920 x 1080 aspect ratio. The sound quality is superb, especially when amplified using the PS3 sound options. The video quality is excellent on the PS3 as well.

Overview:  This is a Blu-ray containing somewhat artistic scenarios involving some very lovely ladies, and some very handsome men. The scenes a pretty straightforward with little to no dialogue between the performers. The scenarios are erotic in nature, and include ending cumshots. The scenes are also complimented by an erotic music soundtrack to enhance the viewing pleasure.

Scene 1: Katsuni

The scene starts off with some classical style music playing in the background. Immediately we see Katsuni, and two other men together in an artsy style mansion that seems to be covered in white. The two men have Katsuni pose for them on a pedestal while they caress her silky smooth body, and take pictures. After removing her panties, and gown top exposing her precious parts, the two men begin to pound her from both ends. They take turns about, one guy getting some sexy oral care while the other pounds her pussy. There is little variation in the sex other than a standing penetration, and some cowgirl riding. During the sex the two men take some upclose, and personal pictures of each other as the have sex with her. The scene doesn't seem that long when one of the guys empties his load onto, and into Katsuni's mouth. The other guy follows by doing the same. Katsuni is left with a very dirty, but beautiful face. This was a very well paced scene with an artistic quality about it. The sex was great, even though the scene seemed a bit short to me. It was a high quality scene from start to finish!

Scene 2: Capri Cavalli

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This scene starts off with a pair of performers that truly, and deeply appear to be in love. The kind of love that young lovers experience. Capri is reclining on some steps as her boyfriend romantically writes different phrases about how much he loves her with a black make-up pencil. From there he gently caresses, and licks her pussy. They frequently make eye contact showing that spark of love that is unmistakable. After Capri undoes the guys belt, and sucks his cock briefly, he does her missionary style upon the steps. They enjoy some doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl and even reverse cowgirl style sex as the scene progresses. The whole time the words of love can be seen written upon Capri's beautiful tan body. The couple look like they thoroughly enjoy themselves during the entire scene. Capri recieves her boyfriends cum in her open mouth ending the scene on a hot note. The chemistry in the scene was great, and the performance was believable. This would definitely be a great scene for couples who are into adult entertainment. This truly was a superb scene!

Scene 3: Andy San Dimas

Andy's scene is hardcore. This time around the sexy Andy San dimas plays a submissive part. Dressed in black attire, and matching highheels, the handcuffed Andy goes through some major gagging, and deepthroating. At one point the guy even walks her around like a dog by her hair! After the guy removes the cuffs, and and about gags on his cock to the point of puking, they engage in some hardcore sex on the bed. The guy really pounds away at her. At one point he even fingerbangs her violently! They do missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl sex. Throughout the scene the guy never tires of throatfucking Andy to the point of major gagging. there was a pretty disturbing part at the end where it looked like Andy was crying. It made me feel sorry for her. She ends up lapping the guys cum off of a glass table at the end like a dog. This is a very hardcore sex scene, that deals with submission. Overall the performances were very believable, I just hope it wasn't real ...

Scene 4: Katsuni

The backdrop to this scenario is almost identical to her first. This time there's a piano in the center of the room, and two guys with flour sacks over their heads have surrounded Katsuni. It appears to be a robbery scene of some sort. The two guys end up having their way with Katsuni. They force her to suck their cocks to begin with. Although it appears that Katsuni is being robbed and forced to have sex, she seems to be really enjoying it. The threesome move over to some nearby steps to continue their dirty deed. There's fingerbanging, cowgirl, cocksucking, missionary, doggystyle and even spooning on the steps going on during this part of the scene. The two guys take turns throughout the scene doing her in the different positions. At the end the two guys remove their masks, and cum all over and in Katsuni's mouth! The two guys end up being the same men from Katsuni's first scene! This was a very interesting scene to say the least. The sex was definitely hot. Overall it was an enjoyable scene.

Scene 5: Mulani Rivera

This is one of those sexy bathtub scenes that dreams are made of. When the scene opens we find Mulani soaking in a porcelain tub of crystal clear water. She is actually wearing some sort of black see through top. A guy comes in and interrupts here peaceful bath, and begins feeling her up. He then helps her out of the tub, and out of her wet clothes. Mulani is very sexy with her long wet hair, and her tan wet body. Mulani gives the guy a very sexy blowjob once she got out of the tub. The guy returns the favor with some fingerbanging, and then some missionary sex on the bathroom counter. From the bathroom counter she's down on her knees again sucking his cock. The managed to fit in a bit of '69' action just for a minute. The couple even have sex on the bathroom floor which includes cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl sex. As the girls in the previous scenes Mulani recieves the cumshot to her mouth. The scene closes with Mulani getting back into the tub with the cum still on her mouth! This has got to be the hottest bathroom sex scene I've seen up to now. I think this is the best scene on the whole entire disc!


The extras include 'Behind the Scenes' which shows you some of what went on during the making of the scenes ... 'Gallery' displays pictures from the scenes in a slideshow format ... 'Trailers' which have seven preview videos of other Blu-ray releases ... and 'Contact' which gives the link to the DP/Digital Playground website.

Final thoughts:

I definitely think this Blu-ray is an Xcritic Pick. Each scene was of the highest quality. There were no average performers here. The performances, and the scenarios were all excellent. I liked the fact that they had a different scenario for each scene, and kept true to the title, 'Dirty Me'. All of the scenes were well paced, and the sex was varied enough to keep my attention. Scenes like the one with Capri, Andy San Dimas, and Mulani were truly exceptional. You won't find any half baked scenes here. The sound and picture quality are the best I've seen, even on my PS3 which I used for the review. This is an honest gem, and totally worthy of the Xcritic Pick!

Final Rating: Xcritic Pick!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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