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Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D, The

Studio: Juicy Entertainment » Review by Christopher Thorne » Review Date: 9/29/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

3D Glasses
The Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D (aka The VR Stimulator)
Condoms: None
Running Time: 1 hour 34 mins

Part 1: Sarah Vandella, Capri Cavalli and Pike Nelson. 
Part 2: Rachel Roxxx and Eric John

Directed by: Damon Magnum

The Movie:  The Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D is really 2 different 'movies' on one disc.  The fist one labeled "Stimulate" is a 55 minute film that connects a few scenes around the concept of the Virtual Reality Stimulator.  The other is called 3D Porn! and is a series of scenes with Rachel Roxxx and Eric John.  I'm assuming that Ultra Magnum threw on the scenes with Rachel Roxxx to round out the offering, rather than delivering a movie that comes in just under an hour.  It's too bad that two weren't connected into a single whole or that they didn't shoot more scenes for the main feature. 

3D Glasses

The 3D Effect:  Most adult releases use the standard Red/Blue glasses.  With the VR Stimulator Ultra-Magnum uses a Blue/Amber technique which is the same combination used for the 3D Sobe commercial that aired during the superbowl.  I actually tested out the Ultra-Magnum glasses on the 3D ad and it works.

To get the 3D effect working right you do really need to tweak your home theater or computer monitor. I found for my computer I had to bump up the brightness a bit to get the effect to work.  The disc unfortunately doesn't have any sort of calibration guide on it, something that would be a no brainer for future releases from Ultra Magnum.

In terms of the 3D, it is appreciably better than the Red/Blue 3D. The image looks less muddied and the effect is slightly deeper.  It doesn't rival 3DTV or the 3D you get via Blu-Ray 3D, but considering this disc can be played on almost anything, it's pretty good.

Audio & Video:  The VR Stimulator looks OK. It was clearly shot with HD cameras but the compression ratio used on the DVD provides some real clear noise and jagged edges. I think Ultra Magnum would have been better served dropping the 2D version of some of the bonus scenes and removed all duplicate content to have the best, clearest compression rate possible. I hope they release this on Blu-Ray because I think with a less compressed image the 3D could truly pop.

Audio wise it's pretty clear. The soundtrack has clearly had time and attention paid to it and I especially enjoyed the opening music.

Part 1 - Stimulate

Scene 1 - Sarah Vandella Solo Vibrator Masturbation

Sara Vandella Masturbation
Sarah Vandella looks really hot with knee high tube stockings. She lays on a bed and fucks herself with a dildo.  She seems pretty into it. The 3D effect is nice but I would have loved to have gotten closer to her.  A shot looking up from her pussy up her body in 3D would have been great. But the opportunity is missed.  It would have been nice if the scene went on longer, it just sort of peters out.

Positions: Dildo Masturbation

Scene 1a - Sarah Vandella and Pike Nelson Fucking 

Sarah Vandella Fucked

-- sponsored by --

Pike Nelson joins Sarah Vandealla for a nice heated scene. Their chemistry is really nice and they move around a lot from position to postion. Sarah seems to be really into the scene and shows off some really great oral skills. Once she gets on top of Pike and starts riding him the scene REALLY takes off. She gives a really fantastic fuck. When she switches to reverse cowgirl she does some great grinding, unfortunately it gets cut off too soon.  Once pike gets on top we FINALLY get close enough to the action to really show off the 3D effect. In doggie Sarah is very active, towards the end of that position she's giving as much as she's getting. It's moments like that that new startles NEED to see, it's the difference between an OK performer and a GREAT one!  Back in missionary we get close again and the 3D puts us into the action.  Pike seems to realize that his job in the scene is to keep up with Sarah and he does a great job in supporting her. The very end of the scene is oddly edited, not sure what happened as it cuts back and forth between 2 different positions.

3D or not, the sex in this scene sizzling hot. Sarah Vandella is fucking fantastic and gives a text book perfect performance. If your sick of watching pillow queen performers who don't give as good as they get you'll absolutely want to watch this scene.

Positions: Cunnalingus, blow job, 69, Blow Job, Hair Pulling, 69, Cowgirl, Blow job, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary. Doggie style. Missionary.  Spoon/Side Stratal, Doggie, Oral. Doggie, Standing Missionary, Doggie, Handjob, Cum on her tits. 

Scene 2 - Short Capri Cavalli Pole Dance

Capri Cavalli Pole Dance

This is a quick (1 min) interlude with Capri Cavalli dancing the pole. It's nice and I wish it were longer. Capri is sizzling hot and what we see of her dancing the pole left me wanting to see more.  This scene is repeated in the bonus material section of the DVD.

Scene 3 - Capri Cavalli and Pike Nelson 

Capri Cavalli Fucked

What Sarah Vandella has in enthusiasm for oral, Capri Cavalli has in technique.  Her oral work is great. I love how in the early part of the scene, after the kissing Capri goes to suck Pike's dick and he turns it into a 69. She enjoys it so much that she decides to hop on in reverse doggy style.  A lot of scenes I've seen lack this natural flow. It shows performers who are present and enjoying what they are doing.  Capri's reverse cowgirl is great and she, like Sarah is genuinely into the scene.  When they move into missionary we get one of our only real close ups. It's great to be close in on these girls in 3D. One of the few 3D insertions happens here too. Not sure why they are so rare in this film. Towards the end of the scene Capri really plays with her self and seems to be going for a genuine orgasm.  Unfortunately she's interrupted by Sarah Vandella (which ultimately turns out to be a good thing),

Positions: Blow job, Kissing, Tit Sucking, 69, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie Style,  Side Straddle, Missionary, Close up 3D Fucking, Clit Fingering while Being Fucked.

Scene 3a - Capri Cavalli, Sarah Vandella and Pike Nelson 

Capri Vavalli Fucks Sarah Vandella

This scene really picks up towards the end of the previous scene with Capri getting fucked by Pike. Sarah joins in to kiss and fondle Capri. This ultimately turns into a girl on girl 60 which is very hot. Sarah and Capri actually seem to enjoy each other. For some reason their scene gets cut off and Pike Nelson jumps back in. It's a shame, it would have been nice to see more of the two girls.  Pike fucks Capri for a bit and then goes to cum on her but Sarah leaps in to catch the load on her face (how can you not LOVE than enthusiasm)

Positions: Missionary, Cunnalingus, Kissing, 69. Kissing, Missionary with Tit Sucking, Cum in Her Mouth, Kissing.

Part 2 - 3D Porn!

This part of the movie seems to be shot like it was going to be a POV 3D movie, but then changed their mind and re-edited along the way. These mini scenes are interstiched with Rachel Roxxx asking the camera for us to do things to her.

Scene 1 - Rachel Roxxx and Eric John Blow job

Rachel Roxxx Blowjob

While the stimulate section didn't have anything that screamed 'WOW it's 3D', the 3D Porn section immediately starts with a POV blow job. The effect in 3D is really nice and it shows off why you'd want to see a porn in 3D.  Rachel Roxxx gives a good bow job but the scene is just lacking something.  Eric John takes himself out of the equation and it leaves little for Rachel Roxxx play off of. It's one of the weaker scenes on the disc. Also Rachel Roxxx just doesn't look as hot as she does in scene 2. 

Positions: Blow jobs, lots and lots and lots of blow job and then cum in her mouth.

Scene 2 -  Rachel Roxxx Strip and Masturbate

Rachael Roxxx Masturbate

It's kind of odd to have a strip and tease scene  after a blow job scene. This scene should have absolutely been placed before the first scene.  Having said that it's a REALLY great solo masturbation scene. Roxxx's dildo work is absolutely first rate. My only HUGE gripe with the scene is that it gets cut off before she can cum.  It's a horribly bad editing decision and it really prevents this from being the scene it could have been.

Positions: Masturbation, Dildo Play, No Orgasm :(

Scene 3 - Rachel Roxxx and Eric John Cunnalingus

Rachel Roxxx Cunnalingus

Rachael Roxxx asks the camera for us to finger her and Eric John steps in for us. As with the blow job. Mike is sort of a non-entity.  He really doesn't seem to be into the scene until he goes down on to her.  But still their chemistry is off, Rachel seems to be playing one of to the cameras (as it seems to have been shot with several).   She finally starts to get into it and grinding against Eric John's face and the fucking scene ENDS! Really?!!  I just don't get why these scenes are so chopped up!

Positions: Fingering, Cunnalingus

Scene 4 - Rachel Roxxx and Eric John Blow job

Rachael Roxxx Quick Blowjob

This scene starts a lot like the POV blow job with Eric John playing a statue. He brings nothing to the equation. The scene is super short and just doesn't do much.

Positions: Quick Blow job.

Scene 5 - Rachel Roxxx and Eric John Fucking

Eric John is Worthless

After having so many scenes cut short we FINALLY get to the fucking. Unfortunately Eric John really doesn't bring a lot to the equation he's really just a stunt cock. 

Something completely wonky happens in the scene at 21:08 where we get this ultra pixelated digital zoom insert.  It's a square peg in a round hole and it's really jarring.

They finally switch positions (Eric is about as active as a rock) to doggie and then to reverse cowgirl.  You've got to respect Rachel Roxxx here, she's doing so much with effectively a male real doll. Eric spends most of the scene flat on his back, head on a pillow and hands at his sides doing fuck all. The one big thing he does right is shoot a monster load at the end of the scene, but it still ranks as a fairly weak scene.

Positions: Missionary, Doggy Style, Reverse Cowgirl, Blow job, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Side Straddle, Cum in Her Mouth.

Rachel Roxxx 3D Pole dance

Bonus: Most of the bonus material on the disc repeats other content already on the disc. You get the 3D Porn! in 2D (which seems to have better compression rate than the 3D stuff). You also get the Pole Dance with  Capri Cavalli and a bonus one with Rachel Roxxx (the only real bonus on the film). There's also the Rachel Roxxx and Eric John Blow job repeated here.Roxxx

Final Thoughts: Rating the Virtual Reality Stimulator 3D is a tough task. It's easily a Recommended based on the scenes with Sarah Vandella and Capri Cavalli. Both of them deliver fantastic scenes that are absolutely worth seeing. Another plus is the addition of more footage with Rachel Roxxx, it definitely adds to the fuck for your buck equation. But the title is a little all over the place with two parts that don't really connect to each other, some editing work that's maddening (especially on some of the Rachel Roxxx scenes). By all accounts this should have been a Highly Recommended title, many of the elements are there but they just don't connect.

I think Ultra Magnum has some fantastic things to work from for their next effort.  If they stick with performers like Sarah Vandella and Capri Cavalli and do one complete connected film with their 3D they could have a real home run.  They need to do two major things though:  Release their film with the lowest compression rate they possibly can, and get another editor. Some of these scene could have been off the hook if they hadn't been cut short.

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