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I Love Tory

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/17/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Compilation
Director: Various
Cast: Ben English, Julia Bond, Lauren Phoenix, Lee Stone, Marco Banderas, Marco Duato, Mr. Pete, Tory Lane.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Tory Lane
Length: 03:40
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points: one for condom-free sex and the second for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Tory Lane.


 I almost never write reviews of compilations. Before I started writing reviews about ten years ago, I had purchased several compilation tapes and discs and generally found them to be shortened and out-of-context scenes that were, in my opinion, cutting-room castoffs. The compilations that I bought about "Big Tits," for example, may have had one or two buxom scenes intermixed with a bunch of trash. Similarly, a "Janine" compilation may have had one or two of her scenes along with several scenes from "also ran" girls. Bottom line, I just wasn't impressed.

So, when I received a shipment of DVDs from New Sensations, I wasn't immediately drawn to several compilation DVDs in their "I Love XYZ" series. However, I was intrigued when I saw I Love Tory." You see, Tory Lane is one of my 2007 Must-See Girls) and I love her so fucking much that I just had to pop the DVD into my computer's disc drive. Damn, what a good decision that was! I sat back and watched nearly four solid hours of complete and uncut scenes featuring one of my all-time favorite girls. Wow!

I like New Sensations' I Love Tory so much that I ordered copies of the rest of the series. I will eventually review them for you and, best of all, I will use them to help me pick winners for my future Must-See Girls award. Why? Because in one disc, I can watch the star in numerous types of scenes...boy/girl, threesomes, girl/girl and solo. Who could ask for more?

Bottom line...you get a hell of a lot of Tory Lane in I Love Tory. I don't think you can go wrong shelling out the money to buy or rent this first-class compilation of scenes featuring one of porn's best stars. Do your dick or pussy a favor...show Tory how much you love her by giving this movie your full and undivided attention!

Check out some photos of the girls in I Love Tory here. Enjoy!


I Love Tory consists of nine white-hot scenes and clocks in at nearly four hours. Here's a synopsis of each of the scenes.

Scene 1

Scene One is a boy/girl/vaginal twosome set indoors in a living room. It features Tory and Lee Stone and originally appeared in Mr. Pete Unleashed. Foreplay: Tory gives Lee and slobbery and noisy blowjob accompanied by lots of stroking. They also spank Tory's ass and squeeze and slap her tits. Vaginal sex takes place in 1) missionary; 2) standing reverse (he suspends her with his arms while she bounces up and down on his rod); 3) cowgirl; 4) reverse cowgirl; 5) kneeling doggie; 6) scissors; and 7) standing doggie. Tory is extremely energetic in this scene, talks very nasty, and takes over the thrusting actions in most positions. Tory's tits and clit become the center of attention with they get squeezed and slapped. Pop: Lee shoots his load onto Tory's face and into her mouth. She spits his cum all over the camera lens. Girl's orgasm: Tory cums at least twice...during reverse and again during doggie. Bottom line: This is a first-class scene that would have been even better had Tory swallowed. Four and one-half stars.

Scene 2

Scene Two is a boy/girl/vaginal twosome from I Know You're Watching #5. It features Tory Lane and Marco Banderas and is set indoors on a living room couch/chaise lounge. Playing on the original movie's title, Tory directs her attention to us throughout the scene. In fact, foreplay begins when she talks directly to us, teases us with her sex-charged body, and then masturbates for us. Then, Marco joins her and she gives him an enthusiastic, slobbery, and noisy blowjob replete with lots of stringers, balls gobbling, deep-throat action, and throat fucking. Later, he goes down on her pussy, performs cunnilingus on her, and finger-fucks her cunt. She responds by fucking his face. Vaginal sex takes place in 1) missionary; 2) cowgirl; 3) kneeling doggie; 4) reverse; and 5) missionary part two. Sweaty sex is highlighted by Tory's amazing moves, especially when she gyrates her hips while his cock plows her pussy in cowgirl and when she gyrates her ass while fucking Marco in reverse. Tory proves she's insatiable by sucking her repeated gushes of cum off of his cock. And, she further proves her delicious wickedness with her nasty tongue: "Don't be gentle. Just ram me!" Pop: Marco pops on Tory's face and in her mouth. She spits out his cum. Girl's orgasm: Tory cums repeatedly during this scene...at least four times! Bottom line: Great sex! Tory does a fantastic job of keeping us involved with the scene. Five stars.

Scene 3

Scene Three is a boy/girl POV scene, from POV Fantasy, in which you get to fuck Tory (Mr. Pete provide your surrogate dick). The scene is set indoors atop a bearskin rug on the floor. There's really no foreplay whatsoever. A behind-the-scenes videographer interviews Tory, she offers to give the cameraman a blowjob, and the video cuts to cowgirl sex. Sex takes place vaginally in 1) cowgirl; 2) reverse; and 3) doggie. Then, you'll get to plow Tory's ass in 4) cowgirl (you pop internally); 5) kneeling doggie; 6) reverse cowgirl; and 7) missionary. Later, you'll get a chance to fuck 8) Tory's tits, and then 9) pound her pussy missionary style until you pop again. This POV scene is superb! Mr. Pete holds the camera throughout the scene so Tory, by default, does nearly all the in-an-out action in every position. And, she moves so well...especially in anal doggie and vaginal mish. Fans of nasty girls will love watching Tory perform pussy-to-mouth and ass-to-mouth on Pete's rod...she deep-throats him, gobbles his balls, and even bites his ball sack. One more thing: I've got to admit that Tory's body looks fucking fine through the wide-angle lens of the camera used for POV action. Pop: You get to pop twice: the first time in Tory's asshole after cowgirl (she uses her gorgeous sphincter to squeeze out your cum) and a second time at the end of the scene. She sucks and deep-throats your rod until you cum directly into her mouth. Then, she shows us her full mouth and swallows every drop. Girl's orgasm: Tory cums along with you when you fill her asshole with cream. Bottom line: Ouch! This is scorching POV! Five stars.

Scene 4

Scene Four is a white-hot girl/girl/anal scene featuring Tory and Julia Bond. It originally appeared in 4 Finger Club #22 and is set indoors on a living room couch. To prepare their bodies for sex during foreplay, the girls kiss; fondle each others' bodies; squeeze, lick, and suck each others' tits; spit on, and tongue- and finger-fuck each others' pussies (as many as four fingers); and rim each others' assholes. Later, the girls enjoy a wide range of sexual positions. 1) Tory gets DP'd in doggie with a toy in her asshole and four fingers in her cunt; 2) Tory gets DP'd in doggie with two toys; 3) Tory gets her pussy reamed with four fingers...first by Julia and then using her own fingers; 4) Tory gets DP'd in doggie...four fingers up each hole; 5) Tory tongue- and four-finger-fucks Julia's pussy and tongue-fucks her asshole in missionary; 6) Julia double-fucks Tory in missionary using a dildo in her asshole and fingers in her cunt; 7) Tory fucks Julia's pussy in piledriver; 8) Tory shoves the balls of a dildo into her mouth and then uses the shaft to pound Julia's cunt in missionary; 9) Tory fucks Julia's face and Julia responds by four-finger-fucking Tory's pussy and by rimming her asshole; 10) Julia deep-throat-fucks Tory with a dildo...Tory slobbers all over the toy; 11) Julia straddles Tory and fucks her throat with a dildo while Tory four-finger-fucks Julia's pussy; 12) Tory four-finger-fucks Julia in missionary while simultaneously jacking and licking her clit. Believe me, not a minute goes by that's not 100% watchable. These girls are fucking amazing with each other! Girls' orgasms: Julia cums twice and Tory climaxes once. Not bad for a female orgasm junkie like me! Bottom line: Excellent girl-on-girl lovin'. Five stars.

Scene 5

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Scene Five is a boy/boy/girl vaginal threesome from Double Teamed #4. Tory's joined by Ben English and Marco Duato (Banderas) on a living room couch for the scene. Foreplay begins with a spirited two-cocks-at-a-time handjob. Then, it morphs into fellatio as Tory gives both guys slobbery and stringer-intensive blowjobs that include lots of deep-throat action. Meanwhile, the guys squeeze, suck, and lick her titties. Later, the guys spread Tory's pussy super wide and spit inside to provide lubricant. The trio enjoys vaginal sex in seven positions: 1) kneeling doggie (Marco); 2) spoon (Ben); 3) reverse cowgirl (Marco); 4) cowgirl (Ben); 5) missionary (Marco); 6) standing cowgirl (Marco stands and then Tory tosses her body up and down to fuck his cock); and 7) missionary (Ben). The best thing about this scene is Tory's stupendous appearance and the passion that develops between her and the guys. Indeed, the guys are so fucking horny that they constantly redline their cocks as they thrust in-and-out of Tory's cunt. Tory, too, fucks like a raving lunatic, especially in reverse and cowgirl. And, she keeps her clit happy by spanking it as the guys ream her vagina. As compared to other scenes, Tory's a bit vocally reserved. Perhaps it's because her mouth is always full of one cock while the other guy pounds her cunt. Pop: Both guys splatter their semen onto Tory's face. A little lands on her tongue. But, sadly, she spits it out. Girl's orgasm: Tory cums during missionary with Ben. Bottom line: This is a solid scene that would have been much better had the guys double penetrated Tory. Four and one-half stars.

Scene 6

Scene Six is a girl/girl/anal twosome featuring Tory and Lauren Phoenix. It originally appeared in Girl Crazy #4 and is set indoors on a living room couch. To prepare themselves, the girls enjoy lots of foreplay, including fondling; lots of erotic body licking; tongue fucking; tit licking, squeezing, and suckling; hair pulling, and asshole reaming. Since Lauren Phoenix' amazing ass is so tempting, Tory simply must spank, shake, and jiggle it. And, Tory fucks Lauren's face. Tory even uses her fingernails to lightly scratch Lauren's skin. Vaginal and anal sex takes place in seven positions: 1) vaginal doggie (Lauren uses a spit-soaked conical glass toy to fuck Tory's cunt using twisting and thrusting movements. Tory's vaginal muscles grab hold of the toy and then expel it from her pussy.); 2) anal doggie (Lauren uses the glass toy to plow Tory's asshole while Tory "wags" her plastic tail. Lauren performs ass-to-mouth (ATM) on the toy; 3) vaginal missionary (Tory spits on Lauren's pussy and then pounds that sweet hole with a huge dildo. Tory also rims Lauren's asshole and bites her labia.); 4) anal piledriver (Tory inches the dildo into Lauren's asshole and reams it long and deep. Tory licks Lauren's labia and clit, finger-fucks her asshole and cunt, gapes her sphincter, and demands that Lauren suck the toy clean); 5) DP piledriver (Tory puts the end of the glass toy into her mouth and then uses her mouth to thrust the toy in and out of Lauren's asshole while continuing to ream her pussy with the dildo); 6) vaginal doggie (Lauren reams Tory's pussy with the dildo while working a finger into Tory's butt. Tory goes fucking wild and thrusts her body back and forth to force the toy ever deeper into her hole.); and 7) the girls sit side-by-side and use their fingers and mouths to slap, stroke, and probe each others' pussies. They also suckle each others' tits, swap spit, and kiss. Result? Both girls cum at nearly the same moment. Girl's orgasm: Both girls cum through mutual masturbation at the end of the scene. Bottom line: Very hot Sapphic sex. Five stars.

Scene 7

Scene Seven is a boy/girl twosome, originally appearing in Boy Meats Girl, in which Tory takes on Ben English's huge cock. It is set indoors on a living room couch and on the floor. When the scene begins, both Ben and Tory are so fucking horny that they skip foreplay entirely! Then, they enjoy vaginal sex in 1) cowgirl; 2) reverse cowgirl; 3) kneeling doggie; 4) spoon; 5) kneeling doggie part two; 6) cowgirl part two; and 7) reverse part two. During this scene, I most enjoyed seeing Tory squirt during cowgirl. I also enjoyed her extremely nasty commentary, including motivating phrases such as: "You drill that hole so fuckin' good," and "I just wanna get fucked!" Of course, Tory, being the insatiable slut that she is, ferociously fucks Ben in most every position and her moves are absolutely incendiary, especially in reverse. Tory's big and beautiful tits take center stage when she and Ben squeeze and slap them and when they bounce joyfully during sex. I also liked how position seven (reverse) was filmed in POV, how Tory constantly jacks her clit to increase her pleasure, and how her pussy gapes so beautifully in doggie. Pop: Ben explodes onto Tory's face and into her mouth. She sucks him dry and then spits out his semen. Girl's orgasm: Tory cums at least five times during the scene and even squirts a little when she explodes during their second bout of cowgirl. Bottom line: Tory, as always, is a real star. She's my kind of fuck and I love her! Five stars.

Scene 8

In Scene Eight, Tory goes solo with an arsenal of toys. The scene, shot from a voyeuristic POV perspective for I Love Big Toys 1, progresses through a series of stages that feature progressively larger toys. 1) Tory teases us by touching and spreading her panty-clad pussy, jacks her clit, strokes her curves, pinches her nipples, and talks provocatively to us: "I'll let you fill up all my holes...Let me cum all over your cock...Please take advantages of my any which way you can." 2) In missionary, Tory fucks her pussy using as many as six fingers. 3) Still in missionary, Tory double-penetrates her pussy and asshole with her fingers. 4) While continuing to lie on her back, Tory grabs a spiral-cut colorful glass dildo, sucks it, titty-fucks it, uses it to stroke her clit and labia, and then pounds her cunt with it using fast and furious twisting and thrusting actions. 5) Tory moves into doggie and, using a huge black dildo, she reams her juicy pussy balls deep while shaking her gorgeous butt and stroking her clit with her fingers. During this segment, she uses her vaginal muscles to clamp down on the toy to hold it inside her pussy and then shakes her butt as if wagging her tail. Afterward, she sucks the toy clean. 6) In spoon, Tory continues using the same black dildo to fuck herself until she cums. 7) In missionary, Tory DPs herself using the big black dildo in her cunt and a smaller conical butt plug in her ass. She gapes her asshole for us and uses her fingers to stretch it super wide. She then does ATM on the butt plug. 8) In doggie, Tory uses the huge black dildo to fuck herself to yet another orgasm, pauses to spank her ass, and then pounds herself to another climax. Throughout this segment, Tory talks extremely provocatively to us. 9) In missionary, Tory grabs an enormous tan dildo and inches it ever deeper into her tight--yet accommodating--cunt. Even though it hurts Tory to ream her pussy with the toy, it's amazing how much of it her vagina can swallow! 10) Still in missionary, Tory grabs a smaller spiral-cut red and clear glass dildo and ferociously pounds her extremely sloshy cunt (superb close-ups) until she climaxes yet again: "Oh, you fuck me so good!" Girl's orgasm: Tory cums repeatedly while masturbating for us. Bottom line: Great solo scene. Five stars.

Scene 9

Scene Nine is a boy/girl twosome that originally appeared in Bottoms Up. On the carpet in front of a large picture window overlooking a beautiful garden and atop a bed in a flower-brightened bedroom, Tory takes on Mr. Pete. Foreplay begins when Mr. Pete strokes his cock and lasciviously watches from across the room as Tory fondles herself, strips, and masturbates. In due course, he joins her, finger-fucks her asshole (ATM); kisses her open mouth; licks, sucks, and squeezes her fine tits; and finger-fucks her pussy. Tory, her lust inflamed, responds by giving him a wild and voracious blowjob using only her gluttonous mouth. She deep-throats him, gobbles his balls, and swaps spit with him. Then, he powerfully fucks her face and throat. Vaginal sex takes place in 1) cowgirl; 2) kneeling doggie; 3) spoon; and 4) missionary. Eager to get her ass reamed, Tory suggests that Mr. Pete fuck her ass. Who'd deny her? So, they spend the rest of the scene enjoying anal sex in 5) missionary; 6) reverse cowgirl; 7) spoon; 8) doggie; and 9) cowgirl. The best part of the scene, by far, is its anal-intensive nature. Tory loves it so much that she has five ass-gasms! Other highlights include: lots of ATM action; Mr. Pete mildly chokes Tory's throat to increase her pleasure; Tory maintains intense eye contact with us during her reverse cowgirl ass-gasm (what intense pleasure she felt!); Tory frantically pounds Mr. Pete in vaginal cowgirl and anal reverse and cowgirl; Tory's grinding moves--while shaking her ass--in anal cowgirl are out of this world; Tory's pussy and asshole both gape beautifully; Tory's tits bounce joyfully throughout the scene; and both Tory and Mr. Pete repeatedly finger-fuck her pussy while he reams her asshole with his cock. Pop: Mr. Pete jacks off onto Tory's face and into her mouth. She sucks him dry, spits out his cum, and then uses his still-hard rod to sharply spank her pretty face while purring, "I'm a good little fucking whore!" Girl's orgasm: I counted one vaginal orgasm and five intense ass-gasms. What a slut! Bottom line: In a compilation of nine superb Tory-centric scenes, this is the best boy/girl. Five stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Since I Love Tory is a compilation, the video is somewhat of a mixed bag. Most of the scenes are presented in conventional 4:3 video (only Scene 7 is in 16:9 letterbox). However, I must admit that the video was well captured in every scene. The color balance and lighting are almost always right on and there are very few shadows that disturb our ability to see the action. The close-ups are so tight that you can almost smell Tory's sweet pussy! In fact, all of the camera angles are effective during each of the scenes! In addition, the video image is crisp and reasonably clear, even when blown up to fill my 24" computer monitor. I must admit, however, that there's a bit of lens flare in Scene One as well as a few scattered jerky camera movements that I would have edited out. And, one of the crewmembers is briefly visible on screen during Scene 4. Four stars.

Audio (technical): The audio, like the video, is composed of scenes captured by different directors at different places. It's noteworthy to state that all sweet sounds of sex are completely audible and of the right volume...no matter when or by whom the scenes were shot. In addition, whenever there's dialog or a monolog (especially in the hard-hitting POV Scene (#3), every word is completely perceptible. Some hard-hitting (and quite appropriate) music accompanies some of the scene setups and foreplay sequences. However, it never obscures the performers' sounds. Four stars.

Extras: A full-motion chapter selector lets you pick which of the nine scenes to watch. This menu identifies the performers by name...I like that! In addition, there's a self-running slide show of super-hot photos; a "Pick Your Pleasure" menu that allows you to choose Tease, Blowjob, Missionary, Doggy Style, Spoon, Cowgirl, or Cumshots (all the relevant clips of each position/fetish in the movie are displayed when you make a selection from this menu); a website promo; and company information. This selection of extras is below average in today's marketplace. However, given that this is a compilation, I'd say it's sufficient for an average rating of three stars.

Production Values: Given the multiplicity of scene sources, it is noteworthy that the locations and sets are always attractive if not especially inspired (although the location in Scene 9 is gorgeous!). However, the use of those locations leaves, in my opinion, leaves a lot to be desired. In particular, in all but one scene, the performers fuck on a couch. Can't you directors be more creative? Maybe the scene can be outdoors by a pool, on top of a kitchen table, on the floor, or, God forbid, even on a bed! Tory and the other girls wear a variety of outfits--all of them hot and sexy. I particular enjoyed Tory's wardrobe in Scenes 4, 6, and 7. The make-up and hairstyles are a mixed bag...usually they're OK. But, they leave a bit to be desired in a couple of scenes. Although a couple of scenes feature a bit of background music, that music never becomes an integral part of the sex scenes. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

The best things about I Love Tory:

  • In my considered opinion, Tory Lane has the ideal pornstar body. She's a mesmerizing brown-eyed brunette with a very attractive and expressive face (you can read Tory's lust on her pretty face). Her slim and trim body has an hourglass shape yet is firm, healthy-looking, and inviting. Her in-your-face breasts are perfectly sculpted--just the sight of them makes my dick stand at attention--and her magnificent (usually--we all get zits on occasion!) blemish and cellulite-free ass (which is crowned by a gnarly tailbone tattoo) is the stuff of which wet dreams are made. Tory usually has her pubic hair neatly cropped in a "landing strip" or triangular patch above her clit while the flesh around her gorgeous pussy is cleanly shaven. Tory's labia are super fleshy and oh-so-beautiful, her legs are long and shapely, and her feet and toes are eminently suckable. On occasion, Tory wears a decorative navel ring. I've never Tory's body appear less than completely ready for sex. She always appears properly groomed (no fucking stubble around her pussy), manicured, and pedicured. She takes the time to prep herself and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a sure sign of a class-act pornstar.
  • Every cell of Tory's flesh exudes sex appeal and every electron in her body is addicted to hard-hitting and unquestionably pleasurable sex. You can't help but feel her passion through osmosis as you watch her take on one, two, three, or more willing sex partners. She's even explosive when she's solo! Tory is always ready to do anything during sex. I certainly admire her eagerness...an eagerness that's exemplified by her anal-intensive scene with Julia Bond in this movie.
  • Tory innately understands that porn is about what you hear as well as what you see. Her deliciously nasty vocabulary coupled with her undoubtedly real moans and groans perfectly accompany her explosive on-screen persona. Tory uses her tongue most effectively when she does solo and POV scenes. HOT!
  • Tory is not content to lie back and get fucked. Instead, she constantly and enthusiastically fucks her partner. She's incendiary when she lets her partner lie back and enjoy the ride as she fucks him or her to heaven. She's explosive when she and her partner match their strokes.
  • Tory cums in her scenes. Well, if she doesn't actually climax, she sure as hell convinces me that she does (it's hard to tell for sure when you don't feel the quiver of a female orgasm with your own hands!). I can't stand watching sex scenes in which the guy is the only one to cum...they're SO disappointing and SO unfulfilling. Tory Lane never disappoints.
  • Tory is featured in all nine scenes in I Love Tory. There's not one second of second-class filler. Every second is Tory and every second is hard-hitting. 
  • I Love Tory features a variety of scenes...boy/girl, threesomes, girl/girl, and solo. There's even a volcanic POV scene in which you get to fuck Tory's pussy and asshole! I Love Tory acquiants you with every nuance of Tory's innumerable talents.
  • Tory's scenes in I Love Tory span her career from 2004 to 2005. So, you get to see, in essence, a history of how her on-screen prowess developed at the start of her career.
  • I really enjoyed savoring Julia Bond's body. She has multiple piercings...including her nipples and clit hood...and colorful tattoos. Her pussy is especially appealing...especially when it's full of Tory's fingers.
  • Although some girls have butts as nice as Lauren Phoenix', there are none better. I adore her big, meaty, and bountiful ass and enjoy seeing it as often as possible.

What could have been better about I Love Tory:

  • There should have been more of an emphasis on cunnilingus in Scenes 1, 5, 7, and 9. I think every girl should have the pleasure of getting her pussy eaten every time she has sex!
  • I think that the editing would have been better had the transitions from one position to another as well as the insertions always been shown. Frankly, I got the impression several times that I missed something important as a result of an abrupt cut. In fact, some cuts occur in the midst of a groan or scream of passion.
  • There should have been foreplay in Scenes 3 and 7.
  • The girls should have had an opportunity to ride a Sybian during the two girl/girl scenes. Every time I see a girl ride one of those orgasm machines, it makes me think that women fucking deserve that sort of pleasure.

Things I didn't like about I Love Tory include:

  • There's a boy/boy/girl threesome in which Tory appears with Marco Duato and Ben English. The guys don't double-penetrate her. I really don't get the reason for having two guys with one girl if they don't double-plug her.
  • When guys give Tory a mouth of creamy cum, I think she should swallow it instead of spitting it out.

Average sex rating: 4.90
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.28

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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