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Big Wet Asses #13

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/12/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: William H.
Cast: Amy Ried, Anthony Rosano, Bobbi Starr, Kelly Divine, Luscious Lopez, Manuel Ferrara, Ricki White, Steve Holmes.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Amy Ried and Bobbi Starr.
Length: 02:49
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus stars: One for condom-free sex and the second for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Amy Ried and Bobbi Starr.


There's a damned good reason why the Big Wet Asses series has been named the Best Anal Themed Series by AVN every year since 2006. The series, shot and directed by Elegant Angel director William H., is outstanding. Of course, the movies in this series feature outstanding asses...plump, beautiful, shapely, and blemish free. However, what makes the scenes in these movies special is the liberal use of oil during the scene set-ups and periodically during the scenes themselves. Someone behind the camera, the girl's partner, or the girl herself pours oil--and sometimes water--all over the girl's curvy flesh. I'm not talking about a few drops...no, it's more like liters! Thick and rich oil runs down the girl's spine, between her butt cheeks, past her asshole, and off her pussy. Are you hard--or is your pussy wet--just thinking about it? If not, I think you'd better see a doctor!

Each of the scenes follows a similar pattern: it begins with a tease segment in which video shot from many different angles and perspectives is stitched together in a music-video style while very appropriate music fills your ears. The girl poses, dances, and flashes her breasts, ass, and pussy for us by tugging aside her bikini top or pulling down her skimpy bikini bottoms. Then, someone off camera starts pouring oil all over the girl as she continues to erotically move for us. She opens her bikini bottoms and lets oil flow inside; she takes those panties off and lets the oil coat her butt, pussy, and asshole; and, she rubs oil all over her womanly flesh. In many cases, either somebody off screen or the girl herself will then spray or dribble water on top of the oil. Of course, oil and water don't mix. So, the water bubbles up on top of the oil and looks...well...amazing!

Scene Two doubles our fun when two "luscious" girls (Luscious Lopez and Ricki White) dance, pose, and get oiled up for our enjoyment. During the white-hot set-up for this scene, there's one segment in which both girls kneel on the floor in doggie facing away from each other so that they can rub their oily asses together. Talk about bone stiffening or pussy drenching. Can you imagine sliding your aching cock between those four oily cheeks? Just watch Big Wet Asses 13 to see what I mean!

Once the girl's scene set-up is over, she joins her male partner for foreplay followed by very intense anal sex. Needless to say, everybody in each scene cums hard. The girls, in particular, climax frequently and volcanically. Of course, the guys shoot generous loads of semen all over the girls' faces or butts.

Truth be told, I decided to review Big Wet Asses 13 (it's so hard to choose which Elegant Angel movie to review because they're all superb!) because of the picture of Sunny Lane--and her magnificent ass--on the cover. I've long been a fan of this oh-so-lusty blond and absolutely couldn't wait to see her first-ever anal scene that was captured by Wiliam H. for Big Wet Asses 13. Her scene, in which she takes the super-sized cock of Manuel Ferrara all the way up her ass is even more impressive when you consider she was an anal virgin before the scene was shot! In addition to Sunny's incendiary performance with Manuel, I must also report that her scene set-up tease performance is simply stupendous. Sunny has been out on the feature dance circuit for a while and her first-class stripper dance moves are definitely put to good use during her tease footage. Sunny's superlative performance during this scene earns her a spot on the nomination list for my 2009 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Award.

The fantastic cast of Big Wet Asses 13 includes, of course, several girls in addition to Sunny. Of particular note is one of my 2008 Must-See Girls, Amy Ried, who, as always, gives an "A+" performance...this time with Sascha. I was also very impressed with Kelly Divine who generates explosive heat with Anthony Rosano in Scene Three. Bobbi Starr, along with the aforementioned Luscious Lopez and Ricki White, "flesh out" the superb cast.

Big Wet Asses 13 is definitely a must-see for Sunny Lane lovers and those with a propensity toward anal sex. However, it doesn't quite earn one of my coveted "Critic's Choice" awards because of the locations used when the scenes were shot. Four of the scenes were shot on a couch in a somewhat interesting location dominated by what appears to be a bank vault. The location is interesting...the first time. But, it gets tedious scene after scene. Scene Four was shot on a beat-up couch in a messy warehouse. Frankly, I understand why more glamorous locations and sets were not used. After all, the amount of oil spilled on the furniture and floor is substantial. However, it would have been nice had a little more creativity been employed during the shooting of this movie. Don't let this comment keep you from watching Big Wet Asses 13. Instead, watch it for the asses--and anal sex--instead of the ambience.

Check out some photos of the girls in Big Wet Asses 13 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable asses owned by Amy Ried, Bobbi Starr, and Kelly Devine! Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Big Wet Asses 13 can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2008.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal
Performers: Sunny Lane, Manuel Ferrara

Overview: After an absolutely amazing introductory striptease dance in which Sunny shows off the best moves she's mastered during a couple of years on the feature-dance circuit, she and Manuel get together for some lust-building foreplay. Sunny enjoys cunnilingus, finger- and tongue-fucking, kissing, body licking, rimming, ass spanking/squeezing, oiled-up flesh, and clit jacking. And, she revs-up Manuel's engine by giving him an amazing lap dance, by fucking his face, and by giving him fellatio that includes jawbreakers and stringers. During foreplay, I liked how they pleasured each other simultaneously. For example, Manuel two-finger-fucks Sunny's asshole and pussy during fellatio and he uses his fingers to fuck her ass-to-pussy. (Be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes feature to see how Manuel and Sunny fired each other up even before the filming began!) Sex begins in vaginal cowgirl. At first, Sunny does the fucking and grinding while he holds her tight against his chest. Later, he fucks back, finger-fucks her asshole, and spanks her ass. Sunny loves it and groans like a wild animal. After a while, they transition to spoon. Manuel jacks her clit, kisses her mouth, spanks her ass, squeezes her tits, and finger-fucks her asshole. Sunny's tits respond by bouncing joyfully, her eyes cross with pleasure, and she exclaims, "Ahhh! I love it!" Soon, her body shivers through orgasm as she breathlessly whispers, "You made me squirt!" (there's no visual evidence of squirt). Afterward, they kiss to share her pleasure (great chemistry) and she then gives him a tease dance while he jacks his cock. Then, she sits on Manuel in reverse and uses her ass cheeks to "hump" his rod (he's not inside yet). He loves it and begs, "Don't make me cum yet!" He soon inserts his cock into her pussy and then he fucks her in reverse while jacking her clit and squeezing her nipples. Her overwhelming pleasure makes her shiver and stutter nearly incoherently: "It feels so good, baby!" As the scene continues, Sunny grabs a vibrating toy, lies on the couch, and masturbates her pussy until she cums again while explaining, "This is the way I do it at home!" Meanwhile, Manuel watches and strokes his dick. She then finger-fucks her asshole to relax it so it will accommodate Manuel's massive penis. Once her hole is ready for him, he slides behind her in spoon and shoves his cock past her sphincter so he can fuck her anally. Meanwhile, he spanks her butt while she holds the toy's vibrating head against her clit and mumbles incoherent murmurs and squeals of pleasure. Manuel makes her cum and then gapes her asshole for us before returning to anal spoon. During this segment, Manuel redlines and makes her climax even more volcanically than before. After a transition-less edit, Sunny and Manuel enjoy anal reverse. At first, she does the fucking and cries out with delight as her pussy gapes and her tits bounce. Of course, Manuel fucks back as the two superbly synchronize their strokes. After a break for slobbery deep-throat ass-to-mouth and a handjob, they transition to kneeling doggie. Manuel pours oil all over Sunny's beautiful heart-shaped ass while she jiggles her butt and flexes her asshole. Of course, oodles of oil run off her pussy. Later, Manuel inserts his dick into her oil-slicked asshole and fucks it fast and balls-deep. Meanwhile, she screams with delight, talks nasty, shakes her butt cheeks, and holds a vibrator against her clit. During this segment, Manuel gapes her asshole for us. In due course, Sunny cums again. Then, they transition to anal cowgirl during which they both do the fucking and take occasional breaks to gape her pussy and asshole. During anal missionary, which comes next, Manuel squeezes Sunny's bouncing tits and kisses her open mouth. Then, the nastiest part of the scene begins. As Sunny and Manuel lie face-to-face with her on her side they fuck ass-to-pussy and pussy-to-ass! While they fuck the shit out of each other, they share open-mouthed kisses, Sunny's inflamed body glistens with sweat, and Sunny performs ass-to-mouth (ATM). Sunny does a superb job during this sequence. So, Manuel congratulates her for taking it "so well" and rewards her by spanking her butt and double-penetrating her holes by shoving his fingers in her ass while his cock stuffs her pussy. To finish up this outstanding scene, Manuel redlines in her ass while she begs him to cum: "Give it to me! I WANT IT!" She drops to the floor on her knees and then he stands above her and shoots a huge load directly into her open mouth and onto her outstretched tongue. She then sucks him dry and swallows. Then, she kneels on couch so that he again can slip his cock into her asshole and fuck it hard and fast (no softening of his dick!). After a while, he gapes her asshole and then she does a bit more ATM. The scene ends with a post-fucking interview during which Sunny declares her new-found love of anal sex!

Sex rating: 4.95
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.80

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl/girl/anal threeway
Performers: Luscious Lopez, Ricki White, Sascha

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Overview: To begin the introductory scene set-up, both girls dance and strip individually during which they shake and show off their plump asses. After a while, they get together and dance while rubbing their tits against each other, stroking each other's flesh, spanking each other's asses, and drizzling water--and then oil--on each other's bare flesh (especially their asses). After a while, both girls kneel on the floor in doggie, facing away from each other, and then rub their oily asses together. Believe me, this is AWESOME dick stiffening and pussy-drenching imagery! In due course, Sasha joins the girls and they all kiss while the girls enjoy having their tits squeezed. Vaginal sex begins almost immediately without any fellatio or cunnilingus. First, the trio enjoys round-robin kneeling doggie beginning with Ricki. During this sequence, Ricki moans enthusiastically, her tits bounce, and she jacks Luscious' clit. Meanwhile, Luscious keeps herself very busy doing gagging pussy-to-mouth, by stroking her own clit, and by kissing Sasha's open mouth. Later, Luscious straddles Ricki so that they both kneel in doggie, one atop the other. As Sascha plows Luscious' pussy, the girls talk nasty, kiss each other, and squeeze each other's tits. In due course, both girls take a break to do slobbery pussy-to-mouth (both of them deep-throat and gag on his dick) while he pulls their hair. Next, they transition to round-robin cowgirl when Ricki mounts and fucks Sasha using sexy grinding moves--moves that make Ricky's generous ass jiggle beautifully. Meanwhile, the girls kiss each other, Sasha finger-fucks Luscious' pussy, and Luscious does pussy-to-mouth. Soon, Ricki cums hard. Then, Luscious does slobbery deep-throat pussy-to-mouth on Sascha's cock. Once Sascha's dick is clean, Ricki lifts herself up and slides up Sasha's chest to allow Luscious to mount and fuck him in cowgirl with her very juicy pussy. During this segment, there are screams of ecstasy, butt spanking, girl-on-girl kissing, and beautiful bouncing tits. Meanwhile, Ricki grinds her cunt against Sasha's chest while Luscious fucks him. In due course, Ricki gets another cowgirl ride and then they transition to reverse vaginal cowgirl. While Luscious fucks him powerfully, Ricki spits on Sasha's cock, performs deep-throat pussy-to-mouth, kisses Luscious, suckles Luscious' nipples, and strokes Luscious' clit. After a while, both girls enjoy slobbery deep-throat ATM and then they move on to vaginal missionary. As Ricki lies back on the couch, Sasha fucks her fast and deep. Meanwhile, Luscious straddles and fucks Ricki's face. Nasty Ricki loves being smothered by Luscious' delicious groin and even tongue-fucks Luscious' asshole! As the scene unfolds, the trio moves on to vaginal kneeling doggie: Sasha pulls out of Ricki and straddles her chest so that he can fuck Luscious' pussy while Luscious continues to fuck Ricki's face. Later, Ricki licks Sasha's pistoning dick, suckles his balls, and does pussy-to-mouth. Anal sex begins with round-robin missionary: Sasha returns his attention to Ricki, who's still lying on her back. This time, however, he stuffs and reams her asshole instead of her vagina. During this segment, Luscious fucks Ricki's face and DPs her using three fingers up her cunt. Luscious also kisses Sascha, does deep-throat ATM on his cock, jacks her own clit, groans happily, and talks nasty. Sascha makes Ricki cum and then it's again Luscious' turn. To help out, Ricki lubes Luscious' asshole and cunt with her tongue and then she guides Sasha's dick up Luscious' juicy asshole. Sascha, of course, reams Luscious balls-deep while she talks deliciously nasty: "It's fucking huge in my tight little asshole!" During a cool-down break in the action, both girls do slobbery deep-throat ATM and play with each other's clits. Then, they continue with more anal mish for Luscious: Ricki fucks her face while Sascha fucks her asshole. Next, the girls position themselves so that Ricki straddles Luscious, who's still in mish. In this way, Sasha can fuck each asshole from behind...Ricki in kneeling doggie and Luscious in mish. During this hot round-robin action, Sascha spanks Ricki's butt and the girls kiss, rub their tits together, and suckle each other's nipples. And, Ricki, who's on top, shakes her generous ass for Sascha--and us. Lucky Sascha gets to move back-and-forth between Ricki (doggie) and Luscious (mish) repeatedly. Afterwards, the girls perform ATM and then Luscious gets her ass fucked in cowgirl. Luscious does the fucking (sexy moves) and growls with delight while Ricki and Sascha spank her ass cheeks and the girls kiss each other. During a break in this anal cowgirl action, Sascha pulls out of Luscious' asshole and then Ricki does all-the-way-down ATM (loads of stringers). After Luscious and Sascha resume anal cowgirl, Ricki watches the in-and-out action and begs Sascha to cum all over her. First, however, Luscious eats Ricki's pussy and makes her cum. To finish up, Luscious kneels in doggie and Ricki puts her face close to Luscious' butt. Sascha jacks off all over Ricki's face and into her open mouth. Ricki then sucks him dry and the girls kiss to cum swap. Ricki spits the cum onto Luscious' butt and asshole, laps it up, and then cum swaps with Luscious again. Hot stuff, girls!

Sex rating: 4.80
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.70

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal
Performers: Kelly Divine, Anthony Rosano

Overview: Note: Kelly has a tailbone tattoo in Italian: "Te Dolore e Amore," or "Your pain and love." Sums it up, I think. She's a great fuck! Kelly is a really cute, busty, long-haired, brunette girl with really pretty eyes. Initially dressed in a tiny purple bikini, Kelly's striptease features calisthenics, lots of ass gyrations, first-class stripper moves, and intense eye contact with us. Of course, true to the movie's theme, water is sprinkled on Kelly's meaty ass from behind the camera. She responds by jiggling her ass for us. Then, oil is poured on her flesh...especially on her ass and inside her bikini bottoms. Again, this action is oh-so-sexy. Foreplay begins when Kelly kneels in doggie on a couch so that Anthony can lick and suckle her bikini-covered ass. Meanwhile, she pulls his hair and jiggles and squeezes her butt for him. Soon, he pulls down her bikini bottoms so he can rim her asshole and eat her pussy. Kelly responds by giggling with delight and by talking nasty. Next, Kelly fucks Anthony's face. As he lies on his back atop the couch, she straddles his face and grinds it using sexy undulating moves. Meanwhile, he squeezes her tits. Anthony loves it, but wants more: "Please put my cock in your mouth...PLEASE!" Of course, she's oh-so-willing. So, she kneels next to him on the couch, and, as her tits bounce joyfully, she gives him a handjob and a blowjob replete with deep-throating, stringers, and lots of noise and slobber. Meanwhile, he pulls her hair and slaps and jacks her clit. Kelly's fellatio skills are superb and she nearly makes him cum! Instead, he manages to contain himself and they kiss before moving on to vaginal kneeling doggie. Kelly loves being fucked by Anthony and enrages him with words and ecstatic sounds, "Oh my God, your dick feels so good!" And, she fucks him back with very sexy moves. Anthony responds by spanking her jiggling ass flesh and by squeezing her nicely enhanced bouncing tits. Then, he pulls out and rims her asshole. Then, after they return to doggie, Anthony makes her cum like volcano. In gratitude, Kelly then does slobbery deep-throat pussy-to-mouth. During this break in the action, Anthony spanks her face with his dick, pulls her hair, and fucks her throat. Then, she coos, "I want you to put it in my ass!" So, she kneels in doggie and then he pours oil on her jiggling ass. Kelly rubs the oil into her flesh and into her asshole...there's so much oil on Kelly's body that lots of it dribbles off her pussy and onto the couch! Once Kelly's asshole is nice-and slippery, they begin anal sex in cowgirl. As Anthony sits on the couch, she straddles him, grabs his dick with her hand, and guides it up her asshole. They then fuck each other using well-synchronized and very sexy moves as their nice oily bodies slide off each other. In fact, Anthony's cock is drenched with oil as it pistons in-and-out of Kelly's ass at redline speed! Meanwhile, Anthony suckles Kelly's nipples and Kelly talks nasty and screams with delight as her body glistens with sweat. Later, they transition to kneeling doggie. First, however, Anthony rims and finger-fucks Kelly's asshole while she jacks her clit, shakes her meaty ass cheeks, and begs: "I want you to come fuck me deep in my asshole!" So, lucky Anthony inserts his penis into her anus and reams her hard and fast while pulling her hair and spanking her ass cheeks as excellent chemistry develops between them. Kelly cums hard, but he continues to pound her and slap his balls against her pussy. After a while, she does ATM and observes: "It tastes so good!" Then, they return to anal kneeling doggie. During this segment you'll see tits and ass cheeks bounce, hair pulling, clit jacking, and hot open-mouthed kisses. And, you'll hear ecstatic screams and delicious nasty talk. Anthony loves Kelly's asshole: "It's so amazing," he observes. As the scene unfolds, Kelly lays on her side atop the couch and squeezes/slaps her butt cheeks while he fucks her ass and squeezes her tits: "Oh, yeah! Fuck this fat ass! Oh, God. Fuck the shit out of me!" Meanwhile, she suckles her nipples and begs, "Make me cum! Make me cum on that dick. Then, I want you to cum all over me!" Sounds like a plan to me! Anthony does the lady's bidding, makes her cum, pulls out, and splatters her face and open mouth with his semen. Then, he wipes her cum-covered face with his cock, has her kneel again on the couch, spanks her butt cheeks, and pours oil all over her jiggling ass flesh. It's sweet and oh-so-pretty to see! Afterward, director William H, from behind the camera, asks Kelly how she liked her first anal scene. Damn, based upon her anal proclivities, I thought she was an anal veteran. Excellent!

Sex rating: 4.65
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.60

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal
Performers: Bobbi Starr, Steve Holmes
Overview: Bobbi's introductory set-up footage includes very sexy dance moves, lots of eye contact with us, and close-ups of her bikini-covered ass and her long never-ending legs. Of particular interest is Bobbi's pretty, long, and brunette hair that is blown by an off-camera wind machine during her dance. Eventually, Bobbi strips off her panties while a spray of water--and then oil--saturates her flesh. Then, she rubs oil into her butt and her excited flesh breaks out with goose bumps. After a while, the action jumps to couch in warehouse. As Steve sits on the couch, Bobbi straddles and gives him a lap dance by grinding her ass cleavage against the bulge in his jeans. Meanwhile, he plays with, jiggles, and squeezes her ass cheeks, kisses her mouth, and caresses her flesh. Then, he invites her to dance on his face. Steve has Bobbi kneel on the couch and then buries his face between her ass cheeks so he can rim her asshole and eat her pussy. He also spanks her butt cheeks when she shakes them for him. Fellatio is next. Steve sits on the couch, Bobbi bends over him, and then she gives him a slurpy, noisy, slobbery, and stringer-intensive blowjob that features balls-deep deep-throating and lots of gagging. Next, Steve repays Bobbi's touch by finger-fucking her. Bobbi lies on the couch, spreads her legs super wide, proudly shows Steve her genitals, and says, "I want you to fuck it." So, he inserts two fingers into her cunt and massages her G-spot while she jacks her clit. Then, he multiple-finger-fucks her asshole while licking her clit and labia. He even gapes both of Bobbi's holes for us! Steve does a super job of cunnilingus and soon has Bobbi purring with untold pleasure. Sex begins in anal...on her side. Bobbi groans happily and strokes her clit and labia as he fucks her. Meanwhile, he squeezes her tits and DPs her by shoving his fingers into her pussy as he reams her asshole. Bobbi soon has an amazing orgasm that, truth be told, made my day! (And hers too, I imagine!) Afterward, she sucks her pussy juice off of Steve's fingers and her ass juice off his dick using deep-throat ATM that features stringers, lots of slobber, balls gobbling, and gagging. They share a very wet kiss and then Steve has Bobbi pose for him as he strokes his rod. Next, they transition to anal cowgirl: Bobbi straddles Steve and slides his rod past her sphincter and into her asshole. She then rides him like a champion cowgirl as they fuck each other with nicely synchronized moves. Meanwhile, she groans and talks delightfully naughty and fucks back as he jacks her clit. After a brief respite for slobbery deep-throat ATM and balls squeezing, they move on to spoon. Steve massages lots of oil into Bobbi's ass flesh as she lies on her side and giggles with delight (her body shivers with pleasure). Then, he slides behind her and plows her asshole from behind while mildly choking her throat, staring intently into her mesmerizing eyes, kissing her open mouth, and gently slapping her face and tits. Bobbi's pleasure is so real it's palpable and soon provides her with another incendiary orgasm. Afterward, he continues to pound her asshole and also spanks her ass very sharply as pleasure courses through Bobbi's very happy body. Later, Steve and Bobbi uncouple and then he spends some time spanking her beautiful bright red butt. Then, she multiple-finger-fucks her asshole and frantically jacks her soaking wet pussy while simultaneously stuffing her mouth with Steve's cock (she's very talented at multitasking!). After Bobbi spends some time rimming and fingering Steve's asshole, licking his balls, and deep-throating his super-sized dick, she kneels on the couch in doggie so that he can rim her (her pussy is so wet that juice drips from it!). Then, Steve powerfully fucks Bobbi's asshole while she, in turn, frantically jacks her clit and super-soaked labia and groans with undeniable pleasure. Bobbi's subsequent orgasm measures high on the Richter scale. Afterward, Steve gapes Bobbi's asshole for us and then continues to ream it fast and deep. As the scene continues, they enjoy deep-throat ATM, hair pulling, kissing, and tongue sucking. Next, they transition to anal reverse cowgirl. As Steve redlines, Bobbi strokes her own clit and becomes speechless with pleasure. After a while, she takes over the fucking, bounces up and down forcefully while he squeezes her ass cheeks, and dances erotically on his dick. Later, Bobbi rolls over onto her wide. Steve again pours oil all over her butt cheeks and massages it in while she multiple-finger-fucks her asshole. Then, he slides his cock into her anus and they fuck each other while face-to-face. The chemistry--and soul-baring eye contact--during this segment is amazing! Steve asks Bobbi, "Can I cum in your ass?" "Yeah," she whispers. So he pistons in-and-out even faster while she screams uncontrollably (Steve even kisses her to calm her a bit). Bobbi cums again. Then, forgetting that Bobbi had given him permission to cum inside her, Steve stands and jacks off an impressive amount of semen into Bobbi's mouth and onto her face while pulling on her hair. Bobbi sucks and milks Steve dry. But, unfortunately, she spits out his cum. That's unfortunate because this is an otherwise stellar scene.

Sex rating: 4.25
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.60

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal
Performers: Amy Ried, Sascha

Overview: As always, Amy gives is a VERY sexy dance. Dressed in a black fishnet top and bright blue bikini bottoms, she squeezes her tits, makes lots of intense eye contact with us, and shows off her superb stripper moves. In due course, water is sprayed on her ass from off screen and then she jiggles her wet butt and spreads and shakes her cheeks. Then, after oil is poured onto her flesh, Amy rubs it in and then pours water onto her oil-slicked flesh. The action then cuts to the same set as Scenes One, Two, and Three for foreplay. As Amy kneels on couch, Sascha tugs aside her panties, rims her asshole, licks and tongue- and finger-fucks her pussy and asshole, and spanks her perfect ass cheeks. Later, she sits on his face and fucks it with very sexy moves (she spends some time facing us and some time facing away so that we can savor both her perfect ass and scrumptious pussy) while encouraging Sascha with coos of pleasure and some nasty vocabulary (This is superb face-fucking footage!). Sex begins in doggie. As Amy kneels on the couch, Sascha pours oil into her ass cleavage (a nice flow dribbles off her labia) and rubs it all over with his hand while kissing her mouth. Then, he DPs her holes with his fingers. After some more white-hot footage of Amy shaking her gorgeous butt while Sascha pours a generous amount of oil onto it, Sascha slides his cock between her ass cheeks and fucks her cleavage for a bit and then teases her pussy with the tip of his cock. Next, the camera zooms in tight on Amy's gooseflesh-covered butt as Sascha works two fingers past her sphincter and into her asshole. Meanwhile Amy reaches across to give Sascha a handjob with her oily hand. As foreplay continues, the two kiss and then Amy gives Sascha a blowjob while he pulls on her blond-with-red-highlights hair. Fellatio includes deep-throating, balls gobbling, stringers, and nasty talk when she comes up for air. Meanwhile, Sascha three finger-fucks Amy's asshole. After fellatio, the two again kiss while she jacks his cock. Then, the move on to vaginal cowgirl. As Sascha sits back on the couch, Amy mounts him, slides her cunt down around his cock, and then uses incredibly sexy and powerful moves to fuck him as her big all-natural tits bounce inches in front of his lucky face. Sascha, of course, fucks back. And, he DPs her by forcing three of his fingers into her asshole as he plows her juicy pussy with his cock. And, he spanks her ass, slaps her tits, and pours oil onto her flesh, too. Amy cums and then Sascha immediately lifts her and sets her onto the couch so that he can continue to fuck her in mish (he never lets his cock slip out of her pussy during the transition!). Moments later, he slips out of her vagina, licks her asshole, and then inches his cock into her oily asshole. Amy squeals with utter delight as he fucks her balls deep. And, she squeezes her fabulous tits, strokes her clit, and encourages Sascha with naughty words. After a while, Amy rolls over onto her side and they continue to fuck each other without missing a stroke. Meanwhile, Sascha bends down to squeeze Amy's breasts and to caress her slippery body. During a brief break after missionary, they enjoy deep-throat ATM, balls squeezing and sucking, hair pulling, and breast bouncing. Then, after an abrupt edit, they fuck in anal cowgirl as Amy shows off her incredibly sexy and effective moves. Later, he takes over the action and redlines as sweat saturates Amy's horny body. After another abrupt edit that lacks transitioning footage, they enjoy vaginal reverse cowgirl. During this sequence, you'll see Amy's beautiful bouncing tits, lots of clit jacking, sexy and powerful female fucking moves, and tit squeezing. Of particular note is how Amy holds her hands behind her head as they fuck...it really shows off her bouncing boobs. During cowgirl, Amy talks nasty ("I love it when you beat that pussy up!") and makes herself cum. Meanwhile, Sascha lays back, enjoys the ride, and squeezes and spanks Amy's very sexy abs. After Amy cums, she stands up, does pussy-to-mouth, and then kneels in doggie on the couch. Sascha then spits on her asshole and massages the spit into her skin to lubricate the works so he can fuck her asshole balls deep while exclaiming: "I love Amy Ried's Ass!" I don't know about you, but I love to see Amy's ass open when he gapes and tongue fucks it! To finish up this incendiary scene, Amy demands, "Gimme that fuckin' cum! I want that cum all over my ass!" Sascha responds by pounding her even harder as she squeals with delight. At the last second, Sascha pulls out and shoots his considerable load into Amy's wide-open asshole (it's SO close to a cream-pie that I'm going to call it that!) and onto her perfectly shaped ass cheeks. Amy then uses her fingers to scoop some of Sascha's semen out of her asshole and off of her butt. Then, she licks her fingers clean and eats his cum. Does anyone wonder why Amy received one of my 2008 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Awards! She's always amazing!

Sex rating: 4.95
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.50


In addition to a full-motion chapter selector, multiple chapters per scene, and interactive menus, this DVD-9 disc contains a bonus scene, a behind-the-scenes-featurette, a 10-minute self-running slide show accompanied by music, an eight minute cum-shot recap, trailers for six Elegant Angel titles, website information, and phone sex ads. The bonus scene is absolutely superb, is 26 minutes long, features Bree Olson and Brandon Iron, and won the Best Anal Scene for 2008 from AVN. The scene really is worth that award...it's that good! The Behind-the-Scenes featurette is about seven minutes long and consists of footage of Manuel Ferrara "warming up" Sunny Lane's pussy before the shooting began, impromptu interviews of Sunny and Amy by director William H. from behind the camera, and some footage of Sunny and Amy showing off their fine bodies. Judging by quantity, this selection of extras is about average. However, given the quality of the bonus scene, I'm awarding the extras an above-average 3.5 score.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.72
Average video rating: 4.70
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 3.64
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.512

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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