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Girls Of Red Light District: Courtney Cummz, The

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/3/10

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The Girls of Red Light District: Courtney Cummz
Red Light District

Price: 14.99
Running Time: 2 hours and 8 minutes

Technical Specs:

Video: MPEG -
Resolution: 720 x 480
Frame Rate: 59.94

Audio: AC3
Channels: Stereo
Rate: 48khz
Bitrate: 192 kb/s

Special Features:



Courtney Cummz
Manuel Ferrara
Sean Michaels
Tee Reel
Michael Stefano

Overall Thoughts: So I think was a decent way to see some her in action, you get a variety of stuff and you get to see how nasty (some stuff maybe a little too nasty for me) she can really get. As I stated in the scenes, they got better as the film went along. But you kind of figure the sexual heat would get better as she does more scenes. The average rating for the scenes is 2.4, so that is around the Rental range, and the fact there is no special features, and the audio and video quality are average, I think RENT IT is a fair rating, but the one plus side is that if you are a fan of hers, the DVD is pretty cheap at the 14.99 price. So if you rent this and decide you like her, you can add this to your library for a decent price.

Scene One: Courtney and Manuel Ferrara from Cum Stained Casting Couch (1/5 rating)

The scene starts off with Courtney in her underwear, and she is getting asked questions about why she wants to be in porn. For those paying attention at home, she has pierced nipples. So we get a montage of her getting dressed and undressed with some sound of her having sex in the background. Back to the scene, she gets things going with some toys in her ass and Manuel shows up at the door. He dives his face in her ass, and gives it a few slaps. She starts giving him a blowjob, while he tries to keep working on her ass. Quick flash and she is on top slowing inserting his cock into her pussy. She rides him for some cowgirl action, as she bounces her ass up and down on his cock. He puts a few fingers in her ass to maybe get her ready for something bigger and better. But we may have to wait for that. Another quick flash and she is getting some reverse cowgirl action, followed by another quick flash and they are fucking in some spoon action, which leads to some anal in her tight ass. After she gets opened up a bit, he starts to fuck her ass from behind as she continues to comment on how big his dick is. The camera does a good job of getting some shots on the fucking and some of her face as she reacts to the anal fucking. A brief oral session leads to some more anal action in the reverse cowgirl position. After that we find out that her ass apparently tastes sweet, as she licks his cock. She ends up on her back, and continues to take it more her in ass, as we can see she seems to opening up pretty good. She licks his ass and balls for a brief moment, and then we are quickly back to the anal in some doggy style action. He ends up cumming in her ass and she pushes out the cum out her ass. I could do without the squirting though.

Scene Two: Courtney and Tee Reel and Sean Michaels from Black Dicks and White Chicks #9 (2/5 rating)

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She starts off the scene outside in her swimsuit and she is already playing with her pussy and showing off her ass to the camera. And it seems like she has added a piercing to her pussy since we last saw her. She sits on the patio chair and continues to play with herself, until she is inside the house and we see that there are a few guys waiting on the sidelines for their turn with her. But before that happens she continues to play with herself as she describes all the stuff she likes to do during sex. She lays on the couch and talks about her ass, and then Tee slides in and smacks her ass, while Sean asks her what she wants done to here. Sean plays with her ear, while he whispers sweet things in her ear, and Tee continues to rub all over her body. I have to say that her sexual energy really seems to come out more in this scene, and we really haven't got the fucking yet. Sean works on her tits while Tee works her pussy. She stands up as the guys take turns smacking her ass and then they both glide her panties to the ground. She reaches for their pants and begins to play with their crotch until one by one they unleash their cocks and she gives them some oral action. And apparently Sean is taller than Tee so it's kind of a two level thing going on. She ends up back on the couch as she takes Tee from behind while continuing to suck on Sean's cock. After awhile they switch positions and she continues to take both of them, she seems to be into the sex a bit more when Sean is involved. But she is on her back and Tee slowly sticks his cock in her ass and then slides behind her and continues to work on her ass, while she talks smack to him. She kind of leaves Sean just hanging for a bit, but finally decides to give him some attention. And then finally it's his turn to take a crack at her ass, and he has to put it in nice and slow at first, as she winces at the size of it. He doesn't put in it all in at first and she slides on her side to maybe help her take it all, but even sucking on Tee isn't enough to distract her from what is going on her ass. And all of a sudden she is on her knees and the both cum on her face, wow that kind of ended just as things were getting interesting.

Scene Three: Courtney and Michael Stefano and Sean Michaels from Fuck Dolls #5 (4/5 rating)

Gotta say that she seems to be getting hotter as the scenes progress. She is wearing some leather lingerie and she really wants to use the whip in this scene, but it seems as if Michael would be OK without it. We get a video from behind as she walks around the house, with a soundtrack of her getting fucked in the scene. We do get some nice shots of her ass while she makes her way around the house, stopping only to tease the camera a little bit. She seems to the aggressive and dominating one in this scene as she barks out her commands to the camera. She talks about sitting on her face while you lick her ass. And after that we are quickly in the action, as she is getting fucked doggy style, and then he pulls out a toy and sticks that in her ass while he is still inside her pussy. He continues to put the toy deeper and deeper in her ass while he continues to pound away. They play a guessing game as he slowly pulls the toy out of her ass and she licks it clean. Now that she is opened up a bit , she plays with her pussy as he fingers her ass, and then replaces it with his cock. She screams with delight as she cums and then begins to catch her breath, as he continues to slowly fucks her ass. The scenes seem to be getting better and better as the movie goes along. Anyways back to the action, she plays with her pussy some more until a new man has entered the scene, a big black cock is now getting her attention, as she tries to deep throat all of him, but if you look at the size of that thing, you can see why she is having troubles. He sticks his cock in her pussy from behind, as she is pushed up against the side of the couch. But her ass is the next target as he slips it all the way in her ass, no problem with it this time. And after awhile we see that the new guy is Sean Michaels, apparently he didn't get enough the first time and he wanted more. She continues to take all of him in her ass while she lays on the futon or sectional. She screams once again as she cums and tries to catch her breath. He gives her a small break and she ends up working on Michael (I think) again but then works on both guys at once. She sticks her ass up in the air as her face is on the carpet and Michael is fucking her ass from behind and over her ass. She chokes on his cock a bit before Sean is once again fucking her ass, in the same position as Michael was just a few seconds ago, she is going to end up with rug burns on her face, but her hair seems to prevent that from happening. Another quick cut, and she is on top of Michael for some cowgirl action in her ass, as she wiggles her ass on his cock. She sees Sean sitting close by and she hops over to him and rides him, as they both continue to open her ass up. And she does a nice job and making sure both guys get equal time with her ass, she ends up on the floor as Michael slips behind her while she sucks on Sean's cock. But the guys once again switch up positions until the guys are ready to cum, as she ends up on her knees and they cum in her mouth and she swallows each load.

Scene Four: Courtney and Michael Stefano from Fully Loaded (3/5 rating)

They are both in the bathroom as this scene starts, and she crawls to him and he begins to smack her ass before he dives his face into it. He fingers her ass a bit and then pulls her up to him and they begin to kiss, while she rubs his crotch through his pants. He opens his pants, but before she can get his cock, he puts her up on the side of the tub and stuff his face in her ass and pussy again. He must really like it down there. She tells him that she wants his cock and he teases her with it for a bit before he lets her have it. As she is jerking him off, she tells him that she wants it in her ass, so he grabs her and she lays on top of him, and he starts off with some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy, her ass is going to have to wait a bit. Well it's not long of a wait, he slips it in her ass as they continue to fuck. She then slips behind her and fucks her from behind as she once again has her face on the floor, she must like this position. He takes brief pauses to show off the camera how much her ass has opened up for him. He takes her into another room and one of his friends is waiting, and she yells repeatedly how much she wants to fuck him, and after some brief doggy, she climbs on top and fucks him, but Michael soon joins in for some DP action on her. She moans with delight as she takes both guys, but Michael slips away and let's his friend have her by himself. But after a brief change, he is back for some more doggy as she sucks on his friend, but then they take turns fucking her ass. After some A2M, she is back on the couch and getting fucked in the ass once again. And like in the other scene, she ends up on her knees sucking off both guys, but she wants to get fucked some more before they cum. So we get some more DP action on the couch until she cums again. But she isn't done just yet, they take turns with her ass some more in the pile driver position. She ends up back on the couch for some spoon action which leads to her on the floor once again taking it in the ass some more, doggy style as each guy cums in her ass, and then she tries to squeeze it out. She having issues as she sticks her fingers in to help out, and luckily it doesn't squirt out like in the earlier scene.

Scene Five: Courtney and the Red Light Boys from Throat Gaggers #8 (2/5 rating)

She starts off smoking a cigarette and getting interviewed about her past. She shows off her breasts and ass to the camera, and also her various piercing. He says that he has a few guys waiting to see if she can handle some throat gagging. Two blacks guys show up and she works on them and tries to see how much she can take. Two more guys enter the scene as she takes turns on all of them and even gives their balls some love too. She gets pretty deep on each of the guys, as she gets some decent gagging going on. They tell her to keep spitting on them as she tries to go deeper and deeper. She moves to the couch and each guys takes turns face fucking her a bit while they finger he pussy a bit. She ends gagging a lot as they take turns on her. I think the camera man is happy with how she is doing. And he tells her it's time for her reward as each guy cums all over her face, and she just had her makeup and clean and nice. The scene ends as she smiles with cum all over her face, and the camera man says she is a throat gagger.

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