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POV Junkie 3

Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed » Review by Steve Ward » Review Date: 10/3/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Hey Again Xcritic visitors!
Steve Ward here with this review of Vince Voyeur's "POV Junkie 3"

Studio:Vince Voyeur Unleashed 
Director: Vince Voyeur
Genre: POV, Hardcore, Gonzo
Condoms: none
THE CAST: Christina Aguchi, Marie Luv, Bethany Benz, Alexia Rae, Eve Evans, and Vince Voyeur.

Tech Aspects: This flick is presented in high Definition 16x9 widescreen, with great sound.

Bonus Scene With Karlie Montana
There is a really good BTS reel about 15 minutes long, with interviews with the whole cast, and a lot of set footage, a lot of fun
Trailers for "Teen Glazing", "POV Junkie 2", "My Teen Swallows", and "The Black and the Beautiful"
Photo Gallery
Cast List
Cumshot Recap

Every copy of "POV Junkie 3" comes with a FREE full length DVD!
Mine was "Cum Drippers 7", because I don't know if this is the title that comes with every copy, or if they mix and match, I won't bother reviewing it here, I'll let it be a surprise to you, but it's a heck of a bonus even if the free movie sucks (which I doubt).
Overview: Vince Voyeur is one of porn's more renowned directors. Having been a major on-screen talent since the mid '90's and directing for Diabolic/Anabolic, Red Light District, and eventually starting his own company Voyeur Media. This dude is best known for his "Breakin' 'em in", "Lewd Conduct", and "Gauntlet" movies, among others over the years.
Since Launching Vince Voyeur Unleashed last year, he's put out some very well received titles such as "Black Listed", "Feed the Models", "Pay Me In Cum!", and the particularly popular "Blow Job Face". Seeing the excellent quality and fun nature displayed in his trailers, I have wanted to see a VVU title for some time now.
So here we have POV Junkie 3. The 3rd installment in Vince's POV series, which has also received very positive feedback. POV Junkie 2 was a special case for me as Vince cast one of my local Nor-Cal girls Emily Parker, in what I consider to be her first major hardcore movie. When I saw this one available, I jumped on it.
The flick's top billed star is Christina Aguchi, who is a renowned feature dancer credited here as the "Pole Queen" in her first anal scene. I must admit I've never heard of her before seeing the trailer for this movie, but judging from that alone, I'm excited to see this. So enough overview let's get right into it... 

Scene one: Eve Evans w/ Vince Voyeur
First up we have the "Brooklyn Teen", Eve Evans in her first anal scene. Eve is a cute brunette with a raspy voice and a mild New York accent. She is wearing a simple black top with red booty shorts and black heels. She has a clit piercing which she says she got at age 17 (just after admitting she was totally drunk the night before the shoot, leaving me to wonder what other disturbing facts we need?) 
We start with a rather long tease montage, followed by a flirtatious pre-scene interview. During The interview she says she is 18, and has never done anal before. Vince plays with her a bit before indulging in a LONG BJ. Eve does a nice job with the slobbering and noise making (all of your porno BJ food groups), and finally the get to the fucking. Vince has already made me wait through the abnormally long FBI Warnings, pre-menus, and the opening montage... IT'S ABOUT FRICKEN TIME!

So they start off with some doggie vaginal, trading thrusts. They take a BJ break pretty quickly and switch to reverse cowgirl. After a few more minutes of vaginal, she says "are you ready to go where no man has gone before?" (Referring to her ass), Vince wastes no time. Well folks,  judging from the clit piercing, the overall sluttiness she presents, and the fact that all it takes is a bit of saliva before he is jack-hammering into her booty-hole, I frankly don't believe it's her first time, maybe on camera, but not ever. She seems to be rather familiar actually.
So they go for some anal while still in reverse cowgirl, then they switch to missionary for a bit. He makes her taste he first ATM before switching back to vaginal (Does nobody pay attention to the "wash wangdoodles between ass and pussy" rule anymore?). They go back to doggie for a brief bit more anal before he pulls out and gives her the facial Treatment. After the scene there is a short post-scene interview.

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Decent little opening scene, Pretty short compared to the lengthy tease, Eve is a cute girl, and the anal is pretty hot. Lighting and sound are solid. Not Bad!

Scene two: Bethany Benz w/ Vince Voyeur
So next we have Bethany Benz, an exotic babe wearing a leopard print top and black tights. From the info I have about this girl, she had starred in some reality TV show and has done some mainstream modeling prior to her porn career (not that anyone gives a flip, but trivia is part of the package). 
So we have an Identical, albeit a bit shorter tease segment as the first scene, then moving into a semi-interview. Vince has her finger herself while he gets himself into the action. She gives him a long BJ, with some ball sucking, and chode licking added in. Then he finally gets the fucking underway doggie style. I enjoyed watching Bethany's big ass bounce on his wiener, but she was going a bit slow.
So after a little while, she gives him a BJ break, and they switch to missionary for a looonnnnggg time, at the point where Vince asks her what she wants next, she replies "I'd like it from behind!", so they re-commence the doggie style fucking for the remainder of the fuck-session before Vince pops on her face to round things out. Once again, we have a brief post-scene interview before we fade to the next scene.
Eh, this one is kind of a snooze. Bethany is hot and I love her body, especially her round ass, but she's just a boring performer. Vince seems to constantly try to get some enthusiasm out of her, but doesn't get much mileage. An otherwise decent all vaginal scene, Bethany's poor performing skills really hindered this one.

Scene Three: Alexia Rae w/ Vince Voyeur
So Vince goes for a change of pace this time as We see Alexia, a gorgeous blonde with huge natural boobs and a nice ass, strutting around the house in a white top and black thong, in an extremely short montage before cutting to the bedroom where we see something bobbing up and down under the bed sheets.
Vince pulls back the sheets to see Alexia performing a BJ on him (surprise?). She apologizes for getting home late the night before and figures the BJ in bed would make up for it. Vince asks her what she did the day before and she describes her day as consisting entirely of rubbing baby oil and whipped cream on her boobs (the life of a porn star, eh?). She blows him for a while before she slides his shlong sausage into her cooter for some cowgirl, after a while they move into missionary. About this time Vince needs a BJ break, but soon they go doggie style where she playfully teases him a bit before they get going.
After doggie there is this slow spot where Vince sits a few feet away from her while they masturbate, and he says "It's a fight between my penis and your pussy, and your pussy is winning!" (Okay, in some very odd sense, that feels like something a 4th grader would say... creepy). So finally he titty fucks her for a while and finally cums on her boobs. The usual post-scene shtick and we fade out.
I liked this scene. Vince employed the more conventional Mike John POV style here. I like this kind of scene much better, it feels and flows much more like real sex, Alexia's playfulness really helped. She is a really sexy chick who makes for a great porn star. Best scene in the flick so far.

Scene Four: Marie Luv w/ Vince Voyeur
So here Vince is back to his usual formula. Marie Luv is a sexy and very athletic black babe wearing a tight white corset with a matching thong under her blue booty shorts. Marie is easily the biggest name in this movie, with a great reputation among her peers and fans. I personally am a fan of hers, so I was happy to see her in this movie.
So we have our usual tease/interview build-up with Marie showing us what she can do with her nice big ass. Then we get into the BJ (By this point in the flick it's clear what Vince's preference is, as every scene has had more oral than anything else. 
Marie starts the fucking with some very nice reverse cowgirl, followed by a little doggie action before the usual BJ break. Then we see Vince supply her with a pink butt plug which she briefly uses to open up her hind quarters for some anal. Pretty soon Vince starts fucking her ass doggie style, with an occasional ATM break, he also switch back and forth anal and vaginal. Finally settling on vaginal before finishing things up with a facial. We have a nice little post-scene chit-chat with Marie before fading out.
Not much to describe really, as is usually the case with POV, but a damn good scene. Marie had a lot of energy and enthusiasm. She's a natural analist, and Vince did a nice job juggling the fucking and camera work. Very nice.

Scene Five: Christina Aguchi w/ Vince Voyeur
The final scene in the movie is something I have been waiting for a long time to see; a real stripper fantasy scenario. So the scene starts with Vince walking into what is supposed to be a strip club (it's just the same set used in the other scenes with a mini stripped stage in front of a black curtain). He has come to see the Christina Aguchi experience.
Christina Is a super sexy asian babe (Chinese and Viatnamese according to her interview), she greets Vince and sits him down stage-side, and she goes on to show her stage act, she starts off wearing an white outfit with a tiny miniskirt and gold booty shorts underneath. She shows off a few simple moves before switching into her second outfit, which is a pink vinyl bikini top with matching miniskirt, and shows off a few more complex pole moves. Finally she comes out in her third (and my personal favorite) outfit, consisting of a black/light blue bikini top, black booty shorts, and ultra sexy thigh-high black vinyl lace-up boots. In this outfit she shows off her most acrobatic moves. Christina is obviously extremely talented on the pole, and I can see why she is such a sought after feature dancer.
Vince asks her to change back into the first outfit, after doing show she continues the show. Vince asks if he can masturbate, she says "you aren't supposed to, but it turns me on", so you get the idea. He then persuades her to give him a BJ (who'da thunk?). After a while she decides to just let him fuck her right there on the stage.
They start out missionary, then Vince takes a break for some reason, and then he gets up doggie style. After a while they move to the couch where Vince had been sitting through the strip show for some reverse cowgirl. By this point Christina is so worked up that she decides to reward his sexual adequacy with some anal.
The anal starts with doggie back on the stage, and eventually moves to another couch for some missionary anal. There is a little vaginal/anal switching here before the go for cowgirl. A little more ball sucking and Vince finally gives her a nice facial to wrap it up before interviewing her a bit and sending her back up the stage to do "what no other stripper has done before"; dance with cum on her face. (Really? Who do I doubt the truth in that statement???)

Hell of a scene. Christina has all the tools to be a very successful porn star. I like what Vince did here. There were 2 things about the scene that weren't so great; A. It's a little too long for my liking, and B. The damned annoying ass techno muzak during her dance got on my nerves. One thing that would've made the scene much better is if Vince had invested in some black lights and fancy stage lighting to make it look like a real club, rather than just a generic porn set, oh well

Bonus Scene: Karlie Montana w/ Vince Voyeur
This little bonus scene is pretty interesting, it's really just a lot of flirting and tease, Karlie is a very cute brunette wearing a little blue nightie, Vince jerks off while Karlie plays around and teases him. That's a roundabout way of telling you what it is, it's mostly chit chat and playing around.
Final Thoughts:
This was a pretty darn decent POV flick. Some scenes were better than others. The lighting and sound is excellent. The replay value is very high, and the women are all really hot.
The cons are the annoying muzak during the tease sequences, the lameness of Bethany Benz' performance, and the last scene being considerably too long.
In terms of just the movie by itself, I'd rank this sucker on the high end of a Recommended rating, But the wealth of bonus material included with the DVD and the high replay value pushes this one up to a very deserving Highly Recommended rating.
Cheers to Vince Voyeur and his cast on this flick, they did good. I honestly believe Vince Voyeur Unleashed will definitely be the company to follow in the next few years!
I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please send them to [email protected] Thanks for reading!

Steve Ward

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