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Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 10/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


I added the exclamation point. It's not really part of the title.

But it should be.

Anna Sweet

So this dude, Timo, is driving a car in Russia and stalking a woman while wondering aloud "why she walking in street" and "if she has nice face".

He charmingly tells her to forget about her boyfriend and get in the car. She tells him she can't sit down because she has a buttplug in. Then she gets in, and he says he is "anal professional fucker".

Can this get any better? Just wait.

So while stopped in the middle of the street, he starts making out with her and undressing her. If only the world worked in such a manner. Perhaps this is really what Russia is like.

Then he finally drives off with her and he plays with her pussy while she acts like it's the hottest thing ever and looks like a big faker.

He then asks to taste her ass. While driving. I cannot condone this unsafe sexual behavior. I mean, you could get in an accident. Jesus!

I adore road head, but what is that position?!
Timo cares not for your American vehicular safety laws!

So he does stop the car and takes out her buttplug. He then tells her to... wink. Her ass. And then he licks it while it... winks. Timo loves some winking ass here.

He starts driving again, and then he makes her suck his cock while he's driving. She deepthroats all right and starts making out with her and DUDE YOU ARE DRIVING OMFG.

Then she turns around with her head hanging out the window and he plays with her ass some more. This guy is truly focused on ass in a way I have never seen.

She then sucks on the buttplug and licks drips from her butt from the car. So does he.

And then it just sort of ends.

Lioness and Lola Drive

Two hot blonde girls are... playing in the snow? On a sled chair? Never mind.

They spot Timo, who is an unconscious man in the snow for some reason. They announce he can't breathe even though he clearly can. They start kissing him and performing fake CPR.

Timo cares not for your American "frostbite"!

All pretenses vanish as they undo his pants and grab his big cock. Of course. The girls then get undressed. In the snow. Timo gets to keep his jacket on but they don't! And, I mean, you can see that it's freaking cold. You can hear the wind blowing in the mic! And yet, here we are. In Russia they're extreme or something, or this is really just Timo's fantasyland.

I'm going with fantasyland.

Finally they do go inside (whew) and the hot girls get to suck some big cock. They do pretty well and they're both good looking, so no complaints there. He then thoroughly examines their asses with his tongue, and I would expect nothing less at this point. Lots of gaping ass action and slow fucking so you don't miss any of it.

One of the girls squirts all over the place which is interesting. Might be fake... but whatever. In this porn, reality has left the building quite a while ago.

Timo cares much for his toes in your mouth.

There's also some rimjob stuff for Timo, and then the girls both lick him while he cums. It's a watery shot, but he immediately leans over to kiss the girls and licks up some of his own cum. The girls then snowball a bit, and he immediately says he has to go and hands them a huge black dildo to use on their asses. And damned if they don't keep going without him! But then it does end a few minutes later.

This movie is nuts.

Anna Sweet

-- sponsored by --

OK, so here we have Anna Sweet again, fresh from her kidnapping and molestation on the streets in Russia somewhere.

Timo clearly loves his work and puts his fingers down Anna's throat before slapping her a bit. He then shoves his cock all the way down her throat and she does pretty well. Unfortunately he starts pulling her mouth open and... just, don't do that Timo. Don't be pulling things open. It's just all sorts of ow and bad.

Timo cares not for what you don't think he should pull on.
OW! Don't do that, Timo!

Lots of licky spitty drooly fingering in the ass area. He then works with a monster dildo on Anna's ass. Finally he starts fucking her in the ass, and he licks her foot while slapping himself in the face with it. Anna also sucks on his toe. Uh... what.

This continues as he forces his toes down Anna's throat. And then he wants the spit all over his face. Why? Because he's Timo.

She then goes back to deepthroating, and I am relieved.

Then there is lots of ass fucking and she rims him, and there is some spanking, and well, Timo is kind of hard core. O_O Anna puts her toes in Timo's mouth as well... and he puts his in hers. More toes.

Finally he cums all over the freakin' place and it's kinda watery. He goes to kiss some of it off of her and collapses, so you know he had a good time. Then he spits the cum into her mouth.


OK, so Lillian is on the street corner doing... something. Oh, she's taking photos of herself right before she walks into the street! Wait, she stops and takes more self photos, holding the camera above her head and pouting into it a la MySpace.

Then she sees Timo and insists he photographs her on the street corner. Timo is of course fine with this and starts posing her with helpful comments like "more sexy" and "like a cat." He then offers her a ride in his car, and she thinks getting into cars with strangers is super fun!

Lillian gets to "partying" which means "writhe around on the car seat and pretend that's sexy". Somewhere in here her shoes have vanished, and she hangs out of the car topless for a while... while he's driving.

She manages to get most of her clothes off and then starts sucking his cock while he's driving. Timo charmingly asks if Lillian likes penetration in her ass. And then Lillian sticks her toes in his mouth, because by now we do know what Timo likes, don't we?

Lillian hangs out the car some more, because that's how she rolls. There's some fingering and ass fingering and I'm trying to figure out how she can lay all over the front seat like that.

And then Timo pushes her out of the car and tells her to go run down the street naked. Timo proclaims this "nice" and also mentions "so horny." He then coaches her on putting fingers in her ass, and she goes ass to mouth on her fingers in the street.

Timo cares not for your American "sense" or "logic" or "safety".
Timo does, however, care for glass dolphins hanging from his rear-view mirror.

They finally get to ass sexing out of doors. She does some champion deepthroating and then they just... stop.

No, really. Wow. OK then.

Cindy and Daisy

Who is who? We don't know, but two chicks in white tank tops are making out on a bed, and that's fine by me.

There's some spitty drool and rimjob action, which is interesting because that's definitely a Timo thing, and he is nowhere around.

Out comes a double ended dildo, and one girl fucks the other's face with it, before doing some more spitting. Then they start using the dildo anally, and it's a pretty big dildo, so yeah. More ass spitting... and then... there's Timo, in the window, and he throws a snowball through the window at them.

They get dressed and go outside, and we learn that Timo throws like a girl. Not even kidding. The actual girls have better throws than he does LOL.

The girls start throwing snowballs at Timo (remember, they're still in tank tops), and I have to wonder with his obsession about naked girls in the cold.

So the girls start making out with him, and one of the girls starts blowing him while he's kissing the other girl.

You go, Timo.

Both girls do fine jobs deepthroating. Timo helps himself to some ass ('cause he's Timo) and urges them both to sit on his face.

Timo cares not for American luxuries like "breathing".

Finally they go indoors and have sex... and anal. Everyone eventually rimjobs everybody, and there is plenty of gaping ass holes to go around. Seriously, the scene goes forever.

There's a hard cut before the cumshot and he cums all over one of the girl's faces. She then spits into the other girl's mouth but none of it is cum. And then Timo has some, because that's what Timo does.

Jessy Brown and Lillian

Timo introduces Lillian to Jessy. They have a brief conversation in broken English, which is rather hilarious. Jessy says, "Relax, baby." LOLOL

Lillian relaxes in a hurry and removes her denim onesie.

Timo gets involved in a hurry as well. More spitting and toe sucking, and everything else is more of the same.

...until Jessy lets a fart out. In Timo's face. And he asks for more.

Timo loves your flatulence.

Oh, Timo.

Special features

Photo gallery
Cumshot recap (this is on disc 1, but contains the cumshots from both discs)

There's also a bonus scene with Tina Evil, Oliver Strelly and Ameile which announces up-front that there are "some audio problems", which range from the audio being off by a few seconds to sounding like you're listening to an entirely different scene.

And just to show you how much they care, they then announce "your welcome" (sic).

Gee. Thanks, guys.


The hits: Timo is a man who's passionate about what he likes, and he likes drippy, messy everything, rimjobs (giving and receiving), gagging girls on his cock, fingers and toes, and all kinds of insane shit that could get people killed or seriously injured (hanging over halfway out of a moving car, being naked for prolonged periods in the snow, etc).

The misses: Timo is a man who's passionate about what he likes, and he likes drippy, messy everything, rimjobs (giving and receiving), gagging girls on his cock, fingers and toes, and all kinds of insane shit that could get people killed or seriously injured (hanging over halfway out of a moving car, being naked for prolonged periods in the snow, etc).

You may have noticed the hits are exactly the same as the misses. And it's true, because what it boils down to is if you like ass sex, you will like this movie, as long as the spitting and toe sucking doesn't bother you.

If you like ass sex AND spitting AND toe sucking, you will create a small shrine with this DVD in the center of it.

The girls are goddamn geniuses with anal and blowjobs, and they're all hot and enthusiastic no matter what they're doing, so props to them.

And even if NONE of the fetishes mentioned are your cup of tea, you should check this movie out for the insanity and entertainment value alone. There's not much porn I can say that about.

Timo is one nutty motherfucker.

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