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Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/6/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Burning Angel Entertainment
Price 22.99

Directed by Joanna Angel
Running Time: 2 hrs and 55 minutes

Technical Specs:

MPEG 1-2 (mpgv)
Resolution 720 x 480
Frame Rate: 59.94

AC3 Stereo
Sample Rate 48000 Hz
Bitrate 192 kb/s

Special Features:

Music by Fun! Yeah! & Hate Your Guts
Behind the Scenes (an hour long BTS with Keni as your host and BST working the camera. We get a tour of the house, some interviews and overall craziness and comedy)
Photo Gallery
Animated Menus
Shot in HD
Trailers (4 trailers)
Doll Show (30 minutes of the doll's experience on set)
Outtakes (18 Minutes of footage with some great one liners and goofs)
Movie Making (44 minutes of yet some more interviews from behind the scenes while cast and crew are getting ready to shoot)


Joanna Angel
Sparky Sin Claire
Arabelle Raphael
Jiz Lee
Phoenix Askani
James Deen
Rocco Reed
Keni Styles
Tommy Pistol

Overall Thoughts:

Another great feature from Joanna and Burning Angel. I give her credit for making this movie, not many studios would take a toy product and turn it into a horror movie like this. And that is why I appreciate what they do. You can kind of think of this like somewhat of a porn version of Mannequin or Chucky movie combined. But you also have to remember the lovely ladies of Burning Angel with the blend of great music and comedy that Joanna adds to all of her movies. So the audio and video were both above average quality with very little issues, and the scene average comes out to about 2.8, but I will round it up to a 3 out of 5. I give the special features a very high rating due to amount of content on the second disc, they go way above and beyond most of the other special features you get with other companies. So adding up all the number and we get an average of 3.6 which in my system adds up to a HIGHLY RECOMMEND rating. I can't wait for the sequel Doppelganger 2: Electric Dildo

Scene One: Sparky Sin Claire (1/5 rating)

Things get started in a sex toy factory and we see Sparky is not really paying attention to what is going on. It's the end of the day and as everyone leaves, she stay behind to try out one of the toys on herself. She takes off her shorts and begins to rub her pussy and get it wet enough to stick the cock shaped toy into her pussy. She thrusts the cock into her pussy and gives us a look at her breasts as she continues to play with her pussy. She rides up and down on the cock and continues to finger her pussy. While she is playing with the toy she knocks over some liquid that was plain and replaces it with pure evil. And people return from lunch and the guys spreads some of the evil liquid on the blowup Joanna. We follow the doll as she is carried through the factory and into a conference room.

Scene Two: Joanna Angel and Jiz Lee (3/5 rating)

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Later on there is a meeting in the same room and they are all there to introduce the Joanna Angel blowup doll. Jiz is leading the meeting and it seems that only her and Joanna are excited about the new doll. The guys leave to go to Applebee. Kiz sets up an autograph session but Joanna has a date. But after Jiz tells her about how much she loves the doll, Joanna says why don't you try the real Joanna. After they walk around the table a few times, Joanna crawls on the table and to Jiz. They immediately start taking their clothes off and Jiz goes right for Joanna's pussy. She uses her finger and tongue on her pussy as Joanna screams for her to fuck her. She seems to really be working her magic on Joanna as she seems like she is about to cum a few times. Jiz sits on Joanna's face and let's her play with her pussy, while she leans back and still gives Joanna's pussy some attention. This is the first time I have seen Jiz in a Burning Angel movie, she doesn't have any tattoos, but she does have some pierced nipples, so I am sure you will find her pretty hot and sexy. Joanna takes control for a bit but then Jiz has her face once again in Joanna's pussy. Jiz grabs a strap on and uses it on Joanna for some doggy style action, while she grabs a hold of her pink belt. Joanna screams for her to go deeper and deeper. Joanna licks off the strap on and then she takes it some more in her pussy as she lays on the table. Jiz takes a break and is back to using her tongue and fingers and Joanna tells her to stick a finger in her ass too. So Jiz ends up with two fingers in her pussy and ass and continues to drive Joanna wild. And she drives her so wild they we get some squirting action from Joanna. After that , Jiz uses the strap on to fuck Joanna in the ass. And for foot fans, Jiz gives one of Joanna's feet some attention. Joanna takes off the strap on and dives in Jiz's pussy, and inserts her hand and a few fingers in there. The scene ends as the girls kiss and it closes with a shot of the doll.

Scene Three: Arabelle Raphael and Keni Styles (2/5 rating)

Joanna is getting ready for her date, and Keni is waiting for her on the bed. There is a doll and some porn on the bed. There is a ring at the door and Keni decides to answer it so Joanna can get ready. She starts to get dressed and Keni answers the door, and Arabelle is waiting at the door and they head upstairs. But something is wrong, her corset is missing. Keni and Arabelle leave to load up the car and Joanna finds the corset by the doll. Joanna drops the doll from the second floor. Keni and Arabelle make it back into the house and into the kitcen, but the doll locks them in the kitchen. Keni is worried, but Arabelle thinks that Joanna was setting them up. They begin to kiss and Joanna comes down stairs and sees the doll by the door and heads out to the car. Back in the kitchen, we see that things are getting pretty hot and heavy between the two of them. Keni is playing with her big boobs, while they both start to slip out of their clothes. He begins to play with her pussy, but still finds time to grab her boobs every once in awhile. Arabelle helps Keni get his pants off and she begins to give him a blowjob. She gets pretty deep on his cock and Keni even gives her a little help by grabbing her hair. He plays with her boobs for a bit and then leans her over the counter and begins to fuck her from behind. He moves to the floor and she climbs on top and rides him for some cowgirl action, while her boobs bounce on his face. She flips around and leans back while she continues to ride him. They slide to the side for some spoon action, while still on the floor. They seem really cramped in that little space, but they seem to do the best with what they have. An oral session leads to her propping her leg on the wall while he continues to fuck her from behind. She then climbs on him and hangs on while he continues to fuck her, but they soon make their way to the counter again. She leans up against the counter and he licks her ass a bit before he slowly sticks his cock inside it. The anal continues as she begs him to fuck her ass, and he goes pretty deep in her ass. The end up on the floor again as she continues to take it in the ass in some reverse cowgirl action. He leads her to her side and continues to fuck her ass in the spoon position. And it's been awhile since he's played with her boobs, so he grabs them and then she rides him again for some cowgirl action, still in her ass. Once again she is leaning up against the counter and he is back to fucking her pussy, until he pulls out and cums on her big boobs. In case you haven't caught on, she has big boobs.

Scene Four: Asphyxia and Tommy Pistol (4/5 rating)

So we next get to the signing and we see that there is quite the line to meet her. Shop owner Tommy goes off on her cause she is late, so Joanna and her doll show up and she gets to signing. Back to Keni and Arabelle as they get ready to go for round two. Joanna number one fan seems to be taking up all of her time signing stuff for other people. Asphyxia seems to be getting impatient, and the doll does too. It grabs a straw and shoots a spit ball at her. Everyone thinks it was Joanna that did it, so they leave. So Asphyxia goes to talk to the manager, who is working on his boner killing room. Tommy tries to make her happy with a DVD but she apparently wants more. So attacks him and they begin to kiss as he pushes her up against the wall. But he can't keep a boner due to all the posters so he rips them down and then goes back to her. After playing with her tits, he begins to rub her pussy, and then she forces him down to her pussy. He licks her pussy as she screams with joy, and she sticks her ass into his face. He licks her ass and continues to finger her pussy. There is some decent heat and chemistry between these two. She reaches for his pants and begins to give him a blowjob, and he grabs her hair and gives her a little help. She squeezes her breasts together and he slaps his cock on them. They stand up and she leans over the sink and he enters her from behind. She flips over and continues to take him as he gets a little more rough with her, with some more hair pulling. He takes a break and goes back to playing with her pussy and then slips his cock in for some more action. They kiss some more and then she continues with some more oral on him as she takes all of him in her mouth. She climbs on top of him and goes for some reverse cowgirl action as he sits on the toilet. She ends up with her face against the wall and he continues to fuck her from behind and he even sticks a finger in her ass. He pounds away on her has to give her a break so she can catch her breath. He pulls out and she sucks him off until he cums on her face and chest.

Scene Five: Phoenix Askani and Rocco Reed (3/5 rating)

Back at the signing and there is no one in line, and she keeps getting a weird vibe from the doll. She gets up and pushes the doll's face and then it pushes her back and she knocks over the racks of DVDs. Tommy comes out and is pissed off and kicks her and the doll out. She gets into her truck and calls Phoenix and tries to talk to her to mellow her out. She wants to come over and hopefully get relaxed before her date. She stops and puts the doll in the passenger seat and even puts the seat belt on it. She arrives at Phoenix's place and tries to explain what happened, and Phoenix seems a little worried. Phoenix tells her about a new guy she met and there is a creak at the door and we see the doll is making it's way into the apartment. It creeps up behind her and makes Joanna pass out. It takes off her top and drags her away. Phoenix comes back in and begins to talk to the doll as if it was Joanna. The doll says nothing and she works out her problems, the mystery guy contacts her and is on his way over. Joanna wakes up and creeps back into the apartment and gets her revenge on the doll. Phoenix enters wearing some sexy red lingerie and Rocco shows up at the door and after some awkward conversation, she drags him and they begin to kiss. They make their way into the bedroom and he begins to play with her boobs, while she reaches for his crotch. He slips her underwear off and begins to lick her pussy. But she begs for his cock and begins to jerk him off and then gives him a blowjob on the bed. There is some slight noise from the camera as it moves to get a better angle on the action. She goes pretty deep on his cock and then she lays on the bed and he sticks his cock in her pussy and begins to fuck her. He grabs a hold of her neck as he continues to fuck her and then pulls her back to his cock. She gives both his cock and balls some more attention and then they end up back on the bed for some spoon action. She gives him some more oral while he plays with her pussy with his fingers. They get back to the fucking and kissing as the sex continues. She climbs on top and inserts his cock into her pussy and goes for a ride for some reverse cowgirl action. After a quick break, she is bent over on the bed and he is fucking her from behind, as her face is in the sheets. This is another great pairing as these two seem to have some decent chemistry between the two of the them. He pulls out and cums all over her face and chest, and even a little in her mouth. She licks him off and cleans up the cum of her chest.

Scene Six: Joanna Angel and James Deen (4/5 rating)

Back at the house, Joanna, looking very sexy in that white dress, has the doll taped up so it can't get away. James shows up at the front door, and Joanna goes to answer it and we see that she didn't do a good enough job taping it down. James and Joanna get back from their dinner at the taco stand. James slaps her ass and then they decide to play a game. Joanna goes to change and she sees that the doll has escaped. It sneaks up behind her and knocks her out. The doll enters the room and begins to flirt with James. James playing the teacher, begins to spank the doll and then asks the doll if it wants to suck his dick. With no answer he sticks his cock into and makes a comment about she isn't very wet. Joanna finally wakes up, grabs some scissors and heads downstairs and tries to kill the doll. But the doll puts up a good fight and James thinks it's awesome that there is two of them. He tries to keep the game going with all the scenarios. Joanna finally gets the upper hand and stabs the doll while James is building a detention area out of the couch cushions. Joanna has had enough of the games and just wants to get to the fucking. They begin to kiss as Joanna reaches for his crotch. James bends her over and he plays with her pussy and ass while giving her a few slaps across the ass. He continues to play with her pussy as she screams with delight and is about to cum already. He continues to work on her pussy until Joanna takes a hold of his cock and begins sucking and stroking it. But she tells him that she wants to get fucked and James just wants to stick it in her ass. He begins to fuck her ass from behind, while she leans up against the couch. She continues to scream for him to pound her ass as he pulls it out for a second to show how open her ass is. We get some ass to mouth as Joanna wants to taste her ass, but soon enough James is once inside her pussy, as she keeps begging for him to fuck her more. He slide up beside her and sticks it back in her ass, and continues to give her ass a few slaps here and there. The anal continues for most of the scene with some brief breaks for some more oral by Joanna. She ends up riding him for some doggy and we get a nice view of her ass while she gets fucked. James also uses this opportunity to suck on her tit's a bit while she gets fucked. I really don't need to say that there is chemistry between these two. The scene ends as he cums all over her face. She picks up the doll off the floor and then they hear people having sex, and they go to check it out, it's Keni and Arabelle and they have been having sex the whole time. Joanna catches them up on the crazy day and then we zoom in on the doll and we see the doll coming back to life....(sequel?)

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