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Studio: daring! » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/7/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Daring Media
Price: 19.99

Directed by Lisa Loves
Running Time: 100 minutes

Technical Specs:

Mpeg 1-2 (mpgv)
Resolution: 720 x 480
Frame Rate: 59.94

A52 Audio AC30
Channels: Stereo
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Bitrate: 192 kb/s

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Direct Access to Chapters
All Regions
Trailers (7 minutes of some of the other films from the studio, and they all seem very artsy and erotic)
Behind the Scenes ( 10 minutes of footage of all the girls being transformed into the geishas and some footage of the movie being shot)
Photo Gallery
Orgasm Parade


Natalia Forrest
Aletta Ocean
Mai Bailey
Cate Herrington
Wayne Scott Fox
Keni Styles
Jamie Barry

Overall Thoughts:

So I basically chose to review this movie cause of Aletta Ocean being in it (okay the whole geisha thing is pretty hot too), and boy I have to say that I am glad that I did. For those that like their porn to be more on the artsy side, this is for you. It is shot beautifully and there is hardly any dialogue throughout the movie. There is some of the noises of the action in the movie, but it melds ever so nicely with the Oriental style music that plays throughout the film. And I have the say that I found all of the scenes to be very hot, and that is saying something considering there is really no big name ladies in this film, OK big names to me. Some of you may know who the others ladies are. So the scene average is 4.4 so that is in the HIGHLY RECOMMEND area. The audio and video are both getting high scores because the look and sound brought so much to this movie. The special features are average to what you are used to, but the feel of the movie seems to make it's way to the special features too. So adding up all the scores and getting my averages, this is going to get a HIGHLY RECOMMEND rating. After seeing this, I really want to check out some more of the titles from this studio.

Scene One: Aletta Ocean and Keni Styles (4/5 rating)

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The scene starts with off with a video montage of Aletta giving Keni a massage, while wearing a traditional geisha outfit. She is all decked out in the clothes and even in the make up. Talk about authentic. The music and slow motion camera really add to the mood of the scene, and I wonder how long this will keep up. Anyways, back to the scene, she begins to open up her robe and we get a glimpse of her pussy and then she opens up her dress even more to show off her boobs. He goes down on her, working her pussy with his tongue, after a pretty long oral session, she reaches for his crotch and returns the favor with a blowjob. Just wanted to point out that the action does play out in and out of real time and the music continues to play during the scene to keep the overall feel of the scene going. Anyways, she climbs on top of him and slowly inserts his cock into her pussy and rides him for some cowgirl action, with her amazing boobs bouncing in his face. After a bit, he slips his cock into her pussy once again and fucks her while she lays on the couch. She moans with delight as he pounds her pussy and then makes his way to her ass. She ends up riding him some more as he continues to fuck her ass. He jerks off until he cums in her mouth and she licks him off as the scene ends.

Scene Two: Natalia Forrest and Wayne Scott-Foxx (4/5 rating)

This scene starts off with another video montage our lady dressed up as a geisha and once again, giving our male performer a massage. She slowly begins to stroke his cock while she applies some lotion. She goes faster and faster until she opens up her dress to show us her breasts and pussy. She inserts his cock into her mouth and gives him a blowjob (she has a pierced tongue, so you know what that means). The both end up naked and she rides him for some cowgirl action. We get some nice shots of her bouncing her ass up and down on his cock. The camera spends a lot of time showing us the action and not the faces of the performers, and that is ok in this situation, not that they are ugly, just keeps the overall look and feel going. He slips in beside her and fucks her in the spoon position and then after some great camera work they move to some doggy style action. He pounds away on her as she leans over the side of the couch. The scene ends with her sucking and jerking him off until he cums. She ends the scene the same way as she started, by slowly rubbing his cock.

Scene Three: Sasha and Cate Harrington (5/5 rating)

So at this point there seems to be an overall theme to each scene, a geisha is giving someone a massage and it goes on from there. There is a little difference in this one, as the geisha is giving a massage to a lady. She is also dressed in a oriental robe, and her robe is open slightly to show off her boobs. The geisha continues to explore her body, as she slowly starts to undress herself. The geisha licks her stomach and then the ladies kiss ever so gently, until she has her bent over and begins to play with her pussy with her fingers. And I need to point out that she is doing while her panties are slid off the side, something very sexy about that. She licks her ass while she continues to finger her pussy. Her panties slowly come off finally and the geisha is face first in her pussy, licking it ever so gently. She slips a finger in to help increase the excitement. It's finally time for the geisha to receive some attention as the other lady begins my licking her pussy and then using her fingers to spread her pussy open. She reaches over and grabs a black dildo and licks it for a bit and then inserts it into her pussy, after teasing it first. She slips it in slow and we see she is pretty wet as it goes deeper and deeper. The geisha turns around and sticks out her her and the girl inserts the toy into her pussy again. The geisha finally takes control of the toy and uses it on the lady, once again teasing her pussy until she finally slips it in. She has the other toy in her hand and jerks it off while the geisha continues to use the other one on her pussy. The scene ends as the girls kiss each other and we get a fade out.

Scene Four: Mai Bailey and Jamie (4/5 rating)

This massage seems to be more oily than the others. It seems there is a second geisha in this scene, so he is getting served by both in one way or another. Ok, maybe I was wrong, there seems to be only one. She is serving him some sort of drink, maybe some sake, and then she joins him on the couch as she kisses her neck. She opens his pants and begins to jerk off his cock, while he grabs a hold of her breasts. She continues with the blowjob and even gives his balls some love. He opens her dress even more and we get a good look at her big boobs and he begins to finger her pussy, as she moans with delight. They make their way to the bed and he continues rub all over her body, and then slips behind and begins to fuck her in the spoon position, as her boobs jiggle up and down. She ends up on her back as the fucking continues, and then she jerks him off some more until he cums. She looks on as he cums and then licks him off.

Scene Five: India and Marco (5/5 rating)

This scene takes place in a bedroom and we see out geisha in a room with a man in a suit. She sits on the bed and he begins to rub her shoulders and then opens her dress to show off her fancy and shinny bra. He kisses her neck and then she ends up laying on the bed, with her boobs out and him fingering her pussy. She reaches over and grabs a hold his cock. He ends up face first in her pussy and licks it with his tongue. Her body begins to wiggle with delight as he continues to play with her pussy. He creeps up behind her and plays with her neck and boobs some more, before they kiss some more. He rubs her pussy some more before she ends up stroking and rubbing his cock. She eventually sticks it in her mouth before she climbs on top of him and bounces up and down on his cock. As the scene continues she keeps most of her lingerie on, while the sex continues. She gives his cock some more oral pleasure as she goes pretty deep on his cock. She climbs on top once more and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action, as we get a good view of her breasts as they jiggle in the light. They kiss some more as she once again has a hold of his cock and jerks him off until he cums. They kiss once again as the scene comes to a close.

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