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Country Club Cougars

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Marine Hardcore » Review Date: 10/9/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Studio: Wicked Pictures    
Release Date: 2010

Length: 1:30

Director: Jonathon Morgan

Condoms: Yes

Genre: All Sex  

Category: MILF

Performers: Lisa Ann, Dyanna Lauren, Diamond Foxxx, Jewels Jade, Amia Miley

The Movie: "Best friends and fellow Cougars Jennifer, Courtney, and Lisa spend a day at the local Country Club. While enjoying some refreshing drinks the ladies reminisce about some of their greatest cougar conquests. The stories keep coming as the drinks keep flowing until Jennifer finds a new way to pay for the tab with their sexy young waiter." - from the back of the disc

The DVD -
Audio/Video: Crystal clear video and perfect sound with no dropouts anywhere.


  • Bonus scene with Lisa Ann and
  • Johnny Castle from Cougar 101
  • Photo Gallery
  • Promo Reel
  • Trailers

The opening of this disc begins with Lisa Ann and ends with her as well. What a great directorial effort by Jonathon Morgan! Sheer genius! She is bed in a light orange (probably some fancy name for this color, but as a guy, I don't know it!) negligee talking to a friend on the phone while a young stud comes in every couple of minutes to model some clothing. When he comes in with just black briefs on, Lisa puts the phone down and tells the eager guy to lick her pussy. They kiss, she bares her phenomenal tits, and his face goes down to her pulsating crotch. Adjectives have been overused in describing her sex scenes and she really is into this one and watching her is just an amazing experience. As she is getting fucked she rubs her clit and I am sure she orgasms, her chest and face flushing with red and her groans highly emotional and not fake. When the guys cums on her breasts the lustful eyes of Lisa makes you do the same thing!

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The next scene is at the country club where Lisa, Diamond, and Dyanna are chatting around a table like the rich cougars they are portraying. Dyanna tells the story of catching her hubby's young female lover, played by Amia Miley, in her bedroom where she is looking around out of curiosity at the wife's things. Dyanna enters and catches her in the act, but instead of throwing her out, she berates her a little and then pushes her down on the bed and moves in on her. Dyanna never looked more beautiful and the outfit she has on is really hot. Sporting a white skirt, she tops that off with a blouse that is a mix of animal print and other designs; light in colors and trimmed in white. Her high heels also seem to match the entire outfit. She kisses Amia and feels her up and then rises off the bed to remove her blouse and skirt. The bra and matching panties are the prettiest and sexiest I have ever seen. The design seems to match the blouse she just discarded, both trimmed in black and the bra cupping her legendary boobs like it was sprayed on. She flips Amia over on her tummy and eats her pussy, lifting her ass up and apart and spits and finger-fucks it with gusto, talking dirty between munches and flicks of her tongue. Amia is a smallish brunette with a nice body and somewhat pretty face and plays the part of the youngish shrew with ease. The scene cuts to Dyanna getting a tongue lashing from Amia, Dyanna loving every second of it, caressing and licking her own nipples. They 69 each other and then Dyanna fucks Amia with a dildo. She brings Amia to orgasm and then kisses her to end a good girl-girl scene.

Diamond is next to recount a conquest and her scene begins with inviting a stud gardener inside, the dude is carrying a huge leaf blower, and baring her equally impressive tits for the guy to plant his face into. She is wearing a leopard pint top and black skirt and a
pinkish-orange color bra. She reclines on a couch and lets the guy eat her pussy for a while and then she sheds her clothes and gets his dick out to suck. Like the other big boob stars in this movie, her looks are outstanding and her enthusiasm for sex enormous. Lisa, Dyanna, and now Diamond's nipples are engorged and just inviting your mouth to engulf them! The fuck in several positions before the guy shoots on her ass after a doggy session. After some great sex the guy just manages three or four tiny dribbles--a very disappointing end to a hot scene.

Back to the table at the country club where I have to mention the setting here: Dyanna is flanked by Diamond and Lisa who is in profile, her left side to the camera and wearing a deep blue/purple top. Her breasts are straining the material and just watching her cans jutting out boggles your imagination. If I was sitting nearby I would have stared in rapt admiration and unmitigated horniness. This might be one of the sexiest parts of the movie--just watching her talk!

Dyanna tells another story of a woman, Jewels Jade, who lets her young neighbor wash her car and watches him from a window, shirtless and sweating, getting the vehicle spotlessly clean! While doing so she gets horny and changes into a bikini and sunglasses and comes out to inspect the work and her young employee. She gives him some instructions and while doing so, takes the sponge and backs her ass up against his bulging crotch, her hand deftly reaching back to feel the boner. She unzips his jeans, pushing them down and begins sucking his lengthy member. While fucking her tits he squeezes some of the wash water from the sponge into her cleavage to smooth out the thrusting. He fucks her doggy style and then the scene shifts to her on top facing the camera, riding him up and down. I had to wonder that since it appeared to be a very hot day that the driveway concrete the guy was lying on wasn't hotter than hell! There is a mat underneath his butt, but ahh, what one does for his art! She does squeeze some water down her body, but still, it looked awfully warm. The guy explodes across her face in the finale. I liked
Jewels, with her dark hair and really nice boobs, and especially her lustful and dirty mind!

Back to the club and Diamond and Dyanna leave while Lisa, horny after all the talk, decides to pay the bill by fucking the waiter. She pulls the guy away and leads him to a recliner around side of some foliage and pulls his pants down to eagerly inhale his cock. She is just insatiable and looks fantastic in the aforementioned top and black mini-skirt and black heels. She squats down and spreads her legs to the camera, giving us a great shot of her black-pantied crotch, the gesture extremely stimulating in its dexterity. She is next seen topless with the guy pushing those panties aside to fuck her with his tongue. Her high heels are particularly sexy and she sports some cool jewelry that combine to make this scene very sexy, all done in bright sunlight. Again, Lisa appears to cum and the hot sun make both people sweat a lot, adding to the eroticism of the scene. He fucks her missionary, cowgirl and in a spoon position before he shoots on her pussy.

The 14-minute Bonus Scene takes place outdoors on a blanket with Lisa Ann on top of Johnny Castle, the same stud as in the first scene of this disc, dressed in a pink halter top and tight black pants and pink heels. She gets his cock out and begins sucking it (he is
naked, by the way) and then eats her pussy after pulling her pants down. Lisa has some cool eye shadow going on and her eyelashes look longer in this scene, all-in-all making her slightly sluttier looking than normal. She rides him cowgirl style and the hot weather makes both of them glisten like buffed leather. He fucks her in a spoon position and then mounts him once more, this time facing the camera and is the best sequence in this scene. He then gets up and removes his condom and shoots an excellent load onto her open mouth with
tongue extended lasciviously. Her sexy, cum covered face is a sight to behold!

The Ending -  

What Worked: The beautiful women, excellent camera work and close-ups, the humorous and realistic writing, plus the gorgeous scenery make this a really fun and sexy flick.
What Didn't: I wish Dyanna had had a sexier, bustier woman to make love to. I just didn't think Amia was that good looking or enthusiastic enough, but maybe that was what director Morgan was looking for. The interminably long Wicked Pictures credits and introduction crap almost make it painful to put one of their discs into your player. Why do they do this when other companies do not?

Final Thoughts: I give this disc a Highly Recommended rating. The cover shot of Lisa Ann and Dyanna Lauren almost make it alone worth the price of admission. The bonus scene is very good and there are six good trailers. It looks great and the women, except for Amia, are fantastic looking and eager as hell. This is an above average Wicked Pictures effort, a studio that usually puts out pretty good stuff, but sometimes gets bogged down in thinking a little too much like MGM or Paramount. This is the first movie of theirs I have seen and really liked in a while, so don't miss the opportunity to see Lisa Ann, Diamond Foxxx, Dyanna Lauren, and Jewels Jade in one package--and an excellent one at that!

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