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4 Some

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/12/10

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4 Some
Wicked Pictures
Price: 23.99

Directed by Brad Armstrong
Running Time: 1 hr and 44 minutes

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene with Kaylani Lei and Eric Masterson from Fairy Tale (short 9 minute scene)
Trailer for 4 Some
Photo Gallery
Motion Menus
Trailers (6)


Jessica Drake
Kaylani Lei
Amia Miley
Chanel Preston
Brad Armstrong
Derrick Pierce
Randy Spears

Overall Thoughts:

So this was a so-so movie, the story was something we have seen before and the sex was decent in most scenes, with a few highlights here and there. Really thought the quick skipping during some scenes and the very short scenes kind of ruined this movie a bit for me. I have to say that I have enjoyed pretty much all of the stuff that Brad Armstrong has done and I know he can't be perfect at the time. I have to say that the ladies in the film did a great job, with some highlights being Chanel and Kaylani who seemed to bring the most heat during their scenes. The audio and video were both above average, the typical quality you expect from Wicked Pictures. The special features were very little and even the extra scene was short. I still wish more studios would do more with special features, there are some of us out there who enjoy seeing them. So let's get to the rating, so the scenes average out to a 2.6, so when you figure in the audio, video and special features score, this movie gets a RENT IT rating. I think the decent story and with Jessica, Kaylani and Chanel all being in this movie, I think it's most definitely worth a rental.

Scene One: Jessica Drake, Kaylani Lei, Brad Armstrong and Derrick Pierce (3/5 rating)

The movie starts at a party and we see all of the lovely people walking around, and we focus on Kaylani and Brad talking by the pool. Kaylani finds out about his wife, Jessica, who happens to be talking to Derrick at the moment. Kaylani tries to seduce him by talking about she wants to fuck him and really is persistent. Jessica and Derrick finally come over and Kaylani is still about trying to fuck him, and Derrick seems to ok with it. So they end up in someone's bedroom and Kaylani and Jessica begin to make out on the bed, as the two guys look on. Kaylani drops her top and let's Jessica play with her boobs, and then plays with Jessica's boobs. They both slip out of the their dresses and Kaylani begins to lick and touch all over Jessica's body, making her way down to her pussy. The guys start to get involved as Derricks dives into Kaylani's ass and Jessica starts to suck on Brad's cock. They girls work on the guys' cocks, and then Kaylani invites Jessica over to share Derrick''s cock. Brad uses this as a chance to finger both of the girls' pussy and then the girls end up switching partners. They continue to suck off the guys until they quickly get to the fucking. Derrick and Kaylani in some doggy action and Brad and Jessica in some missionary. The girls end up switching once again and Derrick gets some hot doggy action (with some hair pulling) with Jessica, while Brad and Kaylani work some missionary action. The scene ends as the guys jerk off into the girls mouths and chest, and then the girls share the cum .

Scene Two: Kaylani Lei, Chanel Preston and Brad Armstrong (3/5 rating)

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Brad wakes up and there is a used condom on his pillow and doesn't want to pick it up. Jessica saves the day and picks it up and it seems that Kaylani and Derrick left during the night and they leave a note that they want to hang out again. Jessica seems a little worried about the them and is not sure if they should hang out again. Brad heads off to work and finds Kaylani and Derrick waiting at the end of the driveway. He agrees to give them a ride. Kaylani is once again all hands with Brad, as Derrick is asleep in the back. She begins to play with herself while Brad tries to concentrate on driving. She continues to finger bang her pussy and lets him taste her pussy on her fingers. She fingers herself until she cums and we find out that Derrick wasn't really sleeping. They arrive at the drop off spot and then we see Brad at work, and guess who shows up, Kaylani. She comments on his hot secretary Chanel, and makes some hot comments about the two of them fucking. Kaylani wants to finish what they started in the car. She blackmails him and she wants to see him fuck Chanel, and maybe she will join in. He calls her in the office, and Kaylani tries to heat things up and wants to get things going. They begin to kiss and seems like things are a little awkward at first, and Kaylani directs them to show her titties. He bends Chanel over the desk and he fingers her pussy and then gives Kaylani a taste. I just want to point out that Chanel has incredible legs that go on for ever and I think we can all agree that we would love to have them wrapped around us. Kaylani finally joins in and kisses Brad, and then Chanel drops to her knees and begins to suck on his cock, but Kaylani moves in and takes a taste. A phone call interrupts them, and Kaylani answers the phone as Chanel continues to suck on his cock.. He stands Chanel up and she lays back on the desk and he inserts his cock into her pussy, teasing it at first. Kaylani plays with her pussy and licks Brad's cock as he pulls it out of Chanel's pussy. It's finally Kaylani's turn as she is bent over the desk taking it from behind. She flips around on the desk and continues to take his cock in her pussy. He tells Kaylani to finger herself as she stands back and watches. Chanel licks his cock and then he slips it back into Kaylani's pussy. They move to the couch and Chanel climbs on top of Brad for some reverse cowgirl action, while she licks on Kaylani's boobs. He pulls out and cums as Kaylani cleans him off.

Scene Three: Kaylani Lei and Jessica Drake (2/5 rating)

Back at home, Brad just wants to take a shower after his session with the ladies. We see the two of them at dinner and it seems that some pills seem to be missing from the cabinet. There is a ring at the door and Derrick is there and he confronts him about the little threesome he had at work. Apparently Kaylani told him a different story that how it really happened. Derrick is determined to find the truth. Things seem to be getting really weird for these two, seems like their night of passion is making things bad for them. Brad leaves the next day and Kaylani slips past the gate and rings the doorbell. Jessica shows up at the door and wonders if Brad is there, Jessica says no and Kaylani is there to tell her about the threesome at the office. Jessica is pissed and she knew things were going to be bad. Kaylani tries to console her and the girls start to get hot and heavy, with Kaylani being the aggressive one. The scene skips fast a bit as the girls lose their clothes. Jessica is leaning up against the stairs while Kaylani fingers her pussy and even lets her taste her pussy on her fingers. She spreads open Jessica's pussy with her fingers and insert her tongue deep in her pussy. Jessica gets a crack at Kaylani's pussy, as she lays back on the stairs. She fingers her pussy and gives her ass a few slaps. She continues to lick her pussy while she fingers her own pussy. The girls end up in a 69 position as they continue to play with each other's pussy. I feel this should have been a better scene, but the quick skipping during the scene was kind of distracting and made some of the heat go away from the scene. As the girls end, Kaylani tells Jessica about him fucking the secretary and we find out that it was all a bad dream.

Scene Four: Chanel Preston and Derrick Pierce (3/5 rating)

Back at the office, it seems Brad has another visitor, this time it's Derrick. Derrick tries to tell Brad how he thinks the threesome went down. Brad is really confused and tries to apologize. Derrick seems to think that Brad owes him a night with his wife or maybe the secretary. Security shows up and escorts him out the office and he keeps saying that he owes him. Brad calls a friend and tries to get his help. Later we see that Derrick has broken into his office and seems to be looking for something to use as blackmail. He finds some files and it looks like it's his bank records. The next day Brad is on the phone talking to someone about the break in and he knows it was Derrick. Chanel comes in and says it might be partly her fault. And we see that Derrick found her and he wanted to taste her pussy too. He fingers her pussy as she lays back on the desk. She ends up on her knees and opens his pants and gives him a blowjob as he strokes her hair. She gives a deep and wet blowjob until she ends up with his cock in her pussy for some reverse cowgirl on the chair. She ends up bent over for some doggy and then flips around for some missionary, while she puts her leg on her shoulder, hot. He pulls and cums in her mouth. That is how the story ends. She is upset about it, but Brad seems to be very forgiving, he just warns her to stay away.

Scene Five: Kaylani Lei and Randy Spears (3/5 rating)

Derrick gives him a call and begins to blackmail him with his deep secrets. They agree on a price and it seems like they have agreed on how to end this. We see that his friend that he called was Randy, as we see Brad and him trying to figure out how to handle things. Randy has an idea on how to end this, and we see that he invites the couple, but only Kaylani shows up. Kaylani is already turning on the charm at first and then sliding over and begins to rub Randy's crotch as she tries to tell him her demands. And those demands seem pretty simple, she wants to fuck him and he seems to be ok with that. She climbs on top of him and begins to rub on crotch and then opens his pants and works her magic on his cock. She gets pretty deep as she bobs up and down in his cock. She climbs on top once again and rides him for some cowgirl as she moans and purrs with delight. She ends up bent over on the couch and continues to get fucked from behind. I think after seeing her in this scene, I have to say that I am starting to come around on Kaylani, she really knows how to bring the heat in a scene. He pulls out and cums in her mouth and face, as she licks him off. Kind of wish this scene was a little longer.

Scene Six: Amia Miley and Derrick Pierce (2/5 rating)

After they are done, Randy hands her an envelope and it only has half the money. Kaylani tries to leave with the upper hand but Randy seems pretty happy. As Jessica and Brad drive up to the house, Derrick shows up and tries to make things worse and he takes a bad swing at Brad and tells him that he wants his money and leaves. We see Derrick at a restaurant and he tries to work his magic with a lady, he buys her a drink and she seems to be really into him. We next see them getting things going on the bed, as he takes off her clothes and slides her panties to the side as he plays with her pussy. He opens his pants and she dives down and gives him a blowjob, which leads to some face fucking. She spits on his cock and plays with his balls as the blowjob continues. She leans over on him for some cowgirl action on the bed. He continues to fuck her as she bounces and wiggles all over his cock. The hard fucking continues as she is bent over with her ass in the air and she begs him to fuck her nice and slow, which he does at first and then gets back to the hard pounding. He lifts her up and slips her over and gets right back to the fucking, as she licks his finger and play with her boobs. He continues to fuck her until he pulls out and cums in her mouth and face and she licks his cock clean. Afterwords he makes some comments on her age and then she tries to invite him to dinner with her parents. Later that day, she is getting ready for the dinner and they show up at the door and guess who it is. Didn't see that coming, he tackles Derrick on the table and beats the crap out of him as his daughter looks on. The movie ends with Kaylani giving a voice over as she walks down the street with the money which she has no plans to share with Derrick.

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