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Naughty Black Housewives 2

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Steve Ward » Review Date: 10/13/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Hey Again Xcritic visitors!
Steve Ward here with this review of L.T.'s "Naughty Black Housewives 2"
Studio: Elegant Angel
Director: L.T.
Genre: All Black, Hardcore, Vignette
Condoms: none
THE CAST: Nyomi Banxxx, Devine, Baby Cakes, Angel Cummings, Porcha Carerra, Imani Rose, Tatum Onassus, L.T., Dannell Hooks, Bishop, Lee Bang, Claudio Bergamin

Tech Aspects: This flick is presented in high quality

Trailers for "Naughty Black Housewives", "White Mommas 2", and "Black Mommas 2"
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L.T. is Elegant Angel's resident Ethnic/Interracial director. He is the dude responsible for such popular series as "Big Black Wet Asses", "Up That (Black/White/Latin) Ass", "Asian Booty" and "Oil and Ass". He has got quite an impressive body of work, and with talented pornographers like William H., Mike Blue, and Especially Mason also putting out highly popular titles every month, One would have to assume he knows how to make a damn good fuck movie, and that certainly seems to be the case even if I haven't seen one of his movies before.
His latest sextravaganza is "Naughty Black Housewives 2", I watched the trailer for this flick a few weeks back and thought it looked quite good, so I'm glad I got a chance to see it. The always gorgeous Nyomi Banxxx is our cover babe on this DVD. Nyomi is a favorite of mine, so any cast she is leading has a tough act to contend with, and some of the other babes in this one look just sexy enough to do that. So let's cut the overview and get right to it!

Cover babe Nyomi Banxxx: Looking for an affair!

Scene one: Nyomi Banxxx w/ L.T.
So our opening scene features Nyomi Banxxx, who this reviewer considers to be one of the hottest women alive, in a tight pink and black corset and thong outfit. The scene starts with Nyomi's husband bellyaching about not being able to find his spreadsheets as he is almost late for work. Nyomi gives him practicly zero reassurance while sitting around in her corset as if waiting for her next incall appointment.
The husband leaves finally and after about a nanosecond Nyomi wanders out to find her boyfriend (L.T.) waiting outside, she checks to make sure her husband has left the house before letting him in. They start making out right away, and he starts tonguing her ass almost immediately (who wouldn't?) They head upstairs to the bedroom area, and L.T. starts fucking Nyomi vaginally while she is bent over the kitchen counter. Occasionally we cut to outside the house where Nyomi's husband has barely made it to his car and realizes he forgot his keys. Back inside, Nyomi gives L.T. a long BJ with some deepthroating.
She stops when she sees her husband coming back inside, and they move into the bathroom. He catches Nyomi with her head sticking out the bathroom door while we see L.T. fucking her inside. The husband asks what's going on, and she says she is taking a shit (lovely). He keeps asking about his keys and she tells him to check elsewhere. She goes back to getting banged out over the counter while L.T. tells her to be quiet. They move over to the shower area, and The husband comes back yet again, this time finding his keys, but he notices L.T.'s shirt and asks about it. After this little exchange he leaves, and our couple moves out of the bathroom without getting caught. 
They end up on the bed, and things get moving with a BJ, followed by some cowgirl (still all vaginal at this point). They switch to missionary for a while before he goes for the anal. After a few minutes they move to the couch for some cowgirl anal. They switch to doggie for a bit before he finally finishes things up with a facial. He tells her he needs to leave before her husband gets back, and she sucks the jism with her  brown eyes staring seductively into the camera as we fade out.
Fun scene, Nyomi is gorgeous as always. The scene is reasonably well paced and the lighting and sound are perfect. Very Good!

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Devine's "Sharon Stone" moment

Scene Two:  Devine w/ L.T.
So next up we have Devine, looking sexy with an orange negligee and nothing underneath, lying on the bed expressing disappointment as her husband comes out of the bathroom. She asks if she can "get some", he says no, because his buddy L.T. will be over any minute to watch "the game".
So he heads downstairs leaving her behind as doorbell rings, He answers and greets L.T. who almost immediately starts asking about their marital issues (hmmmmm). During their incredibly interesting conversation, Devine wanders down the stairs and sits down on the couch next to them. The husband gets all upset and tells her to put something on before the rest of the guys show up.
Finally the husband does just about the most trusting thing in the universe by leaving the two alone while he goes to the store. As soon as he leaves, L.T. starts bringing up their marital issues again, Devine answers by flashing her cooter at him in a little more than Sharon Stone type fashion. L.T. tries to find a cutesy way of asking her if she wants to fuck while her husband is gone, She responds by telling him to prove his worth and eat her out.
So L.T. eats her out a bit and tongues her asshole before getting a BJ to return the favor. Pretty quick he bends her over the couch and gives her a good dicking. He starts sticking a finger up her bootyhole which she doesn't seem to care for very much, so he plunges his wiener right into her ass and gives her some anal love. 
She whimpers and whines a bit during this, and it goes on for quite a while. I can never really tell whether she is enjoying it or not. She kinda leads on with the dirty talk that she is into it, but then she keeps whimpering like a wounded dog. So after a while they switch to cowgirl, then reverse cowgirl, and finally he lays her on her side and bangs her out a bit more before subjecting the audience to the longest delayed facial in recent memory. More self-stroking than is ever needed in any porn movie ever. Finally he gives her face a good cumjob and says her husband is coming and bails out of dodge, leaving her cum-faced on the couch.
Pretty good scene, not much to it. Devine's performance is a little sterile. I could've done without all the whimpering during the anal. If she isn't into anal, she shouldn't be doing it. Aside from that, and the horrific amount of male-jerkoff we have to watch at the end, this is a decent scene. 

Angel(left) & Porcha(Right): Sharing is Caring!

Scene Three: Angel Cummings & Porcha Carerra w/ L.T.
Now we see Angel, a sexy black babe wearing white lingerie, talking to her husband on her cell phone while holding a wine glass full of what looks like lemonade. She tells him she'll talk to him when he gets home and hangs up as the camera pulls back to reveal Porcha, A heavily tattoed Hispanic chick wearing a denim miniskirt and black tank top, eating her out.
We follow this for a bit until L.T. walks in and is surprised to see this. He asks Angel what's going on, and she responds by tell him to fuck Porcha. L.T. happily obliges. After giving Porcha a few minutes of pink pounding, he tells the girls to trade so he can lay the pipe to Angel for a bit. Pretty soon they head inside, where the girls take what's left of each other's clothes off and get into some lesbo play, leading up to a 69. 
At this point L.T. joins back in giving Porcha some dick, then walking around to the other side and catches a brief BJ from her. From this point on, they trade cowgirl, reverse corgirl, and BJs back and forth for quite some time. The girls get all giggly during the BJs. L.T. has them bend over for one more wiener injection each before giving them a double facial. He proudly claims "I got a good wife!" as the giggly girls kiss, and we fade out.
Fun all vaginal scene, I found all the giggling to be a bit annoying, but I found the scene to be enjoyable overall. So far, so good.

Baby Cakes: This babe needs some afternoon dick!

Scene Four: Baby Cakes w/ L.T.
So this scene starts with Baby Cakes, a knockout black babe with a killer body, wearing blue lingerie on the phone with L.T. telling him that her husband (Lee Bang) is about to leave and she needs her "Afternoon Dick", she tells him to hurry on over to her place before hanging up. She tries telling her husband not to go out and to stay with her, she even gives him a brief BJ on the stairs, but to no avail as her husband says he has to go.
L.T. shows up just as the husband is walking out the door and nearly gets caught. After the coast is clear he goes inside so the fun can begin. First we find out that the BJ was just so the husband wouldn't suspect anything (clever girl). So they do the usual pussyeating/BJ routine that we are accustomed to by now. 
Pretty soon L.T. has her on her back with legs spread for some missionary. They go for a BJ break before switch to doggie. Another BJ break and we get to my favorite part, the cowgirl, so I can watch her ass bounce! L.T. goes for the Erik Everhard hoist move a bit before resuming the ass bouncing cowgirl. Finally they catch another BJ break before she requests some anal love, apparently her husband doesn't have time for anal sex either (what does this guy do???).
So they start the anal in missionary. Then switch to cowgirl, L.T. goes for the Everhard move again and they switch to reverse cowgirl. We watch some more awesome ass bouncing before L.T. finishes this one up with another facial. 
Great Scene. Baby Cakes is super hot, great pacing, and all that ass bouncing! Oh my!


Imani(left) & Tatum(right) plan to make use of the maintenence guy.

Scene Five: Imani Rose & Tatum Onassus w/ L.T.
We open with Imani trying to get her old ass white husband to check her out, but of course he's too busy with work to notice her sexy pink lingerie, he kisses her goodbye and walks out to the living room where he sees Tatum Onassus, a busty white brunette, sitting on the couch sans underwear, and wearing a white mesh top. He asks who she is, and Imani tells him that she is a surprise she had lined up for him, But he still decides to go off to work anyway. (what is it with these dudes' work schedules?)
So the girls decide to fool around with each other and wait for the black maintenance guy, deciding he would be a better fuck anyway. So the do the usual G/G thing with the pussy eating and all that, until Imani pulls out some anal beads and starts playing with Tatum's bootyhole. This is about the time L.T. shows up to clean the windows, and see's them.

Imani catches him staring and says she has a job for him, to lick her ass while she does the same to Tatum's ass. L.T. gleefully accepts, and the asseating ensues. Finally both girls trade BJs. Now, L.T. fucks Tatum vaginally for about 20 seconds before switching to anal, during this, Tatum is eating Imani out. After the long anal bangout, He stops so Imani can climb on top for some vaginal cowgirl with Tatum catching the BJs in between. They trade and Tatum takes her fucking anally, Imani grabs up some ATM before they switch yet again.
Now L.T. is banging out Imani's cooch doggie style while she eat's Tatum out, L.T. pulls her up and has her bend over the couch for her anal, with Tatum now serving as ATM recipient. They switch back again, with the girls taking their anal reverse cowgirl style. L.T. has them lay flat for a little mor missionary anal before he serves them up a double facial. The girls are please as they kick L.T. out and we fade to the end credits.
Good scene. A little long, but there is a lot going on in this scene. Tatum is pretty cute, and Imani looks really sexy in that lingerie. Lots of anal and ATM. I enjoyed it.
Final Thoughts:
L.T. has done a damn fine job with this flick. If you like black girls, this is a solid movie with a lot of hot action of all sorts. Sexy babes like Nyomi Banxxx, and Baby Cakes are just the cream of the crop here. The cheating housewives angele provides a lot of fun. It's just an overall fun, hot movie.
There's a lack of extra features, and some of the performances are a little weak, so I have to deduct some points for that, but it still gets a solid Recommended rating from me. Find this one at a discount and Enjoy!
I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please send them to [email protected] Thanks for reading!

Steve Ward

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