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Teens Like It Big Vol. 6

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/15/10

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Teens Like It Big Vol. 6
Price 24.99
Running Time: 3 hours

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Bonus Scene with Stephanie Richards ( a 37 minute scene)
Web Site Info
Trailers (6)


Ashli Orion
Missy Stone
Madison Parker
Amia Miley
Holly Fox 
Nicole Grey
Scott Nails
Danny Mountain
Keiran Lee
Johnny Sins
Seth Gamble

Overall Thoughts:

So this was my first time reviewing a DVD from the folks at Brazzers. And I have to say that this particular DVD was nothing to really brag about. There were some minor video issues through out the movie and the audio was nothing special. Some of the sex was hot, but most of it was just so-so. I know they have much better stuff out there, it's just too bad that this wasn't it. But I do have to say that there were a few decent scenes here, so that is why I agree with the numbers and I am ok with saying this is a RENT IT rating.

Scene One: Amia Miley and Scott Nails (3/5 rating)

So Amia and her friends are getting the decorations for the party ready. The girls go to get the food ready while Amia climbs the table and gives them a hand. It seems like the party is off to bad start, there seems to be no one at the party. It seems that the text about the party never got sent, so Amia figures she would call the guys they met at the mall the other day. She calls them and invites them over to the party. The guys show up at the party and then come bring drinks. The guys also wonder where all the people are. After some awkwardness, Amia suggests they play a game. They are supposed to write down an article of clothing and then they draw something out of a hat and everyone has to take that piece of clothing off. Pants is first and the girls remove their pants first and then the guys. Amia and her friend admire the size of Scott's dick, so she drags him into the kitchen to get him a drink. They start to kiss as he pushes her up against the fridge. The game continues as they take off their shirts and he plays with her tits while she grabs a hold of his crotch. She continues to play with it and she is afraid to see what is behind his underwear. She pulls down his underwear and his huge cock amazes her. She begins to stroke it and play with it before she finally sticks it in her mouth. She gets about half of it in her mouth, but she does keep it wet and even gives his balls a little attention. A pretty long oral session leads to some face fucking and some POV as the oral continues. She stands up and climbs on the counter as Scott dives down and begins to lick her pussy, while he jerks himself off for a bit. He inserts a finger and begins to bang her for a bit, but he slowly slides his cock into her pussy, as she says she is scared about him sticking it in her pussy. Her very small body seems to have no issues taking all of him. Her leg begins to shake, which I am assuming is from excitement. He flips her on her sides and continues to pound her pussy. Some minor focusing issues pop up during this scene. He pulls out and lays on the counter, as she climbs aboard for some cowgirl action, as her ass bounces and wiggles on his cock. She flips around and continues to ride him until she climbs off and gently kisses his cock. She bends over the counter and takes his big cock in her pussy as she moans and clenches on to her shirt. She breaks free for a second and tries to catch her breath, but then ends up once again bent over the counter getting fucked once again. He fucks her until he pulls out and cums all over her face. Amia was way better in this scene, than she was in the previous movie I saw her in. We see that Scott's friends are not having as much luck as he did with Amia's friends.

Scene Two: Madison Parker, Danny Mountain and Keiran Lee (3/5 rating)

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This is basically Freaky Friday, the porno version. Madison is on the phone with her boyfriend Danny, and her mom, Phoenix interrupts her and tells her that dinner is ready. Madison is playing the immature child and Phoenix doesn't know what to do with her. While they are eating, she tries to mends things with Madison, but it doesn't seem to be working. Phoenix seems to miss the good ole days and then they fight over the fortune cookies. Madison is getting ready for bed and then decides to eat the cookie, which Phoenix is doing at the same time. They read the fortune and head off to bed and after some spooky things happen, Madison wakes up, but we see it's not really Madison, but it's Phoenix inside her body. She realizes what has happened and is happy to be young once again. She shows off her new young body and then calls Danny and tells him she is ready and that he is supposed to bring his friend along. She puts on some lingerie and keeps falling in love with her body, with a lot of attention going to her ass. She ends up in a bikini top and some jeans as the guys show up and then are in awe as to what they are seeing. She tells them that she wants them to fuck her and they finally decide to listen to her. She goes for Danny's crotch as Keiran goes for her ass. Keiran opens his pants and she immediately gives him a blowjob while Danny is face deep in her pussy and ass. She switches on the guys and Keiran fucks her pussy while Danny gets a blowjob from her. Danny finally gets a crack at her pussy, while she works on Keiran's cock once again. She screams to get fucked hard, which is very hot with the accent. Keiran slips beside her and fucks her ass in some spoon action while she licks on her boyfriend's cock and balls. Danny asks is she wants two cocks and she says yes, so she climbs on Keiran for some cowgirl and then Danny slips in and fucks her ass to complete the DP. The moans of delight continue as the guys continue to fuck her at the same time, she even screams for them to keep doing. She flips around on Keiran and he continues to fuck her as she jerks off her boyfriend, until he slips into her pussy and we get some more DP action. After yet another slight position change we get even more DP action. Keiran fucks her from behind as she sucks off her boyfriend. I have to say Keiran seems to be rather bossy with her considering it's his friend's girlfriend. He cums on her face and then Danny fucks her from behind as she licks off Keiran's cock. He pulls out and cums all over her face and even a little in her mouth too. She licks them off, and we suddenly cut to Phoenix as she wakes up with a surprised look on her face.

Scene Three: Ashli Orion and Johnny Sins (4/5 rating)

Ashli is out for a run and the ice cream man seems to out looking for business. Ashli tracks him down and see looks over the selection, and she sees a cocksickle, but he forgot to make them. He tells her that his warehouse has some and she agrees to follow him there. She seems really hyper about getting her treat, but all that he has ready is a mini one and she says it's not big enough. She tells him that she could come in the van and find something that is big enough for her. She gets down and her knees and rubs his crotch and is amazed at the size of it. She can't believe it, so she makes him open his shorts and continues to be amazed at the size of it, and we find out that she is really a bad girl. She finally gets a hold of his cock and begins to suck on it. She grabs a hold of it with both of her hands as she continues to suck on it and even gets all of it in her mouth. After a long and wet oral session, they make their way out of the truck and he slips down her shorts and he begins to fuck her from behind as she leans on the stairs into the truck. He gives her ass a few slaps and grabs her ponytails as he continues to fuck her. She really seems to be enjoying this as she screams how much she is enjoying it. Ashli does a really good job playing the sweet innocent girl who is really a nasty girl, and she really does well with the sexy talk during the sex. I have a feeling this would be a rather dull scene if it wasn't for the energy she brings to the scene. They make their way back into the truck and we wants to taste her pussy, but first he opens up some ice cream and then he moves over to the chair and she climbs on top and bounces on him with such great joy and excitement. They both seem to really working up a sweat in this scene, so you know they are giving their all. She flips around and rides him so more, and she wants him to stare at her ass while he fucks her. She later climbs on the freezer and he continues to fuck her in some missionary, and at least he was nice enough to put a blanket down for her. She keeps saying she can't take much more of this cock, but she's a trooper and she doesn't give up so easily. He ends up giving her his cum all over her face.

Scene Four: Nicole Grey and Seth Gamble (1/5 rating)

Nicole and her friends are looking at their fake Ids, and they are excited about hitting the clubs. They start showing off their bras, and it seems like Nicole isn't wearing one. They make it to the club and the girls are waiting in line, and we see that the bouncer is really strict about people getting in. Nicole's friends get in with no problem and for some reason she cant get in. She shows him her tits in hopes to get him to change his mind. They go to a side room and she tells him that she will show him what she can do so that she can get into the club. She opens his pants and starts giving him a blowjob, a nice and slow one. He keeps talking about how he doesn't want to lose his job, she must not be doing a good job keeping him distracted. She pulls her pants down and shows off her ass to him, as he begins to kiss and slap her ass. He takes off her top, and then he kisses her as he makes him way down to her ass again. He slowly pulls her panties down and begins lick and suck on her pussy. After some brief oral she bends over on some boxes and he begins to fuck her from behind. I am not really sure who to blame in this scene, but it doesn't really seem to be much chemistry between these two. She stands up and he continues to fuck her from behind as she tells him to pull her hair. They make their way to the floor, as he slips beside her and fucks her in some spoon action. She has a pretty decent body and it's a shame that the sex isn't better in this scene. She climbs on top and rides him for some reverse cowgirl as she plays with her pussy. She follows up with some more oral and then tells him that she wants to be on top again, this time just some regular cowgirl action as her ass bounces for the camera. It seems for a bit that the camera man is blocking the light. He pulls out and she grabs her hair as he cums all over neck and chest. After all of that, he lets her in the club.

Scene Five: Holly Fox and Missy Stone and Scott Nails (1/5 rating)

The girls are sitting in the bedroom, laying on the bed looking at some magazine comparing themselves to the people in the magazine. They end up fighting over whose hair is better and luckily it ends pretty quickly. But they move onto their clothes, and then they compare each other's asses. They just keep trying to outdo each other, and then Missy brings up Scott, who apparently is on both of the girl's booty call list. This is getting horrible, can we please just get to the sex before I lose interest even more. It seems that Holly has been using a butt plug, while Missy is using a vibrator. They decide to just call Scott and invite him over so that they can finally solve this major dilemma. They agree that they are going to do some anal warm ups while they wait for him to show up. They take their panties off and they begin to play with their ass. He finally shows up and they race to meet him at the door. As soon as he gets inside, the girls are all over him. They take him up to the bedroom and they both jerk him off. They continue to fight over his cock, as they both strive to keep his attention. They think he should eat some pussy, so Missy climbs on top of Holly so that he can easily switch back and forth between the girls. Missy is tired of Holly talking, so she climbs on her face and lets her eat out her pussy. Scott has had enough of her pussy and slips his cock into Holly and begins to fuck her on the bed. Missy wants to get her shot at his cock, so she lays on the bed and lets Scott slip beside her and fucks her as Holly plays with herself. But Holly moves closer and lets Missy play with her pussy as she gets fucked by Scott. After a slight jerk, he says sorry for putting it in the wrong hole, but she tells him that there is no wrong hole with her. He fucks her ass, as she brags about how awesome it feels. Missy lets Holly taste his cock after she cums on it. She licks it off as Missy plays with her pussy and ass. Holly climbs on top of Scott and takes him in her ass. She gets off and the girls take turns deep throating him, Missy seems to better at that. Missy sits on his cock and slowly bounces her ass on his cock. But Scott bends Holly over and fucks her ass while she plays with Missy's pussy. He keeps switching back and forth between the girls until the girls jerk him and suck him off until he cums in both of the girls' mouth. Right after they are done, the girls are back to fighting again.

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