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Blown Away 3

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 10/15/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Blowjobs

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Alektra Blue, Allison Pierce, Ann Marie Rios, Aubrey Addams, Brooke Belle, Claudia Valentine, Courtney Cummz, Krissy Leigh, Kristina Rose, Kylee Reese, Lisa Ann, Maya Gates, Maya Hills, Nautica Thorn, Rebeca Linares, Regan Reese, Sasha Grey, Satine Phoenix, Tori Black, Trina Michaels

Date of Production: 2010

Length: 5 hrs. 56 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio has great quality about it, but I'm not sure if it is digital. That wasn't specified. The video is presented in a clear widescreen ratio/format.

Overview: This is a 2-Disc compilation DVD set that's all about blowjobs. It contains 22 of Zero Tolerance's best blowjob scenes, which is also quoted by them on the DVD cover.


Scene 1: Trina Michaels "Face Invaders 3"

Trina's scene is fairly straightforward, except for the beginning which showed another female performer videotaping the her. I assume The other girl videotaped the whole session which would make it pretty hot in a fantasy sort of way. Once the action gets started We find that Trina has been blessed with two nice large cocks to enjoy. Basically Trina is down on her knees the whole scene with her very large breasts, and pussy exposed as she takes turns handling both cocks. She does an extraordinary job in this scene. She takes a lot of deepthroating from the guys, or perhaps I should call it face fucking ... There is a lot of gagging, and gasping for are as she performs some hardcore, sloppy sucking. I also should mention that she goes balls deep most of the time resulting in a slobbery mess. In the end she recieves two nice thick loads all into her mouth and swallows with a smile afterwards! Awesome first scene!

Scene 2: Rebeca Linares & Allison Pierce "Blow Me Sandwhich 11"

This scene stars two very lovely young ladies, Rebeca and Allison. It's one of those Blonde, and Brunette deals. The action starts off with some very sexy girl's play between the two. There's a lot of touchy feely things that go on between the two girls, and also a good bit of licking. There's also some intimate kissing as well, can't forget that. Once the girls make their way down a hallway, and to a bedroom where the dude with his cock is waiting they immediatly drop to their knees and start sucking away. The oral sex is intense! Watching the girls is like watching to starving animals! They suck, lick, and deepthroat the guy's cock. Not only that, but they help each other out in the blowjob process! As in the previous scene, this contains some hardcore oral sex with a lot of gagging, and even some tit fucking. Rebeca even throws in some dirty talk to spice things up. The girls remind me of a couple of cheerleaders cheering the team on, and that's hot in it's own little way. I forgot to mention that this is shot in a POV perpective, which in my opinion makes it even better. In the end Allison gets most of the cum, but the two girls share it with a kiss. Rebeca even blows a cum bubble right before the scene fades out. This is a very hot threesome, and the fact that it was shot in POV made it a great deal better. The chemistry between the girls was awesome. It was a very satisfying scene indeed.

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Scene 3: Nautica Thorn "Face Invaders 3"

This is another scene shot using the 'Courtney Cam' that was used in the first scene I reviewed. I assume now that all of the scenes in the 'Face Invaders 3' was probably shot this way. Nautica looks to be of Asian descent, but I'm not quite sure. She has a very lovely, body and an equally lovely tan. After Courtney films Nautica's body, she heads to a recreation room with a pool table to begin her blowjob. She is definitely one cock hungry babe! She doesn't go as deep as the previous girls did, which is kind of a let down. I guess her intense gagging, and gasping for breathe as the dude face fucks her makes up for that a bit. I turns out that Nautica is one sloppy girl, drooling, spitting and slobbering on that guy's cock nearly the entire blowjob. Overall I have to say Nautica's blowjob scene was a bit lacking. She never deepthroated, and the only thing that was really good about it was her manic gasps for air, and the gagging sounds she made. Some of the camera angles even took from the quality of the scene. The ending cumshot was a big disappointment. Nautica practically finished the scene off with a lengthy handjob, and she even spit the guys cum out. she acted like she was disgusted by it. This scene was lacking in so many ways that it's pitiful. It's a shame, because with Nautica's good looks the scene could have been so much better.


Scene 4:
  Naomi Cruise & Chayse Evans "Blow Me Sandwich 13"

Naomi, and Chayse star in yet another threesome scene. It's not a bad thing though. I suppose there is only so much variation that can be done with a compilation containing this many scenes. Like a previous scene from 'Disc 1', this threesome consists of a blonde, and brunette girl. I kind of sense a pattern developing with that ... Naomi, and Chayse who are dressed in lacy, pastel colored lingerie begin their scene literally showing their 'goods' off to the camera. Their is some playful lesbian interactions thrown in the mix, but it's not as prominent as the before mentioned scene from 'Disc 1'. The blowjob part is done in POV perspective, and greatly resembles Rebeca, and Allison's scene from 'Blow Me Sandwich 11'. In fact it's almost a clone. You have the same basic cock sharing, deepthroating, and tit fucking as before. The only difference this time is the performers. This time around the girls seem more naughty, than amateurish. There's also this one really odd thing that one of the girls does ... I call it 'Butt Crack Job'. It's kind of like a titjob, but not. I thought I'd mention that. I've never seen anything quite like it before in porn ... The oral sex is good, but the scenario is redundant, I guess that's what I was getting at. The cumswapping at the end was awesome! After cumswapping each girl swallowed half of the load! It's a solid scene, but they could have used a little variation.

Scene 5: Eden Adams & Kylee Reese "Blow Me Sandwich 13"

I guess you get what you ask for sometimes ... This time around Eden, and Kylee are both blonde. The scene starts off with some girl play. There's tit licking, and pussy licking as well. I'm surpised these girls are actually performing in a bi-sexual scene. they look, and act almost full on lesbian. After they have each undressed themselves, and finished with their fun, they enjoy some man meat. I forgot to mention this detail from the other 'Blow Me Sandwich' scenes, but the guys don't move an inch. The girls do all of the work. The guy lays there like he's been drugged with a tranquilizer! You never get to see the dude's face which is a great thing when you're watching scenes in POV perspective. It's kind of creepy to me, now that I think about it, how that guy lays there practically lifeless while to hot girls have at his cock ... Anyways, the scene is solid. It has lots of intense oral action, including deepthroating, gagging, ball licking/sucking and cock sharing. One thing I should also mention is that the scenes are full length, unlike most compilation DVDs. The final cumshot cosisted of some cumswapping, which was followed by some kissing between the two girls. It was extremely hot, but the scene seemed to go on forever. That's the only thing I found bad about it. Maybe if the guy could have interacted with the girls more the scene would have went smoother.

Scene 6: Regan Reese & Mikayla "Blow Me Sandwich 10"

I'm going to conclude my review of this DVD compilation with this scene, and leave the rest for future purchasers to discover on their own ...

This is my dream scene! Regan, and Mikayla are to smoking hot black haired chicks who start the scene by having fun with each other. I love black haired girls, It's just my preference ... Getting back on track, The scene pretty much follows the same scenario as the previous 'Blow Me Sandwich' scenes, and I'm guessing there's a lot more 'Blow Me Sandwich' footage in this compilation. If you're like me and love the dark haired girls, then this scene will probably stand out from the previous 'Blow Me Sandwich' scenes I reviewed. The scen takes place in a room with a billiards table, and a hard tiled floor which the girls spend most of their time kneeling on. Regan, and Mikayla are both dressed in a retro goth style of clothing which is quite sexy. The girls blowjob skills did seem a lot more lacking than the previous girls', which was a great disappointment to me. They couldhardly go deep on the guys cock, but his cock was a good bit more massive than the guys from the other scenes. For some reason the girls acted like newcomers to the porn industry, and they were kind of slow at what they did. I was wondering if they were ever going to be able to get the guy to shoot his wad the way they were doing. They had hottness going for them, but their performance was definitely lackluster. The scene really seemed to drag on forever. I think I would have had a hard time getting my jollies off watching this scene. When it was all finally said and done the two lovely ladies enjoyed a nice thick load of cum which they briefly cumswapped between themselves. It was a nice ending, but the scene dragged on for way too long. I couldn't blame the guy for not shooting his wad sooner.


Bonus Scene, Cumshot Loop, Photo Gallery

Final Thoughts:

At times the scenes were a bit repetative. The scenarios, and scenes seemed to be close to the same, especially when it came to the 'Blow Me Sandwich' series. At some points, as I mentioned in the review, the scenes seemed to go on forever. I'm a guy who enjoys watching the end cumshot, and with the scenes dragging on like they did I almost wanted to skip to it. I think the actual fault lies with the 'Blow Me Sandwich' series on that instance, since this is a compilation. In the end I believe performance makes a huge difference, and the performances were just mediocre. The compilation as a whole could have been a great deal better if there had been more variety of sources for the scenes. There were also too many of the 'Blow Me Sandwhich' scenes between the two DVDs. This is one of those DVDs that fell short of being great. The DVD as a whole is still a pleasure to watch, and worth a rent, especially if your into the blowjob genre as I am.

Final Rating: Rent It!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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