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Daddy Meat

Studio: Titan » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/19/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Years: 2004-2009

Directed By: Bruce Cam, Brian Mills, David Wexler, and Harold Creg


Ray Stone, Mike Roberts, Ray Dragon, Jake Marshall, Ken Butler, Dean Coulter, Arpad Miklos, Raul Tasco, Dred Scott, Jon Galt, Dean Flynn, Victor Banda, and Michael Ray

Runtime N Rubbers: 3 Hours and 30 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Michael Ray (good-looking with short black hair, mustache, beard stubble, and a toned/hairy body) is busy tending to horses in the stable when Ray Stone (good-looking with closely-cropped brown 'n gray hair on the sides and bald on top, heavy beard stubble, and a muscular/hairy body) moseys on in and the dudes passionately make out with deep wet tongues and plenty of body rubbing. Horses whinny in the background. Ha! Michael releases his fat meaty cut cock with a Prince Albert followed by Ray exposing his large chubby clipped dick. The guys devour each other's bodies licking hairy chests, sucking hard nipples, and stroking stiff tools together.

Ray blows Michael's dong sliding his mouth up 'n down and giving some mighty fine head leading to a hot face fuck. Dude jacks off while sucking his buddy and shoots a thick load of jizz on his fist and the hay-covered ground. Moving to another spot in the barn and now fully naked except for cowboy boots, the guys lick 'n suck each other's hairy armpits. Ray lays back on a bale of hay allowing Michael to rub his tight hairy bunghole, lube it up ("I want that ass now!"), finger fuck him with a couple of digits, then slides in to fuck  long 'n smooth in the missionary position. There are excellent camera shots of Ray's asshole and the butt-sex penetration. This is a sexually intense scene and the guys are both very much into each other and the action. Hot!

Ray shoots a second load....this time all over his hairy stomach. Changing up, Ray drills finger fucks Michael's tight hairy butthole from behind while Michael beats his meat and loudly moans with pleasure. He then drills that ass fast, smooth, 'n hard with excellent penetration shots from behind and above. Switching again, Ray plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce on Michael's turgid tube steak. To finish up, Ray pounds Michael in the missionary position where Michael yanks his cock and shoots a large thick load of cum all over his dark pubes and hairy stomach.  This scene is originally from TitanMen's release "Stud Farm", directed by Brian Mills and Harold Creg (2004)

Scene Two:   

Jon Gault (good-looking with dark hair, heavy beard stubble and a muscular/hairy body) is relaxing in front of the fireplace in his log cabin when he looks out the window and spots hunky Ray Dragon (handsome with short dark hair, beard, and a muscular/hairy body) making his way down a rocky hill. Ray comes on in making himself at home leading the dudes to get down with some highly erotic man-on-man kissing, body rubbing, 'n armpit licking. The guys are clearly into the action and each other by the authentic looks in their eyes and the ease in which they make love.  This makes the scene extra sexy.  Ray pulls Jon's large hard cut cock out and begins stroking it while Jon licks Ray's ultra-hairy stomach.

He then sinks to his knees and takes Jon's tool into his mouth giving an excellent blow job while sliding his mouth up 'n down that throbbing man-meat. Of course, the cock sucking leads to a tasty face fucking. In return, Jon takes Ray's stiff clipped dick down his gullet and goes hog wild sucking the heck out of it. Jon bends over allowing Ray to munch down on his tight hairy asshole with hot camera shots of the rimming. Ray practically fucks Jon's hole with his tongue. Ray then slides his prick in and fucks Jon long 'n lubed from behind with excellent penetration shots from below and above. The sight of that big cock sliding in 'n outta that tight little hole is so fucking hot and Jon digs the action filling the cabin with loud moans and heavy/ragged breathing.

Dude is so desperate in his lust that he wildly chokes his chicken and cums all over Ray's beautiful chest. Switching up, Ray squats over Jon's face and receives a good old-fashioned butt munching with hot camera shots of the eating out while Ray leaks plenty of pre-cum onto the floor. These guys go wild! Jon then sucks Ray's cock again and worships his tan work boots. Having a deep itch to scratch, Jon slowly sinks down on Ray's dick and rides it up 'n down with excellent penetration camera shots from the front. Ray quickly humps up 'n down like a jack rabbit to fuck his buddy's hole. Jon beats off and shoots a second load all over the floor while being fucked. While the guys kiss and Jon plays with Ray's hard nipples, Ray beats his baloney and busts a thick load on his hairy stomach.

Scene Three:

Horny butch Arpad Miklos (handsome with short dark hair, beard, and a muscle-bound hairy body) has his lusty eyes on employee Viktor Banda (good-looking with a black buzz cut, goatee, and toned/hairy body) who is busy "polishing tools". Viktor turns around and the guys go at it with some deep tongue soul kissing. He's quickly down on his knees taking Arpad's big uncut cock into his mouth and completely filling his throat while giving some groovy head. Viktor gorges on that meat and I love how Arpad pushes his foreskin forward for Viktor to suck. The dudes switch places and now Arpad is deep throating Viktor's stiff unclipped pork giving an impressive jaw job and getting face fucked. The guys are so into it that that need a sexual release before continuing. They beat their pork and shoot thick loads of cum while filling the warehouse with loud grunts 'n groans. Changing up the fun, Viktor bends over a wooden work bench leading Arpad to munch down on his buddy's tight hairy bunghole with hot camera shots of the asshole eating.  

Viktor loves having his butthole licked and even makes it wink a couple of times. Arpad diddles that pouting hole with some fun finger fucking. He then slides his big fat pole up Viktor's bum from behind and drills him long 'n smooth with excellent penetration shots from below/behind. Turned on beyond control, Viktor plays a crazy game of the ol' sink/bounce wildly riding that cock while jacking his own. Arpad soon takes control by thrusting his hips upward to fuck his buddy quick 'n hard. Still not satisfied, Arpad bangs the heck outta Viktor in the missionary position with more excellent penetration shots. He pulls that big dick all the way out and slides it back in like a hot knife through butter! Viktor strokes off while being fucked and dumps a big thick load on his hairy stomach. Arpad pulls out, yanks his condom off, works that heavy foreskin back 'n forth and shoots jizz on Viktor's chest, stomach, right bicep, and cock. This scene is originally from TitanMen's release "Boiler", directed by Brian Mills (2007).

Scene Four:

Ken Butler (good-looking with short brown hair, goatee and a toned/hairy body) lays naked face down slowly humping a black leather sofa while looking at vintage photos of muscle dudes. He reaches back, spreads his butt cheeks apart and exposes his tight hairy bunghole for the camera.   He begins fantasizing about Dean Coulter (good-looking with short black hair, goatee, and a muscular/hairy body) man-handling Mike Roberts (handsome with closely-cropped brown 'n gray hair, mustache, heavy beard stubble, and a muscle-bound/hairy body) into a bondage situation tying his wrists to the bed post with white rope and feeling that beautiful hairy 'n muscular body all the while Mike is wearing a black mask and can't see a darn thang.

When the mask is taken off, the dudes hungrily kiss with deep wet tongues practically swallowing each other. These two are definitely into the action and one another. Now untied, Mike moves onto the bed with Dean and the guys really go at it, baby! Mike blows Dean's stiff cut cock sliding his mouth up 'n down and really savoring the manly flavor while giving some excellent head. There is a beautiful camera shot from behind with Mike slowly humping on top of Dean and you can see their tight hairy assholes and plump balls. Mouth watering! Dude continues to straddle his buddy and feeds his large clipped dick into Dean's hungry throat. Dean wildly sucks like a new born calf going at its momma's teats!

Deep throating all the way down to Mike's full dark bush. The scene is a huge turn-on watching the two butch studs make tender man-on-man love. Mike lifts his legs once again exposing his hairy man-hole allowing Dean to munch down with some groovy camera shots of Mike's pink pucker. Changing up, Mike plays with Dean's hairy hole and then slides his cock up that man-chute and gives him a good fucking from behind with excellent penetration shots. Switching to the traditional missionary position, Mike continues to pork Dean fast, smooth, 'n hard (with more hot penetration shots from behind).  Dude has a few more trix up his sleeve by pulling out a large dildo and working it up his pal's asshole.

While the dildo is up that hole, Mike sits on Dean's face and rides that hot wet tongue. Reaching forward, Mike fucks Dean fast with that phony dong while Dean is busy pulling his own tool. Dean soon reaches the point of no return and busts a thick nut on his hairy inside thigh. Mike shoots a thick load of man-pudding on his hairy stomach. Not forgotten, Ken Butler (from the scene's opening) is now sitting on the sofa with legs spread wide jacking his hard clipped cock. Dude gasps for air and shoots cum all over the place.  He plays with his spunk and eats some. This scene is originally from TitanMen's release "Chapters:, directed by David Wexler (2007).

Scene Five:

While Raul Tasco (good-looking with a dark buzz cut and toned/hairy body) is taking a leak with his plump uncut cock, cellmate Jake Marshall (good-looking with short salt 'n pepper hair, goatee, and a toned/hairy body) is in the mood for some lovin' and begins licking Raul's hairy armpit and sucks his hard nipples. This turns Raul on and soon his dick is rock hard (with the foreskin still covering the knob) while he pinches Jake's nipples. This is a slow-burn and highly erotic. Raul slaps his cock against Jake's face while Jake pays close oral attention to those plump balls.

He finally takes that fucker down his throat sucking like a champ and giving some very good head. After some deep tongue kissing, Raul sucks Jake's hard cut tool sliding his mouth up 'n down giving a wonderful blowjob and getting his face fucked. Jake jacks off and squirts a huge load hitting Raul's face and hairy chest. Raul pulls his pork working that heavy foreskin back 'n forth cutting loose with a very large load on Jake's back 'n bum and then licks it up. After eating his own cum, Raul spreads Jake's butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy asshole and finger fucks him with excellent close-ups.  Dude then slides his hard prick up that hole and fucks Jake fast 'n lubed from behind with hot penetration shots.

These guys really dig each other and the action filling their prison cell with loud grunts 'n moans of pleasure. Changing up, it's now Raul's turn to bend over and grab onto the sink while Jake munches down on his tight hairy bunghole with hot camera shots of the ass eating 'n finger fucking. Jake then screws his buddy fast 'n hard from behind (with more excellent penetration shots). Wanting more cock, Jakes plays the ol' sink/bounce with Raul humping up 'n down with groovy penetration shots from the front. Jake rides that hog fast, jacks his hard cock, and shoots a large thick load on the floor. Raul wanks off spraying a huge load all over his body.

Scene Six:

Arpad Miklos (scene three) and Dean Flynn (goo-looking with dark brown hair, heavy beard stubble and a toned/hairy body) are kissing up a storm lost in the lusty desires of man-sex. Dean totally loves his muscle-bound hunk of a buddy licking his hairy armpits, chest, and sucking those nipples. The feeling is obviously mutual as Arpad seems transfixed with Dean's tasty form. Dean releases Arpad's big uncut cock stroking the shaft and working the foreskin back 'n forth over the knob. In return Arpad grabs a hold of his buddy's stiff clipped dick and gives it a good frigging. Dean blows that big unclipped bone sliding his hungry mouth up 'n down giving some mighty fine head and deep throating all the way down to dark pubes. Switching up, Arpad chows down on his pal's throbbing pork working his mouth like a champ and providing full oral pleasure. Both dudes are totally into each other and the action. These dudes dig cock! These is a nice variety of camera shots during both jaw jobs from the side, below, and above. Mouth watering!

The guys beat their meat with Arpad standing over his pal and busting a thick load of jizz all over Dean's hairy chest. Dean uses it as lube and dumps thick cum on his fist. Changing gears, Dean bends over on the bed leading Arpad to munch down on that tight hairy bunghole with excellent camera shots of the rimming. Dean loves having his hole orally serviced and fills the room with moans 'n heavy breathing.  Dude then fucks Dean long 'n smooth from behind with hot penetration shots. Arpad kicks it up a notch and screws faster making Dean claw at the bed sheets and grasp for the pillows! Switching to the side/missionary position, Dean continues to get drilled fast 'n hard while he jacks his hard prick.  The guys soon find themselves in the missionary position with plenty of excellent close-ups of that fat cock sliding in 'n outta that snug man-hole. Dean busts a thick nut all over his hairy chest 'n stomach. Arpad growls and spews hot jizz all over his buddy.

Scene Seven:

Dred Scott (handsome with closely-cropped dark hair, goatee, and muscle-bound tattooed/smooth body) is wondering around nude in the desert and completely ignoring the rattlesnakes 'n lizards seen slithering on the beautiful rock formations that surround him. Groovy visual effects make equally nude Ray Dragon (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, and muscular/hairy body look as if he's traveling through a body of soothing water in warped-out time right into the arms of Dred. When the dudes finally meet up, they immediately begin kissing with deep wet tongues and stroking each other's cut cocks. Ray sinks to his haunches taking Dred's large hard dick into his mouth and begins sliding up 'n down filling his gullet full and giving a satisfying blowjob.

Dude deep throats that big fucker all the way down to his buddy's brown pubes. Switching up, Dred chows down on Ray's large tube steak deep throating all the way down to that dark bush. These two clearly know how to suck cock! There are a variety of excellent camera angles/shots during both blowjobs that leave no detail out. Mouth watering! Changing the action up, Ray climbs on a rock, bends over, and offers his hot ass up. Dred sucks those plump balls from behind and then munches down on that tight ultra-hairy bunghole with tasty camera shots. Dred jacks off fast 'n furious shooting his thick wad everywhere, baby! Ray strokes his dork blasting jizz on his furry stomach.


The scenes are shot in high quality video and presented in full screen. The picture quality is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the guys as they get down to what they do best.


The disc does not include bonus features.


Daddy Meat is an extremely hot collection of scenes (some from previous releases) featuring smoldering sexy butch hairy dudes who clearly know how to please each other's lusty desires. The direction, videography, and editing are all excellent. I Highly Recommend!

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