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Shay Jordan: All American Girl

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/18/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: All sex.
Director: Celeste
Cast: Addison Rose, Angeline Marie, Ben English, Karlie Montana, Marco Banderas, Neveah, Sammy Cruz, Scott Nails, Shay Jordan.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Shay Jordan.
Length: 01:56
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex.


Shay: All American Girl is an April, 2007 release from Digital Playground that features one of its then contract girls, Shay Jordan. As such, the movie is nearly a must see for porn fans who want to see as much as possible of this hotter-than-hot exotic star. Personally, I find Shay's unique and striking appearance extremely tantalizing. I think you will, too.

Shay: All American Girl was directed by Digital Playground's former contract director, Celeste. Celeste, as you may know, developed a highly unique style that you'll, well, either love or hate. I am, I think, one of the few critics who have consistently praised Celeste's work...because I love it!

What is so special about Celeste's directorial style that will make you either love her work or hate it? Celeste starts with some of the finest bodies in porn, puts them in highly unique and visually compelling situations, and has them fuck hard and passionately. In addition, Celeste often has her performers do slightly off-the-wall things during sex. For example, in this movie, Scott Nails pops all over the frosting on Shay's birthday cake. Of course, Scott scoops it up with his cock and feeds it Shay. That's not terribly edgy...however, it is so much more creative than the guy simply giving the girl yet another facial.

When Celeste captures her movies--or when the editor works on the footage in post-production--the action is slowed down slightly. To me, that's a real turn on because I really enjoy watching superb flesh move erotically in slightly slow motion. In particular, I enjoy watching sumptuous breast and ass flesh jiggle slowly as the girl gets pounded hard and deep. I also think that oral sex--both fellatio and cunnilingus--look superb when slowed down a bit. In particular, I think that finger-fucking looks better than ever in slo-mo! Female masturbation, too, is extremely erotic when viewed slower than normal. And, slowing down a woman's orgasm--so her facial expressions and body movements can be savored--is sublime.

So, what's to hate? Well, if you consider what would happen to the audio of the performers moaning in ecstasy if it those sounds were slowed down to be synced with the video, you'll immediately realize that it's absolutely essential for the real moans and groans to be replaced with an alternate soundtrack. Over the years, Celeste has artistically chosen absolutely sensational music to accompany each of her sex scenes. Even though I would prefer to hear the real sounds of sex as I watch the action, I understand the necessity for an alternate soundtrack. So long as the music is compelling and pleasingly supports the sex, I find the overall experience erotic and very stimulating.

It appears that Celeste's detractors have forced her to change her style. It is my understanding, after speaking with the director of public relations for Digital Playground, that all Celeste's movies shot after January 1, 2007 will have real soundtracks. I would assume, therefore, that the slow-motion quality of Celeste's movies has also gone by the wayside. Frankly, I think it's a shame. I will miss superb, sensual, and slow motion sex supported by excellent sensual music.

I do believe there is a compromise...and I've mentioned it numerous times to the folks at Digital Playground. Simply have three soundtracks: one with just music, another with just moans and groans, and the third with a combination of the two. Alternatively, it may be possible to provide on a DVD both a slow and sexy version of the movie and a hot and vocal one. Just a suggestion.

Check out some photos of the girls in Shay Jordan: All American Girl here. Pay particular attention to the numerous photos of exotic and erotic Shay Jordan. Enjoy!


Since I've extolled Celeste's directorial talents above in the Synopsis, you'll probably find it odd that I'm beginning this review by saying, I simply cannot recommend this movie to you. I never thought I would write such words about a Celeste movie. However, if I don't write the truth here, how can you trust what I say about other movies?

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Before I tell you what turns me off about Shay: All American Girl, let me tell you ten things that are extremely right about it!

  1. Shay: All American Girl features Shay Jordan™. Although one must admit that Digital Playground's stable of contract girls has always consisted of the most diverse and visually gripping group of women on the planet, Shay Jordan stands alone as one of the most exotic-looking women in porn. I really like her all-natural and oh-so-womanly body, her strikingly-attractive face, her mesmerizing brown eyes (a man could get lost in their depths), her perfect all-natural breasts, her wide range of facial expressions, her fascination with pussy (hers and other girls'---wait until you see her gorge herself on Nevaeh's pussy!), the way she lets her pubic hair grow above her clit (she's a woman, not a little girl!), and the way she can dress in absolutely anything and look oh-so-sexy. Not only is Shay drop-dead gorgeous, but she's also a first-class performer, too. Just wait until you see her stuff herself with Scott Nail's super-sized cock! In addition, her facial expressions when she cums--and her easy smile as she gives or receives pleasure--are what sex is all about. And, I think you'll enjoy seeing Shay's body glisten with sweat as internal heat overwhelms her flesh. If you haven't had an opportunity to see this luscious, passionate, and oh-so-erotic creature naked, up-close, and personal, make sure you do so soon.
  2. Shay appears in five scenes in Shay: All American Girl. If you love Shay as much as I do, five scenes will go a long way to quench your lust for her!
  3. Shay appears in a variety of scenes including: boy/girl scenes with infamous Scott Nails and nearly legendary Marco Banderas, girl/girl scenes with Karlie Montana and Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backward), and in a solo masturbation scene.
  4. Shay: All American Girl features eight scenes, including four boy/girl encounters (Scott Nails and Shay Jordan; Ben English and Sammy Cruz; Angelina Marie and Scott Nails; and Marco Banderas and Shay Jordan); two solo masturbation scenes (Addison Rose and Shay Jordan); and two girl/girl scenes (Karlie Montana and Shay; Nevaeh and Shay). I really enjoy seeing a variety of scenes in an adult movie rather than five scenes in which everything is the same except the performers! In particular, I really enjoyed the two solo scenes--especially Addison Rose's. I really get off on watching a girl show off her superb flesh and masturbate. And, I enjoyed how the sex changed from one type to another throughout the movie: b/g, solo, g/g, b/g, g/g, b/g. solo, b/g. You'll never get bored! Really, the only type of sexual encounter that I think is missing in Shay: All American Girl is a threesome. To me, the best threesomes are a b/g/g. However, a b/b/g would have been OK, too!
  5. The sex is more than just guy centric. Of course, I like boy/girl sex and I nearly worship getting off with a woman. But, I think that sex without a female orgasm is a felony. Similarly, sex without cunnilingus should also me a crime! In several recent reviews, I have scolded directors for skipping pussy eating and male performers for making no attempt whatsoever to help the girl(s) cum. Believe me, there's no need to reprimand Celeste for female-orgasm-free sex. Not only do the performers (both male and female) take the time to worship the girls' vaginas, but they also make sure the girls cum. Even though the soundtrack is composed solely of music, the girls' orgasms are 100% evident. Facial expressions like theirs tell the true story.
  6. All the women in Shay: All American Girl are attractive, hot, sexy, and horny. I've already extolled Shay's virtues. However, the supporting female cast members are also superb. In particular, they are not the same girls you see in movie after movie...they are lesser known but have definite star qualities and awesome bodies. I am particularly attracted to Nevaeh, a sweet, adorable, blue-eyed, and all-natural blond who takes on Shay in a stunningly beautiful girl/girl encounter. Also noteworthy is Sammy Cruz. Although better known than Nevaeh, I haven't had much opportunity to review Sammy before. I like how she never forgets that we're part of the scene, especially when she exchanges eye contact with us as she gives Ben English a slobbery blowjob. Angeline Marie, too, keeps us in mind as she turns her big, mesmerizing, blue eyes to the camera while she sucks and strokes Scott Nails' lucky cock. I predict you're going to love Angeline's hard muscular body and drop-dead-gorgeous pussy.
  7. The special effects in Scene Eight are excellent. Marco Banderas and Shay fuck on top of a souped-up Dodge Charger that continuously changes color! I also appreciate the excellent camera work throughout the movie...especially the extremely tight close-ups of pussies being pleasured with tongues, fingers, and cocks.
  8. A wide array of locations was used when Shay: All American Girl was captured on videotape. Not only that, the locations were also used creatively. I am so fucking tired of seeing couples fuck on nondescript couches in living rooms! Celeste is very creative when it comes to staging sex scenes and I really appreciate her thoughtfulness and imagination.
  9. The sexual scenarios are creative and not just "fellatio, cunnilingus, three positions on a couch, and pop." Take, for example, Scene One. It's Shay's birthday and Scott brings her a cake--and his cock! Instead of resorting to humdrum fork or fingers, Scott uses his long and hard rod to scoop up mouthfuls of the cake and feed them to Shay. Talk about sexy! At the end of the scene, Scott pops on the frosting and then uses his cock to scoop up his semen and feed it to Shay. Scene One is extremely erotic! Scene Two continues Celeste's creativity...in it, luscious Addison Rose licks a bouquet of colorful candy lollipops while sensuously caressing her superb flesh, slippery labia, and oh-so-shapely ass. In Scene Three, a girl/girl, Shay and Karlie Montana suck on and stroke hot-dogs as if they were cocks. Of course, they also suck on each others' breasts and clits, too! In Scene Four, hot and sultry Sammy Cruz rides a child's rocking horse (the horse's saddle must feel damned good on her pussy that's clad only with the thinnest of shear material!) before attacking Ben English's big cock with her insatiable and quite greedy mouth. Shay and Nevaeh play "rock-paper-scissors" in Scene Four--the "loser" has to please the winner's body! Talk about a win-win situation! Later, in Scene Six, Scott Nails uses what looks like rolls of black licorice to bind gorgeous Angeline Marie's hands to the headboard of the bed while he voraciously eats and multiple-finger-fucks her beautiful, pink, and wet pussy. Then, in Scene Seven, sexy Shay, clad in a translucent white body suit, takes a bath in a tub full of water and little light-emitting toy duckies. As she rubs the toys over her erect nipples, she slowly and deliberately undresses, masturbates with her fingers and with a beautiful clear-glass dildo. Finally, in Scene Eight, Shay, initially dressed in a race car driver's uniform, fucks Marco Banderas outside on and around a classic 60s Dodge Charger that continuously changes color (the performers do NOT change color--just the car). Not only is the car hot, but so is the sex...especially the fellatio and cunnilingus.
  10. The performers in Shay: All American Girl use some positions that are not trite and stale. For example, in multi-orgasmic Scene One, Shay fucks Scott's face and lies on her side with her thighs slightly separated so that Scott can fuck her from behind. Later, in Scene Three, redheaded Karlie Montana fucks Shay's face (God, it's gorgeous), the girls please each other in 69 (69 is SO underused nowadays!) and Karlie gets fucked by Shay in the piledriver position (I don't recall seeing girls do each other in piledriver before).

Well, it sounds like I really liked Shay: All American Girl. I did...from a visual perspective. But, the musical soundtrack ruined my enjoyment of this movie!

When a porn movie contains only visual depictions of sex and music, the music had better be good! Generally, I have found the music in Celeste's movies to be superb--well chosen to support a particular scene and a particular couple's, group's, or individual's sexual performance. This time, however, I found the rhythmic music to be excessively repetitive (it appears that the music is in a loop that repeats every few bars). Sadly, it gets worse. In Scene Three, a lovely and sensual girl/girl featuring Shay Jordan and Karlie Montana, the soundtrack actually sounds like guys laughing at the girls.

As I previewed Shay: All American Girl, I got so annoyed with the music that I had to turn off my speakers. Again, when the movie consists of only the visuals and music, the music must be an integral part.

You may very well find the music acceptable. However, since I couldn't stand it--and turning the soundtrack off is really not an satisfactory fix--I cannot recommend this movie to you. Yes, the scores for sex, video, and audio are first-rate. However, to me, the movie doesn't work.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): the 16:9 widescreen video is superb. Celeste, in cooperation with Robby Dallas, director of photography, always does a great job. This movie is no exception. The video is fucking gorgeous from every perspective. Frankly, as I watched Shay: All American Girl, I repeatedly shouted out, "Damn, that's beautiful!" Even better, the video, shot in HD, looks clear-as-a-bell even when blown up to fill my computer monitor's 24-inch screen. This is not an HD or BluRay disc...but the image looks almost as good! Five stars.

Audio (technical): As is her style, director Celeste removed the natural sounds of fucking and replaced it with a music-only soundtrack. The music was superbly encoded on the disc in Dolby 5.1 Digital and sounds outstanding when cranked up loud on my computer's Harmon/Kardon speakers. Even though the music was superbly encoded on the disc as 5.1 Digital and SOUNDS outstanding, I do not like it. In fact, I had to turn off the speakers on my computer in order to watch Shay: All American Girl. Even so, from a technical perspective, the sound really couldn't be better. Five stars.

Extras: In addition to full motion chapter selector, multiple chapters per scene, and interactive menus, the Extras include a twelve and one-half minute behind the scenes featurette that is really quite enjoyable. It features delightful impromptu interviews with Shay and other girls; video of Shay eating her lunch (she deep-throats a pickle); extra (behind-the-camera) footage of the sex scenes; clips of Shay--naked or near naked--walking around the set or being made-up; and behind-the-scenes tomfoolery. You'll also find Shay Jordan's text biography, a photo gallery that can be controlled manually or as a four-minute automated slide show, and trailers 16 Digital Playground movies. Finally, Digital Playground's contact information is provided. From the perspective of quantity, this set of Extras is about average in today's adult marketplace. However, the quality of the BTS featurette raises the score to above average. Three and one-half stars.

Production Values: Absolutely superb--yet different and interesting--locations, sets, and props were used when Shay: All American Girl was captured. In addition, the wardrobe, make-up, and hairstyles were obviously well thought-out...they're certainly unique yet very sexy and attractive. In particular, the hairstyles and wardrobe worn by the girls somehow seems to coordinate with the scene's set and props. About the music? I fucking hate it (see my review above). Still, the superb visual production values earn this movie four stars.

Dr. Jay

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