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ATK Newcomers

Studio: Kick Ass Pictures » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 10/23/10

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ATK Newcomers

Release Date: November 9, 2010

Running Time: 3:14

Condoms: None

Director: Un-credited

Cast: Allie Haze, Bree Victoria, Brittney Banks, Haley, Jamey, Lexi Brooks (Giselle Leon), Lexus, Lily LaBeau, Navaeh Lee (Lily Carter), Sophie, Skyla, Sula & Teagan Summers  

  About The DVD


ATK Newcomers delivers thirteen young ladies to the screen in a mix of boy/girl and solo scenes. There are all types of girls in the dvd with a mix of performances.

Brittney Banks

Brittney, is a very sweet young lady with nice natural breast and enjoys them being smacked hard. She has a great pussy and ass and there are some nice shots of those assets. Her oral skills are not real strong, but she makes up for that when she fucks. You can really see how much she enjoys doggie as she slams back against his cock. In reverse cowgirl, she rides very hard pounding away and you get great views of her titties bouncing as she does. Brittney ends up taking a facial and sucks him dry as her scene comes to an end.

Positions: Oral, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggie, Facial

Teagan Summers

Teagan, is a sweet newcomer that I have seen in a few other scenes. She always delivers great scenes and so natural. Meaning there is nothing fake at all in her scenes. In this solo you could really see it was Teagan as her self with no faking or overkill, that made it flow so naturally. She has a very pretty face with a great smile that you can't help but smile back to. Her body is very hot, with a sweet pussy, great ass and nice B cup boobies and nipples you could just suck on for hours. Hell, I know I could. In her solo scene, she uses a vibrator with a clit stimulator and once she warmed up to it, you could easily see in her face and body movements the pleasure she was receiving. As she mentions in her scene, she is a very quite cummer, which she was, but when she did cum, you can see it in the way her body quivered and her how face tensed up. I could watch this girl get herself off all day long.

Positions: Solo, Masturbation, Vibrator


In watching, Skyla's boy/girl scene it was a bit mix for me. Her oral skills were good and she uses a lot of spit. When fucking, her strongest position was reverse cowgirl and you could easily see she enjoyed that position more than the others. Why I say it was a bit mixed, is at times she was really getting into it and other times, it was like she was going through the motions and faking it. The other thing that hurt this scene is, she was to repetitive in her sounds and comments which is something so many girls do when they fake it. She did wrap the scene up with a facial and some cum into her mouth.

Positions: Oral, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning, Doggie, Facial, Cum In Mouth

Navaeh Lee (Lily Carter)

Navaeh Lee, who now works under the name of Lily Carter, opened her solo scene strong and continued right to the end. Talking directly to the viewer always makes a solo scene strong, because you get that perception the show is just for you. She is very good at doing this with her cute actions and comments. When you take how well she talks to and performers for the viewer, with her pretty face, cute smile and one hell of a body, you will be masturbation right along with her. Her, entire masturbation scene was hot and at the end you could really see how she enjoyed it as she tensed up and her body quivered to orgasm.

Positions: Solo, Masturbation, Vibrator

Allie Haze

If you watch any of Allie Haze's scenes you know why she is one of the top performers in the industry. Not only is Allie, a very pretty young lady with a fantastic body and OK, nipples that I love, but she has this personality on screen that is just amazing. I am sure the same sweet lady we see on screen is the same wonderful person off screen too. Allie, is just a great fun loving girl. Her scene opens with a very nice interview, relaxed and always smiling. In her interview she shares how much she loves her nipples played with. When she made that comment, I yelled, pick me, pick me Allie, I'll play with them for you. Her, solo scene was hand masturbation and it was smoking hot. She worked her pussy with some hard rubbing, sometimes with both hands, finger fucking herself and almost the entire time playing with her boobies and pulling on her nipples. Allie, had great facial expressions and you could see at times her body tensing up. A great solo masturbation scene that will have you jerking off right with her till the end.

Positions: Solo, Masturbation,

Lexi Brooks (Giselle Leon)

Lexi Brooks who now works under the name of Giselle Leon, delivers a very weak scene. I have reviewed her several times and of with all her scenes with the exception of one that I have reviewed, they have been consistently weak. The firsts thing Lexi, needs to learn is how to smile. She did not look happy or excited at all. No matter if her partner is going down on her or fucking her, there is very little to no reaction from her. Honestly, most of the time she looks bored. Her oral was pretty basic, no was pretty lame. Even when she tried to talk dirty she did it without excitement or believability. When she took the cum shot, she threw her head back and out of the way so none would hit her face. This scene really pulls from the dvd as a whole and my recommendation is to just skip over it and watch another scene in the dvd that will give you some excitement.

Positions: Oral, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie

Bree Victoria

Bree Victoria's scene is another disappointing one. Honestly, she is a very sex young lady with nice natural breast, but her scene did nothing for me and didn't even give me a rise. The entire scene was just so unnatural and way to fake in her actions, sounds and comments. If ladies would just be themselves, especially in a masturbation scene they would be a lot more exciting to watch. Don't try to be hot and sexy in a way you are not, just do it as your own person.

Positions: Solo, Masturbation, Vibrator


Sophie is a pretty exciting lady and her scene really shows it. When her partner goes down on her she responds very well. In returning the favor, she not only sucks but does lots of licking on his shaft and balls. She has great tits and you will see some nice titty slapping throughout the scene. Her response in gripping the sheets while fucking doggie with her sounds made it even hotter to watch. She fucked well in all positions with lots of responsive moaning and heavy breathing. She went at it non stop and was totally out of breath. Wrapping the scene up she takes a cum shot across her chest and face and sticks out her tongue trying to catch some of the flying cum.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning, Facial


Sula's, solo scene was very boring. There was no opening and at no point did the girl even say one word. You will never her her voice in the scene at all. While masturbating and using the dildo, it was done with no excitement and pretty much a blank stare on her face. Fortunately, it is a very short scene, cause I was bored as hell watching it.

Positions: Solo, Masturbation, Dildo


Jamey's scene is another of those, where she tries to be so hot and sexy that not only comes across as fake but pretty irritating too. Everything in her scene from her talk, actions and masturbation. She, thought she was so hot that it caused her to overkill everything in her scene. There is a little water play in the scene, but it just wasn't sensual or exciting enough to get turned on from it.

Positions: Solo, Masturbation


There was no lead in with Lexus' scene, they pretty much got right into it. When Lexus, sucked cock, she was very strong. She took it deep into her mouth with lots of pumping up and down and worked on just the head at times very nicely. Lexus, has a nice body with great tits and pierced nipples. Fucking, she rode great in all positions with strong pumping in cowgirl and pounding back and forth on his cock while in the doggie position. From her moans of pleasure to her expressions, she performed strong. Lexus, wraps up her scene by taking a very nice facial.

Positions: Oral, Spooning, Cowgirl, Doggie, Spooning, Facial

Lily LaBeau

Lily LaBeau, is that special sweetheart that always smiles and is always upbeat. Her upbeat and cute attitude on screen makes all of her scenes exciting right from the start. Lily, with her pretty smile, cute face, great body and her fantastic boobies with those pierced nipples, always gets a rise out of me from the start. Lily, deliver a fantastic solo scene and was non stop pleasure to watch. As she worked her pussy over, it was with fun, excitement and her response to pleasing herself was very strong. She will have you stroking right with her as she pleasures her pussy for you.

Positions: Solo, Masturbation, Vibrator


A scene with a great opening. Haley, has a friend come over to comfort her after her husband and her had a fight. Once she talks him into having sex with her and after a little foreplay, she starts off in giving him a foot job. Haley, is a very pretty and sexy young lady with very nice large natural titties and great nipples. Her scene was very strong as she started with sucking his cock and playing with his balls at the same time. She takes some finger fucking and tongue fucking in her ass while in the doggie position and returns the favor to him with some fantastic titty fucking. She, is very strong in all positions and really got into it and you could easily see from her facial expressions she was loving every bit. It was great to watch her fuck cowgirl as she slammed up and down and had her ass bouncing against him. Total energy and excitement throughout the entire scene, right down to taking a nice load on those great tits of hers.

Positions: Oral, Spooning, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary

Extras: Trailers

Audio & Video: Even with the scenes shot in different locations there was good consistency in both the audio and video in the entire dvd.

My Final Thoughts

The dvd as a whole was a little bit like a roller coaster. The scenes went from exciting and strong to totally lame. Teagan Summers, Navaeh Lee (Lily Carter), Allie Haze, Sophie, Lexus, Lily LaBeau and Haley delivered strong scenes and certainly carried the dvd as a whole. Most of the others should have been left compleatly out. When you consider that of thirteen girls cast and only seven delivering strong scenes, it makes watching only half of the dvd really worth it. The ladies who delivered strong scenes are certainly worth a watch, but with the another half giving you nothing to watch or get excited about make the dvd not worth the money to buy a copy. But, I wouldn't totally skip the dvd over, cause you will enjoy the scenes by seven of the ladies. Just don't buy it, "Rent It" for a one time watch only.


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