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Big Rack Attack 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve Ward » Review Date: 10/24/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Steve Ward here with this review of Raul Christian's "Big Rack Attack 2"

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Director: Raul Christian, A.K.A "Chris Rolie"
Genre: Hardcore, Gonzo
Condoms: none
THE CAST: Kira Banks, Tammy, Stella Delcroix, Jasmine Black, Darina, Sylvia Diamond, Frank Gun, Choky Ice, Freddy Dalton, Lauro Giotto, David Perry, James Brossman, Nick Lang, Matt Bird, & Tristan
Tech Aspects: This flick is presented in 16x9 Anamorphic HD with no regional codng.

Trailers for "All Internal 13", "In Anal Sluts We Trust", "Big Rack Attack", "All Internal 12", and "Cum For Cover 7"
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Cumshot Recap
Raul Christian is one of Europe's most prominent porn directors. Right up there with Cristoph Clark, Gazzman, and Rocco Siffredi, Raul and his company Cruel Media are widely recognized for their filthy approach to hardcore gonzo.
This dude is one of the only directors in the biz to be having his videos distributed by 2 major studios. At Evil Angel, Raul has released many popular titles like "Ass Traffic", "Sperm Swap", and "Prime Cups". Over at Jules Jordan Video, he uses the pseudonym "Chris Rolie" to release movies such as "Cum For Cover", "Tunnel Butts", and "MILF Thing".
Recently, Cruel Media started releasing a few new series' through JJV. One of them is "Big Rack Attack", not to be confused with the Zero Tolerance series of the exact same title, To be fair though, ZT's series has been around a lot longer. Nonetheless, "Big Rack Attack 2" is the latest title making it my way, so let's check it out...


Kira Banks: My kind of School Girl

Scene One: Kira Banks w/ Matt Bird & Tristan
So first up we have Kira Banks, a hot European blonde in a blue, red and black school girl outfit. The scene starts with a lengthy tease next to an indoor pool, she strips, and masturbates a bit, even using a little baby oil to excite us further, interesting thing is, the tease tend to focus on her ass more than her nice natural boobies.
After a good long bit of this, the two dudes in the scene walk and get BJs as a greeting (couldn't every greeting be that nice?). Amidst the long drones of ooooooooohhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh, the dudes start warming up her ass and cooter while she keeps on blowing them. They waste no time plowing right into her asshole.
They start off with Doggie and quickly more to reverse cowgirl while she is kept on BJ duty. Several gape spreads later they finally switch to standard cowgirl. With a random dissolve we see our girl getting DPd, she takes it like a champ and does a nice job. Its perhaps suspiciously right at the 30 minute mark when the boys wrap the scene up with a double facial, glazing her pretty face nicely. Raul keeps holding on her face as if he forgot that the scene does need to end. But it's alright because Kira's beautiful eyes keep things interesting until Raul finally ends the scene with a "Jaws" style zoom effect and fades out.
A simple scene, but fun to watch, Kira is sexy as hell and there is a long tease at the beginning which I normally like but it might've been a little overkill. Pretty good opening scene.

Tammy: Prague's finest!

Scene Two:  Tammy w/ Nick Lang
This scene starts with Tammy, a sexy, busty blonde wearing a black top and matching miniskirt, walking down the stairs and Raul endulging a little cleavage. Tammy tells Raul that she is 21 and is from Prague, and there is a bunch of boob jiggling fun for several minutes. Eventually she disrobes and masturbates for the camera.

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Concluding our little boob bouncing interview, Nick Lang shows up and gets a BJ, Raul keeping his camera trained on her titties as if just now remembering this is a boob movie. Soon they go for some tittyfuckinga nd he warms her up by eating her out before giving her some dick missionary style, actually giving the pussy some love this time.
It isn't long before he goes for some more tittyfucking, and she adds some BJ flavor to the mix. Now they get in some doggie, and switch to reverse cowgirl just when we thought we had seen plenty boob boucing, here comes a whole lot more. 
So they go for a BJ/Tittyfucking break, and then it's back to boobie bouncing, regular cowgirl this time. Nick needs a little more tittyfucking before he cums  in her mouth, she gargles the spooge a bit, and Raul instructs her to show the cum before swallowing in. He gets one more grope on her boobs and she says he can take a nap and use her boobies as pillows. Damn, that sounds nice!
A cool little scene, Tammy is a really cute chick with enormous hooters and a nice attitude, pretty simple vaginal scene really, good lighting and camerawork. Well Done.

Stella Delcroix: Don't let the sweet looks fool you, this french babe is a freak!

Scene Three: Stella Delcroix w/ Nick Lang & James Brossman
Next up we have our covergirl Stella, an uber sexy 22 year French blonde wearing a neon green bikini and black mesh miniskirt giving us our usual tease and mini interview on the balcony. She plays with her big fakies for a bit before Raul instructs he to go inside.
Once inside, Raul asks her if she is ready for a game and Raul slaps her around and chokes her and spits on her, which she is actually turned on by, expessing her approval in French. Raul makes her crawl around like a dog for a bit and molests her. This girl obviously likes the rough stuff, which is what Cruel Media is all about.
Stella is just so hot, after a little more of this, the 2 dudes come in and waste no time skullfucking her one guy at a time, and she just giggles the whole time. So they strip her clothes off get right into some reverse cowgirl, and quickly switch things up into doggie with more slapping and choking.
They continue the fuck fest with alternating missionary and skullfucking and start prepping her asshole for some anal. The guys take turns banging her ass out and switch to the spoon, she keeps busy with BJ duty and the occasional ball licking. Raul doesn't miss any chances to get a grope or slap in.
The pirch her up on a stool and give her some more vaginal treatment. Then they break for a little more skullfucking before dragging her over to the couch for a little more, tag-team bangout. Finally Raul drags her to the middle of the room and instructs he to keep her mouth open and tongue inside before the guys both cum in her mouth and she is told to swallow it. We get one more look at her pretty face before fading out.
Kind of a misogynistic scene, but with a girl like Stella who seems to be legitimately turned on by it, it's all in good fun, hot scene.

Jasmine Black: Thick, Busty, and Hot!

Scene Four: Jasmine Black w/ David Perry
So this scene starts with a little goofing around on set with Raul talking to Jasmine and David on set, Clara G even makes a small cameo here, as they talk about having Jasmine take an IQ test and asking David if he approves of her shoes. Then the scene just kind of starts inexplicably.
So Jasmine is a chubby chick with black hair and huge boobs wearing a pink and white outfit accentuating her hooters. David starts warming her up and is treated to a lengthy BJ while Raul does his usual groping around.
They waste no time getting right into the anal, reverse cowgirl style. She goes for a BJ break and they switch to doggie. Jasmine has a really sexy face with her Bettie Page hairstyle. They go for a BJ break and switch to cowgirl. Raul keeps talking and getting involved. There is more ballsucking and BJ, and then they go into the spoon for more anal loving.
There is a little water play thrown in, and David eats her ass out a bit before switching back to reverse cowgirl. Guess what happens next? That's right, more BJ more ballsucking! Who woulda thunk? So the bangout continues with some reverse spoon, and they go for a little tittyfucking.
Raul tells her to spread her ass open and David gives her a little more anal before glazing her nice, round ass. Her ass is so glazed we can actually see Raul's reflection on it. Raul gives David a fist bumb and says goodbye to Jasmine as we fade out.
I liked this scene. It's a little long, but Jasmine is really hot and the location and lighting are great. Nicely done

Darina: My favorite rack in the movie belongs to this Czech honey

Scene Five:  Darina w/ Choky Ice, Freddy Dalton, & Lauro Giotto
So next up we have Darina, a 24 year old Czech blond with huge boobs (surprise) wearing a pink fishnet dress. We have our usual tease/interview buildup with Raul groping her boobs.  The location is interesting, it kind of looks like an open park.
After a few minutes Raul whips out his wiener for a POV handjob which she doesn't seem too interested in. Raul lets this go on for a good long while until he cums (now that's what I call the Director making a self investment).
So they cut to inside where 2 of our guys show up and they get some handjobs. She blows them both and they tittyfuck her before starting things off with reverse cowgirl. They guys trade off on fucking her while Raul focuses on her tits.
They switch to missionary for a while, and eventuall trade for the spoon. The guys trade back and forth a few times, and end up in doggie. Raul catches a few nice shots of Darina's pretty green eyes when she isn't giving somebody a hummer. They end up in some funky cowgirl position for a bit (is this porn or gymnastics?)
So the two guys cum on her boobs while she stares vacantly into the camera, and Raul has her play with her jugs a bit longer before cutting out.
Nice scene, but where's the 3rd guy? 3 guys were billed at the beginning, did Raul give his dick a name? because he's the only other dude in the scene, oh well. It's a nice all vag scene. Darina is really cute with incredibly bouncy titties, who doesn't love that!? 

Sylvia Diamond: When you can do this, you belong in porn!

Scene Six:  Sylvia Diamond with Frank Gun
So our last scene starts off by Frank Gun groping Sylvia from behind the camera, she is a cute brunette wearing a white mesh dress and matching underwear. She doesn't seem all that into the proceedings, but Frank keeps groping her anyway.
She eventually gives him a nice long POV BJ, and he endulges in some tittyfucking along the way. Next he has her get down for a little POV fuck, doggie style. The he puts her up on a barstool and has her masturbate for a bit before he gives her a missionary dicking making sure to squeeze her tits at all possible opportunities.
Thereis a short BJ break before they switch to cowgirl, he nails her down in the piledriver a little bit before he pops a happy facial for her, she slurps the cum and crawls away like a dog. Before we go to the end credits.
This scene is a little out of place. I think they just threw it in so they could say the movie is over 3 hours in huge lettering on the cover. Oh well, I always like a good POV scene when I can get one. I think Sylvia was on something because she looked a little disoriented to me. A decent little scene to wrap things up.
Final Thoughts:
This is a nice little flick for boob lovers and gonzo lovers alike. Stella and Kira are my two favorite girls in the movie. The production values are great, and the whole thing is pretty well made.
As for the cons, well the scenes are a little too long in my opinion, Raul has a tendancy to talk too much and get involved which can be a bit distracting. Also, the performances are pretty stale for the most part, not a heck of a lot of enthusiasm from any of the girls.
So this isn't a great flick by any means, but it delivers the goods, and does a nice job giving you lots of masturbation material and replay value. I think a solid "Recommended" rating suits this movie perfectly, buy it at a discount or rent it and enjoy!
I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please send them to [email protected] Thanks for reading!


Steve Ward

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