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Joanna's Angels 3: Douchebag Resurrection

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/27/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Joanna's Angels 3: Douchebag Resurrection
Burning Angel Entertainment
Price: $22.99

Directed and Written by Joanna Angel
Running Time: 4hrs and 14 minutes
Music by Morningwood and Taintstick


Joanna Angel
Draven Star
Juelz Ventura
Natalia Marie
Kristina Rose
Krysta Kaos
James Dean
Mr Pete
Mick Blue
Tommy Pistol
Evan Stone

Special Features:

Shot in Widescreen HD
Animated Menus
2 Disc Set
Trailers (4 trailers)
Behind the Scenes (22 minutes, we see Joanna trying to figure out a name for Natalie, a tour around the set and we Joanna getting all pretty for the movie. We see Kristina's arrival on set, after a fender bender. And we get some of the great behind the scenes footage we get with all of the Burning Angel releases, including some great commentary from Evan Stone and Kristina doing her best Ace Ventura impersonation. )
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Overall Thoughts:

So before I even get to the review, I would like to point out that I have been waiting for this movie for awhile. I liked the first one, and I really thought the second one was very good, and I have been waiting for number 3, and I am glad I finally get to see it. I am really looking forward to seeing what Tommy and Evan bring to the film, I am expecting a lot of funny. Also I am looking forward to hearing Morningwood's music during the movie, it's always nice when you can watch a movie and really like the band that supplies some of the music. So enough of that, let's get to the review.

So I have to say that once again, Joanna has outdone herself with this film. She is once again able to combine some sexy ladies (especially Draven and Kleio), some hot sex (can't beat that last scene, a 60 minute orgy of hotness) and some great humor (Tommy was hilarious) all into one film. I am glad that she is getting some attention via our site, we have given her movies and site some great reviews, and I really hope she and all of her lovely ladies get the attention they deserve. I am going to give this is a HIGHLY RECOMMEND rating. I think this would be a great addition to anyone's library. Only Joanna Angel can turn you on in one minute and make you laugh your ass off in the next.

Scene One: Draven, Kleio and Tommy Pistol (5/5 rating)

The movie starts as Natalia Marie comes home and Pete has left her a note. So she heads upstairs and we see Pete is all excited about his new shirt, so much that he acts a little zombie like. A knock at the door and Skin shows up wearing a shirt too. They both chase after her, but they first get distracted by themselves in the mirrors. Our mistress in distress grabs a phone and calls for Joanna's Angels. She screams as the zombies find her and we get our opening credits. After the credits, we see Joanna, Kleio, and Draven sitting by the pool and talking about a much needed vacation. Joanna says that James is coming over tonight to fuck her till she can't walk. Tommy shows up and gets Joanna a copy of a new book, but she wanted her phone charger. The Angels get a call from their boos and tells them about an apocalypse due to some new t-shirts that are taking over the world. Joanna leaves cause James is waiting for her downstairs. Tommy explains the girls about his banana power and we see Draven being really naughty with the banana and it's driving Tommy crazy. Kleio wants one, but he has to wait, the girls take off their bottoms and they ask if someone forgets what time it is. He dives into Draven's pussy as Kleio comes over and lets him play with her pussy. Kleio plays with herself a bit before she opens Tommy's pants and starts giving him a blowjob, while he continues to work on Draven. She ends up playing with her pussy while he sticks a finger in her ass. Tommy let's Kleio have a crack at Draven's pussy as Tommy dives his face into her ass. But the girls quickly takes turn with his cock. There is some slight wind noise in this scene, but they are on the top of building. Anyways, Kleio climbs on Tommy and rides him for some cowgirl action, as Draven sits on his face. Draven takes her turn as she rides him for some reverse cowgirl action, while Kleio cheers them on and she sits on his face. The girls once again double team his cock, and even work on his balls a bit, until he bends over Kleio and fucks her from behind while she works on Draven's pussy again. And if you have been following my reviews, you know how much I have enjoyed these two ladies, and the fact that they are together in this scene, makes it awesome for me, and should be for you too. He gives Kleio a break as she gets some missionary fucking on Draven while she lays on the chair. Draven screams with delight as she is about to cum, and he continues to fuck her as she moans with pure delight. He gives her a break, as Kleio gives him some oral, but he sticks it back into Draven and continues to fuck her. There is talk of some anal, and then she tells him yes, so he pulls out and stuffs it every so slowly in her ass. Draven once again is on the verge of cumming as she plays with her pussy as he continues to fuck her ass. Tommy pulls out and shows off how open her ass is to the camera and then is right back in there. Draven licks his cock and Kleio looks on and seems like she wants a taste too. He bends her over once again and Draven and her play with her ass and then Tommy slips in her ass with his cock. He moves slow at first and she opens up a bit as he speeds up and goes a little deeper. He pulls out and Draven climbs on top once again and he once again is in her ass, for some cowgirl action, as Kleio looks on. Some hard pounding by Tommy as she hangs on for the ride. He goes back to her pussy and then ends up cumming on the girls' faces and they lick him off.

Scene Two: Kristina Rose and Evan Stone (3/5 rating)

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We cut to Joanna as she finds James wearing one of the shirts and she makes some comments as he slowly tries to get her to put on the shirt. She locks him in a cage, and he is fist pumping and wonders if this is the VIP area. Joanna claims she is out to cure him of being a douche bag. It's been 20 minutes and Tommy makes a banana appear. Joanna comes up and tells the girls about James. We see Tommy has some reverse banana power, as he climbs the chair and screams to the world. We cut to Evan in his store, as he sees a customer looking at his shirt, and he doesn't seem to into the shirt, but Evan gives it to him for free. He still denies, but he really is persistent. So he agrees to take the shirt. As he leaves, we see that Evan has some special liquid that he sprays over the clothes. Kristina comes in and he keeps trying to shout out his evil laugh and plans, and Kristina figures out what he is doing. He tells her that this is going to make them and the store, very huge with everyone. Kristina says she is going to call the cops, but he sprays her with the liquid and she turns around is all into the plan now. She gets all hot and horny and they make their way into the bathroom and she starts him off with a blowjob. He gets really deep down her throat as she takes off of him in her mouth. He starts to take off her clothes as she continues to jerk him off. He tries to titty fuck her a bit and then he is back in her mouth. She works on his cock and balls some more as he once again has her up against the wall. She climbs on his cock and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action while he sits on the can. She leans forward as he grabs her arms and continues to fuck her as she continues to moan with delight as she takes his cock. She ends up leaning back as he continues to fuck her and then gives him some more oral as he stuff his face in her ass. She ends up leaning against the wall and he fucks her from behind as she watches. He slips his cock in and out of her pussy, teasing it ever so slightly and then is back to fucking her pussy deep and hard. She continues to scream about how big his cock as she takes it in her pussy. We get to see how flexible she is, as she leans her leg and foot on his chest. She climbs off and gags on his dick as he face fucks her. He sets her on the top of the toilet and fucks her as she is once again up against the wall. She climbs on top once more for some reverse cowgirl action as he plays with her pussy as he fucks her. But he soon has her up against the wall once again for some doggy action in her pussy. He pounds her up against the wall repeatedly and she keeps taking him without any hesitation. She spends a good portion of the scene talking dirty to him as he fucks her, he ends up cumming all over her face and she licks off his cock.

Scene Three: Joanna Angel and Mick Blue (5/5 rating)

We cut to the crew as they on Tommy continues to act like a douche. Joanna tells the girls to stay here and watch him. Tommy uses his power and tries to use the banana as a gun on Tommy. Joanna gives Tommy a huge list of demands, as gets excited, a little too excited about his job. Joanna says she is going to visit the new governor how the Joanna Angels do things. We cut to back at the store as Kristina helps a few customers. Evan calls the governor and asks about his plans that he sent them. The governor tries to say he is not interested, and Evan keeps giving him more data, something about cavities, as Kristina gives him a blowjob while he is on the phone. The governor seems to be more concerned about the immigration issue, and Evan lets him know how the fluoride can help the issue. Joanna shows up wearing a sexy black dress and she takes no time in taking off that dress and climbing on the desk and is about to give him a blowjob, and he tries to tell her that the city is in ruins, but she seems more concerned about getting fucked. She begins to kiss him and he shuts up. She takes off her top and he finally realizes how she does things, as he licks and sucks on her tits. He leans back in his chair and Joanna opens his pants and begins to suck on his cock. She gets pretty deep on his cock, as she gags a bit on it. She sucks on his balls a bit as she continues to jerk him off. She leans back on the table and he licks her pussy as she continues to take some of her clothes off. Her panties come off as he continues to lick her pussy. But she says that she wants him to fuck her, so she slips his cock into her pussy and begins to fuck her on the table. He plays with her pussy as he fucks her and she screams she is about to cum on his cock. He pounds her pussy pretty hard until he is face deep in her pussy once again. Joanna enjoys it so much she squeezes her leads around his head. She ends up bent over the desk and he fucks her from behind. She begs him to spank her, so he gives her ass a slap. He sits on the chair and Joanna gives him some more oral while she takes off her stockings and she ends up riding him as he sits on the chair. She slips off and tells him to put it in her ass, so he slips it in and she continues to ride him as she takes his cock in her ass. Just realized that their wasn't any anal in the previous scene, the only one so far that didn't have any anal. She once again is leaning over the desk and he continues to fuck her ass from behind, as she tells him to fuck that ass. He pulls out and licks her ass , but she ends up on her back, as she takes his cock in her ass some more. He pounds away on her ass until he pulls out and she jerks him off and licks off his cock. He ends up cumming all over her face. She licks it off her face and she uses a piece of paper to clean herself off, and she finds out all of the governors and Evan's plans. Joanna tells him that Evan is evil and the governor doesn't know what to do. She tells him that she will take care of things.

Scene Four: Juelz Ventura and Tommy Pistol. (5/5 rating)

We cut to Tommy as she tries to find the weakness of the douches, who are chugging on a beer while the rest cheer him on. Tommy sneaks behind them and tells them they are gay, but they say it's not gay, it's shinny. The douches have him surrounded but he manages to escape, until he runs into another small group of them. He goes through all of the normal things to happen as someone is trying to run away from the zombies. He keeps finding more and more of the douches, as they seem to be growing in numbers. He walks by Juelz and uses his banana power to conjure a banana and the douches all fall down. They end up escaping and she is amazed by his power. We find out that she wants to learn that power too. She is getting hot and takes off her top and she is down to her boobs. He says he loves her and she says he loves her boobs. She offers to let him see them for thanking him for saving her. He wants to touch them and he really seems to be enjoying them. He asks if she wants to make out and she seems pretty ok with that. She gets him to take off his jacket as they continue to kiss. He keeps playing with her boobs, and they say it's still hot so he ends up taking off his pants and she jerks him off. She deep throats his cock as he grabs a hold of her hair and face fucks her a bit. She keeps up with the wet blowjob as he continues to face fuck her. He slips behind her and takes off her bra and fondles her boobs and then bends her over and begins to play with her ass and pussy. He begins to finger fuck her pussy, as she spreads open her ass. He slaps her pussy as she moans as if she enjoys it. He slips his cock into her pussy as she is bent over, leaning up against the wall. He grabs her hair as he continues to fuck her. He slips his cock in and out of her pussy, teasing her, until he is once again pounding that pussy. She gives him some more deep throating and then climbs on top and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy. She wiggles her hips on his cock as she continues to ride him. He uses some of her drool to wet her pussy as he fucks her. She flips around and we get a good view of her ass as she bounces up and down on his cock. The camera also does a good job of getting us a nice view of her tits as she bounces on him. Some more face fucking and spitting on his cock leads to her on the chair getting fucked some more with her leg over his shoulder. They both spit on her pussy and teases her pussy before the pounding continues. He pounds her pretty heard up against the wall and then cums on her face and chest. She licks it off her chest as he puts his clothes back on and keeps wowing about what just happened. He grabs his coat and glasses and heads off.

Scene Five: Krysta Kaos and James Deen (2/5 rating)

Tommy is once again tracked down by the zombie posse. Back at headquarters, Kleio and Draven are trying to convince Krysta to fuck James. She is hesitant, so Draven goes over and gives him a blowjob as the ladies look on with delight. This was enough to change her mind as Krysta comes over and takes over for Draven. And after a bit we see that this is curing James of being a douche. Krysta continues to deep throat James, and he leans over and plays with her pussy, and gives her ass a few slaps. She stands up and makes her way over to a table, and James is face first in her pussy, while fingering her ass a bit. He literally rips off her top and bra and then James begins to fuck her from behind. James play the dominant one as he puts her where he wants her as he continues to fuck her. There is some pretty hot doggy as he grabs a hold of her hair and leaves her ass with a permanent hand print on her ass. After she plays with her ass a bit, James slips it in her ass and continues to fuck her. While he is still inside her ass she climbs on top and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action in her ass. They both play with her pussy a bit as she continues to get fucked. They lean over and the anal continues in some spoon action. She plays with her pussy and slaps it while James continues to impale her ass. He pulls out and shows the camera how open her ass is, and then they both play with her ass and pussy. James goes off camera and she begs him to fuck her pussy so more. So we cut to her bent over and James once again fucking her from behind. He grabs a hold of her hair once again and brings her up to him and then she is back to having her face on the ground. The scene ends as he cums on her face and mouth, and he even seems to get a little in her eye.

Scene Six: Joanna Angel and Evan Stone (5/5 rating)

So we see Joanna trying to console Evan as he is trying to comfort him about going to jail. He is crying and she agrees to help him out. She makes another comment about the lame clothes and he finally agrees that they are lame. She tells him he should take off the lame clothes and she jumps to him and they begin to kiss and he takes a few grabs at her ass. She pulls her top down and he plays with her tits and then she turns around and says she can feel his cock through his pants. He cock comes out and she jerks it off while he has his hands in her pussy. She turns around and goes straight for his cock as they knock over the clothes on the rack. She gets pretty deep as continues to play with his cock and balls. He slides his cock in between her tits and he fucks her tit's a bit before she ends up with his cock in her mouth again. After a pretty long oral session, he grabs a hold of Joanna and enters her from above, after ripping her panties off of course. She really seems to enjoy his creativity and is on the verge of cumming already. She gets a break as she works on his cock some more as he fingers her ass and pussy. He throws some shirts on the truck and then places Joanna on the shirts as he fucks her in some missionary action. He bends her over and fingers her pussy and ass some more and then teases her pussy with his cock and then leaves the scene, but comes back in and is right back in her pussy. He grabs a hold of her hair and continues to pound her as she screams with delight. And you know some anal was coming, and Joanna loves to get her ass fucked. After some doggy, they move to some spoon, all still in her ass. Some more oral from Joanna, but he says he wants to get back to her ass. So some more spoon action follows which leads to some missionary in her pussy. It's amazing how much sex they can have on that single chest, talk about being creative. He continues with the deep thrusts until he pulls out and cums on her chest.

Scene Seven: Joanna Angel, Skin, Natalia Marie, Draven Star, Kleio, Mick Blue, Mr Pete and James Deen (5/5 rating)

After they are done, she still says he is off to jail and the cops come and take him away. Joanna calls Draven and let's Joanna know how to cure the douches. He cut to Tommy as he is on a truck as his zombie posse is still after him. She tells him to lead the posse to the mayor's office. And then we get my favorite line, as he tells the zombie horde , " hey there's dane cook" and they fall for it. He finally leads them to the mayor's office and Joanna tells them to take their shirts off and it seems to cure the problem. There are a few who aren't listening to her, so Tommy tells him to take them to quarantine. So we see Pete is already getting things going with Skin and Natalia, and then Joanna says they should celebrate, so she jumps on Mick and then Draven and Kleio work on James. I am going to do my best to keep up with all the action that is going on. The action gets going with most of the guys working on the girls pussies, and Joanna and Kleio work on Mick and James's cocks. Draven is the first to get fucked as James slips his cock in her pussy. Joanna is next as she climbs on Mick and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action on the table. Natalie climbs on Pete and rides him for some cowgirl action in her pussy. James moves on to Kleio while Draven works her magic on Mick's cock. Mick plays with Joanna's pussy and causes her to squirt with excitement. Pete comes up from behind Draven and begins to fuck her. James lets Skin play with her cock, and Joanna is on top of Mick again getting fucked hard. Skin and Natalie double team James, but he is soon back to fucking Kleio. Skin and Natalie work on Mick, as Pete gets his shot at Joanna on the table. Skin ends up riding Mick as Draven takes James from behind as she leans over the edge of the fancy couch. Joanna is the first to get some anal action from Pete. They keep switching up as the scene continues and the hotness continues. James seems to direct the ladies as they move around the room, making sure everyone is getting some attention. Skin is the next to get on the anal action as she takes it from James on the floor in some spoon action. Next big highlight is Skin taking a DP from Mick and James. There seems to be no stopping these people, they just keep going. Joanna follows suit with a DP from James and Mick as Kleio gets fucked by Pete on the table. Pete finger fucks Skin until she squirts while Joanna and Kleio double team James and Mick. James ends up taking turns on Joanna and Kleio as they stick out their asses over his cock. Joanna climbs on Pete for some more anal action, while Natalie looks on and plays with her pussy. After making Joanna squirt, Mick begins to fuck her ass from above as she has her head in the carpet. Joanna takes Mick in her ass once again on the couch and James sits there and waits for his turn to move in and fuck her pussy, another DP for Joanna. She keeps the DP going with James and Pete as she sucks on Mick, leaving the ladies to play with each other. Mick and Pete are the first to cum, and Draven and Kleio seem to be the lucky ladies to receive. And James ends up cumming on Joanna, kind of figured she was going to get his shot.

The movie ends with a PSA, with Joanna and the crew. And Tommy messes up the call and they argue over how he seems to always mess it up as the screen fades to black and the credits roll.

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