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Suck It Dry 8

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 11/1/10

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Genre: Blowjobs

Director: Jonni Darkko

Cast: Bella Moretti, Coco Velvet, Courtney Cummz, Delila Darling, Emy Reyes, Jesse Jordan, Jonni Darkko, Juelz Ventura, Lee Lexus, Lily LaBeau, Lou Charmelle, Mia Lelani, Presley Maddox, Ruby Rayes, Sea J. Raw, Tanner Mayes, Vicki Chase, Winston Burbank

Date of Producton: 2010

Length: 5 hrs. 15 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is excellent. I'm not sure if this DVD set is digitally mastered, or in HD. It's not specified. The scenes are in a widescreen ratio/format on the first DVD, but Fullscreen on the second one. The set has a vivid color quality about it.

Overview: This is a collection of POV (Point of View) blowjob scenes. for the most part it is strictly oral, but there is some handjob, and titjob action as well. The set is two Discs long, containing over five hours of footage.


Scene 1:
Jesse Jordan

Jesse starts her scene off in an interview with the cameraman. She is wearing a small pink lacy lingerie. She mentions that she is from Venezuela. Jesse laughs a lot during the interview, and gives detailed info about her preferences in porn. In my opinion she's not the most attractive performer I've seen, but she does have a nice body. Jesse gives a very playful performance, and pretty much knows how to suck cock. They definitely give her a big cock for this scene, and in my honest opinion she handles it pretty well. She even does a good bit of deepthroating. In fact she deepthroats during most of the scene. She recieves the cumshot directly in her mouth while sucking on the cock, then she swallows! She even licks her lips which is really sexy! I think this was a good scene, but not the best I've seen from the 'Suck It Dry' series.

Scene 2: Delila Darling

 Delila is a very attractive redhead. She begins her scene on her knees in front of the guy she is going to suck. She teases him a bit licking his boxer shorts. This makes the guy 'pitch the tent' almost immediately. When the guy's shorts drop his enormous penis pops out, and Delila looks a bit scared. In fact she basically licks the guy's dick for a while before attempting to suck on it. She hardly even takes the dick in her mouth at all. At this point I'm wondering why they included this scene at all ... I thought this was called 'Suck It Dry', not 'Lick It Dry'!? After a good while Delila does seem to get more comfortable with sucking the guy's cock, but she still mainly uses other techniques such as a frequent handjob. The scene does get better before the end. Delila actually does a little deepthroat, and the ending facial was sweet! She recieves a massive load across her face, some of which lands on one of her eyelids! To begin with I thought this scene was going to fail, but it did pick up towards the end. It's a pretty good scene!

Scene 3: Presley Maddox

I'm into the dark haired girls as some of my readers may know by now, but I've got to be honest, Presley is not that attractive to me. In certain camera views  she looks almost manly. Like the previous scene, Presley starts off on her knees with the guy standing in front of her. She seems to do basically the same stuff that Delila did, except that she also sucks the guy's balls a bit. She really seems to enjoy sucking balls as she does it quite a bit. This scene is kind of like Deja vu, except not. Presley does almost the exact same way that Delila did! She sticks to the licking, pitiful sucking, and handjob techniques like in the previous scene. If I were a betting man I'd even say that the guy is the same guy. His cock looks the same as the guy's cock from Delila's scene. In the end the guy shoots his load all over Presley's mouth, and she spits out the cum that made it in her mouth. This scene was really pitiful. I didn't really enjoy it, because it felt like I was watching a scene I had already viewed. The only differences were the performer, and the ending cumshot.

Scene 4: Mia Lelani

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Mia is wearing a sexy fishnet outfit with matching stockings. She does a sort of interview, and tease combo before getting down to business. This scene is another overhead POV scene that focuses on the girl while she's on her knees. Mia definitely seems more experienced in what she's doing. Her sucking skills are really good, and she doesn't spend much time playing around. She does give the guy a titjob at one point, which I thought was ok. At least it was something different. Mia combines alot of what the previous girls did, but with some good cocksucking added in. In the end Mia recieves cum across her face, in her mouth, and on her hair.

Mia's scene is actually divided into two parts. The second part is with a different guy. This time she's sucking the guy's cock while he's sitting down. The scene it is shot in POV (Point of View) perspective like all of the previous scenes. During this part he basically does a lot of deepthroating, and adds a titjob for good measure. The ending cumshot was not really that great. She takes the guy's cum in her mouth, and then spits it back up. Overall the two parts of this scene were not really good. The only thing notable was that her sucking skills were slightly better than the previous girls'.

Scene 5: Courtney Cummz

So far Courtney is the sexiest girl on the DVD (In my opinion ...). She begins her scene crawling across a carpeted living room area in an extremely sexy way. She then removes her clothing, and begins to play with herself in fron of the camera. After playing with herself for a very short bit, Courtney is on her knees in front of the guy she is to suck. She is very playful, and licks the guys cock playfully as well. She seems really horny to me, and is an absolute pleasure to watch. I just wish Courtney would suck more instead of being so playful. She does attempt to deepthroat at one point, and gags a bit which was really nice. One thing for certain is that Courtney is really into sucking cock!. In the end she gets a large load shot all over her face, and plays with some of it in her mouth!

*NOTE* This scene messed up a little towards the end, and started glitching, I'm not sure if this was from the disc or not???


Scene 1: Vicki Chase

As Vicki's scene begins she is on all fours on a couch, and crawls off of it to a guy with his dick already hanging out. Vicki is a very lovely dark haired girl, with some excellent sucking skills. She practically deepthroats the guys long cock all the time. Her gagging adds to the quality of the scene. She definitely has no problems at all when it comes to sucking a large cock. As I was watching this scene I noticed that it was in a  fullscreen ratio instead of a widescreen ratio like the scenes on the first DVD. I'm not sure why they did this? It is very nice to watch in fullscreen though. Towards the middle of the scene Vicki does some extreme, messy gagging which is really hot! I'm glad to see that they chose a really good cocksucker like Vicki to begin the second DVD. The first DVD was lacking in the cocksucking area. In the end Vicki recieves a very massive cumshot all over her face. You could tell she really got the guy off! Before the scene truly ends some guy that wasn't in the scene also shoots a huge load all over her face! This was an awesome scene with a great facial ending! Vicki did a truly outstanding job!!!

Scene 2: Bella Moretti

Bella is the first ebony performer in this DVD set, and she's pretty hot! She begins her scene wearing a sexy red two piece lingerie set. She only removes the bra, which is ok since most of the time the camera will be focused on her face. Bella teases the guy she's supposed to suck by licking his boxer shorts where his cock is. Unfortunately in this scene the cocksucking is not as good. Bella does a lot of licking, ball sucking, and kissing the guy's dick. The times that she does attempt to go deep on the guy's cock is really hot. I just wish there were more of that during the scene. Bella does seem to be into what she's doing, but in the end her performance is lacking. The odd thing about this scene is that Bella's sexual energy makes up for the lacking performance. I was about to explode just watching her throughout the scene. Even so I still wish, there had been more actual cocksucking. In the end she recieved a very nice facial, and even got some cum in her hair! This was just an 'ok' scene. There wasn't anything really extra special about it.

Scene 3: Juelz Ventura

Juelz is a dark haired, and tattooed beauty. Her scene starts off with a tease. She plays with herself a bit on a bed before the oral sex begins. She has that pin-up look about her that is very sexy. The cocksucking in this scene is very impressive at times. Juelz does a great deal of ball sucking as well. The scene gets pretty messy from Juelz's tears, slobber, and mucus problem. The mucus problem is what ruined this scene for me. I don't know why they included this scene the way it is. In my opinion it makes Juelz look bad. This scene would have been awesome if it weren't for the mucus issue. The ending cumshot just wasn't as appealing after watching the 'issue' I mentioned. It kind of grossed me out ...

Scene 4: Lea lexis

Lea is a hot looking blonde, and in this scene she is wearing a sexy one piece black leather swimsuit type thing ... In my opinion she has the Lady Gaga look going on. Lea begins the scene with a little dirty  talk, and a tease. After that she gets down to the business at hand. Again, I am glad to se that they chose another performer that could suck cock really good. Lea doesn't do any of that sissy licking like some of the other girls have done in this set. She mainly sticks to good old cocksucking, and deepthroating. There is the occasional ball sucking as well, which I'm not really a fan of, but to each his own. It was also nice to see the cameraman capture her tits bouncing as she sucked cock. Lea also does her share of gagging which always adds more pleasure to the scene. Her ending facial is pretty amazing! Most of the cum lands about her nose area, but some also got into her hair! This scene was pretty good. The cocksucking was definitely better than in a lot of the previous scenes.

Scene 5: Lou Charmelle pt. 1 & 2

Lou is a very lovely female performer. She has a sort of sexy gypsy/belly dancer look about her. She begins the first part of her scene with a tease. She has a very nice body which she shows off for the camera. Lou doesn't have large breasts like the other girls, but she is still smoking hot! When the guy shows up Lou is lying on a matress looking thing. She playfully unzips the guy's pants, and begins to suck the guy's cock. Lou is definitely nice to watch. She has a shy, but naughty thing going on. Sadly, this scene is like a lot of the others. You have a really hot female performer that lacks greatly in the cocksucking department. I'm not sure if it's because Lou is an amateur or not. I haven't actually seen her until now. There's just to much playing around in this scene to make it memorable.

The second part of Lou's scene picks up a bit on the cocksucking, and she even let's the guy throatbang her for a bit. I'm thinking maybe that's why they divided this scene into two parts, so that you could enjoy the playful part, and the serious cocksucking part? Whatever the reason, the second part is definitely much better in my opinion. Lou gets to show of her serious cocksucking skills, and that's what this DVD set is supposed to be about. In the end Lou recieves one of the best cumshots in this DVD set. She gets thick cum on her tongue, on her face, and on her eyelid!!! I actually really enjoyed this scene, but it's sad it was the last scene of the DVD set.


Cumshot Recap pt. 1 & 2, Interview With Juelz Ventura, Bonus Scene With Sea J. Raw, Bonus Scene With Jesse Jordan, Cast List, Trailers, Websites

Final Thoughts:

After viewing the entire DVD set, I was left wondering where's the quality performances that I saw in 'Suck It Dry 7'? This set felt like an amateur shoot full of girls that would rather lick dick, and suck balls instead of actually sucking cock. The female performers were all very hot, but their scenes lacked in many ways. Juelz Ventura's scene was just plain nasty with the mucus issue, and it made the rest of the scenes hard for me to enjoy. Not to mention, that scene made Juelz look rather bad. She is really hot, and I think she'd probably have an issue with it if she saw the scene herself. The added extras were pretty darn good, but it makes me think that they were trying to make up for the mediocre scenes that made up this DVD set. Even with all those drawbacks the DVD set still had it's gems like 'Bella Moretti', 'Jesse Jordan', 'Delila Darling', and 'Lou Charmelle's' scenes. At most this DVD is still worth a rent, but nothing more.

Final Rating: Rent It

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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