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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/6/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Digital Playground Blu-Ray
Directed by Robby D
Price: $39.99
Running Time: 2 hours and 26 minutes


Riley Steele
Gabriella Fox
Rio Valentine
Shawna Lenee
Zeina Heart
James Deen
Scott Nails
Danny Mountain
Toni Ribas

Special Features:

Bonus Trailers (7)
1920 x 1080p
Shot in HD
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
5.1 Digital Surround Sound
No Regional Coding

Overall Thoughts:

So I finally get a decent Digital Playground release where it doesn't seem like camera is on rails while it is filming. Thank you and please continue with this trend. I have to say that considering I was looking forward to this movie with Riley and Shawna in it, I have to give Ziena Heart some kudos for her scene. Her scene was better than Riley and Gabriella's scenes, but not as good as Shawna's was. I am not sure what was up with the titles of the scenes, half of them really didn't have anything to do with scene, but I guess worrying about scene titles is really being nit picky. But another thing that I do want to point out, in a feature like this, I am not sure the ladies are supposed to be looking at the camera, it threw me a bit when they seemed to be more focused on the camera then their partner in the scene. You get the same audio (5.1 Digital Surround) and video (1080p shot in HD Widescreen format) quality you expect from Digital Playground, especially with their Blu Ray releases, but once again they really seem to fail when it comes to special features. I am going to give this a RECOMMEND rating, I think it is worth owning for the overall quality of the sex scenes, once again with Ziena and Shawna being the highlights of the movie, but for me, the fact that Riley and Gabriella are in this movie, helps with the overall rating.

Scene One: Riley Steele and James Deen (3/5 rating)

Riley comes home and she ends up finding James as he is jerking off to porn in his room. She yells at him, as he has his pants down to his ankles. He tries to apologize and it seems that she doesn't think it is bad of a thing, cause she can't stop watching the porn on the screen. She decides to join in and begins to masturbate to the video, and James decides to watch her, she doesn't care. He jerks himself off as she plays with her pussy. James walks over and she begins to suck on his cock, and she keeps an eye on the video whenever she can. James helps her out by playing with her pussy and he grabs a hold of her tits. She continues with the blowjob and then James sits on the chair while Riley plays with her ass in front of him. She leans down and climbs on his cock and rides him on the chair. He picks her up and bends her over the desk and fucks her from behind, she seems like a giant compared to James in this scene, the camera angle doesn't help. She looks back at him with those eyes, as her continues to fuck her and gives her ass a few slaps. They move over to the bed and James plays with her pussy with his mouth, but then decides to put his penis inside her again. After a bit, she is leaned over the bed and he is fucking her from behind. I have to say that Riley is in the category of ladies who legs seem to go on forever, which is awesome when they are long and sexy. Anyways, back to the scene. She climbs on the bed and he continues to pound away on her pussy, and then he picks her up and she bounces up and down on his cock, while he holds her. What strength he has. Anyways he ends up on the bed and she climbs on top for some cowgirl action as he grabs a hold of her waist and fucks away. The ass slaps continue and the red doesn't get a chance to go away. She sits on his face and lets him play with her pussy as she continues to jerk him off. He drags her head over to the desk and he cums in her mouth and all over the desk, as the scene comes to a close.

Scene Two: Zeina Heart and Scott Nails and James Deen (4/5 rating)

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Zeina is on the bed, talking on the phone to someone. And the cameraman has a surprise for her. She teases him with her pussy and tits, as he looks on with amazement. She is wearing shorts that are literally held together by strings. She lays flat on the bed and teases him even more with her ass. She gets up and wants to see her surprise, so they head upstairs and she takes her time, and teases him even more. She pulls down her top and he plays with her tits and then she bends over and begins to finger her pussy. He tells her to close her eyes and leads her into a room, where Scott and James are wearing blindfolds. She tells them to open their mouths as she puts her tits in their mouths. She takes off her top and opens Scott's pants and begins to play with his cock, while she sits on James. She stands up and opens up James's pants, so that both guys have their cocks out. I have to say that early on in this scene, there is some great foreplay and heat going on here, I only hope that it will continue. She goes back and forth pleasing each guy, making sure no one is left out. She plays some extra attention to Scott as she gives his balls some love. She takes off her shorts and then leads James to her pussy and then Scott to his knees so she can suck on his cock. She then decides to take off the handcuffs off them, just so they agree to keep the blindfolds on. Scott immediately grabs a hold of her boobs and then makes his way to her pussy. She unlocks James and then she makes her way to the bed and they play some sexy Marco Polo as she tries to hide from them. Scott is the first to find her, so he pulls her up to him and fucks her while she sucks on James. She finally says they can take the blindfolds off and then she bends over for Scott and he continues to fuck her from behind. She gets flipped around and James get a crack at her pussy while she sucks on Scott. They switch up once again as Scott fucks her while she plays with her pussy. Scott slips behind her and get some spoon action going. She seems to really enjoy her surprise. They continue to switch up with her as the scene continues, but she does a great job making sure no one is left out. So I was hoping the heat was going to continue and I have to say that it kept up pretty good during this scene as she continues to get fucked by the guys. The scene ends as the guys jerk themselves off and end up cumming in her mouth, Scott followed by James. The guys use their cocks to put the cum in her mouth, so none of it goes to waste.

Scene Three: Rio Valentine and Danny Mountain (3/5 rating)

There is a knock at the door and Rio walks in and tries to hug Danny, but he seems pissed off at her. He is pissed at her for being late and tells her to turn around and take her top off. Her shorts follow and he grabs a hold of her ass. He begins to whip her behind and then he tells her to pull her panties down as he continues to whip her. He tells her to bend down on the floor as the whipping continues. She tries to grab a hold of him, but he seems more focused on her punishment. He tells her to turn around and crawl over to him. He puts a collar around her neck and she once again tries to get closer but he turns her away. She ends up bent over again as he plays with her ass. She tries to move in and kiss him, and he asks if she wants his dick and she says yes. So he tells her to lay on the floor and he opens his pants and teases her with it. He brings her up to his cock and she begins to suck and swallow his cock, while making sure it keeps wet. We get a nice POV shot as the blowjob continues. She stands up and he slowly pulls her panties down, as she continues to jerk him off. He fingers her pussy and then tells her to go over to the couch and spread her legs. He slowly makes his way over to her and begins to lick her pussy as she tries to grab his hair, but it's a little too short for her to grab on to anything. She begs for his cock and he sits on the couch and she climbs on top and goes for a ride. She takes a break and sucks on his dick a bit and then she is right back on top for some reverse cowgirl action this time. She bends over on the couch with her ass in the air and he fucks her from behind as she screams for him to fuck that pussy. And she begs him to spank her ass too, while he fucks her and she moans with delight with each slap. He ends up on top of her and she jerks him off until he cums on her chin and chest.

Scene Four: Shawna Lenee and Toni Ribas (5/5 rating)

The scene starts as Shawna is licking her finger and playing with her nipples and breasts, and she asks if you want some of this. Does she even have to ask. She shows off her pussy to the camera and she tells us it is very warm inside and that she wishes a cock was inside it. She bends over and shows off her ass to the camera and fingers her pussy and then shakes her ass for the camera. She says that she may even let you play with her ass a bit. She continues with the sexy and dirty talk as she shows off her tits to the camera. She plays with her pussy some more and she keeps begging for your cock. And what do you know, one finally shows up. He walks in with a riding whip and begins to play with her tits and mouth with it. She knows she has been bad, but she wants more. He plays with her pussy as she begins to moan with delight. He lifts her up on the chair and he continues to play with her pussy, sticking more and more fingers in it. She begins to rub on his crotch as he continues to play her pussy. She bends over in the chair and after much teasing, she opens his pants and finally gets a hold of his cock. She sucks on it, as he whips her ass. He then face fucks her and slaps her face with his cock. She continues working on his cock, as she goes pretty deep on his cock and makes sure it is nice and wet. He moves her off the chair and onto the floor, as she continues to work on his cock, while she plays with her boobs. He tells her to stand up and take off her dress and she walks back and slowly rides up and down on his cock in some reverse cowgirl action. She leans back and continues to take his cock in her pussy. He grabs her and continues to fuck her in some spoon action. For the foot fans out there, he sucks on her foot as he continues to pound away on her. They are literally making the furniture move. She climbs on top for some cowgirl action as we get some nice looks at her ass as she bounces on his cock. She climbs off and sucks on his cock a bit and then she is bent over on couch with her amazing ass in the air and he begins to fuck her from behind, and then tells her to keep her face down as the fucking continues. He climbs on top and continues to fuck her with some hard and deep thrusts. Some more oral is followed by some missionary with Shawna showing off her flexibility. A quick cut and she is sucking on his cock once again and then he jerks himself off until he cums in mouth and on her face.

Scene Five: Gabriella Fox and Scott Nails (2/5 rating)

Gabriella walks in and grabs a banana and sits on the couch. She opens the banana and begins to eat it as she pages through a book. Scott walks in with his computer in hand and has a smile on his face. He seems to like what he is looking at on the computer. He keeps asking questions about what she has been doing, as he looks at pics of her. He tells her that there are pics of a girl she knows on the site. She seems to have no idea what he is talking about. He shows her the pics and she tells him not to tell anyone about the pics. She tells him she only did it once and she needed the money. She wants to know what she has to do for him so that he will not tell anyone. He agrees that if she shows off her pussy to him, we won't tell anyone. He leans over and pulls her top down and she opens her pants and slides them off and pulls her panties down as she plays with her pussy a bit. She stands up and plays with her pussy a bit and then Scott tries to dive in and help her out. He licks her pussy and then helps her take off her pants and panties and then is face first back in her pussy. She keeps reminding him that he can't say anything to anyone about the pics, but he seems to more concerned about pleasing her pussy. He makes his way to her breasts and then her mouth, but then keeps going back to her pussy. He opens his pants and she begins to suck on his cock as he continues to play with her pussy a bit. She comments on the size of his dick and we get another bit of déjà vu with some editing issues maybe. After awhile she wonders if he is going to fuck her. So she climbs on top and slowly rides him as he gets deeper and deeper in her pussy. We get some nice close ups of her ass as she takes his cock in her pussy. Although it seems like she only takes a little of his dick inside her as the fucking continues, maybe she can't handle him after all. She stands up and turns around and rides him once again, and seems to be able to take a little more of him in the reverse cowgirl position. She wiggles her hips as she continues to ride him, and then is once again back in the cowgirl position. They follow that up with some doggy on the couch, which leads to some spoon action. He pulls out and stands up and cums in her mouth and gets a little all over her face. She licks off his cock as the scene comes to an end.

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