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Love Triangle

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/9/10

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Love Triangle
Adam and Eve
Price 12.99
Running Time: 4hrs and 6 minutes

Alexandra Silk
Veronica Jett
Bree Olson
Ava Rose
Poppy Morgan
Taylor Lynn
Angelina Valentine
Sophia Lynn
Goldie Coxx
Elena Rivera
Evan Stone
Alex Sanders
Chris Cannon
Tommy Gunn
Jean Val Jean
Joey Ray
Anthony Hardwood
Mick Blue
Mr Pete
Sarah O'Neal
Amanda King
Nick Lang
Faith Leon
Marco Banderas
Stephanie Cane
Brooke Scott
Eric Swiss
Maya Hills
Dirty Harry
Jay Lassiter

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Website Info
Slide Show
Bonus Scene (Tatiana Kush, Chris Cannon and Eric Swiss from Kayden's Frisky Business)
Trailers (9 minute montage of trailers)

Overall Thoughts:

So I have to say that overall this was an OK release, you get a decent amount of scenes and they average out to about a 2.5 out of 5. There were so minor issues with the video here and there, so that was nothing too special either. But the one real positive is the price, you can beat the 4 hour plus run time and it only costs about 13.00. I think that the good scenes make up for the not so great scenes. Adding up all the numbers and getting an average, this titles gets a RENT IT rating. That way you can watch it and pick our your personal favorite scenes too.

Scene One: Alexandra Silk, Taylor Lynn and Joey Ray from Naughty Little Nymphs (1/5 rating)

So we start the scene and the ladies are already getting things going at the end of the bed, while Joey stands in the corner, touching himself. They move to the center of the bed, and they please each other , and for those who like piercing, there is a pierced tongue and pussy in this scene. They switch to a 69 position as the ladies continue to work on each other. Joey finally decides to open his pants and make his move, as he slips into the action, and after a blowjob from both of the ladies, he ends up naked on the bed, that was quick. They continue to work on his cock and balls and finally one of the ladies climbs on top and goes for a ride. The ladies switch and next up is some reverse cowgirl with an anal twist. The scene ends after we jerks off on one of the girl's ass and the scene comes to an end. There were some slight video issues during this scene, out of focus and blurry parts.

Scene Two: Lezley Zen, Manuel Ferrara and Anthony Hardwood (3/5 rating)

The scene starts as Lezley is about to work on Anthony as both guys are naked already. She is wearing a rather sexy looking dress. She moves in between the guys and they play with her ass and then she turns around and works on both guys as her ass sticks up in the air. After she works on Anthony, he slips behind her and plays with her ass and pussy while she sucks on Manuel's cock. She ends up laying on her back and sucks off both guys while they work her pussy. Manuel works on her pussy while she gets face fucked by Anthony. Manuel goes from her pussy to her foot and then makes his way up her leg to her pussy. Anthony gets first crack at her pierced pussy while she continues to work on Manuel's cock and balls. Manuel finally gets his turn, she rides him for some reverse cowgirl action while she sucks on Anthony's cock. But she ends up leaning back and gets face fucked once again. She slips around and continues to ride Manuel, but both guys end up taking their turns fucking her pussy. But Manuel is the lucky one and gets to play with her boobs the whole time. A call distracts her for a bit, but she is soon back to concentrating in the guys. They both end up cumming on her chest as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Three: Sophia Lynn, Elena Rivera and Chris Cannon from What Happens in Vegas (3/5 rating)

Once again the scene starts as the ladies have already gotten things going. They are in some lingerie and are kissing on the bed, and the lingerie starts to come off. They look at each other in the mirror as the clothes come off. There is some ass slapping and dirty talk as the ladies continue. They work on each other's pussy, while the slapping and nasty talk continues. The camera does a nice job and going back and forth between both ladies, showing off their ass and pussy for the camera. Chris walks in wearing a mask and a camera in his hand , and they ladies stop what they are doing, one grabs a strap on, while the other starts to suck on his cock. We get some POV action from the "camera" he is holding. Some nice slow oral is given, while the other lady has seemed to disappear from the scene for a bit. But she calls for the other girl to come over to the bed, but she is too into his cock. So he moves over to the bed and she continues to work on his cock, but the other girl uses the strap on to fuck her pussy. She gives her a slight break, but tells her to flip over so she can fuck her on her back, while she continues to work on Chris. He gives the camera to one of the ladies and we get some POV action while she gets her pussy licked by the other girl. She eventually gets fucked from behind from Chris as she licks her pussy. She tells the girl that she wants her to sit on her face and then tells Chris she wants his cock back in her pussy. He pulls out and jerks himself off until he cums on her stomach area. But the girl keeps playing with her pussy as she continues to sit on her face. They don't care that he has already given them his money shot. I have to say that the dirty talk added a little something to this scene.

Scene Four: Angelina Valentine, Mick Blue and Mr Pete from Headmaster III (4/5 rating)

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The three of them are sitting on the couch and she already has her boobs exposed and is kissing the guys as they have their way with her. They take turns playing with her boobs and pussy. Pete dives his face into her pussy as she leans on the edge of the couch. But soon enough he is fucking her pussy while Mick gets a decent amount of jerking from her on his cock. He follows that up with some face fucking, as Pete continues to fuck her, and gives her a few slaps on the face and ass. He finger bangs her until she is on the brink of cumming, and then Mick gets a crack at her pussy while Pete face fucks her. But we quickly cut to her as she bounces her ass on Pete's cock, as she leans over and goes deep on Mick's cock. She gets finger banged again, but Pete is soon back in her pussy from behind. She really seems to put a good amount of effort into this scene, she is out to show off her skills. She climbs on Mick for some reverse cowgirl as Pete looks on for a bit and then decides to move in to give her a hand. Mick picks her up and fingers her pussy for a bit, then uses his tongue, and his cock follows inside her pussy. She ends up on her knees as she works on both guys, showcasing her tongue skills on their cocks. The end up jerking themselves off until they cum in her mouth.
Scene Five: Veronica Jett, Goldie Coxx and Talon from Anal Cherry Busters (1/5 rating)

The girls on are on the pool table and Veronica has got Goldie bent over and they are playing with her pussy. More clothes come off and then it's Goldie's turn, as she plays with Veronica's pussy and ass. Veronica pulls out a glass dildo and licks it, before inserting it into her ass. They both end up licking it off and then Goldie goes back to using her fingers on Veronica's pussy. Talon walks into the scene and immediately Veronica has his cock in her mouth. He grabs her hair and pulls her to the floor and then both ladies take turns sucking on swallowing his cock. Veronica is once again bent over on the pool table and Talon begins to fuck her from behind, while giving her ass a few slaps along the way, and her ass is pretty red during this scene. She screams that she wants it in her ass, but they move to the couch and she ends up riding him, for some reverse cowgirl action in her ass. The anal continues as Goldie continues to play with her pussy while she is getting fucked in the ass. Goldie finally gets her turn, she is laying on the pool table and he Talon is pounding her pussy while giving her boobs a few smacks throughout the scene. He pulls out and Goldie is on her knees for some brief oral, but she ends up bent over the side of the pool table as she continues to take him from behind. The scene ends as he jerks off into Goldie's mouth and they share his load back and forth between the girls.
Scene Six: Sarah O'Neal, Mick Blue and Dillon Day from Penetrate Me (2/5 rating)

Sarah starts off by teasing the guys by playing with her pussy, the guys are looking on at first, but end up moving in to get in the action. Mick licks her pussy from under her, and then Dillion ends up getting his dick sucked. She keeps looking into the camera which is kind of distracting at times. She works both guys as she is on her knees, they stuff their cocks in her mouth as she tries to keep both of them satisfied. They lift her up and put her on the stool and then Mick slowly sticks his cock into her pussy as she keeps working on Dillon. They continue to switch positions as the guys continue to fuck her pussy. But then Dillon picks her up and brings her over to Mick for some DP action. There is some slight image quality issues with this scene, but it seems like this is a fairly old scene, so the quality might not be as good. She ends up laying on Dillon as he works her ass some more, while Mick teases her with his cock in her mouth. But he eventually ends up back in her pussy for some more DP action. They take turns pile driving her pussy and ass and then they DP her in this position for a little bit. She jerks each guy until they cum in mouth and chest and she licks their cocks clean as the scene comes to an end.
Scene Seven: Amanda King, Suzanna and Nick Lang from Jordan's Anal Hotties (3/5 rating)

Nick is on the bed with one of the ladies, while the other is on a couch off in the distance, playing with her pussy. Nick has his face deep in the pussy of the other girl, but soon enough the other girl comes over and wants in on the fun. She and Nick kiss and then he pushes her head down to the other girl's pussy. Nick stands up and plays with her ass for a bit, but then ends up on the bed, opens his pants and gets a blowjob while licking the girl's pussy. The girls double team his cock and balls but then he gets one of the girls on the bed and begins to fuck her in some missionary action. He pulls out and let's the other girl suck on his cock a bit before he sticks it back in. We zoom ahead to some spoon fucking, which makes it easy for the ladies to please each other. I do have to point out that up to this point in the scene, both ladies are still wearing their panties, they are just moved to the side as they continue to get fucked, so see my previous reviews to see where I am going with that. He continues to switch back and forth with the ladies, and he spends most of his time in the spoon position. The panties finally come off as they climb on top for some reverse cowgirl action, which leads to some anal sex, while the other girl fingers her ass to get ready for her turn. But it doesn't seem like she is going to get her turn, as he continues the anal fucking, doggy style, on the same girl. She must be the anal one. But no, the other girl finally gets her turn, as he attacks her ass from above. And you can tell she is enjoying it, as you watch her toes and feet curl up. The girls double team his cock once again and he ends up cumming in both of their mouths. Just wanted to point out that this was a fairly good scene, considering I wasn't familiar with either of these ladies. It's always nice to see a scene with new people and you walk away feeling rather satisfied.
Scene Eight: Bree Olson, Tommy Gunn and Jean Val Jean from Eden (5/5 rating)

So 8 scenes in and we finally get to the scene that is on the box cover for the movie. This is one of the scenes I was looking forward to checking it out. I always seem to enjoy Bree in every scene she does, and I am sure this would be no different. The scene starts out as the three of them are enjoying a nice day at the beach, as Bree is jerking both of the guys off, as the waves crash in the background. She quickly gets to her knees and works on both as they grab a breast whenever they can. She gets face fucked by both the guys and she just begs for them to give it to her. They get her top off and then Tommy gets her bottom off and then fingers her pussy while she works on Jean. Tommy ends up fucking her from behind as she moves back and forth on his cock, but then Jean decides to it's time to fuck her ass. She ends up back on Tommy for some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy and she keeps screaming as he keeps pounding away on her. They move closer to the waves and Tommy is fucking her from behind while she jerks off Jean. The guys switch positions and she doesn't seem to be letting up at all during the scene. She rides Tommy for some more anal action as the waves come crashing in. Jean gives her some more anal love before he tags Tommy in to work on her pussy. I am sorry if it seems that I am not writing a lot about this scene, I am just sitting here enjoying Bree doing what she does best. And I am sure you would be too. She does seem to miss a beat as she moves back and forth from each guy. She ends up jerking them off as the scene comes to an end.
Scene Nine: Ava Rose, Faith Leon and Marco Banderas from Tease (4/5 rating)

Ava is on the bed with Marco, while Faith looks on from a distance. Ava invites her over and she climbs in bed and the girls start to makes out and kiss as Marco enjoys the show. The girls tease him at first and try to keep him away from the fun, but they finally let him join in. They get his pants off and they take turns on his cock, but Faith seems to hog it for awhile before she lets Ava get a taste. Faith shows off her ass to him on the bed, and Ava guides his cock into her pussy. Ava gets her turn as she climbs on his cock, with her ass to camera and we gets some amazing booty bounce as he fucks her. Ava shows off her jungle gym skills as she grabs the bed post ceiling as he continues to fuck her. They come back down to earth, as he moves on to Faith for some missionary while she lays on the bed. So we are down to the last hour of this movie and I gotta say it's at a high point right now, some very good scenes and hopefully it keeps up for the rest of the movie. I hate to end this in a bad note. Ok for some reason we get some slow motion as the scene comes to an end and he ends up cumming on Ava. This could have easily been a 5/5 rating if it had kept going a little bit longer.
Scene Ten: Poppy Morgan, Alex Sanders and Evan Stone from Double Shocker 3 (1/5 rating)

The scene starts as Evan has his face in her ass and pussy and Alex has his cock out for Poppy. She gets all of his cock in her throat as she chokes on his cock. She turns around and Alex licks her ass, as she strokes Evan's cock. They basically man handled her during this scene. Evan chokes her a bit while she gets fucked by Alex. Evan fucks her will Alex keeps face fucking and she yells for them to keep it coming, she seems to enjoy the rough nature of these two. And speaking of rough, they soon double team her for some DP action, as she continues to scream with delight. After a brief position switch she is back to the guys double teaming her. After that she gets some one on one time with the guys as they pound her ass. But the one on one is short and the double team begins once again. The scene ends as they cum in her mouth and she blows us some cum bubbles.
Scene Eleven: Shyla Stylez, Angel Cassidy, and Ben English from Lady Scarface (1/5 rating)

It's a nice day by the pool and the ladies are literally ripping the clothes off Ben in hopes to get to his cock. Angel gets first taste but Shyla quickly gets her chance. The girls' s swimsuits start to come off as they continue sucking his cock, and Angel slides underneath for easy access to his balls. Shyla slides his cock in her breasts for some titty fucking. Angel is next with some face fucking while Shyla has her face buried in her pussy. Ben slips behind Shyla and lifts her ass enough for him to get a good angle on her pussy. Angel moves to the side of the pool and Ben fucks her while Shyla sits on her face. And then the ladies double team him as one sits on his face and the other rides his cock. Shyla moves to his cock and she swivels her hips around before he hops up and down on his cock. She leans over and lets him get a mouthful of her tits. Ben stands up and grabs a hold of Angel as he fucks her and Shyla goes for his balls again. The scene ends as he cums over both ladies faces.
Scene Twelve: Maya Hills, Dirty Harry and Jay Lassiter from Dark City (1/5 rating)

It's time warp to the 70s and these guys are ready to enjoy Maya and her body. She falls to her knees and plays with the guy's crotch and then works on their cocks. She starts to play with her pussy as she continues to work on the guys, but then she is getting fucked in the spoon position on the bed. They get pretty rough with her as the fucking continues. They get some more doggy action going as she continues to makes sure that everyone is getting attention. She moves to some cowgirl action, as she bounces on his cock and gets her ass slapped a few times. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl action and rubs her pussy while she gets fucked. The scene comes to an end as they both deposit their cum in her mouth. This was another pretty short film, but in this case it's a good thing
Scene Thirteen: Stephanie Cane, Brooke Scott and Eric Swiss from Double Crossed (2/5 rating)

We see the girls are working double duty as his cock as the scene starts. But one of the girls climbs on his face and he licks her pussy as the other sucks on his cock. They go back to double teaming his cock as they both stick their asses in the air. Which is not too bad of a sight. One of the ladies climbs on his cock, leans back and slowly rides him. They double ride him as one rides his cock while the other sits on his face again. Either one of these girls has really small hands or a really big ass, my money it's the ass that is big. Some doggy really seems to prove my theory. The girls lay on top of each other as he makes his way back and forth between the ladies. After some hard fucking he pulls out and cums on her pussy and has some left for the other girl's mouth

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