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How Do You Want Me?

Studio: Vouyer Media » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/4/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex/POV
Director: Vince Vouyer
Cast: Cassie Young, Denise K., Devon Lee, Dragon Lily, Innocence, Jamie Elle, Kitty Tyler, Naudia Marie, Vince Vouyer.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Cassie Young.
Length: 03:00
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex and a second from 2007 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Cassie Young.


Although it's not obvious by its title, How Do You Want Me? is a seven-scene point-of-view (POV) experience. And, what an experience it is! I've never been too much of a fan of this genre since I have always felt that the action wasn't really shot from my point-of-view. Instead, it always seems that the cameraman shoots over the shoulder of the male performer. Not so in this case. Although I can't say for sure, I think that Vince Vouyer, the only penis driver in the movie, actually shot the video as he was fucking each of the seven delectable cuties that appear in How Do You Want Me? Somehow, the action just feels right!

Have you ever considered what it might be like to be Vince Vouyer? Not only does he get to fuck the hottest (and often the newest) girls in the business, but he also gets paid to do it. Even better, he owns the rights to the movies he makes for his own studio, Vouyer Media. So, the profits his movies generate go straight into his pocket. OK, we know he "plows" some of his money back into his business. However, in reality, he gets the pussy and the money! What a life!

How Do You Want Me? will give you a little waste of what it might be like to spend three solid hours in Vince's shoes. You'll get to chat with seven gorgeous girls; experience what it's like to have them sweetly ask, "How do you want me?" while looking imploringly into your eyes; fuck them one or two at a time; stuff their pussies and, in two cases, their assholes with your king-sized dick; and pop in their mouths, in their pussies, or on their asses. Even better, one of the girls you'll get to enjoy is none other than the incredible Cassie Young (the blond and hard-bodied cover girl)! Not a bad way to spend a couple of very pleasurable hours!

How Do You Want Me? is the best POV movie I've seen so far. So, I'm putting it on my short list of nominees for the 2007 XRCO Best POV Movie" award. And, I'm nominating Vince and Cassie for the 2007 XRCO "Best On-Screen Couple" award.

Check out some photos of the girls in How Do You Want Me? here. Pay particular attention to the photos of sweeter-than-honey Cassie Young! Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One features Naudia Marie, an all-natural brunette cutie with magnificent real tits. This is an average boy/girl vaginal-only scene brightened by Naudia's cute appearance. Too bad she didn't cum. Three and one-half stars!

  • Tease: Naudia shows off her hot little body, dances provocatively, and shakes her butt. Then, she tells us this is her very first scene! So, after a little light-hearted banter between Naudia and Vince, during which we get to admire her body parts and watch her masturbate, we see her lose her video virginity.
  • Position 1: Doggie. Without foreplay (Naudia's cunt is already soaked!) Vince slips his cock into Naudia's pussy from behind as she bends over and thrusts her ass high in the air. She immediately begins to fuck him with long strokes while he squeezes her ass flesh. This action doesn't last long because they really haven't begun the scene yet...they haven't left for the location yet!
  • Position 2: Missionary and doggie in the car. Vince and Naudia jump in Vince's car (Naudia rides topless) for a bone-stiffening ride to the set. In fact, Vince gets so hard that he has to pull over for a little in-and-out action in missionary and then doggie. Naudia hurls her body back and forth on Vince's rod. Then, she sucks her juices off of his cock!
  • Position 3: Missionary. Once Vince and Naudia get to the set, she dons a tiny outfit that includes black satin crotchless panties. After she lies back on a couch, Vince slips his rod through the hole in Naudia's panties and fucks her bald pussy hard and deep as she holds her labia open for him. Soon, she begins to rock her hips to fuck him back as he plows her balls-deep and squeezes her tits with his hands. Naudia loves Vince's technique and groans in ecstasy as he reams her.
  • Position 4: Doggie. Next, Vince gets an opportunity to fuck Naudia from behind while savoring her plump butt cheeks. Naudia rides him like a champion, tossing her body back and forth as her ass cheeks bounce and collide with Vince's thighs. And, she lets us know she's enjoying herself by groaning and panting passionately. She's not faking...her ass is covered with gooseflesh!
  • Position 5: Reverse cowgirl. Vince lies on the floor and, without letting his cock escape her pussy or missing nary a stroke, Naudia continues to fuck him reverse cowgirl style. She also grinds his cock as she slides her plump butt back and forth on Vince's body while his cock remains firmly planted inside her.
  • Position 6: Doggie revisited. Naudia stands and straddles the couch. Then, while admiring Naudia's gooseflesh-covered and shapely ass, Vince stands behind her and slips his cock between her fleshy labia for more doggie sex. Vince stands still and enjoys the ride as Naudia fucks him frantically.
  • Popshot: Vince pulls out of Naudia's pussy in the nick of time...within seconds, his cock is pumping loads of semen all over her pretty butt and into her ass cleavage. Naudia giggles with delight as Vince's semen slides down her flesh. Damn, it's pretty.

Scene Two

-- sponsored by --

Scene Two features Dragon Lily, an Asian princess with extensive and colorful tattoos covering her back. Dragon Lily gets her pussy and asshole reamed by Vince in this scene. She also swallows almost all of his generous cumshot. But, alas, she never cums herself. Four stars.

  • Tease: We get to watch Dragon Lily's ass and face as she crawls across the floor, see her pinch her nipples, watch Vince squeeze and slap her butt cheeks and finger-fuck her Chinese-Japanese-Filipina pussy, listen to Dragon Lily beg Vince to "fuck me hard," and savor her ass as she shakes her booty for the camera.
  • Foreplay: Fellatio. While Vince captures the action from our POV, Dragon kneels on all fours and crawls up to his rod so she can suck and bite it. She also licks his lucky balls. Damn, this is beautiful footage...it's just like Dragon Lily was blowing your cock instead of Vince's! And, you'll get to savor her big brown eyes as she gazes longingly into yours, enjoy her plump ass cheeks when you look over her head, and feel her pert and hard nipples when you reach down to squeeze them.
  • Position 1: Doggie. Dragon Lily bends over a couch and presents her awesome ass to Vince (and us) for approval. Acting on our behalf, Vince rubs the head of his aching cock on her slippery labia to moisten it and then pounds her pussy with deep and satisfying strokes. Dragon Lily's ass flesh immediately breaks out in gooseflesh as her body absorbs untold pleasure from Vince's penis. Eventually, Dragon Lily fucks Vince back, matching his strokes with hers. In gratitude, Vince shoves his thumb up her asshole. Dragon Lily loves it and begs, "You wanna stick it in my ass?" Of course he does! But, before he stuffs her brown eye, he spends some more time reaming her slippery wet cunt.
  • Position 2: Doggie anal. Even though Dragon Lily admits that she's only had a cock up her ass on one other occasion, she really seems to enjoy having her tight hole stretched wide as Vince inches his rod deep inside. She even helps out by undulating her butt to force his cock deep into her asshole. Once her sphincter has greedily accepted his whole rod, she lets Vince just stand back and enjoy the ride as she fucks him enthusiastically. During this segment, she also sucks her ass juices off of Vince's cock. God, Dragon Lily looks good sucking cock!
  • Position 3: Missionary. Dragon Lily lies on the floor and opens her legs so that her labia spread wide. Then, Vince again enjoys her slippery pussy as he fucks it balls deep. Dragon moans appreciatively and encourages Vince with naughty talk. Of course, Dragon Lily keeps Vince's cock clean by sucking her juices off of it.
  • Position 4: Reverse cowgirl. Dragon Lily straddles Vince with her ass toward him and rides him like a champion while we savor her plump heart-shaped ass as it bounces up and down erotically. Reverse cowgirl never looked so good!
  • Position 5: Reverse cowgirl anal. Dragon Lily enjoys a good asshole thumping as Vince reams her from below. She enjoys it so much that she tosses her body up and down to fuck him back. And, she spreads her butt cheeks wide so we can get a first-class view of the action. Dragon Lily also sucks--and deep-throats--Vince's cock ATM style.
  • Position 6: Doggie anal revisited. Dragon Lily lies on the floor, half on her side and half on her back, and enjoys more anal sex as Vince thrusts balls-deep into her. Vince grabs her butt cheeks and squeezes them hard as he fucks her. Later, she eagerly takes over and fucks him balls-deep while he enjoys the ride.
  • Position 7: Doggie. With Vince's cock ensconced inside her ass, Dragon Lily gets up onto her knees. After a few more strokes, Vince transfers his dick into her pussy to again enjoy her Asian twat. He enjoys it so much that he begins to pound her harder and faster--until he reaches the point of no return.
  • Popshot: When Vince can no longer hold back, he pulls out of Dragon Lily's pussy as she simultaneously drops to her knees in front of him. Then, Vince gives her smiling face--and pierced tongue--an abundant serving of his rich and creamy cum. Delighted Dragon Lily swallows every drop that lands in her mouth and turns her merry and dancing eyes to us. Good girl, Lily!

Scene Three

Denise K. Denise is a busty blond who not only cums like a volcano during her superb scene with Vince, but also lets him pop inside her pussy. Nothing's quite as good as a cream pie! Four and one-half stars.

  • Tease: 20-year-old Denise shows off her extraordinary thong-covered ass as the camera captures its loveliness from below when she leans over an outdoor balcony. Wow! She also squeezes her inviting breasts, fingers her clit, chats with Vince (and us) and inquires, "How do you want me?" Vince, acting on our behalf, pulls Denise's thong aside so that he can finger her labia and probe her juicy vagina with his thumb until her clit stands erect. He also squeezes Denise's big tits
  • Position 1: Missionary. Denise lies on an outdoor chaise lounge and opens her legs wide so that Vince can slide into her pussy. Vince's need for Denise is so acute that he doesn't even bother removing his shorts--or Denise's panties, for that matter. Denise's lust for Vince is great, too. So, she's soon thrusting her cleanly-shaven cunt back and forth on Vince's achingly hard rod. She also shows off some of the finest grinding moves you'll ever see! Meanwhile, the camera feasts on Denise's still-clothed--yet very desirable--big boobs. Believe me, you'll cheer when she finally slips them out of her top! Nice tits, baby! Vince agrees and greedily squeezes them until her nipples swell. During this sweet segment, Denise sucks Vince's cock clean--she even manages to shove most of it down her throat. The best part of this oral cock-cleaning is Denise's eye contact with us as she worships Vince's cock with her hands and mouth.
  • Position 2: Doggie. Denise kneels atop the chaise lounge, shows us her "ass-ets," and spreads her butt cheeks wide. Vince, quickly positions himself so that he can fuck her pussy from behind. To keep the camera mostly still, Vince remains stationary...Denise does the work by tossing her lovely body back and forth to force Vince's cock ever deep inside her. She also grinds him erotically as her pussy coats his cock with lots of slippery girl juice.
  • Break for two rounds of fellatio. After an incendiary combination hand/blowjob, during which Denise smiles and calls cocks "God's miracle" (who'd disagree?), Denise, on all fours, crawls into the house and across the carpet. Of course, Vince lasciviously follows and, lucky for us, keeps his camera aimed at Denise's perfect butt. Denise teases: "You wanna fuck me? I know you do. COME ON! Come on, baby. Come and fuck me!" Yes, ma'am. But first, you've just gotta suck cock again. Denise readily agrees, straddles Vince as he lies on the floor, and gives him some absolutely superb and slobbery fellatio...including lots of deep-throat action. She also uses her hands very effectively. Again, Denise shows off the power of her eyes as she gazes longingly at us through the camera lens.
  • Position 3: Doggie part two. Denise bends over a couch as Vince approaches her from behind. He slides his rod into her oh-so-juicy hole and fucks her fast and deep as she pants with pleasure and chants, "Fuck me! Fuck that little pussy!" During this segment, she also squeezes her nipples, jacks her clit, and fucks him back with enthusiastic strokes.
  • Position 4: Cowgirl. As Vince lies on the floor, Denise straddles him cowgirl style and frantically slides her pussy up and down on his cock until it completely disappears between her labia (superb video). She also uses her outstanding grinding moves on his rod while jacking her erect clit. During this segment, Denise often lets Vince's cock slip out of her pussy so that she can stroke it with her spit-lubricated hand.
  • Position 5: Missionary part deux. Denise lies back on the couch, spreads her wings, and lets Vince come inside. Vince takes advantage of her wide-open stance to plow her balls deep as the camera zooms in tight on the action. Vince fucks Denise with increasing vigor, and she responds by frantically jacking her clit until she cums.
  • Popshot: After Denise explodes with ecstasy, Vince lets her cool off a bit and then pounds her pussy again in the missionary position until he fills her gorgeous pussy with his load. "It feels so hot," exclaims Denise. It looks pretty damned hot, too, especially when Vince's load flows out of Denise's pussy, past her asshole, and onto the couch. She also uses her fingers to scoop out globs of his semen!There's no popshot better than a cream pie!

Scene Four

Kitty Tyler and Naudia Marie. Naudia liked being fucked by Vince so much in Scene One that she comes back for more...this time accompanied by her girlfriend Kitty Tyler. Watching the two of them attack Vince's rod, in nearly every conceivable way, from our point of view is really a treat. In relation to other threeways, this one is good--but not noteworthy. Sadly, the girls don't interact too much. And, neither girl appears to cum during the scene. On the other hand, they sure are attractive and do a very nice job fucking Vince's lucky cock. Four stars.

  • Tease: Naudia frolics by the pool--dressed in a skimpy thong and nearly-there top--and chats with Vince about what she wants to do next. She and Vince decide to invite her girlfriend, Kitty, to join the fun. When Kitty arrives, we are treated to a busty (both of her nipples are pierced) and leggy blond from Dayton, Ohio who has already done five adult scenes. When Kitty bends over to show off her superbly shaped ass, you'll have to admit that her ass-ets are superb.
  • Foreplay: Fellatio. Kitty does not need any convincing to attack Vince's proffered cock with her talented mouth. She strokes his rod with her beautifully manicured fingers, licks his tip with her pierced tongue, and swallows his shaft balls-deep: "I love sucking dick!" Meanwhile, Naudia, in the background, strips out of her top, squeezes her superb boobs, masturbates, and watches Kitty devour Vince's penis. During foreplay, Naudia also takes an opportunity to stuff her mouth with Vince's rod. Throughout the fellatio, the superb POV video footage makes it seem like you and I are the owner of the lucky dick.
  • Position 1: Doggie. Naudia is the first to get her pussy plowed when she bends over, doggie style, and presents her inviting pussy to Vince. He rubs his tip on her juicy cunt and then slides all the way in. Naudia is so fucking wet that her juice slathers Vince's cock as she pistons her body back and forth on his rod. Damn, this footage looks great! Kitty agrees and watches mesmerized as Naudia fucks herself and Vince to heaven. In fact, Kitty gets jealous. So, she strips off her panties and kneels next to Naudia so that Vince can take turns plowing one pussy and then another. Can life get any better? Yeah, it can...when both girls work together to suck his cock clean.
  • Position 2: Missionary. Kitty leans back on a patio chair and spreads her legs so that Vince can slide his cock past her pierced clit hood and into her bald-shaven cunt. As Vince slides his big rod balls-deep in-and-out of Kitty, she groans most appreciatively. Naudia, of course, wants in on the action. So, she lies next to Kitty so Vince can alternatively sample each slippery wet hole. Excellent!
  • Popshot 1: Vince reams Naudia's pussy until he's ready to pop. Then, he pulls out and shoots his load all over Naudia's well-toned belly and into her pierced navel. Naudia giggles like a schoolgirl while Kitty exclaims, "That is so fuckin' hot."
  • Position 3: Doggie part two. Vince and his girls adjourn into the house to continue their threeway feast. To bring Vince back to full mast--after all, he just popped--Kitty gives him an oh-so-beautiful blowjob as she kneels before him and gazes into our eyes. Meanwhile, Naudia watches the action and masturbates. Once Vince is rock hard, Kitty kneels atop a couch and shoves her gorgeous ass (she has a replica of Jenna Jameson's "Heartbreaker" tattoo on her left butt cheek) high in the air. Vince, of course, takes advantage of the situation and enthusiastically pounds her cunt at redline speed. In due course, Kitty begins to fuck him back, using superb thrusting and grinding moves to please his rod and her pussy.
  • Position 4: Reverse cowgirl. "Naudia, sit on my cock!" With that minimal invitation, Naudia does just that...and more! Naudia fucks him hard and fast as we, from our point-of-view, savor her pretty butt and listen to her soaking-wet pussy "slurp" his cock. Kitty wants Vince's dick real bad. But, Naudia insists on "hogging" his cock. However, she eventually relinquishes control and lets Kitty pound Vince reverse cowgirl style. God, Kitty's thrusting/grinding moves are fantastic, and her juicy pussy is absolutely gorgeous--especially when Vince gapes her!
  • Position 5: Cowgirl. In due course, Vince decides he wants to watch bouncing tits as he fucks. So, Naudia eagerly mounts him and gives him a superb look at her two natural wonders--as well as her pretty pink cunt and hard belly. Kitty, too, gets her share of Vince's cock when Naudia lets her mount him and again show off her incendiary moves and gorgeous pierced tits and pussy. Meanwhile, she groans in ecstasy and inflames Vince with naughty talk.
  • Position 6: Missionary revisited. Naudia sits on the floor with her legs splayed wide so Vince can fuck her missionary style until he's ready to pop.
  • Popshot 2: Vince gives Kitty his second load of the scene. She opens her mouth wide and catches every drop. Then, she spits it onto Naudia's tits and uses her hands to massage it into Naudia's flesh.

Scene Five

Jamie Elle: Jamie's a cute brown-eyed blond who, like the other girls in this movie, is eager to know, "How do you want me?" We want her vaginally and anally and we simply must pop inside her pussy. We get what we want! Too bad she didn't cum. Four stars.

  • Tease: Jamie shows off her thong-clad ass, struts her stuff like a champion stripper, jiggles her ass, squeezes her tits, masturbates, and inflames us with lots of naughty talk.
  • Position 1: Doggie. "Why don't you come over here and put that big ole cock in that tight little pussy?" Vince responds to Jamie by positioning himself behind her shapely ass, sliding his cock into her pussy, and pounding her with long deep strokes. She encourages him with lots of deliciously nasty words. Her body, too, inflames him as her flesh breaks out with all-over gooseflesh. During doggie, Jamie takes a luscious break to enthusiastically suck and lick her juices off of Vince's cock. As in previous scenes, the POV video of the fellatio is absolutely superb, up-close-and-personal, and sure to cause your cock to swell your cock or your pussy to drip. Later, they resume doggie sex so that Jamie can show off her sexy fucking moves and her nicely-inked back.
  • Position 2: Missionary. Jamie sits atop a bar stool and spreads her legs open so that Vince can have access to her bald-shaven pussy from the front. As Vince approaches, Jamie coos, "Spread that little fucking pussy!" Vince does the lady's bidding and is soon deep inside her sweet and inviting hole. Jamie loves the in-and-out action: "Your fuckin' big ole cock feels good in that tight little pussy!" Damn, Jamie sure knows how to talk nasty! While he fucks her, Vince takes numerous opportunities to squeeze her pretty all-natural breasts and erect nipples. And, he jacks her clit, too. Midway through missionary, Jamie and Vince move to a couch. As Jamie lies back on the cushions, she's able to demonstrate her extremely sexy and undulating moves as she erotically fucks Vince.
  • Position 3: Cowgirl. After Jamie takes a short time-out to suck Vince's cock clean, she mounts him cowgirl style, spreads her labia super wide, and then gobbles his cock with her insatiable vagina. Jamie and Vince fuck each other frantically while teasing each other with lots of naughty vocabulary. Throughout this segment, Jamie's moves are extremely effective and erotic.
  • Position 4: Cowgirl anal. Jamie lifts her vagina off of Vince's cock, aligns his rod with her asshole, and slowly inches herself down. As soon as her sphincter has sufficiently relaxed, she fucks him slow and deep as superb close-ups capture the action from our perspective. Yum!
  • Position 5: Reverse cowgirl anal. Jamie squats above Vince so he can slide his cock into her asshole from below. Then, she fucks him as her asshole accepts every inch of his lucky rod. Meanwhile, we get to savor Jamie's beautiful tailbone tattoo as she tosses her body back and forth and talks nasty. Soon, Vince takes over when he responds to Jamie's plea to "fuck that tight ass."
  • Position 6: Missionary part two. Jamie lies atop a couch with her legs pulled back behind her head. Vince then fucks her pussy as Jamie exclaims, "I like having your cock inside my pussy!" Then, he slips his cock out of her cunt and directly into her accommodating asshole. Jamie growls with delight in reaction to Vince's redline-speed thrusts.
  • Position 7: Cowgirl anal revisited. Jamie implores, "You gonna cum inside that tight little pussy of mine? I want you to cum in that tight little pussy!" However, Jamie has a little more work to do before she gets her wish. She and Vince spend a bit more time fucking anally--this time cowgirl style. Then, Jamie sucks his cock using nasty ATM.
  • Popshot: Jamie sits back on the couch and plays with her pussy while Vince watches lustfully and strokes his rod. Eventually, Vince shoves his cock back into her cunt and pounds it until he pops inside. "I wanna feel all the warmness in there! I wanna feel in squishing around in there." Jamie gets her wish...and then we get to savor Vince's huge load streaming from her oh-so-happy cunt. Damn, I love cream pies!

Scene Six

Devon Lee. Sorry, but I'm almost out of space...there's so much good sex to write about in this movie! So, I'll simply say this is gorgeous, busty, and blond Devon Lee's her first-ever anal scene. Boob lovers will really enjoy Devon's voluptuousness and ass lovers won't be disappointed in the least (I really like her body.) The sex is about average and Devon doesn't cum. However, her gorgeous body and her willingness to take Vince's cock up her ass as well as her pussy earns the scene four stars.

Scene Seven

Cassie Young. Cassie's the reason to buy this disc! Even if all the other scenes absolutely sucked (and they most certainly don't), Cassie Young is worth the purchase price ten times over. I adore Cassie in every possible way. This scene is the essence of POV--and, in my opinion, what sex is all about! Enough said. Now excuse me while I watch this outstanding scene and spew all over the place. Five stars.


DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen video is good, but not great. There is some video noise in the image (caused by numerous difficult lighting circumstances inherent in POV shooting), some overexposed footage and flare, and some sequences in which the color balance is off. I also noticed that a lot of the video is grainy (pixelized) and that many of the edits are abrupt and do not feature transitioning footage when the couple moves from one position to another. There are also jerky camera motions--movements that you'd expect to occur since Vince, the male performer, wields the camera. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): Vince used, I believe, a unidirectional forward-mounted microphone on his camera. So, whenever he talks with a girl, his voice, behind the camera, is muffled while hers is clear. So, it's a bit hard to understand what question or comment the girl's responding to. Other than that, the sound is OK. There's no musical soundtrack, except during the initial tease segments, so nothing obfuscates the sweet sounds of sex. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: The Extras include 20 minutes of "Cutting Room Floor" footage that is really a behind-the-scenes look at the making of How Do You Want Me? You'll get to see the girls made-up and try on various outfits for Vince. A "More Core" feature contains about 12 minutes of really good bonus footage of Vince and Naudia Marie. Had this action, which includes anal finger-fucking, been included in Scene One, it would have rated four stars instead of three and one-half! The Extras also include a full-fledged 16-minute bonus scene featuring Innocence and Vince Vouyer as well as a self-running slide show. Four stars.

Aesthetics: The locations used when How Do You Want Me? was shot are attractive but not especially inspired. Nice homes--with attractive furniture and comfy outdoor patios--were used. However, the furnishings were not used creatively. Instead, sex unimaginatively place on couches or chairs--or on the floor. Again, the sets are OK, but not noteworthy. The girls' outfits and make-up are OK but, again, not remarkable in any way. No music accompanies the action. Three and one-half stars.


Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.14
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.13

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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