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I Love Big Toys #4

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/31/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Solo/gonzo
Director: Mario Rossi
Cast: Aaralyn Barra, Christie Lee, Missy Monroe, Nikki Nievez, Sammie Rhodes, Sindee Jennings, Tobi Pacific.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Missy Monroe,Sammie Rhodes, Sindee Jennings.
Length: 02:12
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus point for the three Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls in the cast: Missy Monroe,Sammie Rhodes, and Sindee Jennings.


I love to watch a beautiful woman who knows how to please herself with knowing fingers and effective toys. So, movies like I Love Big Toys 4 and 12 Nasty Girls Masturbating always make it to the top of my in-basket.

Whereas most of the solo masturbation movies I've seen have included numerous ten-minute-or-so scenes, Digital Sin's director Mario Rossi chose to give us fewer--but much longer--scenes. Frankly, I've got to admit that I really enjoyed the 20-plus minute long scenes. By the end of those very enjoyable minutes, I had really gotten to know each of the girls and her "assets." Yum!

I must admit that each of the six self-lovin' women in I Love Big Toys 4 really got me off. However, Missy Monroe's performance in I Love Big Toys 4 was a particularly special treat for me.

Bottom line? If you like to see gorgeous girls, pretty and juicy pussies stuffed with fingers and huge toys, shapely tits, female orgasms, and squirting ejaculations, you owe it to yourself to watch I Love Big Toys 4. The sooner, the better!

Frankly, I'm really looking forward to future installments of this series.

Check out some photos of the girls in I Love Big Toys 4 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the Missy Monroe and her traffic-cone-style sex toy. Enjoy!


When I first started reviewing all-girl solo movies, I debated for a while about how I should write them up. After all, each of the six scenes in I love Big Toys 4 is pretty much the same: the girl talks nasty, teases us, fucks herself with a series of increasingly large toys, and--most of the time--makes herself cum. Therefore, if I wrote about each scene, each paragraph would be pretty much the same.

So, a while back I was previewing 12 Nasty Girls Masturbating Volume 1, I decided to give awards for varying attributes of the girls' performances. Here's what I came up with for I Love Big Toys 4. Keep in mind that these are my faves in each category. If you like to watch girls fuck themselves, you ought to watch the movie and judge for yourself!

Most Beautiful. Without a shadow of doubt in my mind, I award this most coveted award to Sammie Rhodes. She's a gorgeous blond with perfect skin, fleshy labia, chevron-shaped pubic hair, and all natural tits. She's beyond yummy!

Cutest. Although Sammie is, I think, the most beautiful girl in I Love Big Toys 4, Missy Monroe is the one who's cutest. She's absolutely adorable, the kind of woman I'd love to be around just because of her perkiness coupled with her eminently attractive body. And, her distinct nastiness is a major plus, too!

Best Outfit. Frankly, there's not much of an emphasis on wardrobe in I love Big Toys 4. Don't get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong with seeing six scrumptious girls altogether nude. However, two girls do sport particularly attractive attire--at least at the beginning of their scenes: Christie Lee wears a very feminine and flowery black and pink frilly bra and matching panties. On the other hand, winner Missy Monroe's cute red-and-white striped halter with matching skirt and bright red thong is HOT!

Best Piercings. Sammie has rings in her nose, ears, and navel and Christie Lee has had her navel and nose pierced. However, my favorite, Nicki Nievez has a clit hood ring. Somebody who goes to that much effort--and pain?--deserves an award!

Best Tattoos. Although Missy Monroe's "Missy" tattoo on her ass is very attractive, I prefer Sammy Rhodes' queen-sized inking that adorns her tailbone and lower back. Artistic!

Best Boobs. Two of the girls have all-natural breasts of superb appearance...Missy and Sammie. Frankly, I'd love to suckle and fuck both pairs! However, if forced to make a choice, I'd go with Missy's. I've known Missy for a couple of years and have seen her gorgeous tits mature into things of absolute wonder!

Best Ass. Two girls in I Love Big Toys 4 have drop-dead gorgeous butts...Christie Lee and Sammie Rhodes. Of the two girls, I choose Sammie because her ass is firm, shows no sign of cellulite, and has the most perfect shape imaginable.

Best Ass to Mouth. Although there was not much competition in this category, naughty Christie Lee wins by a landslide. She gleefully cleans her fingers using finger-lickin'-good ATM.

Best Ass to Pussy. Again, nasty Christie Lee is the winner. She pulls her ass-covered fingers out of her anus and then immediately slides them into her juicy pink cunt.

Prettiest Pussy. Sammie Rhodes has fleshy labia, has no blemishes surrounding her pubic area, is cleanly shaven below clit level with no sign of stubble, and has chevron-shaped pubic hair crowning her clit. Christie Lee's labia are puffy and nicely frame her sweet slit. Even better, her clit is crowned with a nicely groomed and triangular patch of pubic hair. Winner Missy Monroe has a gorgeous cunt. It's cleanly shaven, is blemish-free, has nice fleshy labia, is a stunning bright pink color, is crowned by a big clit, and is enclosed in a long and inviting slit. I'd love to eat it all day long!

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Juiciest Pussy. Winner Nicki Nievez' pussy is amazing. Even when she's not squirting, her spread labia reveal rivers of girl juice oozing from her pussy. Missy Monroe, Sindee Jennings, Christie Lee, and Tobi Pacific also have superior slippery-when-wet vaginas. Each girl's cunt sloshes and drips--and gleams with moisture--when she finger- or toy-fucks herself.

Best Gaping Pussy. I love to look deep inside a woman's pussy when a cock or toy slides out of it. Sindee Jennings and Tobi Pacific allow me to see deep inside--almost to their cervixes! However, winner Sammie Rhodes' pussy gapes huge and beautiful when she pulls out a humongous black dildo. I could gaze into it for hours!

Biggest (Most Engorged) Clit. Missy Monroe wins. Even SHE knows her clitoris is huge! God, I'd like to bite and suckle that thing! Even better, it gets bigger and bigger as she plays with herself! Tobi Pacific's clit is also noteworthy...it's hard, erect, and proud!

Best Tease. There's really not much teasing in I Love Big Toys 4. Instead, most of the girls get right to it so they can obtain as much pleasure as they can while they're on camera. However, Missy Monroe does pretend to titty-fuck your cock...it's quite hot. Even better, winner Christie Lee really knows how to tease and please. As she strips off her panties, she teases you and me, saying: "I want you to sit there, take your pants off, and take that dick out. Get your dick nice and hard! Is it getting hard for me?" Of course, Christie!

Best Strip. Most of the girls don't obviously strip for us. However, Christie Lee does make somewhat of a promotion out of it when she takes off her panties. Tobi Pacific, however, wins this category. She puts her panties up to the camera lens so we can "smell them" when she strips off her clothes. She also shoves her nipple into the lens so we can suck it!

Nastiest Vocabulary. Sammie and Missy both give nice running commentaries and converse with us while they masturbate. Sindee does even better: "I definitely need something bigger than this. I'm so wet I could slide anything up there!" She keeps talking about how her fingers or toys make her feel...I LIKE that! Christie Lee talks quite a bit about how she'd like YOU to be there with her and how she's going to get really naughty for you. Tobi, too, inflames our passions with her words: "I bet you like that, you fucking pervert!" She also keeps asking you how your cock feels, asks if it's getting harder, and reminds you to keep stroking it, Even though these girls are nasty to the bone, Nicki Nievez wins by a landslide. Here's a sample of her really naughty commentary: "Do I fucking amuse you? Are you gonna watch while I feed my sickness? Nobody touches me better than I do! I'm a fucking greedy cock whore! Fuck, I fuck myself SO well!"

Best Use of Fingers. Although all the girls are pretty handy with their fingers (pun intended), Nicki Nievez is the undisputed winner. She uses four fingers to stretch her amazingly juicy "whorehole" super wide so we can see all the way to her soul! "Am I fucking pretty, or what?" She also uses her talented fingers to dig around inside her cunt and jack her G-Spot until she squirts!

Most Fingers (Pussy). There's a tie here...both Sammie Rhodes and Christie Lee go way beyond the Four-Finger-Club and shove six fingers up their cunts. Nicki and Missy are both four-finger girls.

Most Fingers (Ass). Another tie! Nicki and Christie Lee both double-finger-fuck their assholes.

Most Amazing Toy. Of course, the theme of this movie is girls fucking themselves with amazing toys! All the girls use at least a succession of progressively larger and thicker dildos (see Missy Monroe with her toys on the cover art). However, winner Missy Monroe uses a fucking highway-cone-like butt plug to fuck herself. She greedily suckles it and tries to deep-throat the huge toy. Then, she sets it vertically, straddles it with her vagina, and fucks the humongous thing. Missy can actually get about 1/3 of it into her insatiable and dripping cunt by "hammering" it with a free hand and by sitting on the thing! Missy also fucks her pussy and tits with a succession of long and increasingly fat pink dildos--Missy's capacious cunt swallows most of the toys--one at a time. Wait until you see her hold a huge plastic cock in position with her foot and then rock her hips back and forth to fuck the damned thing! She can even use her vaginal muscles to grab onto the dildos and keep them firmly ensconced in her cunt. Sindee is the only other girl to use the traffic cone toy that Missy also used. Sindee stands it on the floor, straddles it, and grinds and fucks it as deep as humanly possible while jacking her clit, panting, and screaming for joy!

Nastiest Use of Toys. Nicki Nievez deep-throats one of the fattest dildos I've ever seen! Missy's use of a succession on increasingly larger dildos to ream her cunt and fuck her tits is impressive! Christie Lee repeatedly chokes on a huge pink dildo when she tries to deep-throat it. Later, she deep throats one big dong while fucking her cunt with an even bigger one! Even though Nicki, Missy, and Christie do some amazing things with their toys, I think Sindee Jennings wins. Her erotic thrusting and grinding moves when she fucks a huge cone-shaped toy are absolutely outstanding. Damn, she sure knows how to ride a piece of plastic (I wish it was my dick!). She also sucks her girl juices off of the toy.

Best Pussy Juice Eating. Both Sammie Rhodes and Missy Monroe scoop out fingersful of cunt juice and eat it. Of the two, who are neck-and-neck in this competition, Missy has the slight edge because of the amazing volume of juice that her vagina secretes as she fucks herself.

Best Use of Spit. Sammy Rhodes spits on her pussy several times (perfect aim) and then massages it into her labia. She also spits a huge load into her hand and slathers it all over her cunt. Nicki Nievez spits on her tits and then squeezes and spanks those breasts. Sindee uses handfuls of her saliva to lubricate every inch of a supersized dildo before she excitedly slips it into her cunt and then fucks herself with it. I think that Christie Lee use of saliva is, however, the best. She spits on her tits and massages the saliva into her flesh. She also slathers a huge pink dildo with her saliva and then spanks the toy against her pussy. Stringers form from the toy to her flesh.

Best Use of Lube. Sammie wins this round. She lubes up her pussy and spreads it into her flesh to make it--and her fingers--nice and shiny.

Best Anal. Only Nicki and Christie try anal sex. Of the two, only Christie really gets into it...she even sucks her ass-covered fingers clean!

Best Double Penetration. Missy tries to double-plug her pussy with multiple dildos, but is unsuccessful. She does, however, make herself cum while trying. Winner Christie Lee two-finger-fucks her asshole while using a huge pink dildo to ream her cunt. Christie also four-finger-fucks her pussy while two-finger-fucking her asshole.

Best Orgasm (Non Squirting). Missy uses several dildos at the same time...one in her pussy and the others on her clit or anus...to make herself cum. Sindee's orgasm causes her body to heave and her eyes to lose focus as she forces a huge black dildo deep into her cunt. Her pussy even "pops" when it cums! "That's what it's all about!" she coos. When Christie Lee ramps up to an orgasm, she begs: "I want you to explode...and cum with me!" As you wish, Christie. Tobi Pacific's two orgasms cause her entire body to convulse and quiver. Winner Sammie Rhodes uses an incredibly-large pink dildo to fuck her pussy while jacking her clit with her fingers until she cums at least four times. Afterward, she either sucks her toy clean or scoops out fingersful of her cum and eats it up. Her final orgasm of the scene is superlative!

Best Orgasm (Squirting). Winner Nicki Nievez is a fucking fire hose and gushes eight times (she soaks the camera lens on more than one occasion) and her LAST gush is the most voluminous of them all! I'm a little disappointed that squirt-queen Missy didn't gush...she did ooze a hell of a lot of girl juice, but never emitted an impressive stream. (In the Behind-the-Scenes feature, she explains that she has a hard time squirting with toys.)

Most Enthusiastic Masturbator. Winner Sindee is always exclaiming her excitement as she adds another weapon to her arsenal of self-love accoutrements. She REALLY enjoys herself as she masturbates for us! Christie Lee shouts, "that's what I call fun" as she pounds her cunt with a humongous toy. Like Sindee, Christie REALLY enjoys herself throughout her scene.

Most Flexible Girl. I wonder if winner Sindee is a contortionist. She is able to stretch her legs behind her head as she lies on her back atop a blanket-covered couch.

Overall Winner:

Both Sammie Rhodes and Missy Monroe give superb performances. However, even though Missy is one of my 2007 Must See Girls, I'm a bit disappointed that she didn't squirt like the fire hose I know she is. So, I'm giving the trophy to Sammie Rhodes.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The conventional 4:3 video is decent, but not especially noteworthy. The editing could have been better--sometimes the action cuts in mid groan! In addition, there are quite a few jerky camera movements--although most movements are smooth and fluid. You will see reflections of crewmembers in reflective surfaces. And, the auto exposure feature causes the image to go from just right to too dark (and visa-versa) on numerous occasions. Finally, you'll see quite a bit of pixelization (digital compression artifacts) in Scene Six. On the plus side, the color balance is just right. And, there are really nice tight close-ups of pussies. Three stars.

Audio (technical): Overall, the audio is acceptable, if not notable. You can hear the girls' moans of pleasure and savor all of her naughty words. There's no background music to obfuscate the girls' passionate sounds. On the down side, the audio has the same editing problems as the video. On a few occasions, edits are made mid-groan. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: The Extras include an eight-minute Behind the Scenes featurette (mostly impromptu interviews of the girls); an outstanding and white-hot 16-minute Bonus Scene from I Love Big Toys 3 featuring Aaralyn Barra; self-running slide show (GREAT pictures!); trailer for I Love Big Toys 3 and other New/Sensations/Digital Sin releases; New Sensations' website advertisement; and company information. About average...three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: For a gonzo flick, the aesthetics are pretty good. In particular, I enjoyed the creative use of the sets in a rather attractive home: there's a nice bed in Scene One; pillows and blankets on the floor in front of an attractive fireplace in Scene Two; a bathroom and tub in Scene Three; a blanket-covered comfy couch in Scene Four; an oversized white chair in Scene Five; and a couch and marble foyer in Scene Six. I so appreciate it when directors resist the "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine. The girls' outfits are nice as is their make-up. There's no musical soundtrack to evaluate. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.67
Average video rating: 3.00
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.00

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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