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Take No Prisoners

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve Ward » Review Date: 11/15/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Hey Again Xcritic visitors!

Steve Ward here with this review of Jules Jordan’s “Take No Prisoners


Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Director: Jules Jordan

Genre: Gonzo, BDSM, Anal

Condoms: none


Tech Aspects: This flick is presented in high quality Standard Definition fullscreen. No Regional Coding.




23 minute Extra Footage reel

Trailers for “Perfect Specimens 2”, “Feeding Frenzy 6”, “Ass Worship 6”, “Flesh Hunter 7”, and “Gina Lynn's Darkside”

Photo Gallery

Website info


Cast list


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CAST: Nikki Benz, Keri Sable, Brittany Skye, Taylor Rain, Alexis Malone, Mary Jane, and Sativa Rose, Jules Jordan, Travis Knight, Arnold, Kurt Lockwood, Mark Wood, and Mick Blue



Jules Jordan has been heralded as the King of Gonzo since the late 1990's. Having seen many of his movies in my life (Including the entire "Ass Worship" series, witch I proudly own on DVD, all 11 of them). I pretty much know what to expect from him, predictably straight gonzo of the highest quality available.

Jules has a very definite formula to his movies, which means that they are always very well made. They are usually the same thing every time, no matter what title it is. The only distinctions between his movies are basically the points of focus, for example the obvious differences between the "Ass Worship" series and the "Breast Worship" series is about the only thing that sets them apart.

Jules Has done some mild niches such as the "Feeding Frenzy" or the seldom mentioned one-off title "Gloryhole". The vast majority of his hundreds of videos are the same thing every time. That being Said, "Take No Prisoners" is unique among them as it is his only Bondage/BDSM movie.

Even though this is technically a BDSM title, JJV fans would expect that it will not be as much of a BDSM flick as one of Jake Malone's "Fuck Slaves" movies, Which are relentlessly hardcore. This title will likely be much more straight gonzo based with an S&M theme throughout.

On a final note, this movie is one of the last scenes for the very popular brunette porn star Taylor Rain, who retired shortly thereafter. So enough overview, let's get to it!

NOTE: You may notice that this review isn't as detailed as my others. That is because this is an old, previously unpublished review from last year that I have reformatted for Xcritic. I think it still covers everything we want in a review.


Nikki Benz - Business to Bitch in 5 minutes!


Scene One: Nikki Benz w/ Jules Jordan

The movie begins with Nikki Benz, a stereotypical Blonde with big fake boobs, pulling up to a large house in an expensive car. She is wearing a tight fitting business suit, and telling someone on the cell phone that she had to see a "client".

She steps inside to see Jules sitting in a chair waiting for her. She quickly slaps a set of handcuffs and a ski mask on him and walks into the bathroom where she changes into a tight black vinyl dominatrix outfit.

She comes back and starts playing with him. A little tease, a little BJ. After a while she let's him loose and things quickly turn into a more standard Jules scene (Did I call it or what?). Some cowgirl and reverse cowgirl in the chair, and the all vaginal works. Culminating in a facial.

Good opening scene. Nikki is hot and Jules does a nice job letting us know we are in for a different kind of flick from the go get.


Keri Sable - Hotness Defined


Scene Two: Keri Sable w/ Mark Wood, and Arnold

Next up we have one of the most gorgeous women alive in my opinion: Keri Sable, in a cute pseudo-schoolgirl outfit. She is chained to a metal rail and Jules gives us his patented tease segment to kick things off.

Pretty soon Keri is blindfolded and has her hands suspended when her our two studs show up to get a piece. She gives them both BJs and they down to business. There is some hot anal in this scene as well as a DP. It wraps up with a double facial.

I have had an enormous crush on Keri for a long time. She is just so irresistibly hot, but I'd be lying if I said her performances matched her looks. She is generally a pretty unenthusiastic performer and she has a tendency to go overkill with the “Come Hither” looks as if she's always doing a photo shoot.

That being said, it's a hot scene. Enough to sell me the DVD just for Keri, but you may feel differently.


Brittany Skye - Barbie Doll Babe is Bound and Helpless, Hallelujah!


Scene Three: Brittany Skye w/ Jules Jordan and Travis Knight

This movie is mostly blondes. Next we've got Brittany Skye, a bombshell blonde with a killer body, and big fake boobs. She is naked and duct taped to a big column when we first see her. Jules gets a bit of her being helpless to act as our tease segment.

Jules and Travis Knight show up and start molesting Brittany right away without so much as a “Hello”, that's not very polite. As soon as she is freed from her bondage predicament, she gets busy with the BJs and so forth.

This scene is very long and features a lot of rough stuff. All the slapping and stuff we want in BDSM flicks. I have to give Brittany some credit, she took a good amount of physical roughing up in this scene. Nothing violent, but some heavy anal and DP for a LONG while. The scene ends with a double facial.

This would've been a great scene if only it wasn't so dang long. Too much of anything lessens the enjoyment in my opinion, but it's still a good scene.


Taylor Rain - This Brunette vixen is no stranger to restraints


Scene Four: Taylor Rain w/ Jules Jordan and Travis Knight

In the forth scene we have an old favorite of mine: Taylor Rain, in one of her last appearances. This scene is billed as a bonus scene, yet is is right in the middle of the flick rather than in the Extras section.

Any whom, Taylor is wearing some kinky white lingerie with all the goods showing. She has got a ball gag in her mouth, a blindfold on, and she's handcuffed. So not much we can do for tease except look at her all bound up for about 30 seconds.

Jules and Travis Knight, who starting to look like a dynamic duo of sorts; come along and start groping Taylor (Do these guys have no sense of etiquette?). And we essentially have a repeat of the previous scene from there.

So we get our anal, DP, and all that good stuff. The scene finally ends with yet another double facial (SURPRISE!). Taylor was always a touch chick who could take the hardest anal like a champ, but her performance was a bit weak here.

I actually thought the Brittany Skye scene was better, that's a bummer with a Taylor Rain. In any case, it's a solid scene and fits nicely into the movie despite being a “Bonus” scene.


Alexis Malone - A femdom femme fatale!


Scene Five: Alexis Malone w/ Kurt Lockwood

Scene 5 goes back to femdom with Alexis Malone, yet another blonde. She's got a killer ass in a tight vinyl outfit. She gives us a nice bit of tease and bosses Jules around a bit who is acting as a pesky camera weilding pervert trying to record her exploits.

Alexis teases and plays with a handcuffed and blindfolded stud while taunting the camera. She brings a huge knife into play and the dude's bondage thong doesn't seem to have much of a strategy for keeping his nards in place, just was I was hoping to see.

The scene continues into another room where the dude is released from his handcuffs, and the scene carries on as a very hot 1-on-1 scene. All your basic Jules food groups in this scene, finally ending with a facial.

This is a good scene. The knife play was a nice touch. Alexis has got a hell of a body. Nicely done.


Left to Right: Mary Jane, Mick Blue, and Sative Rose, Handjob at knifepoint?


Scene Six: Mary Jane and Sativa Rose w/ Mick Blue

The last scene opens with all natural brunettes Mary Jane and Sativa Rose kidnapping a foreign guy (Mick Blue) off the street at gunpoint and taking him in their car. Where the heck did these chicks get those toy guns? I like how all the weapons in the movie are like out of a cartoon.

So they start molesting him and taunting him, and he is constantly resisting and making rude remarks for some reason. What's that about? The dude has got two hotties wanting his wang and he's resisting? What!

They give him some BJ action and finally bring him back to their lair where they tie him to a chair and take turns riding him. After a while they release him and the scene carries on with some anal action concluding with a money shot in one of the ladies mouths witch is then snowballed back and forth and eventually swallowed. Then we get to watch the end credits, All right!

The opening segment was a neat angle, but it went on way too long. And then the scene itself goes on way too long. Other than that, we got a solid scene here. I liked the snowballing finish.

Final Thoughts:

"Take no Prisoners" is a pretty darn decent video. It not one of Jules' best, but it's more than worth a watch. It's got some good replay value and lots of hot action, but nothing particularly epic. The downside of this movie is probably the only downside of Jules as a director, in that his scenes are really long and would benefit from being abbreviated by a several minutes.

Another issue was that the build-up in the last scene is very long and kind of annoying after a while, Jules is known for giving us a lot of content, but Dang! So in closing, I'm giving this one a pretty deserved “Recommended” rating. Pick it up if it's at a discount and have fun!

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions or comments please send them to [email protected] Thanks for reading!

Steve Ward

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