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Mandy Candy

Studio: Good Releasing » Review by Garnet Joyce » Review Date: 11/16/10

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Genre: Alternative porn, Indie

Director: Kimberly Kane

Cast: Mandy Morbid, Zak Sabbath, Devi Lynne, Kimberly Kane, NoName

Length: 79 mins

Production Date: 9/19/09, 9/20/09

Extras: A slideshow of super hot high res pics that are well lit. Oddly they are set to elevator music, which seems to be completely out of tune with the rest of the movie.

Safer Sex: No condoms, gloves, or dental dams used.

Audio/Video Quality: Both leave much to be desired. I often can't hear what the actors are saying so I turn the volume way up only to be assaulted by loud music in the next scene. The video feels like they're trying to make it look more amateur than it is. Shaky camera, extreme closeups, switching between different camera effects. Sometimes I end up feeling a little queezy from the video quality.

Overview: This movie should be hot and kinky with the likes of Kimberly Kane directing and Mandy Morbid fucking real life boyfriend Zak Sabbath, but it's mostly just boring. I expected some hard fucking with some really twisted shit in here from the description on the box, but instead I got what felt like a slow Sunday love making session most of the time. Other times I had to fastforward out of boredom. I will say that the women in the film are all amazingly beautiful, but that's about where it ends. I enjoyed one scene, but not enough to watch again.

Scene 1: Kimberly Kane and Mandy Morbid

This scene starts with Mandy Morbid and her real life boyfriend, Zak Sabbath, waiting in a hotel room. This should have been the clue that this was going to be a boring flick. Why waste the viewers time with watching two people wait? They don't even do anything fun while they wait. They just talk, pace, sit, lay down, etc. Finally, there is a knock on the door, but then we just go to Mandy Morbid putting her makeup on in the mirror. While she puts her makeup on we read on the screen about picking up young girls off the street to pay them to masturbate and tell her their stories. 

The scene then flashes to Zak opening the door to reveal Kimberley Kane in a trenchcoat. She comes into the room, unloads her bag of goodies, and kisses and throws Mandy onto the bed.

Zak's role in this scene is just to film. He adds absolutely nothing useful to this scene except for maybe an element of fantasy for those dudes who have always wanted to film their girlfriend and another woman fucking.

This scene flips between color and grainy black and white. The camera is often shakey with quick zooms and extreme closeups. I like a closeup as much as the next person, but sometimes these closeups don't even follow the action and/or they're so close you can't even tell what's going on. Overall, the camera work in this scene made me feel a little sick.

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There's some pussy licking, tit sucking, long hot pink fingernails in pussies *shudder*, vibrators and dildos used, dildo sucking, foot sucking and choking, ass eating, and thigh harness fucking. The action is very very slow and there is no real chemistry between the women. It feels like gay for pay.

At the end of it Kimberly ties Mandy up to the bed and leaves.

Scene 2: Devi Lynne and Mandy Morbid

This is the only scene in the movie that I enjoyed, which was interesting to me since it was mainly a masturbation scene, which in general tend to bore me. The difference here was that Mandy was telling Devi what to do and when to cum and that made it hot.

For this scene we find ourselves in a very colorful bedroom with a sheer curtain that leaves leopard spot shadows on the bed. Devi is laying on the bed and Mandy throws sex toys at her. Mandy holds the camera and the view flashes between her camera and the cameraman's.

Devi teases her pussy with the vibrating bullet, putting it over and under her ripped stockings. There's dirty talk, but I miss it because I have the sound too low ... I turn it up, but this will bite me in the ass later on.

Devi's stockings are ripped more for better access. Mandy tells Devi what to do and gives her another toy, this time a Fun Factory Gigolo. Mandy helps Devi by holding the bullet while Devi fucks herself with the Gigolo. Lots of hot dirty talk ensues.

Then Mandy breaks out a giant nasty jelly dong and sticks it in Devi's mouth to suck. You couldn't pay me to put one of those things in my mouth without a condom on it. Then to make matters worse, Devi shoves it in her pussy.

But then I can almost forget about the jelly dong because Devi begs Mandy to let her cum. Mandy allows it and orders her to cum again after her first orgasm. Devi continues to masturbate with just the bullet and Mandy continues to talk dirty and tell Devi that she's pretty (which she really really is!). Then another orgasm before we're ripped into loud music.

Scene 3: Mandy Morbid and Zak Sabbath

This scene begins with Mandy in a wig rolling around on a hotel bed to loud music while Zak films it. She then pulls his dick out and gives him a blowjob. Then what follows is one of the most boring fucking sessions I've ever seen. Mandy bends over on the bed and Zak fucks her from behind but it seems that he cannot fuck her for more than a couple pumps because he keeps stopping to remove his dick and then stick it back in again. Even he seems bored by the action. He then fucks her up against the window. She sucks on his cock some more and then there is titty fucking. Mandy has some of the best breasts for titty fucking because they are very big and natural.

Then there's some more fucking and you can tell they've been at this for awhile because at the beginning of the scene the hotel room was well lit, but now it is dark and the actors are being lit with a spotlight.

Then there's some more tittyfucking. At this point I'm wondering if they know what lube is. I understand that saliva has it's own appeal, but at some point it just makes more sense to use lube so you don't have to keep spitting between the lady's breasts in order to titty fuck her. Zak cums and Mandy licks it all up. 

Scene 4: Mandy Morbid and Kimberly Kane

This is a super short scene that starts off looking like it'll be kinky, but ends up just being a little silly. Mandy, in a different wig than before, is handcuffed to a towel hook in the bathroom. We see her being hit in the face, mouth, and all over her body with a stream of liquid. It could be piss, but the stream sure goes on for a long time and our suspicions are confirmed when the camera pans over to Kimberly Kane holding a watergun.

Scene 5: Kimberly Kane and NoName

This scene starts out with Kimberly masturbating, dancing, and rubbing her tits on furry carpet. She then starts sucking on a ringpop followed by a cock plus ringpop blowjob. There's a lot of deep throating in this scene, lots of thick sticky saliva, and lots of chokey pukey noises. These kinds of blowjobs don't do it for me, but I know they appeal to many. Kimberly definitely seems to be enjoying it. NoName, who does not show his face, face fucks Kimberly and then jerks off on her face. To which Kimbery responds by saying "I'm drowning in cum," and she kind of is. Her face is completely covered in cum and saliva. What comes next is just kind of creepy when she licks and sucks on her ringpop while her face is covered in cum.

Scene 6: Mandy Morbid

I'm not sure I should even call this a scene. It's just Mandy Morbid taking pictures out in nature with a coat and hood on followed by her in a tunnel taking her clothes off and flashing her tits.

Final Thoughts:

This is one of the few Good Releasing movies that I found to be disappointing. Because of the cast, the director, and the copy on the box I felt like this was going to be a kinky, dirty, raw kind of porno flick, but instead it felt contrived and dull. There was very little chemistry between actors and most of the sex scenes were very boring. The attempt at different camera techniques mostly made me feel nauseated and confused. However, the women are all incredibly beautiful and the masturbation and domination scene between Devi Lynne and Mandy Morbid is worth a watch which is why I recommend renting this film and fastforwarding through the boring parts.       

Read more of my ramblings at AskGarnet

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