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Cum Bang 5

Studio: Other » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 11/22/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Interracial, Cumshots, Gangbang

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Director: Uncredited

Cast: Aileen Ghettman, Amile Waters, Angel Cummings (II), Bella Moretti, Brooklyn Carter, Candice Nicole, Samone Taylor

Date of Production: 10/05/2010

Length: 2 hrs. 47 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio quality is clear at some points, but quiets down at times. The scenes are presented in a widescreen ratio, and have good picture quality.

Overview: Aside from the gangbang part, this dvd is all about the frosty facial finish. This is an interracial dvd where all the ladies are ebony beauties getting gangbanged by a group of white guys. After each gangbang session the ladies recieve load after load of cum upon their lovely faces. If you're into the interracial side of porn, and love your ladies' faces glazed with cum then this just may be what you're looking for ...

Scene 1: Candice Nicole

As the scene begins it unfolds like a ghetto soap opera. Candice, a very sexy ebony girl confronts her cheating boyfriend about his affairs with a white girl. After all the drama she goes to her their apartment to pack her things. From this point on the scene more resembles a porno than the direction it was heading in. The director talks Candice into taking part in a cum bang to get even with her ex-boyfriend, and she gladly accepts. Before she arrives on the set the male performers have a little chat about the situation, and prepare by putting on matching socks with rebel flags on them! When Candice arrives she is wearing lacy pink lingerie. Upon meeting the naked guys, she immediatle drops to her knees and begins sucking cock. This is more of a blow bang type of scene. There is no penetrative sex involved, just blowjobs. I'm not sure how many male performers there were in this scene, but there were a lot! after spending quality time sucking each of the guys' cocks, they take turns shooting their loads on her face. The end result is one of the hottest facial frostings I have ever scene. In fact the whole scene is the hottest damn thing I've ever scene! I loved the drama at the beginning, it made the scene more personal. Candice's performance was really sexy!!!

Scene 2: Bella Moretti

The scene opens with Bella and a a girl friend of hers chatting on some stairs outdoors. Her friend informs her that she had scene Bella's boyfriend with a white girl. Bella doesn't like this thought at all. Her friend bluntly suggests that she gets revenge by participating in a cumbang like she saw in a porno. She actually shows Bella two 'Cum Bang' DVDs that she convenietly has in her possession! She explains that Girls who's boyfriends have cheated on them can apply to be in the videos. Bella boldy states that she is going to do eight white guys to get revenge! After that short bout of drama, the scene turns to the guys who are discussing the scene they are about to do with her. Each of the male performers is wearing a white shirt with a rebel flag on the front of it. When Bella walks in she demands that all of the guys remove their shirts, because they're not nice. The blowjob action is pretty much the same as in Candice's scene, although Bella gets a tad bit more excited during the scene. Her cum bang finish is actually a lot better than Candice's, and her face gets covered more. In fact her hair recieves a huge load as well! This was another impressive scene!

Scene 3: Brooklyn Carter

This is more of a straight forward scene. There is a little bit of drama a the beginning where Brooklyn is having sex with her boyfriend, and he blurts out a white girls name. Once that happens Brooklyn pretty much immediately decides she's going to do something nasty to get revenge on her boyfriend. That revenge just so happens to be a starring role in the 'Cum Bang' videos! The guys are huddled around talking smack about Brooklyn's ex-boyfriend while they wait for her to show up. The guy's are dressed in their signature 'Dixie Stud' rebel flag t-shirts. This time around they aren't asked to remove them. I guess Brooklyn was too bent on revenge to even care. There is a big difference in this scene, as compared to the previous two. This time Brooklyn goes all out, and gets done doggystyle by each guy! She also performs the usual blowjobs. The ending facial is something to behold. Brooklyn truly gets her face plastered with man goo! For some reason this scene was actually less impressive to me than the previous ones. It just didn't seem to have the same energy.

Scene 4: Amile Waters

This time they take a different approach with the cheating theme. The scene starts off with Amile's boyfriend banging a white girl doggystyle in the bedroom. Before he could get his rocks off, Amile catches him in the act. With a quick "WTF!?", and the bird finger, Amile storms out of the room. Somehow she meets up with a guy who is affiliated with the 'Cum Bang' series, and they hammer out the details of her 'revenge' which includes sucking several white guys' cocks. After that the scene focuses on the 'Cum Bangers', and their opinions of Amile's now ex-boyfriend. There's some trash talk between the guys as usual. This time around they are wearing their 'Dixie Stud' T-Shirts, and matching rebel flag socks. The same routine ensues as in the first two scenes. Amile shows up dressed in a one piece pink, lacy night gown. She then gets down on her knees, and sucks the guys until the all shoot their loads onto her face. She recieved a really good facial glazing, and her performance was good as well. I liked that they changed the 'intro' again it adds to the quality of each scene.

Scene 5: Angel Cummings (II)

Instead of the usual dramatic cheating intro, this time the opted for a scene with the 'Cum Banger' guys. The guys are lined up in a military formation while their bald cum bang leader acts like a drill seargent. He asks them why they don't have any black girls to fuck, and consistantly uses 'Fuck' in various sentences trying to get the point across to his guys. After that bit of excitement the camera follows one of the Cum Bangers as he rides his bicycle through the streets trying to find a black girl. It just so happens that Angel is standing by a telephone pole telling her boyfriend off for cheating on her with a white girl. She then goes on a rant about the White girls stealing all the men away from the Black girls. The Cum Banger on the Bicycle asks her what color she is, and she explains that she's mixed. She tells him that she's part black, white, and hispanic. The cum banger convinces her to ride back with him on his bicycle so she can get some 'revenge' on her ex-boyfriend. The 'revenge' of course consists of blowjobs, and doggystyle sex like in Brooklyn's scene. After each of the guys have fun with her, she recieves her massive facial and a T-shirt with a rebel flag that has 'Dixie Whore' written on it. This will most likely be my favorite scene. It has humor, the very lovely Angel Cummings, and an awesome facial finish. I also liked that they included doggystyle sex instead of just blowjobs.

Scene 6: Samone Taylor

Once again the intro is a bit of a surprise. Samone is sitting on a couch talking with her pet dog about her cheating boyfriend, and why white girls are stealing all the black guys. From there the scene goes to the interview room where Samone briefly discusses her situation, and gets a phone call from her ex-boyfriend. She bluntly tells her ex that she's going to suck eight white guys' dicks to get revenge, and that's exactly what she does! She decides to wear a lacy white and pink two piece outfit with white stockings to the event. When she arrives the guys are all lined up in their 'Dixie Stud' T-Shirts, and rebel flag socks. Samone immediately gets on her knees a sucks dick. Her performance is good, and she recieves a really good facial finish. The only problem I had with this scene was the intro, and the time wasted in the interview part. Other than that it was an ok scene.

Scene 7: Aileen Ghettman

This is one hot scene!!! It begins with Aileen being couciled by her two white girlfriends that just so happen to be porn stars too. They convince her that the best course of action is to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend by getting involved with cumbang.com. The two white porn stars help out a lot in this scene. They help her choose an outfit to wear, and even cheer her on during the actual cum bang! I also want to mention that Aileen has the biggest set of boobs out of all of the other girls on this DVD. During her cum bang she does the usual blowjobs, but she has her two lovely friends to help force her head on the guys' dicks! Aileen also gives one of the guys a titjob. This scene was solid! It not only had the blow bang, but it had itjobs and doggystyle too. It was really hot with the other two white girlfriends there. They definitely added a lot of energy to the scene. This is hands down, the best scene on the dvd!

Scene 8: Melody

The Intro to this scene is my least favorite from the dvd, but the facial finish is definitely my favorite. Basically it starts off with the two elder 'Cum Bangers' sitting on a bench in a rest area discussing where they are going to go to next to find a willing black girl. Out of sheer coincidence a black girl is standing by a nearby telephone pole getting dumped over the phone by her boyfriend. One of the elder cum bangers seizes the opportunity and confronts Melody. He doesn't really explain how they help black girls to get revenge, but she follows along without question. There's a brief interview, then Melody gets dressed in her lingerie outfit. Then it's of to the cum bang. The guys do an excellent job coating Melody's face with a thick layer of cum, and her performance deserved such a frosty finish! Like I mentioned this scene has my least favorite intro, but I do think it has the best facial.


Bonus Scene, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Trailers, Websites

Final Thoughts:

I actually think this is a pretty solid adult dvd. The audio, and video quality aren't perfect but I can easily look past that. The content that is presented, and the performances are all exceptional. The ebony performers that they chose are all very attractive, and play their roles well. What I find the best about this DVD is not only the ending facials, but the little cheating boyfriend skits that they have before each scene is brilliant for the most part. There are a couple of skits that were a bit cheesy. As for the extras they're pretty impressive as well. You get a cumshot recap, and a bonus scene along with a few standard extars. The cumshot recap is always one of my favorite extras in whatever adult dvd I'm reviewing, and in this case it is truly exceptional due to the massive facial finishes at the end of each scene. I'd have to say this DVD is highly recommendable!

Final Rating: Highly Recommended!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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