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Naughty Book Worms Vol. 20

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/25/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Naughty Bookworms #20
Naughty America
Price: 24.99
Running Time: 1hr and 30min


Lexi Belle
Haley Cummings
Jennifer White
Sierra Skye
Darcy Tyler
Marco Banderas
Mark Wood
Jay Crew
John Strong

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Photo Gallery

Overall Thoughts:

I have to say that other than Lexi Belle and Jennifer White, I have to admit that I wasn’t really that impressed with any of the other ladies on this disc, so that explains part of the reason they put her on the cover. But I guess I should point out that some attention should go to Jennifer White for her scene, it was great,  I see some potential in her and look forward to seeing what she does next. One comment on the video quality of the movie, I watched this on my HD TV and the there was a lot of black around the scene, so this was not formatted in a widescreen format. So that would be a negative thing in my book. There was also some issues with the audio, where sometimes the dialogue and noise would go from soft to loud pretty quick. Another thing I would like to point out, this is something that I have notices, but it seems like the Naughty America scenes quickly get to the sex with very little story or buildup, compared to Brazzers stuff. I may need to double check that statement, but it seems that way to me. But I am sad to say that I am going to have to give this a SKIP IT rating, as I stated earlier the only really good scenes were  the Lexi Belle and Jennifer White scenes and if you really want to see them, just go to the site and check them out there.

Scene One: Lexi Belle and Marco Banderas (3/5 rating)

It seems that Marco is taking over for Mr Jones and Lexi had an agreement with him. All that she wants is an extension on her paper, and he seems to have something on his mind. He takes her over to the desk and she giggles with delight as to what is about to happen. She opens his pants and  starts him off with a blowjob. They lift up her shoot to show us her boobs and she goes right back to sucking and stroking his cock. She stands up and takes off her book bag and he slides her shorts and panties down. She climbs on the desk and he slips his cock into her pussy for some missionary on the desk. Just have to say that I love the purple knee high stockings. Anyway, she puts her leg on his shoulders and begins to play with her pussy as he continues to fuck her. He dives in her pussy to lick and spit on it while she thrusts her body into him.  He puts her on her side and slips his cock back in her pussy, while we get a nice shot of her ass.  Lexi plays the sweet and innocent girl so well, and then she throws a few things out there just to add some naughty girl to her attitude. Her shirt finally comes off and he lays on the desk and she climbs on top and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action. She climbs off and bends over the side of the desk for some doggy action, as she continues to scream with delight. He gives her ass a few slaps and she seems to be ok with that. He pulls out for a second and she begs for him to stick it back in. The  doggy action continues until he pulls out and cums on her face and in her mouth.

Scene Two: Haley Cummings and Mark Wood (1/5 rating)

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The professor is on the phone, and Haley is hoping to get some help so she can get an A. And she walks over and starts to take off her top and she gives the teacher a nice tease as she lets him suck on her big boobs. But he stands up and takes off his pants and she gets down to business on his cock. The oral continues in a POV type shot as she continues to lick on suck on his cock. And she then slips his cock in between her boobs and gives his cock a nice ride. She stands up and makes her way to the front of his desk, and she plays with her pussy until he makes his way over, and slides her panties aside as he works her pussy. After that she takes off her panties and leaves her skirt on (nice) and lays on the desk as he begins to pound away on her pussy. She asks him to pull out so she can taste her pussy and then she finally takes off the skirt (boo) and then climbs on the desk and stick her huge boobs in his face, and then slowly slides his cock into her pussy for some reverse cowgirl action, as her giant boobs bounce up and down. They seem like they could almost hit her face is she really tried, must be why she tries to keep a hand on them whenever she can. She climbs off and goes back to licking on his cock some more and then gets back on top of him for some cowgirl action. She mixes things up a bit and swivels her ass around on his cock, but then gets back to the usual bouncing up and down on him. It seemed at various points in this scene that either of the two were just kind of phoning it in. She leans over the desk and he licks her ass and then she sticks her ass out and he slides his cock into her pussy.  Once again you get some more ass slaps, and even some grabbing of the boobs as the fucking continues.  He pulls out again and she is right back to sucking on his cock, but she ends up bent over again and his cock in her pussy. She lays on her side on the desk and he slips his cock back into her pussy. Is it me, or does this seem like we just saw this a little while ago. Anway we get some more doggy until he gets to the money shot which lands on her chin and chest.

Scene Three: Sierra Skye and Jay Crew (1/5 rating)

Sierra gets a visit from the counselor at the college and he is here to help her out. She seems she can’t get along with some of her roommates. She says she is fine and that she just wants to be a bad girl. She grabs a hold of his tie and brings him closer. He tries to tell her no but she seems to have power over him as she opens his pants and grabs a hold of his cock and brings it to life. After awhile he tells her that he wants to see her big boobs, so she pulls down and her top and lets him get a good look at them. She tells him to take his shirt off and then stands up and pulls down her shorts and he seems to be mesmerized by her ass. She lays down on the couch and he slips his cock in her tits and fucks the hell out of her tits. But he helps her out a bit as he leans back and fingers her pussy. But he moves back and slips his cock in her pussy and  fucks her in the missionary position.  There is a whole lotta jiggling going on during this scene, maybe a little too much for my taste. He rubs his face in her pussy and then flips her on her side and goes for some spoon action. He slips off her boots and gives her feet some love before she climbs on him and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action. She climbs off and gives his cock some more attention as she deep throats him. She gets back on him and he says her wants her to turn around so her tits can be in his face. I think she is a Dave Mathews Band fan, I am pretty sure that is what the tattoo is on her back. The quickly leads to some doggy action on the couch. But after awhile she flips around for some more missionary until he pulls out and cums on her boobs, not really surprised by that at all.

Scene Four: Darcy Tyler and John Strong (2/5 rating)

Darcy seems to be pissed off while she is doing her work as she throws her books on the floor. Her teacher comes in and she says she hates being the last one there and it doesn’t seem to be helping her at all. She tries to but the blame on him why she is doing bad in the class. So to teach her a lesson, he tells her to get her on knees and whips his dick out and she reluctantly at first begins to suck on it. But she quickly comes around and she smiles as she continues to work on his cock, getting pretty deep on him. With her pierced tongue she licks and sucks on his balls before getting back to his cock. He asks is she is learning something new and she nods without losing a step on his cock. She must be a natural. He stands her up and sets her on his desk and she takes off her clothes as he looks on. He goes for her boobs first and then slips off her panties and immediately slides his cock in her pussy. He sets her on her side and continues to fuck her on the desk. They move over to his chair as he sits down and she sits on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action as she plays with her pussy. They trade places and she leans on the chair seat with her ass in the air and he fucks her from behind as she clings onto the chair. She flips around after awhile and is able to stay on the chair without falling off as he continues to fuck her pussy, fucking her must help keep her balance somehow on the chair.  But he must really like looking at her ass, cause he props her back on the chair for some more doggy action which leads to him cumming in her mouth. She sucks his cock clean as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Five: Jennifer White and Mark Wood (3/5 rating)

Jennifer is sitting in class and the teacher comes in and comments on her good mood. She shows him an award he got, and he seems to be not that impressed with it. But she keeps telling him that he deserves it though, and says he should get more. She starts rubbing his shoulders and then spins him around in his chair, grabs a hold of his tie and begins to kiss him. He is hesitant at first but she does a good job of turning him around. She pulls down his pants and slowly works his cock. We see that she too has her tongue pierced and seems to use that to her advantage as she continues to work on his cock and balls. He stands up and lets her continue working her magic, and she pulls off her top and shows off her perky boobs to him. After a long oral session, she makes her way to the front of his desk and her panties come off and he licks and spits on her pussy, while her skirt is up around her waist. He stands up and begins to fuck her as she begs him for more and harder. She seems to keep him going as she stares into his eyes with that please keep fucking me look. He moves to on top of the desk and she follows him as she climbs on board and hops up and down on him as he grabs a hold of her ass. But his fingers movies to her ass, as he sticks a few in while he fucks her pussy. There is a brief moment where I lose a little interest in this scene as they move to some spoon action, but I am hoping they don’t stay there very long. And she eventually asks him about her ass and he seems a go for it, as she bends over, he licks her ass before sticking his cock in there. And he even gives her ass a few slaps, just to let her know how much he loves her ass. She keeps giving him that look and he seems to be under her trance as he continues to work on her. They move back to the desk as they both climb on top and she slips his cock in her ass, for some reverse cowgirl action. They climb down off the desk and he gives her a money shot in her mouth and gives him one last sexy gaze as the scene comes to an end.

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