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American Daydreams Vol. 8

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 11/29/10

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American Daydreams #8
Naughty America
Price: 24.99
Running Time: 2hr and 30min


Tori Black
Juelz Ventura
Emily Parker
Rebeca Linares
Jayden Jaymes
Jordan Ash
Denis Marti
Billy Glide
Mick Blue
Derrick Pierce

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Photo Gallery

Overall Thoughts:

Well first off, I am hoping that this is a better NA release than the last one I reviewed, and by looking at the cast, I would say that my expectations for this one are high. Same video issue, with the small square on my TV, as in the previous review, and there was some audio issues in the Juelz scene, I think that is why they moved the action inside. Some more audio issues popped up in the Rebeca scene too, but they seem to occur during the whole scene. So this was a much stronger release with some decent sex scenes and hot ladies. It was definitely a step up from the last one I reviewed, but it still had some issues with video and audio and the lack of the special features that the previous one did. But considering the sex scenes were overall better in this one, I am going to give this a Rent It rating. A slight improvement, but look forward to maybe seeing a little more next time in the right direction.

Scene One: Tori Black and Jordan Ash (3/5 rating)

So it’s a nice sunny day out and it’s time for the big volleyball game to see who are the champs. Tori’s partner gets smacked in the face and he wakes up and they won. So she wants to celebrate the only way she knows how. She takes off her top and then slips her hands under his shorts and jerks him off before she pulls his shorts down and inserts his cock into her mouth. He grabs a hold of her hair and throat fucks her and takes some time to smack and play with her tits. She stands up and he takes off her swimsuit and then walks her over to the net and begins to lick her ass and pussy while she hangs on the net, I think that is a violation of some sort. But after he is done with his fingers, he grabs a hold of one of her legs and begins to fuck her pussy, and she tells him to push it deep inside her. He takes her and lays on the patio chair and Tori climbs on top and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action, she teases him at first and he let’s her know how much he wants it. She stands up and puts her hand back to jerk him off, but he moves her back over to the chair and she bends over and lets him fuck her from behind. After that, get goes for more throat fucking and then is right back to the doggy action. She once again proves why she is amazing, as she begs him to not stop as he fucks her. They move back to the chair, this time for some cowgirl action and we get some amazing booty bouncing as she rides him.  She flips around on the chair and they get some good ole fashioned missionary fucking going on. She keeps yelling that he is a champion and all I can hear in my head is We Are the Champions. He cums on her chest and then he wakes up and finds out that they lost and she is going to be looking for a new partner.

Scene Two: Juelz Ventura and Denis Marti (4/5 rating)

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He is on the phone and it seems like he’s been in the country for a year and his life isn’t what he was expecting. He just got back from a party and it seemed like he wasn’t doing so well with the ladies. So he hangs up and takes a nap and he seems Juelz in his pool. She gets out of the pool and walks over to him and begins to kiss him and then they instantly end up inside the house and she climbs on him and gives him a pretty hot lap dance , as he buries his face in her tits. She takes off her top and he seems to be entranced by her lovely breasts. He goes in for more, but she says so no and then bends over in front of him and teases him with her ass, and then takes off her bottom as his face dives into her ass. He continues to lick her ass and pussy as she moans with delight. But she can’t have all the attention, so she slowly takes off his pants and gives him a stare with those eyes and begins to suck and lick on his cock. After a slow and sexy oral session she lays back on the couch thing and he begins to pound away on her pussy. She gives him a glance with those eyes during the scene just to keep him going. He pulls out and she gets right back into sucking and spitting on his cock some more. But she climbs on top and rides him for some cowgirl action as she wiggles her hips ever so slowly on his cock. Just as she is about to burst he stops and then they kiss a bit and then he slips beside her for some spoon action, as she tells him to fuck her hard. She eventually climbs back on top of him, for some reverse cowgirl action, as she continues to ride his cock. She climbs off and then get some 69 action going and then she climbs right back on his cock, like a real trooper. He must be ready to burst so he pulls out and she sucks on his cock some more and then he cums in her mouth. She gives him one more look as the scene comes to an end.

Scene Three: Emily Parker and Derrick Pierce (3/5 rating)

He is here to see Emily and her assistant calls her and she says it’s ok for him to come in. As soon as he walks in, she immediately begins to give him a hard time about his look and his tattoos. He tries to explain his case but she keeps telling him to leave. He walks out with his tail between his legs and his assistant offers his condolences and he sits in the chair and dazes off into how he wanted it to go. This time the assistant is playing video games and doesn’t seem to care. He walks in and Emily is wearing a leather bikini and skirt and she doesn’t care about the interview, she just wants his cock. He takes off her top and plays with her tits while his other hand goes for her pussy. She goes down and begins to give him a blowjob. The irony of the first part, she has tattoos too. He decides it’s his turn to take control, so she ends up on top of the desk and he slips her pink panties to the side and begins to lick her pussy. He gives her a brief second to catch her breath and then inserts his cock into her pussy.  She screams that she wants him to show her how much he wants this job as he pounds away at her pussy. She moves off the desk and leans against it as he fucks her from behind, she has a lot of tattoos, and I am Ok with that. She puts her face on the desk as he continues to work on her. He moves to the floor and she immediately climbs on his cock and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action. She doesn’t seem to like any breaks in the action and she just wants to keep getting fucked by him. After some brief oral, she climbs on him once again for some cowgirl action as she bounces her booty for the camera. She ends up back on top of the desk and he puts her on her side and continues to pound away at her pussy  as she grabs a hold of the sides of the desk to brace herself.  I just realized that I don’t think I heard a single word out of him throughout this scene, but she is making up for it with her moans and her booty. He pulls her off the desk and she lets him titty fuck her until he cums on her chin and chest. He wakes up and finds a pink bracelet near him on the chair.

Scene Four:  Rebeca Linares and Mick Blue (2/5 rating)

The two of them are enjoying a nice day of scuba diving in the pool, and she seems to be tired so she is going to call it a day, but he wants to keep going. He finally decides to get out and she gives him a hand out of the pool. He passes out from being so tired and he is back inside the pool and is about to get out and she is waiting for him again, this time in her bikini. She helps him out again and lifts him up and promises that she is going to make him feel much better. He struggles with his wet suit and she leads him into the house and they begin to kiss and she takes him over to the couch and she helps him get his suit off just enough so she can jerk him off. They continue to kiss as she jerks him off and he plays with her pussy, but then she gets on her knees and starts to give him a blowjob. He moves to the couch and she crouches next to him and continues with the blowjob, until she leans up against the side of the couch and he pulls her bottom off and her begins to lick her ass and play with her pussy. He slowly slides his cock in her pussy and goes faster and deeper as he continues to fuck her. He lifts her leg up and gives us a great view as he continues to fuck her. She ends up with her face in the cushions as he continues to pound away at her pussy, but she comes up for air and give him a few kisses. She gives him some more oral attention before she climbs on him and rides him for some cowgirl action, and gives us the viewer some great booty bouncing for the camera. She gives him some more oral attention and lays on her back and he plays with her pussy and then slides his dick in it at first and then it slowly goes in her ass. As her ass begins to open up his thrusts get quicker and deeper in her ass. He grabs on to her and puts on top of him as she continues to take him in her ass. She gives out a few shrieks of enjoyment throughout the scene, as she continues to take it in the ass. She ends up bent over again on the couch and takes it in the ass even more. The scene comes to an end as he pulls out of her ass and cums all over her face and chest. He awakes from his dream and asks where her bikini is.

Scene Five: Jayden Jaymes and Billy Glide (1/5 rating)

Billy is hard at work at his shop and seems to be having some issues with fixing this bike. He gets the keys and is told to lock up when he is done. He grabs his calendar and Jayden is the girl of the month and he wishes she was here. He falls asleep and wakes up to find her calling his name. She tells him that she is here to take care of him. Her boobs are literally popping out of her top as she gives him a kiss and then a lap dance. He reaches around and plays with her pussy a bit as they continue to kiss. She continues to wiggle her hips on his crotch and then stands up and lets him smack her ass a few times. She plays with his cock through his pants, as she licks and rubs strokes it, but eventually opens his pants to grab a hold of it and begin to suck on it. She continues with a fairly deep and wet blowjob as he gives a look on his face like he is already about to cum. She tells him to stand up and she continues to suck and gag on his cock. After a long oral session she ends up on the couch as he takes off her red panties and begins to lick her ass and pussy. She flips around and sticks her ass out and she moves her body back and forth on his cock. She tells him to give it to her like he has been dreaming about doing. She gets a break and is right back to the oral before she climbs that booty on top of him and rides him for some cowgirl action. I have to say that the combination of her long black hair and booty make this angle a good thing for us. It looks like she gives her ass some attention with a few fingers as she continues to ride him.  He must also enjoy this, considering her tits are right in his face. Some more oral from her and then she is back on top for some reverse cowgirl action. She climbs off and sticks her ass out and he gives it a few licks before he is back inside her pussy. She flips on her back and he continues to work her pussy as she rubs it. The scene ends as he pulls out and cums in her mouth and she tells him that when he wakes up she won't be there.

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