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Alexis Texas Vs. Shyla Stylez

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/29/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Alexis Texas vs. Shyla Stylez

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Compilation, Alexis Texas, Shyla Stylez

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Director: varied by scene

Cast: Alexis Texas, Ben English, Shyla Stylez, Mark Davis, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete, John Strong, Abbey Brooks, Bianca Dagger, Audrey Bitoni, Jenaveve Jolie, Sammie Rhodes

Length: 326:15 minutes (182:01 minutes & 144:14 minutes)

Date of Production: 2010 (compilation only, the scenes varied)

Extras: Disc one had a popshot compilation of the scenes, some trailers, and a photogallery, the second disc containing another popshot compilation.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Alexis Texas vs. Shyla Stylez was presented with scenes in either letterboxed widescreen or full frame color as they were shot for Zero Tolerance by directors that varied by scene. The video bitrate hovered around the 6.1 Mbps range when spot checked, the colors accurate in most scenes even if some tint issues arose at times. The composition of the camera angles varied depending on the directors too but all the scenes provided a variety of angles to enhance the final product, the newer scenes tending to look the best of the batch. The editing and grain varied at least as much and overall I would have to say that the visual elements were pretty decent with no discernable watermarks getting in the way. The audio was offered up in 1.0 Dolby Digital English, the usual 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps bitrate managing to convey the moans, groans, and other aural fodder typical of gonzo productions these days. I saw no obvious edits on either the audio or video but the scenes were not compared side by side for this review.

Body of Review: Zero Tolerance has been one of the better gonzo production companies in porn in recent times, their staff of directors typically using humor to get the best possible performances out of their work. They also provide compilations based on specific themes, the latest a sort of contest between two curvy blond bombshells in Alexis Texas vs. Shyla Stylez. The double disc offering included 14 scenes, minimal extras, and a lot of fuck for the buck starring the two ladies, each having a big fan base to speak of. With about five and a half hours of strokable footage, I can see why the company has tried to regain its place in the porn pantheon of late, their toys and parodies also well received. The back cover described the movie like this: “Two of the sexiest blondes in XXX battle it out in this must-see two-disc collection! Alexis Texas delivers nothing but gold in these heavy hitter scenes while Shyla Stylez brings her 'A' game and her 36DD tits to some of the most amazing positions ever filmed! Some might call it Blonde Tits vs. Ass, but we just call it what it is - porn perfection!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Who’s Your Daddy 11: Alexis Texas, Ben English: Alexis Texas, the ripe young blond hotty seen on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up first working for Mike Quasar as she physically took on Ben English in a living room. It was established early that she wasn’t doing anal, lived up the then-asked questions the company requested before they caved to industry pressure, any editing from the original production not immediately evident. She changed into her skimpy bikini and gave Ben a lap dance, bouncing freely as her large ass bumped and ground itself on his growing bulge. The bikini came off slowly and the old man/young woman theme was handled well enough. He played with her using his fingers, she slobbed his knob, and they were soon bumping uglies vaginally though Alexis was not a very active rider in most positions. Still, she looked good and did some taste testing, the gal yelling out as they finished up and he left a wad of genetic juice all over her mouth and face.

Scene Two: Fishnets 6: Shyla Stylez, Ben English: Shyla Stylez, the hotty on the front DVD cover with the large knockers, was up last as she put on her sexy lingerie very slowly. Shyla is a few years short of the MILF market but her curves are still better than many who apply for such roles and her work as a stripper certainly enhanced the scene dynamic here. She coyly teased the camera as part of the action, ending up with studly Ben English as a partner for the scene on the couch. She aggressively whipped out his cock to suck on, stroking his legs and licking the shaft as part of her overall scheme of draining every last drop of his population pudding. The dirty talk flowed better when her mouth wasn't full but I'm glad to report that her titties were used for some friction fun as he plowed between them for a little bit too. They were both active participants in the pussy and anal sex too, the gal riding his cock as hard as possible much of the time, ending with the wad going to her mouth for swallowing. Nice!

Scene Three: Apple Bottomz 4: Alexis Texas, Mark Davis: Alexis Texas, the hot looking blond featured on the front cover, was first up and this was an excellent choice to begin the movie with in my opinion. Her fleshy backside and winning smile combined with her coy teasing to elevate the heat right out of the gate, resulting in her working with porn veteran Mark Davis. Her outfit to begin was a neon pink thong and matching top, her cheeks jiggling as the wind on the balcony rushed by. I would have preferred she continue teasing, especially outside, but she went in as requested, the couch the spot where Mark joined her to jam his face between those perfect mounds of flesh like most fans would like to have done. He went down on her feet and biscuit too; Alexis responding in pleasure, soon reciprocating with a no-hands hummer showing her growing skill with a meat pipe. They then screwed vaginally with her most active positions being those on top, some PTM used to polish him off and drain his balls dry of population pudding. They shared a fair amount of chemistry and energy though; making this as good a scene as I anticipated going into it. Whew!

Scene Four: Wet Dreams Cum True 6: Shyla Stylez, Mick Blue: Shyla Stylez, the busty beauty featured on the front cover, was up first as a sexy nurse, the kind that makes our temperatures rise by virtue of her lack of virtue, slowly stripping as she prepared for her scene with Mick Blue in the living room. Her sexy lingerie and form fitting attire did not last long as he pawed her, each of them grinding into the other like horned up teenagers while she kissed his feverish head to make him feel better. If given the opportunity, I would point out to her that my fever came a bit lower, Shyla doing just that to Mick as she slobbed his increasingly erect knob. Her hand to gland action and oral skills were nicely captured by the director, the enthusiasm displayed by the lady a refreshing change from her peers that go through the motions for the paycheck only. The limited titty fuck was nice as was the reasonably active vaginal screwing. There was a weird brown band seen at the start of chapter five but it only lasted a moment and didn't disturb me too much as the couple's natural chemistry served them well to hold my attention. Shyla loved doing anal too though it managed to slow her down substantially in the process, the gal diddling herself as Mick tore into her backdoor so rapidly. The ending came when he launched his wad of genetic juice into her mouth and Shyla provided some post coital sucking, a solid beginning for the movie as a whole. Yum!

Scene Five: Internal Cumbustion 12: Alexis Texas, Mr. Pete: Alexis Texas, wearing a bright blue bikini outfit, was up next on the pool table, her coy verbal tease adding to the effect. She took on boyfriend Mr. Pete, sitting on his face as he munched away happily, tonguing her asshole as she blew him aggressively which led to the modestly active vaginal positions. They appeared to have some chemistry and she rubbed her clitoris while he planked her, the man slapping her ass so hard that it left red welts. The scene culminated in a realistic vaginal creampie, Alexis fishing some of his seed out of her snatch at the end.

Scene Six: Apple Bottomz 5: Shyla Stylez, Ben English: Shyla Stylez, an impressive blond hotty with even tighter and larger curves, was up next in the living room as she teased in her black bikini ensemble until she worked with Ben English. Shyla appeals to a different dynamic than Sunny does, her experience levels much higher and the kink factor elevated with the levels of chemistry even higher. Bart had some difficulty keeping focus on the camera as he spanked her (at her request) but I admit that I'd probably have trouble too and a few seconds of blur didn't bug me so much thanks to the raw energy, it just made me wonder about the half hearted editing applied to the project (it wasn't an isolated event). In any case, she blew him energetically and climbed onto his cock to ride rapidly, impaling herself soundly on the rod as the two bumped uglies. I was surprised they did not do anal given how frequently she has been getting that ass tapped but it was an even better ride than the first and ended nicely with his population pudding jerked off to her face and mouth.

Scene Seven: Wet Dreams Cum True 6: Alexis Texas, John Strong: Alexis Texas, a bleach blond Texan with a great big ass that I love, was up last with the studly John Strong, her theme of the day being that of a cheerleader. Shaking her pom poms and ass like there was no tomorrow, her tease alone was special in terms of elevating the heat, the limits of their personal chemistry together kind of lowering the heat during the vaginal hammering but not enough to keep it from being most stroke worthy. The tease by the pool was well done even it was an overcast day, that fleshy rump of hers suitable for any gonzo on the market at this time in my opinion. They moved to the large leather ottoman for John to go down on her, shoving his face in her ass at her request (like all of us would do if allowed to). He porked her doggy style before feeding her that cock of his, throatfucking the babe at her request in a passionate manner. Alexis tried her best to keep up too, both of them sweating up a storm as they went at each other. She was as active as I've seen her lately and the wad of semen went to her mouth for swallowing, though I would have loved more tease footage. Nice!

Scene Eight: Flying Solo: Shyla Stylez, the busty blond showcased on the upper left hand corner of the front cover, was up next in a tease scene where her white bikini undies were tossed aside so she could masturbate. She removed her clothing as she walked around the inside of the house, her eye contact elevating the quality of the heat here, a large clear dildo (glass?) used to penetrate her perfect pussy. She tasted it at the end and it was short but sweet.

Scene Nine: Whack Jobs 2: Alexis Texas, looking as fleshy and desirable as ever, was up next giving a handjob to an anonymous moper in POV fashion. Her dark animal print panties were removed in the living room and she sat back to finger herself, Courtney Cummz following her with a second camera as she crawled over to the cock to play. Alexis used dirty talk and plenty of hand to gland action to milk him dry, the minimal wad of spew landing on her tits.

Scene Ten: Double Decker Sandwich 12: Shyla Stylez, Abbey Brooks, John Strong: Shyla Stylez and Abbey Brooks, the two curvy blond from the front cover, were up next in the house as they playfully kissed one another in their colorful cover outfit bikinis. Shyla was the alpha female this time as she helped bring the fleshy newcomer up to speed; the pair displaying a kindred spirit of sorts as they played. I'd have been happy if they continued into a full length lesbian outing but they were joined by talented John Strong so I figured I'd get the best of both worlds thanks to his participation. He loved their tits and they loved his cock, the oral a very major portion of the scene for all concerned as each of them earned their pay. The small touches made this scene better than most of the rest, the glances, the chemistry, and the manner in which they worked so well together overall. Shyla was by far the more aggressive of the two ladies though and it was abundantly clear that she was responsible for how good it turned out, milking John's population pudding to go to Abbey's tits for oral clean up. Whew!

Scene Eleven: Goo For Two 6: Alexis Texas, Bianca Dagger, and John Strong, were up next as the ladies were given a chance to tease the camera around the house in revealing outfits, their lingerie leaving little to the imagination. Bianca had a sweet ass just as Alexis did, each gal suitable for the scene based on their physical attributes and abilities to handle them. There was some lesbian touching but most of the scene had the ladies blowing or riding John’s cock and him eating them out. Both ladies actively rode him too, Alexis taking in his nut of spunk orally to cumswap with Bianca.

Scene Twelve: Meet the Fuckers 9: Shyla Stylez, Audrey Bitoni, Mick Blue: Shyla and Audrey are the attractive babes found on the DVD cover. These gals have massive sized tits, nicely shaped asses and hot figures. The girls look good together. The fun begins with Shyla in front of the camera. She gives a brief tease. Soon after Audrey enters the scene. The girls proceed to fondle and grope each other. Nice. After some light girl on girl action they move on to the dude. The girls work together and suck him off in tandem. Afterwards Audrey bangs Shyla's ass with a dildo. Next sex comes into play. The dude takes turns fucking the girls. They start off with straight and eventually move into anal. During the action the girls are very hands on with each other. It's a hot threesome. The action ends with the girls sharing the cum shot in their mouths and kissing. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Thirteen: Flying Solo: Alexis Texas, wearing a small but colorful bikini, was up next in the bathroom as she gyrated while the pieces rode up her crack. She then started rubbing herself on the bathroom ledge, pulling a glass dildo over to bone herself silly. Alexis moved to the bed and kept up a talkative stance, tasting it clean to end her participation in the show.

Scene Fourteen: Girlvana 2: Shyla Stylez, Jenaveve Jolie, Sammie Rhodes: Jenaveve Jolie, Sammie Rhodes, and Shyla Styles, were next up as they followed the plan from the third scene of the first disc rather well. It still was set up in the house turned into a strip club set with Shyla as the hardened stripper working over the others on the couch and then going home with them. I liked the mope squad and second stringers providing some level of action to make it appear more realistic but the emphasis was always on the primary characters of the scenario (and rightfully so). Jenaveve was the primary hotty of the scene to me; taking charge as she drilled and lead the other two into the harder action. The bedroom antics were such that the scene proved to be nearly equal to the Katja/Courtney scene in terms of dirty fun but the editing seemed slightly looser (almost freehand) this time to me and that altered the passion ever so slightly. Still, it was a great scene with huge stroke value to repeatedly enjoy.

Summary: Alexis Texas vs. Shyla Stylez by Zero Tolerance had a nice variety of scenes by both Alexis Texas and Shyla Stylez, the former better known for her booty antics while the latter included a lot of anal antics to take the prize as far as I was concerned (and I enjoy watching both of them). The inclusion of each doing a solo scene and some group sex did not hurt, the set providing enough strokable material to keep fans of both ladies working their own hand to gland action for some time to come so I rated it as Recommended. In short, you really can’t go wrong with Alexis Texas vs. Shyla Stylez as a compilation, I just wished there were better extras and at least one new scene by each lady made especially for this presentation. That said, give this one a look and you can see how the company managed to provide some heated scenes from both ladies over the last few years.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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