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Lesbian Tendencies

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 11/30/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Oh my girl on girl, every time I think I'm bored of you, you keep calling me back again. Diabolik has comprised a two hour girl on girl bonanza starring some of the most gorgeous stars from their company all set to go down and out for one another and really sell the gimmick right and proper for respective audiences. Girl on girl porn can be really good when it wants to be but "Lesbian Tendencies" feels lazy with women who don't often seem to enjoy being in their scenes. Sometimes one of the actresses really gets in to the role but without any scenarios or set ups, the women seem lost and struggle with positions in spite of Knox's direction.

Alyssa Reece and Capri Anderson
I'm sorry but it really annoys me when pornos have the stars talk to the camera and audience. I mean it's all about illusion and at times delusion, I don't want the stars looking at me and talking to me while they fuck one another. It's awkard and completely ruins the motion of the film, especially when the viewer decides to get going. Do people really enjoy this type of device? In either case, Reece and Capri Anderson don't have a set up to deal with. Reece looks to the camera while Anderson is on the bed wide spread and fingering herself and they pretty much get to it. After soft and slow make out sessions leave them entangled on the bed with one another, Reece quickly unclothes Anderson and goes down on her slithering her long tongue in her pussy kissing and mumbling to her as Anderson moans and writhes in ecstacy. Fingering her much to Anderson's liking, The fingering intensifies as Reece pounds her finger in to Anderson's pussy and Anderson bends down on all fours for Reece to rub her pussy and jam her with a vibrator. After some rough vibrator action, the duo engage in a pretty passionate make out session which establishes the roles. Reece pretty much dominates Anderson who is her bitch throughout this segment. Anderson has her chance going down on Reece with quite an audible suction power, and rams Reece with a small vibrator. Reece then spreads and implements the vibrator as Anderson fingers her with two fingers, causing a rather intense orgasm from Reece. The segment ends with Reece and Anderson making out while Reece displays an odd fetish for Anderson's earlobes, and the two lay side by side with duel vibrators, cumming in unison.

Charmane Star and Nicole Ray

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Nothing like a hot shower on a hot day with two hot women. I've heard it's good, I hope to experience it someday. In either case, we open with the gorgeous Charmane Star in her large walk in shower (damn these porn mansions have everything!) scrubbing up as Nicole Ray enters with a giggle meeting her halfway and engaging in a make out session that leads in to a wet and wild confrontation. The two decide to have some fun with the shower head as Star sprays and fingers Ray who stands in front of her moaning and groaning rubbing her pussy, which intensities in Ray screeching with one leg up in the air while Star fingers her rapidly with two fingers and bites on to her lips prompting Ray to groan and screech. Orgasming the two drop to the floor making out passionately, and Star gets her turn, leaning back and spreading wide as Ray fingers her with her bird, and ravaging her with her digits as Star groans and cries out furiously. Ray leans back moaning as Star slobbers all over her pussy like a hungry dog sucking, spitting and licking like it's the end of the world, and whipes out the three pronged pink vibrator jamming it in to her hole quckly causing Star to scream out. Ray takes advantage pumping and jamming her hard as Star writhes and screams along the shower floor, cumming out. Later, Ray bends down along the floor with her ass in the air as Star rams her with a light pink vibrator, and rubs the vibrating piece along her orifice causing her to cry out with a vicious orgasm. The two engage in another make out session rubbing one another's pussy's roughly, and Ray fingers Star in to a capital orgasm.

Cindy Hope and Ariel X
Cindy Hope and Ariel X are doing what everyone does whenever they're in a mansion. They're both on the stairwell dressed nicely and groping one another while writhing for no apparent reason. Simple enough. After a groping session that made me think "Did the director forget the music... or did they forget to pay for the music?" the two finally get down and get nasty with themselves Ariel X, dressed as a superhero, goes down on Hope licking her legs and rubbing her tits as Hope gazes down grabbing her body. Ariel X takes the time to lick her body and grab on to Hope's gorgeous tits, as Hope comes back rubbing on X. The foreplay intensifies as X rubs Hopes gorgeous ass, and Hope reciprocates. Finally showing signs of life and or enjoyment, X bends down and goes to down on Hope's cooter licking and sucking her pussy raw as Hope moans and groans looking down anxiously, She fingers and laps up Hope's pussy, and fingers her wildly as Hope goes with the flow pounding down on X's fingers. The two drop down on to the stairs as X unclothes, and the two make out and grope one another with Hope taking the lead on X who sits back enjoying the make out session. X conntrols Hope's finger play writhing with Hope's ramming of her finger tips, and spreads her wide with three fingers and rams her hard while X cries out. Hope breaks out the pink dildo jamming it in to X's hole as X drops down slowly and takes the pumping with cries and shrieks. She then bends X over and shoves it up her ass while X screams, and rides the vibrator angrily, and after a double penetration with the dildo's courtesy of X, the two laps up the pink dildo now covered in Hope's cum. Seriously, music would have helped set the mood.

Karlie Montgomery and Halie Jaymes
Karlie Montgomery and Halie Jaymes are looking really hot in this introduction for their segment. Particularly Karlie Montgomery who is just seventeen kinds of sexy with her short hair, tats, and daisy duke top. The segment begins with both women making out and groping passionately along a small couch (in what looks like a stock room at a furniture store), and Jaymes goes to town on Montomery's juicy breasts, sucking and licking them while rubbing her clit while Montgomery watches with a grin and takes her top off to reciprocate on the tit sucking. After some soft licking, Montgomery leans back to get a right licking from Jaymes who sucks on her legs and eats out her pussy while Montgomery groans and enjoys the show. James whips out the purple vibrator rubbing and ramming it in to Montgomery softly, and then turning it on prompting Montgomery to writhe and swear in agony. After some fierce and rapid fire ramming in to Montgomery's pussy making her moans and screech squirming along the couch, Montgomery sucks on her cum soaked vibrator and goes down on Jaymes sucking and licking her pussy, biting her lips, and whipes out the burgundy vibrator sliding the apparatus in and out of her pussy with ease as Jaymes groans and moans, and the entire time I wanted to see more of Montgomery. She's not only very sexy, but looks like a Suicide Girl and that's always a good thing. After some vibration magic from Jaymes, the two lay behind one another masturbating to sheer orgasmic glory, and the girls lick their golden vibrator now soaked with Jayme's cum dribble.

Mason Moore and Andie Savage
Mason Moore looks quite spooky in the opening of this closer to the film as she rubs her tits and grins at the camera almost as if she's going to devour our souls, while Andie Savage hangs out in the background waiting for her cue to approach Moore. Finally after an annoying nod to the audience (stop looking at us and get to the fun!), Savage slowly approaches Moore kissing her and licking her while Moore fondles Savage. Almost as if they're in a library, the two women make as little noise kissing and fondling as possible, and Moore gets her gorgeous tits sucked groped by Savage who is turned on by her massive array of tats. Moore leans over the railing as she's unclothed, and Savage flexes her long tongue licking and lapping at Moore's large tits anxiously while Moore bends over groping and licking Savage's tits. The two then go up the steps and Moore dominates Savage planting her against a wall and licking her breasts as she fingers her through her panties and Savage groans looking down in awe. Moore strips off her panties and fingers her wildly along the wall, and whips out a black vibrator jamming and ramming it in to Savage's pussy while she groans and grunts. Moore then bends down over the steps and takes a fingering from Savage from behind, and gets eaten out along the steps by Savage. After some passionate tongue action between the two, Moore goes down on Savage, and jams her with the vibrator making her cum. Savage rams a green vibrator in to Moor's hole making her cum, and the segment fades to black with both women making out.

The visuals are often times sub-par with the images dim and faded with the colors muted by a dark filter that keeps the action void of any mood or atmosphere. Knox seems to want to go for gritty but classy and fails on both counts since the tone bounces back and forth awkwardly. The Sound is great with the sucking and licking coming in loud and clear throughout the film compensating for the lack of mood music that could have helped the entertainment value in the long run.

The DVD set features only a seven minute Behind the Scenes, and even then it's not really Behind the Scenes as it is a backstage look at the photo shoot for the promotional stills. Why call it Behind the Scenes if it's not really that? The only interesting tidbits are Charmane and Nicole complaining that the shower floor has completely numbed their knees. Following that, there's a photo gallery featuring stills of the performers.

After Thought:
I insist girl on girl can be great when the right director has the right cast along for the ride and they make some fun out of it. But "Lesbian Tendencies" is a forgettable lesbian porno that jumps in to the action without any foreplay, and uses that annoying gimmick of the performers talking to the audience. Like a blowjob in a back alley, I just want to get on with it, don't stop to talk during. TMI? In either case, "Lesbian Tendencies" is a Rent It if only for folks like Charmane Star and Karlie Montgomery who are just insanely sexy.

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