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Jay Rock POV Vol. 2

Studio: Immoral Productions » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 11/30/10

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Jay Rock POV Vol. 2

Release Date: December 9, 2010

Running Time: 1:59

Condoms: None

Director: Jay Rock

Cast: Courtney, Elli Foxx, Gigi Rivera, Jessie, Kacey Jordan, Madison & Jay Rock

About The DVD

This is the second of Jay Rock’s POV and with improvement in the content and Jay not making so much noise, unfortunately there is a great decline in the video quality and shooting. Even still you will enjoy five great young ladies who all deliver stronger than the ones in the first volume.

Kacey Jordan

First, let me open by saying, “Jay, nobody is going to buy the dvd to hear you sing and play the guitar”. You really need to leave that part out of the scenes. OK, now lets talk about the adorable and lovable Kacey Jordan. As always, Kacey brings perfection to the screen in both her beauty and performance. Kacey, starts of strong orally, with lots of sucking, spit, her hands and some damn nice ball licking. Watching it was the first time I busted a nut in the scene. When, Kacey fucks she is always strong in all positions as she rides and pumps with sheer enjoyment and pleasure. Just listening to her heavy breathing as she fucks will make you cum. That is where I busted my nut a second time. In addition to her fucking talents, just looking at her cute puffy pussy with those suckable lips, well there was number three. Her scene wraps up as she with her mouth wide open takes a nice pop shot facial. That would now make it four. A great performance as always by Kacey, she never lets us down and as always busts my nut many times over.


Positions: Oral, Cowgirl, Missionary, Cum In Mouth, Facial

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Now for some comments on the scene, that do not pertain to Kacey’s performance. The scene was hurt too many times where it was not crisp and clear to enjoy Kacey and sometimes was a bit out of focus. The camera was bouncing to much in several segments, that it took the enjoyment out of it. Last, at times the camera would swing around showing nothing but the sheets (which, I can’t remember the last time a set of sheets got me off) and sometimes nothing but a blur.

A Screen Snap From The Scene. Just A Blur!

The performance of Kacey in this scene was fantastic. The quality of the video, was down right poor.

A Sceen Snap Of The Camera Panning

I am not going to get redundant in all the scenes and talk about the same video quality, but the poor quality is there in several of the other scenes as well. 

Jessie & Madison

It was never mentioned who was Jessie and who was Madison. No place could I locate on the dvd, who is who. This I can tell you, both of these young ladies were very strong in their performance. There was some nice making out and playing with each other to start off. Orally, they worked most of the segment together with nice shaft licking, ball licking and stroking with their hands. Both girls have fantastic nipples and would love to play with both sets of titties at the same time. Even though the positions were very limited, both girls gave a good strong fucking. The scene concludes with both ladies taking a load together with their mouths wide open and enjoyed every bit of it.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Doggie, Facial,

Gigi Rivera

I always love watching Gigi, she is a sexy little package of dynamite. After a strip and getting a rub down, she gets her pussy eaten and responds with her back arching way up and gripping the blankets. A strong blow job is followed by some fantastic fucking with great views of her ass in doggie. Her strongest positions that always bust my nut is cowgirl and listening to her cute whimpers is a nut buster in its self. While in the doggie position, she takes his load on her sweet and sexy ass. Gigi, you always have me jerking off to your scenes and this one was no exception.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl

Elli Foxx

Elli Foxx’s scene, starts off with the MySpace senecio that Jay has used before. After enjoying Elli stripping and exposing those perky button nipples, she goes down on Jay. While giving head, she does a lot of licking to enhance her blow job even more. Fucking was great with this sweetie. Missionary, she took it hard and had some great heavy breathing. Cowgirl, she road till she was totally out of breath. In reverse cowgirl, we are treated to her taking Jay’s finger up her ass. Unfortunately, there was a poor moment and scene breaker by Jay. As Elli was riding cowgirl, Jay stops and sits up to check and see if the camera was recording. That, really broke the moment and seeing his face was not something I wanted to remember as part of the scene. Even with the bad mistake Jay made in the scene, Elli brings it through taking a load of cum in her mouth with total excitement, then sucks him dry and swallows it down. Elli, delivered a great scene, but there were some things out of her control that took away from it.

Jay Rock, stopping in the middle of sex to check and see if the camera was on.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl


Another MySpace hook up for Jay as he picks up Courtney to go back to his place. They pretty much get right into it with Courtney sucking his cock. She had good oral skills and worked his balls over nicely with lots of sucking and licking. Good fucking in all positions, but damn can this girl fuck and ride in the cowgirl position. She didn’t just ride and pound, she slammed up and down. After some strong fucking, she takes a nice cum shot with a open mouth then licks and sucks the head clean.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Facial

Audio & Video: The audio was good throughout the scenes and delivered what would be expected. Video, was like a roller coaster, with segments, not crisp and clear, to much camera movement and shots into nowhere.

Extras: Trailers

My Final Thoughts

There was some tremendous performances by the six ladies cast in this dvd. It was their strength in performance that actually carried the dvd as a whole. Unfortunately, a lot of the video quality and camera action was way below acceptable. In addition, for a POV, there was too much distant shots and some that were set up on a tri-pod. In POV as a viewer, you want the feeling that it is you getting your cock sucked or fucking the girl and not seeing the dude doing it. Some poor mistakes were made and even though it did not hurt the girls performance, it took away from the scene as a whole. The performance by Jay and the video quality itself, was more on the amateur side and that is where I would put it. The girls were perfect, but there was too much outside of their control. When I look at a dvd that I am going to buy,. it’s not only who is in it and the performance of the girls, but I want to see, crisp clear shots, non giggling cameras, and if it says POV, then that is what I expect to see. Even though the girls were strong, the rest of the content and quality was poor and I would not buy it. But, because of who is in it and the great sex performed, I would certainly “Rent It”, because it is worth a one time viewing.


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