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Sex Dolls

Studio: Studio A » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/1/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Sex Dolls

Studio A

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Genre: Erotica

Director: Andrew Blake

Nina James

Cast: Nina James, Tori Black, Johnny Castle, Amia Miley, Isis Taylor, Alexis Texas, Bree Daniels, Lily Carter, Aaron Wilcox

Length: 109:10 minutes

Tori Black with Johnny Castle

Date of Production: 2/15/2010

Extras: The only extras were some trailers this time, and an insert in the DVD case.

Amia Miley

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Sex Dolls was presented in letterboxed widescreen in an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 as shot by director Andrew Blake for Studio A. As I've said in the past, Mr. Blake records his erotic movies on film, generally Bolex Super 16 mm from what I understand, using the grain as texture much like he uses lighting, camera angles, and editing in ways that I don't even begin to understand all that well to weave a tapestry that you simply don't find by most of his peers. He is a one man crew that seems to focus his efforts on a single project at a time, typically averaging a single movie a year that are highly polished and artistic rather than churn them out weekly in gonzo style as the vast majority of the industry prefers. The most common criticism he faces is that his movies all look alike followed by the complaint that they have precious little sexual conduct but the best way to answer these misconceptions (which I myself have held in the past) is to tell folks to take a step back and expand their outlook a little. The majority of sex in a Blake movie is lesbian oriented or even solo work meant to tantalize rather than look at sex via the gyno-cam process that is much easier to make. The use of slow motion and all the visual elements is almost cathartic from what I've gathered, allowing Blake to warm you up for some at home pleasure, often with a loved one, rather than focus on the explicit. It doesn't always work but his titles sell well over time instead of for a month and disappear as other's works seem to do most of the time; spawning scores of directors trying to copy his dynamic; largely failing though attempting to become his heir apparent all the same. The picture was composed in each case somewhat differently and the bitrate hovered around the 3.8 Mbps range in the MPEG-2 format of SD DVD; the hope of fans that he'll start offering high definition versions to enhance his works even more, though most of the scenes this time looked decidedly darker and grainier. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital with the vocals stripped (due to the motion effects like slow motion) and a bit rate of 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate. The music was sparse at times, offering machine driven noise instead of the usual jazzy riffs that punctuate Blake's work so effectively, but omnipresent to say the least. I still prefer vocals over music in most cases, especially when the music or sound effects are less appealing as they were here so your mileage may vary.

Isis Taylor

Body of Review: Andrew Blake and his art house production unit called Studio A are synonymous with a stylish look in the porn world, offering up something that has been unsuccessfully copied in the past but never repeated. Forgoing a vocal track, Blake employs moody music and slow motion effects to convey a sense of eroticism all but lost among his peers these days, my own tastes typically far removed but still intrigued for the eye candy this amounts to. His latest release is called Sex Dolls and provides 15 short (some are very short indeed) clips of a variety of young hotties in action from established names like Alexis Texas and Tori Black to yummy, but lesser known, women such as Amia Miley, Bree Daniels, and Isis Taylor. There were no real extras outside of some trailers but if you’ve seen Blake’s previous works, you’ll know that at very least he offers up some strokable situations thanks to a keen eye for the ladies. Here’s a one line look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Alexis Texas and Tori Black

Scene One: Nina on Red: Nina James teasing and masturbating.

Scene Two: Tori & Johnny: Tori Black and Johnny Castle engaging each other on a bed.

Bree Daniels

Scene Three: Amia Miley: Amia Miley teasing and masturbating with a large glass dildo.

Scene Four: In Bed with Isis: Isis Taylor masturbating and teasing in bed.

Alexis Texas

Scene Five: Alexis & Tori: Alexis Texas and Tori Black enjoying a lesbian trysts in bed.

Scene Six: Leopard: Bree Daniels, the gal on the front cover, teasing and masturbating.

Bree Daniels and Nina James

Scene Seven: Naked Alexis: Alexis Texas masturbating on a deck.

Scene Eight: Bree & Nina: Bree Daniels and Nina James engaging in a lesbian tryst.

Isis Taylor

Scene Nine: Having Her Cake: Isis Taylor eating and rubbing cake on her chest.

Scene Ten: Lily on White: Lily Carter masturbating briefly.

Lily Carter

Scene Eleven: Trio: Lily Carter, Nina James, and Bree Daniels, in lingerie doing lesbian tricks.

Scene Twelve: Bathroom: Isis Taylor masturbating in the bathroom.

Bree Daniels, Nina James, and Lily Carter

Scene Thirteen: Tori in B&W: Tori Black in a body stocking masturbating with a grainy picture.

Scene Fourteen: String of Pearls: Alexis Texas and Aaron Wilcox in a straight but short scene.

Isis Taylor

Scene Fifteen: Bree- End Titles: Bree Daniels gyrates as the ending credits were superimposed on her body.

Tori Black

Summary: Sex Dolls by director Andrew Blake for Studio A was not full of men jerking off genetic juice and population pudding to a bevy of beauties, though a few scenes involved more traditional porn standards like that. Rather, it had a bunch of attractive ladies masturbating, teasing, and occasionally engaging one another in short trysts that highlighted visual elements as a new age pin up girl kind of thing. If you are absolutely in need of circus act sex and extreme close-ups in your porn you will find a lot of this repetitive and boring but even a jaded old coot like myself could suggest the rating as Recommended for a general audience, more for fans of the director. In essence, there was a reason why Sex Dolls won the Xcritic “Covers We Crave” spotlight a few weeks ago, it was for the eroticism conveyed via the cover that spoke volumes about the content of the movie, content that amounted to a very nice change of pace so give it a look or three and let me know what you think of it.

Alexis Texas with Aaron Wilcox


Bree Daniels

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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