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Jack's Teen America: Mission 6

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 12/11/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Robby D.
Cast: Aveena Lee, Chris Charming, Christian XXX, Dascha, Eva Angelina, Kinzie Kenner, Tommy Gunn, Tory Lane.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Eva Angelina and Tory Lane.
Length: 02:08
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex and a second for Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Eva Angelina and Tory Lane.


In case you haven't seen any if this series, here's a synopsis of Teen America. Jack (from Jack's Playground) plays an unemployed deadbeat. His dad pulls some strings and gets him a gig doing interviews for an upcoming teenage beauty pageant known as "Teen America" (don't you love the obvious connotation of "Tits and Ass?"). Being Jack, those interviews take on a decisively sexual slant and the girls, being schoolgirls, cheerleaders, hookers, volunteers, and other All-American types, are all too eager to strip off their clothes and please the interviewers as well as you and me.

Director Robby D., playing Jack, always brings with him a "sound guy" to, purportedly, hold the microphone while he interviews the girl. However, in every scene so far, the "sound guy" gets to fuck the interviewee. It begs the question: If the sound guy is fucking the girl, who's capturing the first-class audio? It also begs another question that I seem to ask in every review of Teen America: When can I be the sound guy, Robby? You don't need to answer that because, in my opinion, you want the best guy for the audio/fucker position. Right? Tommy Gunn often plays that role and, again in my opinion, he plays it best!

I strongly suggest that you watch this series in order from Mission 1 through Mission 6 and beyond. That way, you'll fully understand the shenanigans that you see on the screen. In addition, you'll appreciate the extra effort that some girls provide when they literally beg Jack to let them audition for a second time.

If you like white-hot sex and gorgeous girls, you've just gotta give Teen America a look.

Check out some photos of the girls in Teen America: Mission 6 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Eva Angelina, busty blond Dasha, and totally insatiable--and very nasty--Tory Lane! Enjoy!


There must come a time when it becomes pointless to review additional episodes in a stellar series of movies. I'm not sure how to determine when that milestone is reached. However, given the consistent quality of the Teen America series--in technical, aesthetic, and sexual terms--I think it's safe to say, if it says Teen America on the label, buy it!

That's not to say that I'm going to stop watching Teen America releases. You can bet that I'll keep popping them in my DVD drive whenever they show up in my in-box.

And, I know you'll want to know a little bit about each new episode before you plunk down 25 bucks to buy a DVD or use up some of your monthly subscription to rent the movie. So, I'll continue to tell you a little about each release. However, my bottom line advice is, watch anything with the Teen America label.

Scene One

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Scene One features my pick for 2005's new performer of the year, Eva Angelina and hugely-endowed Chris Charming. My recommendation to you about Eva is to watch as many of her scenes as you can. Why? Here's a short list: 1) her enthusiasm is boundless; 2) she's joyful when she fucks, even giggling with excitement; 3) she's fun-loving and always seems to have a good time when fucking on screen; 4) her sweet-looking--but ever-so-nasty--mouth is sure to please when torrents of motivating and nasty vocabulary pours forth from it; 5) her moves during sex can give a mummy a hard-on; 6) her body is one of the top ten I've ever seen!; 7) she's a girl with which YOU could have lots of fun; 8) she likes it rough; 9) she screams like a wild beast when she cums; 10) and, she's a little crazy in the head, too (see some of the behind-the-scenes features on her movies). Eva is my kind of woman! Her scene with Chris Charming in Teen America: Mission 6 is one of her best scenes, I think. Perhaps it's because of her finesse in handling Chris' huge dick. Or, maybe it's because of the huge sticky facial he gives her. Or, maybe it's because of the way Chris pulls her hair and spanks her ass (she LOVES it!). Or, maybe it's because of her sluttish outfit. Whatever the reason, this scene is great. Five stars!

Scene Two

Scene Two shows what an incredibly sexy woman can do after being released from the bondage of a contract with a mild-sex, couples-friendly-only studio. Dasha explodes on screen with an extreme intensity that is, perhaps, somewhat frightening! It's as if she has an incredible amount of passion built up in side of her and decides to unleash it all on lucky SOB Tommy Gunn. If you've never seen Dasha (perhaps because you loathe boring "couples" sex scenes produced by some studios), you'll be blown away by her fucking awesome body, her hard belly, her huge shapely boobs, and her long blond hair. If you like bondage gear, and mildly rough sex, you'll like her wardrobe and make-up and enjoy watching Tommy Gunn use a paddle on her tits, belly, ass and pussy. If you like domination, you'll enjoy watching Tommy lead a very willing Dasha around on a leash as she crawls on all fours. And, if you like anal sex, you'll appreciate this direct-to-the-sphincter scene. Everything in this scene is anal-centric, from the rimming Tommy gives her asshole, to the butt-plugs, and to the superb anal sex in cowgirl, doggie, and missionary. In fact, I think it's safe to say that Dasha is an anal maniac. Five stars.

Scene Three

Scene Three, the weakest in the movie, is still hotter than most scenes captured by less talented directors. It features cute-as-a-button Asian Aveena Lee and Tommy Gunn. Twenty-two-year-old Aveena is really too old for Teen America. However, she convinces Jack to let her compete: "You don't have to be a teenager to look like a teen!" She has very nice--and real--medium tits and, in her opinion, her greatest "ass-et" is her panty-free ass. Like the previous scenes, Scene Three follows a mild bondage theme. Aveena's mouth is gagged and her hands, boobs, and thighs are bound with multiple layers of plastic wrap. While bound, Tommy drives Aveena crazy-wild using the paddle on her ass. Later, he unwraps the plastic wrap, eats her pussy, and rims her asshole. Then, they fuck vaginally in missionary, doggie, and cowgirl. Although Aveena's moves are very hot, especially when she fucks Tommy in the doggie and cowgirl positions, she never cums. Three and one-half stars.

Scene Four

Perhaps the most teen-like of all the contestants in Teen America: Mission 6, Kinzie Kenner is teamed with Christian in Scene Four. Kinzie plays a very sweet uniformed schoolgirl who, while being quite lovable, is very kinky. Kinzie's assets include a very fine butt, adorable natural boobs, and multiple piercings. And, in her unique and quite delightful way, she refers to her bald pussy as her "sugar-cookie." Believe me, after you see Kinzie's complete package, you'll lust for a taste of her sugar-cookie! Foreplay contains lots of mild bondage scenarios (she's gagged and handcuffed). Christian uses a paddle to spank her heart-stopping ass, works it between her butt cheeks, and uses it to tease her tits. Perhaps a highlight of the scene is the fellatio segment. It's obvious that Kinzie literally adores Christian's cock...it shows by the way she smiles while gazing at it longingly, how she slobbers and spits on it before she strokes it with her hands, and how she lovingly suckles its tip. She's also crazy about her clit--and spends lots of time jacking it with her spit-lubricated fingers. During vaginal sex, Kinzie's moves are highly energetic during cowgirl...she looks fucking fine as she pounds and grinds him. And, her sweet and pretty voice--when she uses it to encourage Christian with lots of nasty talk--is fucking fine, too. I also enjoyed the doggie segment: it's very satisfying to watch her long brunette hair flowing around her face while her tits bounce joyfully in sync with Christian's thrusts. Even though cutie Kinzie never came during the scene, she did swallow Christian's load. Four stars!

Scene Five

Tory Lane is the last of this episode's Teen America contestants. Tory plays another gorgeous schoolgirl. She's 18, wears a school uniform, and has braided brunette hair. During the interview, she lists "head" as her Teen America talent. She's right! Although there are three main reasons that I enjoyed this mildly-bondage-centric scene, the fellatio segment tops the list. Although I generally find cock-sucking sequences somewhat boring--especially if they continue for more than a couple of minutes--the extended fellatio in this scene is fucking fantastic. Tory does an excellent job pleasing Tommy Gunn's cock. However, I must admit than the videography and editing during this segment--particularly the camera angles and close-ups--are absolutely stunning. I don't think I've ever seen a blowjob captured as well as this one. The second reason I enjoyed this scene is Tory's approach to anal sex. Tory acts as if this is her first-ever anal experience...and appears to feel a combination of pain and ecstatic pleasure! It's really enjoyable to watch her reaction to having a string of anal beads--followed by Tommy's cock--up her ass. In fact, she, in effect, takes a double-penetration when Tommy fucks her pussy while the anal beads stuff her asshole (she does ATM on the beads). The final reason I enjoyed this scene is the sweet and mind-blowing orgasm Tory experiences during doggie vaginal sex. Another five-star scene.

In other episodes of Teen America, I've been able to choose a clear-cut winner. This time, it's hard. Eva, Dasha, and Tory are all front-runners in this sexiest of beauty pageants.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The widescreen video is very good. Lighting, camera angles, and color balance are all very good (although it is a tad bit too yellow for my taste). I'm not giving the video a perfect five-star rating for only one reason: I've seen what Robby D. can do in breathtaking movies like Teagan: All American Girl. Although the video in this movie is superb, it's not that magnificent. Four and one-half stars!

Audio (technical): The audio was well recorded and presented in 5.1 Dolby Digital. Since there's really no musical soundtrack, the 5.1 Dolby seems to be a bit overkill. Still, the moans and groans, as well as the dialog, are clear and crisp, if not out-of-the-ordinary. Four stars.

Extras: The Extras are pretty minimal in comparison to other contemporary adult DVD releases. Of course, there's a Chapter Index and Scene Access. There's also a manually-operated Photo Gallery and a self-running Slide Show (same photos as the Photo Gallery accompanied by up-beat music). Trailers of other Digital Playground releases and company contact information round out the offerings. Three stars.

Aesthetics: From a visual perspective, the aesthetics are very nice. The locations in which the scene setups and sexual encounters occur are exceptional-looking homes. I liked how director Robby D. resisted the urge to "fuck on the couch" and had the performers use different locations in the house. The girls wear outfits and bondage gear (leashes, chokers, handcuffs, gags) that superbly support their "roles" in the movie and are nicely made-up. On the other hand, there was no attempt to support the on-screen action with music. Four stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.50
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 4.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.40

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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