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Hot House Backroom 20

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/1/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Production Dates: 2009-2010

Directed By: Steven Scarborough (scene one), Robert Drake (scenes two-five)


Brandon Bangs, Zach Alexander, Andre Barclay, Luke Riley, Jackson Lawless, Danny Brooks, Jayden Loyd, Conner Habib, Dayton O’Conner

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 37 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Brandon Bangs (cover dude) and Zach Alexander (cute with short brown hair and a toned/hairy body) hang out talking about jacking off and sucking cock. Horny as heck, Brandon hauls his large uncut cock out leading Zach to grab on and cram it down his hungry gullet. Dude gives excellent head slobbering all over his buddy’s throbbing meat, stroking the shaft, and deep throating all the way down to light brown pubes. Brandon clearly digs the blowjob guiding Zach’s head up ‘n down and filling the room with loud moans ‘n heavy breathing. Zach pulls Brandon’s tasty foreskin up over the pink knob and lovingly sucks on the fleshy overhang. Mouth-watering! Brandon continues to hold Zach’s head and begins humping upwards to fuck his pal’s hot, wet ‘n willing mouth. “You take it like a champ!”

Zach strips down showing off his dark pubes ‘n huge unclipped dick and then sinks down on Brandon for a wild game of the ol sink/bounce. Dude rides that hard cock fast ‘n hard with plenty of excellent frontal penetration shots. These guys are definitely into each other and the action. Mr. Thang jacks his own pole while having his man-chute filled with Grade A beef, baby! At one point, while thrusting up to fuck his buddy, Brandon gives Zach a friendly reach around and strokes that dong! Switching positions, Brandon bangs his buddy doggy-style with excellent penetration shots from below of that cock sliding in ‘n outta that tight hole. Changing to a side/missionary position, the guys keep on going in a fever pitch of lusty desire. Zach beats that meat working the foreskin back ‘n forth and jizzes all over his hairy chest ‘n stomach. “Fuck that cum outta me!” Brandon pulls out and busts a thick nut on his buddy.

Scene Two:

Andre Barclay (handsome with short brown hair, beard stubble, and a toned/hairy body with tattoos) and Luke Riley (good-looking with closely cropped reddish-blond hair, beard stubble and a muscular/smooth body) are already in the middle of a red hot make-out session as the scene begins. The guys are really going at it kissing with deep wet tongues and feeling each others’ bodies. Andre sinks to his knees and takes Luke’s big fat clipped cock into his mouth working up ‘n down and cramming as much as he can into his throat giving some beautiful head. Dude clearly knows his way around a big dick. Andre makes oral love to that purple-headed trouser snake.

Naturally Luke loves the head and starts to fuck Andre’s mouth. Switching up the action, Luke munches down on dude’s tight hairy butthole with okay camera shots of the rimming. He then slides his stiff tool up Andre’s bunghole and fucks him quick ‘n lubed in the missionary position with excellent penetration shots from above. The guys are definitely turned-on by each other and the action. Andre jacks his hard clipped dick while being drilled. Kicking it up, Luke bangs the heck outta Andre with excellent penetration shots from behind where the viewer can also see Luke’s tight shave hole. Fucking hot! As loud grunts ‘n growls fill the room, Luke pulls out and shoot a large thick load all over Andre’s hairy chest. Playing copycat, Andre squirts sweet love juice all over himself.

Scene Three:

Jackson Lawless (good-looking with a brown buzz cut and toned/smooth body) and Danny Brooks (cute with short dark hair and a tight/slender/smooth/tattooed body) climb all over each other kissing with deep tongues and lusty hands exploring one another’s horny bodies. Danny is soon sucking Jackson’s hard cut cock giving excellent head as his hungry mouth slides up ‘n down the meat pole like a man half starved. Jackson digs the blowjob filling the air with moans, heavy breathing and words of encouragement. “Oh yes! Stoke it when you suck it! Work on my balls!”

Jackson plays with his own pierced nipples while being blown. With legs spread wide, Jackson exposes his tight shaved asshole leading Danny to eat that ass with nice camera shots of the rimming and fingering. Dude diddles that snug little hole like a pro. “Open that hole up, yeah!” The guys are clearly enjoying each other and the butt play. Danny moves on top allowing Jackson to reach around, spread his buddy’s butt cheeks, and expose his tight shaved butthole as the two kiss and rub their stiff meat together. Danny has a long clipped cock and Jackson really loves grabbing both dongs and jacking them at the same time.

Switching gears, Danny fucks his pal long ‘n lubed in the missionary position with nice penetration shots from above. “Oh yeah! Take that hole!” The site of Danny’s big hangy nuts flopping around as he drills Jackson is fucking hot! Switching to some doggy-style, Danny continues to fuck Jackson fast, smooth, ‘n hard with penetration shots from above. The dudes fuck like rabbits with Danny reaching around and pulling Jackson off to climax making him shoot a thick load on the bed. Danny busts a thick nut all over Jackson’s back.

Scene Four:

Delicious Luke Riley (scene two) stands completely naked jacking his fat cut cock stroking the shaft with his right fist while lost in pure sexual desire. Dude looks directly into the camera inviting the viewer to join him in his lusty adventure. Luke has such a tasty piece of meat that I would love to jump through the screen and suck him to a “happy ending”. He beckons cute ‘n nude Jayden Loyd (short brown hair and a toned/smooth body) into the room and plays with his new buddy’s long clipped pork. Jayden sinks to his haunches allowing Luke to fuck his face with that big dick which is a challenge that Jayden is more than up for sliding his cock-starved gob up ‘n down deep throating that mouth-watering prick. A highly turned-on Jayden climbs onto the bed like an alley cat in heat and exposes his tight hairy bunghole that Luke is more than happy to munch down on with some okay camera shots of the rimming.

At one point, the viewer can see Luke’s tight shaved asshole ‘n plump fuzzy nuts as he’s bent down licking his buddy’s man-hole. “You Ready? Yeah.” Luke slides his dork up Jayden’s rear-end and gives him a tripindicular fucking with mediocre penetration shots from the side. Finally there are some excellent penetration shots from behind and it’s a mouth-watering site to behold!: Luke’s cock sliding in ‘n out while Jayden’s hangy balls swing back ‘n forth. Dude beats his meat shooting a thick load of thick jizz on Jayden’s thigh. Jayden lies back and beats that big mother fucking dong and releasing a big load on his chest ‘n stomach.

Scene Five:

Doctor Conner Habib’s (good-looking with short dark hair and a toned/hairy body) next patient is sexy Dayton O’Conner (spiked brown hair and a toned/smooth body) who has come in for a physical examination. Dayton is happy to strip down revealing his beautiful body, brown pubes, plump balls, and thick clipped cock. Dude asks the Doc to check a pain in his groin and of course this leads to Conner chowing down on that fat dick providing some excellent head. Both dudes are very into the action with Conner deep throating his patient and Dayton moaning ‘n groaning.

Dayton spreads his legs nice ‘n wide to give us a peek at his furry butt crack. Switching up, dude sucks Conner’s stiff clipped tool giving it a mighty oral workout complete with face fucking. After some deep tongue kissing, Conner hops up on the examination table offering his hot butt to his buddy. Dayton munches down on Conner’s tight hairy bunghole with excellent camera shots/close-ups of the ass eating and finger fucking! Personally, this is one of the hottest moments in the movie! “Get that hole ready!” Conner switches to playing sink/bounce on Dayton’s tool with nice penetration shots from the front.

Dayton goes wild and begins thrusting his hips to the ceiling so he can fuck his buddy fast ‘n hard! I can tell Conner dig’s getting that hot dick up his bum as he fills the room with growls, moans and heavy breathing. “Yeah! Fuckin’ ride that cock!” The penetration shots from above are groovy. After some energetic doggy-style (with hot penetration shots from below), Conner jacks off busting a thick nut all over the place while being face fucked by Dayton. Holy cow! Dayton squirts an enormous wet load all over Conner’s hairy chest.


High quality picture that’s crisp ‘n clean.


Groovy electronic score by Rock Hard! The sound is nice ‘n clear so the guys are loud and clear.


Trailers for Sanctuary I, Trust Me I’m A Doctor, Loading Zone, Hot House Backroom Volume 19, Hot House Backroom Volume 18, and Hot House Backroom Volume 17.


The 20th entry in Hot House Productions’ popular Back Room series is a fun ‘n horny man-on-man romp.  The guys are sexy and look to genuinely enjoying themselves. The Videography by Richard Board is strong. I Recommend!

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