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Mom's Cuckold 4

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 12/13/10

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I had to review this, because my wife is in it.

No, really! It says so right on the box!

Apparently this features top porn stars in real life scenarios as well. Can you BELIEVE it?


So Ava talks about domestic things with her stressed out hard-workin’ hubby. She offers him tuna casserole and a movie rental, because that is an all-American evening if ever I have heard one.

Cut to some black dude taking a look under the hood at his non-functioning BMW. He says “fuck” a few times, so you know he’s probably no good, and then mentions having no cell phone reception.

The Devines then come across this shady character and offer him a hand. He lies to them and says that his phone battery is dead. Don’t believe him!! They offer to take him back to their home, where Ava sexily hands him the cordless.

Why sir, I do declare, only a slut would hand a phone over like this!

While the black dude makes his call, Ava can’t control herself and starts trying to convince her husband that she needs some big black dick. No, seriously, that’s what she says. She then sits down next to him with her giant rack in his face and starts fondling his big black dick through his pants. Once she gets it out, we see that it is very big indeed. I can believe that her husband will not be able to fuck her like that dude can, a fact that she mentions quite a few times. She also orders him to jerk off while she’s being fucked.


You know what helps a cock look smaller? When it's not hard. IMAGINE!


Ava does pretty well with the cocksucking and she fucks pretty enthusiastically too. Points! Black dude gives her a cream pie and then drips all over the couch. She then tells her husband how good he’s been and how she wants him to jerk off on her face. Which he does, in a very messy face shot.


So Courtney’s “husband” is rubbing her feet, and breaks out with, “You know, social working ain’t the same as it used to be.” Then he starts talking about a “lost soul” which sounds like pussy talk if you ask me. LOLZ

He then mentions that he thought his lovely wife should fuck this lost soul, and then he won’t get in trouble anymore. OMG SERIOUSLY. Courtney of course is intrigued by the thought of big black dick, and her giggles are rather adorable.

Then they cut… to them in the same place, doing the same thing. Because how else would you know that time had passed?

They welcome “John” in, and he kisses Courtney’s hand, prompting her to declare him a gentleman. As usual, Courtney is waaay into the scene. She starts off sucking cock, and asking her husband if this is all OK with him. Lots of cock spitting while John mumbles… something. Courtney then orders her husband to spank her ass with typical Courtney enthusiasm. She then fucks John for a while and she tells her husband to put his hand down his pants. She then orders her husband down to her pussy so that he will watch up close and personal. Loudly.


Courtney’s a girl who knows what she likes, and goddamn it,
she is going to get what she likes even if she has to make you do it.

I love this girl.

John is pretty happy to be pounding pussy… to the point that he seems to be singing a little song about it. LOL.

-- sponsored by --

It's ok, John, I'd be singing too!

They switch positions, and Courtney rubs her clit while John fucks her. He cums on her face, but it takes him a while to get a decent amount out. Her husband in the background doesn’t seem to be anywhere near his own cock and he doesn’t get to cum either.

Courtney did this and made him choke her. What a girl. :)



Katie has huuuuuuuge boooooobs. She then announces they are on a Jamaican vacation, in a distinctly un-Jamaican room.

You can tell it's Jamaica because, um... ?
OMG boobs!

Oh wait.

Oh no.

Is there gonna be a black dude with a Jamaican accent?

Anyway, Katie mentions seeing a “manager” downstairs that she’d like to fuck, so she decides to make a complaint so that the manager, Nathan, will come visit.

So Nathan knocks on the door, and thank God, he does not have a Jamaican accent. However, her husband has an English accent.

The manager at first protests, but that stops soon enough as Nathan makes out with Katie while her husband watches. Gasp! Even just feeling his cock through his pants, you can see how freakin’ massive it is. I mean, dayum.

I mean if you just OMG BOOOOOBS

Katie’s face is very pretty, and her tits are amazing. It’s hard to tell how good she is a sucking cock because this guy is just… that… big. Her hubby jacks off in the background while she gets fucked doggie style, but when she switches positions I’m really not sure what her husband is doing, but it sure ain’t masturbating.

Katie has a good time, though.

Finally Nathan the manager cums a teensy bit on her pussy right before her husband SAYS he’s going to cum. Then Katie slaps his cock away and tells him he can’t. The best part is when Nathan goes back into hotel manager mode while completely naked.

ILU Nathan.


There is nothing else to life but moving up the corporate ladder, so says that guy. So he drops a bombshell on his “wife” that he stopped at “the adult dvd store”, and pulls a disc out of an old black suitcase he found in the trash that morning.

So he shows the DVD to his wife, which of course features more black cock, and she instantly recognizes the owner of said black cock as her slutty personal trainer guy. Her husband is very happy to hear this, and suggests she call him, which she does over her plate of handmade chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.


Sorry, that's actually chicken nuggets, mac & cheese and .*~corn nibblets~*.

By the way, his name is Sledge. I wish I was making this up.

Weirdly, this movie is full of cuts. Like, she stands and walks to the door, and then it cuts, and she opens the door. Really?

Sledge speaks very slowly, but he gets the idea quick enough for porn. In fact, he sticks his tongue in Kelly’s mouth while she is still talking. Shut that bitch up, Sledge!

Also a good way to shut bitches up

Sledge says, “Let the sledgehammer be the tool for the job.”

You are the tool, Sledge. Yes you are.

Anyway, Kelly does try to suck Sledge’s cock, but damn, he is freaking enormous. It’s hard to dock her points for that. Sledge gets Kelly up on the table and takes her clothes off, while her “husband” contemplates life, the universe, and everything.

More weird cuts, and Sledge licks her for a bit before he starts fucking her. She seems to have some trouble with him fucking her due to his enormous size, and there are many more cuts. Many many.


You'd make this face too if you had to try to fit that cock up inside your cunt.
Trust me.

Her husband continues watching, somewhat disinterestedly.

Sledge has a pretty big load, and most of it gets on Kelly’s face, so kudos for that.


Note to McKenzie: Squinting does not make it look like you’re paying attention.


Let's play a drinking game. Do one shot every time Mckenzie squints to
look like she's paying attention or stiffly gestures her arms out in awkward fashion.
You'll be brain-dead before any clothes come off.

The scene opens with a (black) detective telling the happy couple that the husband is responsible for some crimes. Witty response: “I didn’t commit anything!” and “I’m being accused!” The detective mentions they have evidence.

Justice is served!

The detective says, “You were caught on surveillance. Does this look familiar?” He then displays what appears to be a page from a tax return. Or a receipt for ice cream. Everyone is then horrified.


The best evidence is the kind that isn't. What's a girl to do?
Gesture awkwardly.

His wife then comes on to the detective in order to help her husband out. He tells her how inappropriate this is while checking out her enormous rack.

His badge looks like it declares him to be the King of Police.

OK, dude, he has like a horse cock, seriously.


It's kinda bigger than her head.

McKenzie does manage to get about halfway down on it. Thumbs up. Her husband maintains a disappointed stance throughout. I should make a collage of his disappointedness.


It's the pièce de résistance.

He’s so big he can only get in about halfway, which I am sure is disappointing for that detective guy.


That's about as far in as he can ever get.


I don’t see how he could ever bang the crap out of anybody. *sad face*

Wait, wait!

He cums in Kelly’s mouth, and it’s OK. Then her husband ends up in jail anyway. LOLZ.

Seriously that husband guy steals the scene. I was watching him more than the sex, his reactions were hilarious.

As Strongbad might say, It’s over!


Behind the scenes (where the girls talk about themselves, interview-style). Watch Courtney Cummz, ‘cause she’s adorable and shares life wisdom with you all.

The rest of the features are pretty standard (cumshots, slideshow of pictures).



The good: The girls are nice and fairly talented, and Courtney is always an absolute joy to watch. If you like HUGE white tits and HUGE black cocks, this is right up your alley. Well-shot and, though the sex isn't really amazing, it's incredibly entertaining (perhaps in spite of itself). It's pretty hilarious.

The bad: This really has nothing to do with "mom's", as the title suggests, and the guys being cuckolded are pretty bad at looking upset or playing into the cuckold fetish at all. And if you're not into almost cartoonishly-sized tits and dicks, the sex here will probably bore you.

Final grade: B

I think this is worth it just for the humor value alone, and the joy of watching Courtney. The scenes are all pretty mediocre and not terribly exciting (even for cuckold fetishists, I would think), but all the bad acting is highly entertaining if you need a good laugh.

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