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Naughty Office Girls

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/2/10

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Naughty Office Girls
Smash Pictures
Price 9.99
Running Time: 3hrs and 45min

Special Features

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Slide Show
Previews- 8 trailers
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Jennifer White
Ashlyn Rae
Victoria White
Brandy Blair
Sammie Spades
Miley Ann
Jasmine Lopez
Allie Haze

Overall Thoughts

So as the saying goes, save the best for last and I think this DVD follows that to a T. Some decent sex up to that point, but a few stinkers in there too. But when you end the DVD with a scene with Brandy and then end with Jennifer, it more than makes up for the rest of the DVD. Audio and Video were ok, with only a few minor issues with video, some blurring around the edges, but you only notice that when the sex is bad. Special features were fairly slim, but they did inlcude some trailers for other releases, which suprisingly aren't on all DVDs for some reason. I gave this a fairly high replay score, due to the fact I am sure I could watch those two last scenes over and over again. I have quickly become a fan of Jennifer White and what she is able to do with her scene just makes me fall a little more in love with her work. Both her and Brandy are ladies I look forward to watching many more scenes of in the future. So that being said, I am going to give this a RENT IT rating, even though it's a fairly cheap DVD, rent it and watch the hell out of those last two scenes and then return it.

Scene One: Allie Haze  (2/5 rating)

She is here to show off how much work she has been doing, and he seems to think she needs to take a break or vacation. If she is willing, he would be willing to give her a few days off, and she says he won’t have to convince her too much. If only had known this whole time. He starts taking off her clothes and then  licks her nipples and gives them a little tug here and there. They stand up and he gives her some help taking off her skirt and then begins to kiss her ass and slowly pulls down her panties. She bends over for him and he is face deep in her ass. She flips over and lays on the couch as he begins to play with her pussy, and with the wet sound coming from her pussy, I would imagine he is doing a great job. But she can’t let him have all the fun, so she grabs a hold of his cock and begins to work her magic on it. She goes about as deep as she can on his cock as the oral continues. He tells her to get on her back and play with her pussy, as he gets undressed and then moves in close enough that she can continue to gag on his cock. After he is done with that, he slips his cock in her pussy and gives her some deep and hard thrusts in her pussy. She flips over and sticks her ass in the air and he continues to pound away on her pussy. He gives her a quick break and tells her to go deep on his cock and she gets all of it in her mouth. She climbs on top and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action, and she really puts some effort into it as she hops up and down on him. She leans back as she continues to ride up and down, and gives her hips a little wiggle on his cock.  She switches up to some side saddle action on him, as he gives her ass a few slaps. She licks clean the pussy juice off of his cock and he tells her to just suck on the head.  She ends up back on her back and he starts up the hard pounding of her pussy until he pulls out and cums on her stomach. He thanks her by giving her a whole week off.

Scene Two: Miley Ann (1/5 rating)

The boss is trying to get a hold of her, apparently she’s been a very long lunch break. She finally shows up and he wants an explanation. She says that she lost track of time shopping for lingerie, which she shows him what she bought.  He wants her to model them for him, but she is hesitant, cause she doesn’t want to see her naked. He threatens to fire her, so she agrees to do it. She tries to negotiate and he comments her about the way she dresses. He pulls her top open the rest of the way , and then she flips it off and he goes right for her boobs. She is very giggly during this scene. The rest of her clothes come off and he licks away at her pussy and I can see why she laughed when he said they need to keep it down. She is going to be a loud one.  He goes to his desk and grabs a bottle of baby oil and shines her boobs up.  She tries to go as deep as possible on his cock and he seems to think she is pretty good and commends her for her effort. He punishes her tongue by slapping it with his cock. They end up on top of the desk and she slides his cock in her pussy and they both comment on how tight it is. She hops up and down  as she opens up a bit more for him. I am not sure in this setting if she should be talking to the camera.  She leans over and he grabs a hold of her as he increases the speed of the pounding her pussy is getting. She climbs off and gives his cock a spit and then continues to suck on his cock and slaps her tits with it a few times. She climbs back on for some reverse cowgirl action.  He slips beside her for some spoon action and she bosses him to fuck her harder and don’t stop. After a brief oral session she is back on her back and he continues to wear his tie as he fucks her. She crosses her legs and grabs a hold of her ass while he continues to fuck her pussy. She gets on her knees and plays with his cock some more, but then he back behind her fucking here until he pulls out and cums on her tits. She did a good enough job to keep her job for a little while until he tells her that they are firing everyone.

Scene Three:  Ashyln Rae  (2/5 rating)

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He calls her into the office and asks her about some issues with some missing money.  She says she has used the company account a few times to buy clothes for work. He says that he has to fire her, but first he is going to call the police. But she says there has to be a way she can pay him back. He says since she fucked him over, he is going to fuck her over, she says no at first but he threatens to call the cops. She says she has a boyfriend, but he doesn’t seem to care too much about him. He walks over and he slides up real close and says he has something for her in his pants. She starts to rub his cock through the pants and gives it a few soft kisses. He gets behind her and pulls her dress down to her waist and runs his fingers over her body and then she is on her knees opening his pants and going to down on his cock. He garbs a hold of her head and throat fucks her for a bit and then lets her do her stuff.  They both end up on the desk and he starts off with some spoon action, and it seems that the desk is making a lot of noise and we shall see if it’s going to makes it through the scene. He comments on how tight her pussy is, and how much he likes it. But apparently she is loosening up pretty quick as he gives her some quick and hard thrusts. She wants to ride him, but apparently he would rather get some doggy action instead on the chair. He gives her some ass slaps and tells her to call him boss like a good naughty office girl. We get some nice POV action of her ass as he continues to fuck her. I think I enjoyed the scene due to the fact that she played the sweet and innocent girl at the start, but then she lets out her naughty side as the scene continues. She follows up with some more oral and then he lays on the desk and she climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action, and once again the noisy desk comes into play.  She climbs off and sucks on his cock a bit and then lays on the desk for some missionary action which ends with him giving her a money shot on the side of her face.  He tells her that they can do this again.

Scene Four: Jasmen Lopez  (1/5)

The boss has asked her to come in and help out on a Saturday and she was more than willing to work as much as she can. He tells her that she needs to dress down a little bit, it’s casual day at work. He comments on her shoes and she takes them off and puts her feet in his crotch and begins to tease him as he rubs her feet.  He rips her stockings and begins to suck on her toes and she tells him that her other foot is getting jealous, so he gives her other foot some love too. He gives her a lesson about the connectivity of the foot to the rest of the body. He easily convinces her to take her top off and she asks if she can return the favor to him as she opens his pants and gives him a compliment on the size of it, before she puts it in her mouth. He tells her to stand up and she takes off the rest of her clothes and he does the same off camera and she wonders if he is going to come back and give her feet some more attention. She jerks him off with her feet and he plays with her nipples. But she decides her mouth would rather suck on his cock and slips it between her tits. And snap, she is on top of him and taking his cock in her pussy, as she yells out some sexy talk in Spanish. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl action and then he teases her pussy a bit and then goes for some doggy action. I will have to try and remember his little poem he tells her. They keep telling little one liners as the scene continues and then she flips around for some missionary while he sucks on her foot. He slips beside her and tries to go for her ass, but she tells him that’s the wrong hole. He eventually slips it in her pussy and then grabs a hold of her breasts as he fucks her. She likes it so much that she scream she is about to cum and then she ends up jerking him off with her feet until he cums and then he asks if she is coming back next Saturday and she says only if she can get a raise and he agrees to her demands.

Scene Five: Sammie Spades  (2/5 rating)

She arrives with some very important paperwork and he seems to appreciate it. It seems like he might be lost without her. They agree to meet up later for lunch. He walks out without his keys and wallet and she saves the day. She tells him he need to unwind as she kisses him and then takes off her jacket to give him a glimpse of her body. He moves in closer and pulls up her skirt and kisses her ass, before slowly pulling down her panties. He sets her on the counter top and begins to play with her pussy, first licking it, then inserting a few fingers. They move to the couch and she is completely naked and he is back to licking and fingering her pussy. He takes off him tie and puts it on her, and then she helps him with his clothes. She plays with his crotch a bit before she gets his pants off and then pulls down his underwear and starts sucking on his cock. He grabs the tie and leads her to on top of him and then she slowly leans back and inserts his cock in her pussy and begins to go for a ride. She grabs her ass and spreads her cheeks as he continues to pound on her pussy. He shows his strength as he picks her up and continues to fuck her as she holds on tight.  He lays her on the edge of the couch and continues to work on her pussy which kind of sounds like it’s pretty wet at this moment. He moves her to the middle of the couch and works some more on her pussy and then she ends up top for some reverse cowgirl action. She leans up against the couch with her ass in the air, he gives it a slap and continues with some doggy style. The scene ends as he gives her a money shot on the ass. But he says he has to leave and get back to the office.

Scene Six: Victoria White (2/5 rating)

She seems rather bored at work and he gives her some work to do.  But she seems to have her mind on other things, so she grabs her suitcase and begins to look at a porno mag. She pulls her top down and begins to play with her boobs and then she starts working on her pussy with her fingers. And she seems to be pretty wet already, as she inserts a few more fingers. She climbs on her desk and plays with her boobs some more and then gets right back to her pussy. She gets on her hands and knees and shows off her booty for the camera, and continues to work her pussy. She is getting louder with the moans, so I am expecting someone to pop in at any moment. And what do you know. I think it’s the same guy from an earlier scene, he must love coming into work when stuff like this happens. She asks if he is going to come over and fuck her and he decides why not and goes for her tits first. He gets his pants off and she gets down on her knees and works her magic on him. He gets a little face fucking action in as he grabs her head, but then let’s her get back to work. He moves on to some titty fucking, I guess he is going to try and get as much in as he can. He clears off her desk and they both up on the desk for some spoon action. He moves her to the edge of the desk, licks her pussy and it seems by the noise that she is making, that he is hitting the right spot. He gets back on the desk and she climbs on top for some cowgirl action. After a brief oral session she is back on top for some reverse cowgirl action. But we quickly move to some more titty fucking, and then they makes their way to the floor for some more reverse cowgirl action. But she must like regular cowgirl cause she flips around and lets him play with her tits and we get a glimpse at her pussy and ass by the cameraman. Some more titty fucking, boy they are getting a workout today, and then she is leaning on the chair getting fucked from behind, with a few slaps thrown in to really get her going. He even adds a finger in her ass to increase the pleasure for her. She turns around and jerks him off for a bit and then he tells her to get back on the chair for some more doggy action. He lays her on the desk and continues to fuck her, but pulls out and asks her to jerk him off a bit before she slips it back in her pussy. He then tells her to flip around and hang her head over the side of the desk and he gets some more face fucking time in and then climbs on top of her fro some more titty fucking, this guys is all over the place on a lady’s body.  He makes his way back to her pussy and then he pulls out and she jerks him off till he cums on her tits. 

Scene Seven:  Brandy Blair (4/5 rating)

So we are not going to mess around with this scene and we see that he already is playing with her pussy as the scene starts. She uses her hand to play with his crotch. He thanks her for being such a great secretary for him and that he has some concerns about the way she dresses, but that is a topic for another time. He pulls her top down and plays with her tits and then he makes things fair and opens his pants and she begins to lick and swallow his cock ever so slowly. She tells him that she has been wanting to do this for awhile and she shows it. He then dives in her pussy, pulls her panties aside and licks away as she purrs with delight. Somehow I missed her panties coming off and they end up stuck on the bottom of one of her shoes.  She plays with her pussy while he gets the rest of his clothes off. And then she bends over and sticks that amazing ass in the air and he starts fucking her tight pussy. She keeps giving him some words of encouragement to help him keep going, such a nice and naughty lady. As the scene goes on, they make some comments on how they need to do this more often, and that sounds like a good plan to me. She flips on her back and he goes for her tits again and then back to her pussy while she plays with her nipples. They move onto some missionary action and she shows off her dancer flexibility for us. She stands up and sits on his face and orders him to lick her pussy, isn’t he supposed to be the boss. She moves forward and slides on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action and you can’t help watching those boobs a bouncing. And you can see the smile on his face as we see the great view of her ass that he is getting. He leans forward and she sits on his face some more before she flips around for some cowgirl action. They move to some spoon action on the couch and he makes sure and get a good grip on her boob. He dives his face back in her pussy and she seems to be on the verge of cumming so he fingers her until she squirts. And he doesn’t even give her a second to catch her breath as they are back to some spoon position. They move back to some missionary and she tells him that she wants him to cum all over her face. And he gives her a money shot on the chin and mouth. I have a feeling these two are going to be doing this a lot.

Scene Eight: Jennifer White  (5/5 rating)

Jennifer is at her desk and gets a call from her man and he seems to want to have some phone sex, but she tells him that he is at work. But that doesn’t seem to stop her, she describes what she is wearing and then plays with her boobs and then her pussy. She says she can’t wait to see him as she rubs her tits together. She asks him to tell her how he is going to fuck her and she seems to be really getting turned on by it, and we kind of the feel the same, as we watch her. She keeps fingering her pussy and the moans are getting louder and louder as she is about to cum for him on the phone. Her boss hears her and walks in and apparently she has done with before and denied doing it. He is pissed and  can’t figure out why she does it. She seems to always want to get fucked and he seems to think about the situation a bit, as he rubs her boobs a bit. He asks her to lift up her skirt a bit, and she slides her panties to the side and begins to play with her pussy again. He asks her to play with his crotch and comments on her tits, thank you captain obvious. She pulls up her top and lets him play with her tits, and he tells her to keep playing with herself. He licks and sucks on her tits and then works his way to her neck. She stands up and he slides her panties to the side and licks her pussy and then as her to turn around and he slowly pulls her panties down, gives them a sniff and begins to lick her ass and pussy. He sets her on the chair and is back to licking her pussy as she begs him to keep licking that pussy. She tells him that she wants to suck his dick so bad, so he stands off takes off his clothes and she begins to suck and swallow his cock. All I am going to say is that he may be a short dude, but you can see why he is in this business. After her oral session he wants to go back to sucking on her tits and then slips in for some titty fucking. SHe ends up leaning on the chair with her ass out and he slips his cock into her pussy and begins to fuck away, while giving her ass a few slaps. And then she moans to him to punish her, so friggin hot right now, even with this very skinny man all over her. He lays on the floor and she slowly takes all of him in her pussy. She leans over and let's him suck on her tits while he fucks her pussy. Some more ass slaps follow ashe grabs a hold of her and continues to fuck her. She flips around and continues to bounce up and down on him as he must be thanking the gods for where he is right now. I have a feeling they are going to both end up with some rug burns as they continue on the floor with some spoon action. He slips out and she orders him to put that cock back in there. He seems to be coming around on her as he says she is going to be his personal secretary and then cums on her face as she begs for his cum.

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