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Casting Couch Confessions

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 12/5/10

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Casting Couch Confessions

Release Date: November 10, 2010

Running Time: 2:30

Condoms: None

Director: Mick Blue

Cast: Aliysa Moore, Nichole Taylor, Samora Morgan, Sarah Jackson, Talia Palmer & Mick Blue

About The DVD

“Casting Couch Confessions” was made with five fairly new ladies to the business. In the beginning of each scene they share a sexual confession with Mick Blue who does not play off them very well. Their performances across the board are very mixed, which is what you get with many dvds containing newcomers. Unfortunately, you will see some poor video work that hurts everyones scenes.

Sarah Jackson

Well, I think I called this one right. Not to long ago, Sarah Jackson came into my radar as a exciting newcomer. The few scenes I saw her in on some of the online sites, she was very strong and from there, I featured her in my XCritic monthly column, “Newcomers and Fresh Faces”. With this dvd, being her first release and watching her scene, she proved to me that she does have that talent to put her at the top with other strong newcomers. Sarah, not only performs well, but she is cute and has this very pretty smile. She, has sweet little boobies with semi puffy nipples I would love to play with (Oh, Sarah, if you didn’t know, I love boobies). When she masturbates in this scene, you will get to enjoy her sweet pussy that she gives a nice rubbing too. Sucking cock, she is fairly aggressive with licking and her actions and facial expressions says she loves it. She rides strong and powerful when fucking in cowgirl and with her heavy breathing you will be stroking right along as she fucks. Just watching her take it doggie will pop your load on its own. This girl likes to get on all fours and be fucked from behind. Watching her quiver at times, was both intense and exciting. A great newcomer scene wraps up, with her taking a load on her chest and then sucking and licking him dry. Sarah, has delivered some great jerk off material in this scene and I look forward to more from this cute and exciting young lady.

Positions: Masturbation, Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie, Spooning

Aliysa Moore

Aliysa Moore, brings some very nice large natural boobs to the scene and if you like big boobies you will enjoy hers. She does a little bit of masturbation early in her scene and then moves onto sucking cock. Her oral skills start off with some teasing, but the bulk of her blow job was more stroking than sucking. When she did suck, it was pretty much on the head only. With the exception of reverse cowgirl, the other positions we not real strong and not as exciting. But, in reverse cowgirl, not only did she fuck good, she enjoyed and loved every minute of it. Aliysa, takes a load to end the scene all over her nice big titties. Aliysa, a new comer also across the board delivered a little less than average scene compared to most newcomers, but with more work, I am sure like most we will see that improve.

Positions: Oral, Masturbation, Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl

Samora Morgan

If I wasn’t reviewing Samora Morgan’s scene, I probably would have very quickly hit fast forward. But, no like a good reviewer, I hung it out and stayed with it. Unfortunately, when it was all over, there was no point that got real exciting. Starting off with her masturbating, you could see very easily that she did not even want to do it. She did suck and lick, but with no excitement at all. When fucking in each position, the excitement wasn’t there for except in the cowgirl position that had some good ass smacking on him and she road fairly decent. She took a load into her open mouth, sucked him dry and swallowed it down, but just didn’t have that extra kick as if she wanted it. A very mixed scene that I could not keep a constant erection during as it went up and down just like her performance.

Positions: Masturbation, Oral, Doggie, Cowgirl, Spooning, Missionary, Cum In Mouth, Swallow

Talia Palmer

Talia Palmer, another newcomer to the business. A very cute girl, sweet smile and great natural boobies with very nice round nipples. Talia, delivers some nice masturbation before giving head. Her oral skills are pretty basic, not overly exciting and there was no enhancement while she was sucking his cock. Listening to her, regardless if she is talking or moaning, is a turn on, cause she has this sweet voice and cute sounds while fucking. There were some times while fucking that she was a bit more worried about the camera than her fucking, but I see that a lot in new girls and sometimes even still with established ladies. Her strongest position was doggie and was most vocal during that segment. She takes a load on her sweet tits and plays with the cum to wrap the scene up. Overall, I would put this scene at an average newcomer scene. I honestly think as Talia, continues to perform, works on her on camera oral skills and focus more on fucking than the camera, this little cutie, could then deliver some good jerk off material in the future.

Positions: Masturbation, Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Spooning, Doggie

Nichole Taylor

Nichole, does bring some sweet stand out button nipples, with one even pierced, but that is about it. Her performance was way below average. She has a very mousy voice and at times was hard to even hear her when she was asked questions. She said she was a stripper, but from what she showed in her scene, well she would be a one dance and I would move on to a different girl. Her stripping did nothing for me. Oral was her strongest as she did some teasing and licking in addition to the sucking. When she fucked, from her actions, facial expressions and sounds, they all came across too fake for me. It was kind of what many strippers do, when they fake it with you, especially with the “Oh Baby”. She takes a load on her stomach and sucks his head clean. Stripping and doing porn are totally different and Nichole does not seem to be very good at either.

Positions: Oral, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggie

Audio & Video: The audio at times in several scenes had too much background echo which really took away from hearing the action. The video quality was average, but the video work was weak, poor, not creative and times just with a camera on a tripod. The lack in quality of the video work, came close to ruining the entire dvd.

Extras: Gallery, Pop-shot Recap, Trailers

My Final Thoughts

The first thing that hurt and almost ruined this dvd was the very poor video and camera work by Mick Blue. I can’t belive that he would actually set the camera up on a tri-pod at a distance and shoot a bulk of the scene that way. At times all I was watching was the same things with no angles. I have seen better camera work than this in amateur porn shot at home. The other thing, Mick is not strong in talking to the girls and asking questions. Pretty much the same stuff over and over. Mick, needs to understand creativity. This dvd lacked it in both the beginning discussions and camera work throughout the scene. You know the old saying: “Just because somebody is a fantastic salesman, it doesn’t mean they would make a good sales manager”. Well, same applies to porn: “Just because you are a very good adult male performer, doesn't mean you will make a good adult director and cameraman”. Mike is a fantastic male adult performer, very strong and puts out some great scenes. But, I have seen too often with his work, poor directing, camera work and interviews. I would really like to see Mick, stay with acting and get away from the directing. His work in this dvd almost killed it completely.

This is what you will see in a good portion of each scene. Camera set up and fixed on a tri-pod.

Across the board, the performance of most of the ladies was just average or below average. The only exception, was with Sarah Jackson, who was very strong in this scene and as a newcomer. If she continues to perform and work hard at growing right, she will be bringing us all some fantastic nut-buster scenes. I look forward to watching and jerking off to more of her work.

Would I toss this dvd off to the side as one not to bother to watch at all? Certainly not. But considering some of the weak performances and very poor video work, It’s not one that has a strong replay to it, but has enough good things that I would recommend to “Rent It” and enjoy what it does have to offer at least once. Hell, Sarah Jacksons scene is worth renting it alone, if that is all you watch, cause it is hot, natural and a girl who is loving what she does.


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