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She's So Cute

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 12/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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She's So Cute

Release Date: November 24, 2010

Running Time: 2:31

Condoms: None

Cast: Allie Jordan, Emma Mae, Gigi Rivera, Hayden Winters, Tiffany Star, Bill Bailey, Danny Mountain, Erik Everhard, Mr. Pete & Ramon Nomar

About The Movie

“She’s So Cute”, brings five very pretty and cute young ladies to the screen. Each scene contains a strip or seduction opening and each with enough individuality that no two are a like. The girls performances are a bit mixed, but the scenes with Gigi Rivera, Allie Jordan & Tiffany Star will have you jerking off non stop. The video quality is excellent as, Director Eddie Powell does a fantastic job in capturing each moment through his camera.

Gigi Rivera & Danny Mountain

Every time I watch one of Gigi Rivera’s scenes, the first thing that always comes out of my mouth is “Damn she’s so cute”. So, being the opening scene in a dvd called, “She’s So Cute”, is very appropriate in my book. Gigi, delivers as always a strong scene with some fantastic foreplay with her partner that you just don’t seem to see that often anymore While, having her sweet pussy and cute asshole eaten with a strong finger fuck, she responds with great delight. Her oral skills with her tiny mouth are very strong. Not only does she suck cock with excitement, she licks, uses her hands and does some nice ball sucking and licking too. Fucking, she is a very hot little spinner and a powerful fuck in all positions. Especially, you will enjoy her in reverse cowgirl as she slams and grinds extremely hard. Gigi, after a great fucking takes Danny’s load with a wide open mouth. Gigi, is a very strong new comer with a great pussy, dynamite ass and these cute little titties with button nipples. Every scene of hers that I have seen, has given me an instant woody from the start and pops my load while watching several times over, including this great scene too.

Positions: Oral, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Missionary, Cum In Mouth

Tiffany Star & Mr. Pete

I have reviewed Tiffany Star, before in “Rocco’s Bitch Party 2“ and she gave an exciting performance. She, gives that same strong performance in “She’s So Cute”. After a nice seductive opening and showing off those sweet boobies of hers, she takes a strong finger fucking. In addition to the finger fucking in her pussy, she gets a little bit of ass fingering, followed by some pussy and asshole licking. As her partner pleased her in these areas, there were some very nice close ups and a fantastic response from her. She, has great oral skills and teases the hell out of his cock at times by just licking the head. When, Tiffany fucks, this girl fucks! She busted my nut several times as I watch her in each position. In addition, her sounds, voice, comments and just watching her body and face tense up will make you cum on their own. Tiffany, goes at it non stop with a level of excitement and energy that many others do not. Like many who are strong in one or two positions, Tiffany is different, she is strong and powerful in each and every one. While watching her, I was yelling out, “Ride, Tiffany, Ride” and she did, right up to taking a load deep inside her pussy. If you enjoy watching a young lady who puts everything into her scenes and gives you an exciting realistic fuck, Then watch this girl in “She’s So Cute” it’s a must see for you and everyone else.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Spooning, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Cream Pie

Hayden Winters & Ramon Nomar

Many have told me a lot about Hayden Winters, but till now, I only had seen some small parts of her work. Hayden, is a fairly newcomer to the industry, she has a cute innocent face, sweet body and fantastic breast with some really nice nipples. While having her pussy eaten and finger fucked, she responds well with the cute little chirping sounds of pleasure. You know the kind that give you an instant woody just listening too. A lot of her oral skills include some very sensual and very teasing actions as she licks away and uses both hands wrapped around his cock. There are some close ups of this sweeties pussy as Ramon’s cock slides in and out of it. She, fucks decent in most positions with reverse cowgirl being her strongest. When she takes a load of cum on her great tits, she takes his cock and rubs the cum all over her tits. Hayden, delivered a good scene with some strength in several segments, but overall it is right about average compared to many other newcomers. It’s not a performance that stands out in anyway as overall strong or great, but it is good. I feel as time goes on, Hayden has the potential to provide stronger scenes, if she continues to work in developing her skills.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning

Allie Jordan & Erik Everhard

I have reviewed Allie Jordan before and from those scenes and this one in “She’s So Cute”, I really prefer to refer to her as “Allie Wild Fuck Jordan”, cause this girl can fuck and is very strong and down right wild at times. After some playing and pleasure with a “Hello Kitty” vibrator, her partner goes down on her with a very strong response from her. She is very, very vocal, realistic and fucking hot regardless if she is sucking cock or fucking away. Watching her in position after position gets stronger with each, busting your nut constantly through the scene. Delivering in what I consider to be a strong fuck, not only with her movements, but in her sounds facial expressions that will light you up and her vocal comments including “I’m going to make you cum” will bust your nut. Which, I did as she said it, cause I thought she was talking to me. After a superb pounding, she takes a load all over that sweet ass of hers. Very, very strong jerk off material in this scene. Be sure to have the lube and paper towels handy right from the start, cause you will need them constantly during it.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Spooning, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggie,

Emma Mae & Bill Bailey

Every time I review Emma Mae, I hope for better and stronger things than from previous scenes I have watched and reviewed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen in “She’s So Cute”. Emma, is a very pretty young lady, great body with a pierced pussy and nice erect button nipples. She brings some strong assets in appearance to her scenes, but it seems that is where it always stops. She rarely smiles or shows much of any facial expressions at all. In her opening segment, I did not get that rise in my Levis like I did with the others. She shows very little if any reaction when her partner works to please her and when she sucks or fucks, she shows that same lack of excitement. When she does show a little excitement, it comes across as fake and not really interested. She is just a bit to much of a “Barbie Doll” when performing and needs to open up more, relax, get into it and not worry about her hair or how she is posed for the camera. As many of you know, I shoot from the hip and call it like I see it and therefore, I will put it bluntly, she is a pretty boring fuck on screen, that gives me no excitement in watching and doesn’t even give me an half of an erection. I really do over time, hope she can put a little more stronger performance in her scenes, cause it is a shame for such a pretty and hot girl to be wasting dvd space.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning, fake in spooning,


Audio & Video: The over all audio on the dvd was great and the volume is nice and consistent. Video work by Director, Eddie Powell delivered a nice strong, clear picture, with some nice crisp close ups and creative angles that you will want to reach out and touch or lick the screen as the are so life like.

My Final Thoughts

As always Director, Eddie Powell delivers fantastic camera work and directing and it's his contribution, through his work that makes the scenes even stronger than just with the performance. He knows how to capture that performance for us to enjoy. There is no questions that to be in line with the title, we were brought five very cute young ladies. Performance, by some was extremely strong and several were not at the level of the others. There is no questions, that Gigi Rivera, Allie Jordan & Tiffany Star will bust your nut while watching them, they are scenes you will watch many times over as they deliver some fantastic fucking. Hayden Winters’ scene was not terrible, but at the same time, after watching and enjoying it once, you pretty much have seen it and probably won't watch it again. Emma Mae, who seems to constantly disappoint me in her over all performance has disappointed me once again.  Personally if you fast forward through or skip past the scene, you won’t miss anything. I did not see anything in her scene worth even watching once. A little mix in performance and scenes, has me always take a hard look if it is one to buy or to rent as a one time to watch. When you take the strength in Gigi Rivera, Allie Jordan & Tiffany Star’s scenes and the strong jerk off material they contain, you will certainly want to watch them again regardless what else is on the dvd. Because, of these three ladies I certainly “Recommend” this dvd as one to buy and have on your shelf, so you can reach up at anytime, so you can enjoy and jerk off too Gigi Rivera, Allie Jordan & Tiffany Star.


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