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Chatroom, The

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 12/6/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

One thing you really have to give to Wicked Pictures is that most of the time they're really interested in giving audiences pornography that while never skimping on the hardcore fuck scenes, also tries to hand us a plot and some decent entertainment with it. Granted Kaylani Lei is never going to win an Oscar, but she's shockingly believable as nursing assistant Jamie, a young girl working as a porn actress named Justine who hosts a nightly webcast for her customers. Performing for them and fingering herself for her crowds, Jamie is forced to update her site for the purposes of paying for her nursing school. As such she comes across superiors trying to fuck her and she refuses their advances trying her best to convince us she's an upright woman trying to be taken seriously.

Again the only time Lei will come close to an Oscar is if she fucks one on-screen, but as the hot but smart Jamie, she's entertaining and empathic. "The Chatroom" is plot oriented but also delivers the goods for the porn crowds as the opening scenes show a husban and wife fucking each other raw as the husband Barry struggles to get to the computer to see Justine perform for him. After sucking his cock, the two begin kissing and he grasps on to her gorgeous tits fucking her from behind and engaging in a 69 with her.

After some heavy anal and full frontal, he cums all over her ass and we meet Jami who makes her way through med school for her career. There's also a really good fuck scene involving Justine and Barry who envisions doing her while jerking off one night. The two begin making out along his bed anxiously as she strips his pants off sucking his cock hungrily, and then mounts him riding his long cock wild and hard. She is then set along her side fucked hard as she groans and cries out, all of which ends in him cumming all over her stomach. Not shocking, his wife watches him fantasize in anger and she's not happy about his internet obsession.

Barry of course is not shy about meeting Justine online when his wife is gone indulging in some web cam action that leads in to a surprising but hilariously botched horror sequence where Jamie watches as Barry is strangled to death from behind by a mysterious assailant. Her mock gasps followed by her covering her mouth and gazing in horror as if she'd dropped salt on the floor is hilarious and makes for some inadvertant comedy that will inspire laughs from the audience rather than surprises.

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Jamie is still trying to get over the initial shock convincing the police she'd witnessed a murder, and has to wait for a colleague of hers to finish blowing a local doctor before she can go in and express her agony. After being blown he sets the nurse down along the chair and eats out her pussy raw and fast as she cries out, and she mounts him riding him reverse cowgirl bouncing up and down along his cock writing and screaming with every hit in her pussy. He then sets her down along a shelf fucking her from behind hard and fast, and gives her a full facial much to her delight.

Jamie is of course still upset and her husband takes her home to make her feel better with a hot bath and a royal fucking in their bathtub which results in him eating out her pussy... little do they know someone just reported a Barry going missing as they leave the hospital. The plot thickens! After eating her pussy out, Jamie does the noble thing and sucks his cock long and hard, and the two fuck one another along the bathtub rim gently as Jamie cries out, and then gets bent and fucked from behind by her loyal hubby who finishes off on her ass. Kind of defeats the purpose of the bath, but hey, Lei is hot.

Her scumbag doctor has discovered the righteous Jamie is Justine. The bastard! He found her on the worldwide web! The one place she thought he'd never look! In either case he confronts her about her scandalous side job and fires her offering to keep her on if she fucks him. She sends him to hell storming home after the disastrous confrontation, and is subjected to a phone call where no one answers! Spooky how the timing worked out. What's hilarious about this moment is when the hunky detective comes to her house for questioning (you see where this is going, right?), she tells him she just got a threatening phone call. Sicne when is a someone calling and not speaking a threatening phone call? What if it's a bad connection?

Jamie goes to sleep later that night to awaken to a phone call from the hospital that her husband was viciously attacked. He has no noticeable wounds or bruises or actual bandages, but he has his eyes closed, so you know he's injured. As you guessed it, Barry's wife is the culprit and Jamie is getting too close to finding out who killed Barry. Why are they so scared if she's not making any effort to investigate? I don't know, but they celebrate this stressing news by fucking along her car where the detective fingers and eats her out with her legs widespread. She reciprocates with some head, and he plants her along the car with a leg in the air pounding her pussy slow and hard and bends her over fucking her from behind.

One cum all over her ass later, the couple show up at Jamie's house to finish her off as she lays in bed... seemingly unaffected by her boyfriend's off-screen attack. Relying on her wits and sharp ears, she evades the attackers to learn her boyfriend has left the hospital with nary a notice, and avoiding the intruder with her boyfriend, they survive with Barry's phone showing where his girlfriend is. Ah, Hitchcock, you wish you were this suspenseful.

The audio is fantastic with all of the dialogue coming in loud and clear, which should be a priority considering this seeks to be much more than a simple fuck flick. It tries for thriller status and I had an easy time following the story thanks to the clear dialogue, all of which comes with 5.1 surround sound. The video is excellent with the picture coming in crisp and clear with soft colors and sharpd definition on sex sequences and key moments intended to draw suspense. It really is top notch.

Among the choice goodies we get a bonus sex scene featuring Mr. Lei in "Speed," and a photo gallery of the female performers of the flick. Beyond that there are your usual promotional items like trailers and ads for sex lines. There's also a trailer for the film. It's too bad there wasn't more like a Behind the Scenes or interview with Lei.

You have to admire Wicked Pictures for delivering some element of a story and suspense with their hardcore porn and while this is not a thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat, it tries its damndest to entertain beyond the sex and it works on a purely guilty level. As long as you don't over analyze it, you'll have fun with the thriller aspect. The fucking is pretty damn great with Kaylani Lei holding her own among the beauties commanding this porn for herself and having a good time of it. I Recommend this if only for her hilarious reaction to the web cam murder. At least you tried right, Kaylani?

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