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Pornstars Like It Big Vol. 10

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/8/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Pornstars Like It Big Vol 10
Brazzers Entertainment
Price 25.99
Running Time: 3hrs and 8min


Eva Angelina
Lela Star
Jenaveve Jolie
Brooke Banner
Faye Reagan (bonus scene)
Rachel Roxxx
Johnny Sins
Scott Nails
Kieran Lee

Bonus Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Bonus Scene: Faye Reagan and Scott Nails (46 minute scene, with a nice wake up BJ, some solo action with Faye, and a great sex scene to end on, overall I would give it a 5/5 rating)
Web Site Info
Cumshot Recap

Technical Stats:

 Dolby Digital 2 Channel 48kHz at 192 kbps Audio
Mpeg-2 at about 3 Mbps Video

Overall Thoughts:

So after watching this and really enjoying what I saw, it’s time to pull all my thoughts together and give this movie a rating. I have to say that the scenes were great, with Eva’s scene being the highlight, but I even thought the somewhat bad scene had some moments of greatness in them. The audio and video quality were about average, just think that considering they have HD quality scenes on the site, they could give us those on the DVDs. Bonus features, which basically included a great 3 in one scene with Faye, was enough for me to give a slight boost to the score on special features. This is a movie I can imagine going back and watching a few times, just to revisit some of the hot sex that you get to witness on this disc. So I am sure you are going to get a few repeat viewings out of this movie.  So having that said that and adding up all the numbers and doing the math, I am going to give this a RECOMMENDED rating. I think the ladies brought their game during these scenes and I am sure it will be a nice addition to your collection.

Scene One: Rachel Roxxx and Kieran Lee (4/5 rating)

She is at photo shoot, and she does a nice tease for the camera as her clothes come off. She even bends over and shows off her ass and pussy for the camera. I am sure Tommy is enjoying this right now. All of a sudden a man in a suit comes in and tells Rachel that her former place of employment, is involved in a case and she needs to testify. He must take her away, but she doesn’t want to leave cause she is waiting for a bog cock to come so she can fuck. He puts his jacket on her and then to a hotel room. He says he has to leave for a second, and as soon as he leaves, she remembers that cock she was supposed to have, so she begins to play with her pussy on the bed. She fingers her pussy for a bit and then shoves her ass in the air and begins to finger her ass and pussy for us. Kieran seems to have slipped in without her noticing, all that she wants is a big cock. She grabs his crotch and begs and pleads for his cock. He is hesitant at first but she soon comes around and begins to kiss her as she dives for his cock in his pants. She is amazed by the size and strokes on sucks on it and then shoves it in her mouth and gets face fucked while he holds her hair. I just want to say that I think she has a great body and I really wish I would see more if her in movies, the world could always use a little more Rachel in their day. She lays on her back and he sticks his cock back in her mouth for some more face fucking as she chokes on his cock. To be a nice guy he reaches over and plays with her pussy while she chokes on his cock. He flips her around and slides his cock in her pussy and begins to fuck her deep and hard. He pulls out and licks her pussy while she spreads it, and he evens ventures a little south to her ass as he gives it a few licks. He slides his cock in her ass and pounds away while she plays with her pussy. She really starts to scream and moan with delight as he continues to work on her. We cut to her flipped over and her ass is out and he pulls out for a brief second to show us how open her ass is. But he gets right back in there and continues to fuck her ass. He pulls out and lays on the bed, and she goes back to sucking and stroking his cock, as he grabs a hold of her ass, and gives it a smack every once in awhile. She climbs on top of him and guides his cock in her ass and begins to bounce that ass on his cock. The camera is nice enough to give us some close-ups of her ass while it gets fucked. He picks her up and she continues to hop on his cock, before he slips out and she gets back on the bed, sticks her ass in the air once again, and wonders what is taking him so long to get back in her ass. He grabs her waist and fucks her and then she takes a moment to slide her body back and forth on his cock. He pulls out and spits in her ass, and then dives his face in there. She leans up on the end of the bed and he climbs on top for some pile driver action in her ass. He tells her to get back on the bed, spread her ass and she once again begs for his dick again, which he sticks back in her ass. The poundings get harder and he pulls out and gives her a money shot all over her ass. Afterwards, he leaves and suddenly a shadow creeps towards the room and opens the door.

Scene Two: Brooke Banner and Scott Nails (2/5 rating)

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Scott is sitting at home and he decides to watch some porn. Brooke is on the TV as she strips and teases him while she tells him to pull out it his dick. He keeps it in his underwear and he starts to get a little scared cause she seems to talking to him though the TV and even calls him by his name. And all of sudden, just like in the Ring, she climbs out of the TV and makes her way to Scott. They start off with some kissing and then she plays with his crotch through his underwear and then slides it out and slowly strokes it and teases it before she finally gives it a few licks. She starts to suck on it, once again every so slowly, which must be driving him crazy. He stands up and she continues to work on his cock and then he flips her on her back and slides her panties off and then dives his face into her pussy. He sticks a few fingers in her pussy and fucks it and then she licks the taste off his fingers. He ventures down south to her ass, but she tells him to go back to her pussy after awhile. He stands up and slides her to the edge of the table and slides his cock into her pussy and fucks her while she fingers her pussy. She gets up and gives him some brief oral and then climbs on his cock for some reverse cowgirl action in her pussy. She slaps him on the chest if he slows down or stops, she must really want him. She gets up and flips around for some cowgirl action , in which he gets to suck on her tits and give her ass a few slaps. They get up and she leans over on the table and he begins to fuck her from behind. At this position it looks like if she were to stand up, she’d be about a foot taller than him. Very Amazonian, not there is anything wrong with that. She stands up and he grabs a leg and continues to fuck her as she moans as if he hit the magic spot. He pulls out and she jerks him off till he gives her a money shot in the mouth and chest. We see that he wakes up and thinks it’s a dream till he finds some panties in the chair.

Scene Three: Eva Angelina and Johnny Sins (5/5 rating)

Johnny is getting ready for his big trip to Canada, and he found a website where you can crash on peoples couches. Tommy is not a fan of Canada and does his best to deter him from going. He doesn’t care, so he packs up his things and is off to the great white north. He makes his way to the home with the open couch and he walks in and the lovely Eva is the owner of the couch he will be sleeping on. She comes in wearing a robe and purple bra and panties. Apparently the previous owner has the open couch and she had no idea about it. He doesn’t have anywhere else to go. I think the fact that he said she was his favorite porn star might have something to do with it. He offers to help with some chores around the house and Eva is able to check out his bulge in his pants while he works and she seems to like what she sees.  She starts to play with her pussy a bit and can’t seem to help herself when she is around him.  He is under the sink and she grabs his bulge and she tells him that she can’t stand it anymore. She kisses him and says she just wants to see it. They stand up and kiss some more and then she pushes him over to the corner and licks and rubs on his bulge and then she finally opens his pants and says she misses the California cocks. She sucks and swallows his cock and balls like a lady who hasn’t seen any big cock in awhile. She gets pretty much all of him down her throat and during all of this it seems her bra has slipped down to give us a glimpse of her tits. He stands her up and she climbs on the counter and he pulls her panties aside and begins to lick her pussy.  And even though he is in the great white north, he heads south and licks her ass and pussy. They walk over to the edge of the kitchen for some more heavy kissing and she even begs for a quick taste. She then props herself between the two walls and he begins to fuck her.  All I can say is that she takes and takes him like a lady who has been waiting for this moment for awhile. They continue to fuck standing up, this time facing each other and she keeps moaning and screaming with delight. They walk over to a table and she lays on it and he fucks her, some reason the camera doesn’t follow and we see the action from a distance. The camera finally makes it into the room and we get some close up views of the action. He picks her up and continues to pound away at her pussy while she holds on for the ride. She gets down and props herself over a chair and he continues to fuck her from behind. They make their way over to the couch and after some more oral from her, she climbs on his cock and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action. She slowly wiggles her hips on his cock as she keeps up with the sexy bed talk. She flips around and shoves her tits in his face and bounces that booty on his cock. I like to think of this as her signature move, that I always look forward to in her scenes.  After all of that he finally pulls out and gives her a money shot in her mouth and she swallows it all. She tells him that he can stay as long as he wants just so she can have that American cock at anytime. Tommy calls and asks how it’s going, and it seems like he has gotten himself into a little trouble in Mexico. He falls asleep to dream of his new Canadian beauty, Eva.

Scene Four: Lela Star and Kieran Lee (4/5 rating)

It’s time for a history lesson folks, we go way back to the great ride of Paul Revere, and we Lela is taking a bath and Paul comes and she tells him that she learned about how the British soldiers are going to be attacking the villages. So she needs him to go forth and warn the town people. She gets on her knees and is ready to give him a little BJ before he long ride and then we get the opening credits and it seems she did a good job. They are getting dressed, when Kieran stops at the house and knocks on the door and then enters the house. She tells Paul to hide as Kieran makes his way into her room and he begins to ask questions. She grabs his gun and then teases his cock through his pants and then kisses him as Paul sneaks out of the room and goes off to warn the people. After some more teasing his pants come off and she jerks and licks his cock while she grabs on rather firmly to the base of his cock. She does a good job of teasing him about sticking his big cock in her tight pussy, very sexy indeed. We get some POV action while she continues to work on his cock. After a pretty long oral session she helps him get her dress off and the he sits on the bed and she leans back and gets on top for some reverse cowgirl action, while she still has her corset on. She leans forward and continues to ride him and then busts open her corset and her tits are free. She ends up back on her knees for some more oral action and then slips his cock in her tits and lets him get some titty fucking action. He picks her up and braces her legs over his arms and pounds away at her pussy and she braces herself on him, as he gets pretty deep. He lays her on the bed and slowly licks her pussy as her body jerks from excitement. She slips on her side and he licks her ass as she spreads her butt cheeks for him. I have to point out that when you combine long black hair, big tits and tattoos, you can pretty much count me in for a scene and Lela covers all those bases for me. After that she is on the bed with her ass in the air and he slides his cock in her pussy and makes her booty bounce with each thrust. He picks her up again and fucks her as she faces away from him and then he sets her down and she braces herself on the stool and continues to take it from behind. She makes her way over to the bed and they continue with some missionary action.  She lays on her side and continues to take him in her pussy and then he lays on the bed and she climbs on top and bounces that booty on his cock. It would have been nice to see it better though. Ok we finally get a good view of it, thanks for listening. She leans forward and lays still as he pounds away and it sounds like she may have cum from it.  He once again shows off his strength as he lifts her up and she braces herself with her arms and fucks her. She comes back down and leans forward, shoving her tits in his face, and then they both get up and he fucks her from behind some more and then gives her a money shot in the mouth and a few drips on her tits. She licks herself clean and then sucks on his cock some more and the stands up and says Long Live the Revolution and God Bless America.

Scene Five: Jenaveve Jolie and Scott Nails (3/5 rating)

It seems that an organization has captured her and is trying to capture all of the porn stars and then take over the world. So apparently pouring water over her breasts is supposed to be some sort of torture? They end up playing with her boobs and then they drag her over to the cell wall, handcuff to it and then tell her to stick her ass out. They begin to slap her ass and then they grab a paddle and use it on her ass. And once again she seems to get much enjoyment out of it, so they aren’t really being that evil to her. They leave and soon a door opens and its Scott here for the rescue. We see that she is still pretty horny as Scott comes to rescue her. But all that she wants is his cock, she could care less about a rescue. They start to get hot and heavy kissing, and then she goes down and begins to play with his cock through his jumpsuit. She slowly unzips it and then pulls his cock out of his underwear after teasing it for a bit. She slowly sucks and plays with his cock as she almost seems to worship it. A nice POV shot continues during the oral. I have to comment that her oral skills and the way she teases him with it, was very sexy. But she ends up swallowing him and he fucks her face a bit as she continues to work on his cock. And she even shows a little love to his balls, and then finds time to play with her pussy a bit too. Scott even finds the time to give her a hand with her pussy, as he finger bangs her. Scott gives her a hand as she stands up and leans against the cell wall, and he fingers her pussy some more and then she turns around and he dives face first in her ass, while fingering her pussy. She seems to be enjoying it, but she wants his cock. So he slips it in her pussy and begins to fuck her up against the cell bars. She screams that she is about to cum, so he gives her a break as he lays on the floor and she follows him down for some 69 action. Although the view at this time is good, I wouldn’t mind seeing what Scott is seeing right now, as her ass in his face. She slides forward and teases his cock with her pussy before she slips it in and rides him for some reverse cowgirl action. She grabs a hold of his balls as she continues to take a ride on Scott. She climbs off for some more oral action and then leans up against the bars again and takes it from behind some more. Scott bends over and licks her tits as she struggles to keep her breath as he fucks her some more. She takes some initiative and leans back and forth while he stands there and lets her do all the work. I am pretty sure that you can hear the camera go off a few times during the scenes, as I assume they are taking photos for the site and the gallery. Scott ends up back on the ground and she is once again on top, this time for some cowgirl action. Scott reaches around plays with her ass abit while she hops up and down on him. She gets off a him for a second and follows up with some oral before they continue with some spoon action on the floor. She keeps begging for more as he continues to fuck her on the floor. Scott stands up and she goes to work on his cock some more and then she leans up against the bars once again for some doggy action. The scene ends as he covers her face with a money shot. She sucks on his cock some more just to get all the juice out of him. She leaves and says she will wait at the chopper and then Scott ends up getting captured and put in the cell, as he screams for her.


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