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D2: Deviance

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 12/10/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

D2: Deviance
Adam & Eve/Skinworxxx
Price 24.99
Running Time: 2hrs and 19 min

Directed by Joshua


Teagan Presley
Alexis Texas
Jenna Haze
Shyla Stylez
Nikki Benz
Kristina Rose
Mr Pete
Tommy Gunn
Evan Stone
Marco Banderas
Erik Everhard
Charles Dera

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes (15 min of BTS, with some interviews with the cast and some footage of the movie being filmed. And of course they throw in some footage of the photo shoots)

Bonus Scene Tegan and Erik Everhard from Roller Dollz (an 18 minute scene, which I would give a 4/5 rating as a scene, so pretty damn sexy in my mind and may have something to do with fact her skates are on the whole time, Boogie Nights anyone)

Bonus Teagan Solo Scene (which is just the same scene from the end credits, just blown up to full screen, but with some added footage of her playing and rubbing her pussy)

Photo Gallery
Previews (3 trailers on a single reel)
Music Video- Deviance Dance, which was used as a marketing tool for the movie before it’s release, some footage of the cast and crew getting their dance moves on.

Phone Sex Info
Web Info
Internet Promo Trailer

Technical Features:

Shot in HD
Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHZ and 256 kbps Audio
Mpeg-2 at about 5 Mbps Video

Overall Thoughts:

So I remember seeing the first Deviance movie and really enjoying it, so I was looking forward to seeing the next installment in the series. Plus the fact that I would get to see Teagan in action, with some other lovely ladies I enjoy. But after watching it, I have to say I was a little disappointed in what I saw. There was some high points in the movie (Jenna/Alexis/Pete scene), but even the good scenes had some dull moments that took the heat away. I have to say that the audio and video quality were way above average and it added to the overall feel of the movie, which was very cool inside the factory looking building, really gritty and dirty. I also like the effort they put in the special features, which were fairly loaded compared to most releases, and for you Teagan fans, plenty of stuff to get your attention. I just want to point out that during the end credits you do get a nice tease scene from Teagan as she rides the elevator, a great way to end the movie if you ask me, and you can even see some extra footage of it in the special features. Adding up all the scores and getting my final numbers and it looks like this is going to get a RECOMMEND rating, you do get to see some very sexy ladies having sex, and the overall good beat out the bad, so give it a chance and check it out.

After the anti piracy ad and some commercials for the Adam and Eve website, you get a trailer for the A Team Parody and the Dolby Digital commercial

Scene One: Shyla Stylez and Erik Everhard (2/5 rating)

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It’s a nice day out for a drive and Shyla pulls up and Erik is dumpster diving in a garbage can. She gets out of the car and with her boobs out calls fro him to come over and they begin to kiss. He grabs around for her tits and ass, while she puts her leg in his crotch. She lays back on the car hood as he licks her boobs while playing with her pussy. He heads south and dives his face into her pussy and begins to lick it with fury and determination. She grabs some of his hair and pushes his face into her pussy. He stands up for some more kissing and then pulls his cock out and she jerks him off before pushing him up against the car and then goes down on his cock for some oral love. She stands up and leans against the car and he dives in her ass and begins to lick her pussy and ass while she shakes her ass. She screams that she wants him and then stuff her panties in his mouth and tells him to fuck her. So he slides his cock in her pussy and begins to fuck away. After he dives into her pussy for some more oral attention, he flips her around and begins to fuck her from behind as she leans up against the car. That must not be working cause he finds an old couch and takes a seat as she climbs on top for some cowgirl action. He reaches around and sticks a finger in her ass as she rides him. Some kudos for the audio on the film, you can hear the performers and all of the background noise (traffic and car alarms) without one drowning out the other. Back to the action, he slips beside her for some spoon action in her ass, while she plays with her pussy. She climbs back on top for some more anal action, reverse cowgirl style. He lifts her up for some brief side saddle action and then she braces herself on the couch and floor as he continues to pound away on her ass. Some brief doggy action leads to the money shot in the mouth. She lays on the couch and then he gets in her car and pulls away.

Scene Two: Kristina Rose, Adrenalynn and Marco Banderas (2/5 rating)

It’s a night at the club and the ladies are enjoying the piano playing from Marco. Kristina walks behind Adrenalynn and they start to kiss as she plays with her boobs. He looks over and gets a small grin on his face as he watches the ladies. Kristina heads for Adrenalynn’s pussy after she kisses up and down her legs. The girls finally make their way over to him as Adrenalynn plays with Kristina’s tits and then her pussy. Kristina hops on his lap, while Adrenalynn hops on the piano and shows off her ass. Kristina joins her on the piano and dives her face into her pussy, while Marco is face first in Kristina’s pussy. It’s time to ride the train folks. So I can’t help to notice the little ring tattoo Adrenalynn has around her ass hole, not sure how I feel about that. Anyway, Marcos joins them on top of the piano, and then the girls go to work on his cock. The girls help each other out to make sure they get as deep as possible on his cock. Kristina is the first to go for a ride on Marco, while the two girls kiss each other. Adrenalynn spits on his cock and spreads Kristina’s ass so we get a good shot for the camera. Kristina continues to bounce on his cock as she leans over and stuffs her face in Adrenalynn’s tits. Adrenalynn finally gets her turn as she climbs on top and goes for a reverse cowgirl ride on him. Kristina adds a little heat to the scene as she talks to Adrenalynn and tries to pump her up to keep going. A little break in the action, means the girls are back to double teaming his cock, and then Adrenalynn is back on top riding him some more.  She tells Kristina to slap her pussy like the dirty whore she is, nice little addition to the scene. Kristina gets back on him for some anal action that you just knew was coming at some point in time. She takes all of his cock in her ass, and she begs both of them not to stop as they work on her. Kristina has to take a few seconds to come back down as she shakes and shivers from cumming. We go back to the train action, as Marco fucks Kristina from behind, in the ass of course, as she licks and finger bangs Adrenalynn’s pussy. The scene comes to a close as he pulls out and cums on Kristina’s ass and Adrenalynn licks some of the cum off of it. Considering most of the sex was with Kristina, I think both girls did a decent job feeding off each other in the scene.

Scene Three: Jenna Haze, Alexis Texas and Mr Pete (3/5 rating)

It’s time to repent as the girls walk in and kneel before him and he walks over and brings the girls to his crotch. At first you don’t really get a good look at the action but then the girls open up and we can see them tag team his cock, as Jenna gets a chance to show off her oral skills. He lifts Jenna up and then slides his cock in her pussy as she leans up against his pedestal. Alexis even gives her a hand while she plays with her pussy. Pete slides out for a second and Jenna immediately begs for him to put it back in. The screams of “please forgive me “ and “it’s yours father”, are very nice and they add even more heat to the scene. Alexis gets some more oral time with Pete as she wiggles her ass, and then she is up against the pedestal for some doggy action. The girls double team his cock some more and then Jenna and Pete gets some stand up fucking going as Alexis is there to play with her pussy as she is getting fucked. We get a nice close up of the action as we see Alexis have fun grabbing Jenna’s amazing ass and then dives her face in it. Jenna gets a break as she climbs on top of Alexis and fucks her pussy as she dives face first into Jenna’s pussy. Pete pulls out and walks over to Jenna and lets her suck on his dick some more and then drags her away and then she ends up on top of him as he lays on the floor and slides his cock in her ass for some reverse cowgirl action. And it wouldn’t be a scene without her wiggling her body on his cock, a trademark move for Jenna. The girls end up on their knees and beg and pray for his cum and he gives the girls a money shot and then they thank him. Overall I would have liked to see more of Alexis in this scene, I mean I very much enjoyed seeing Jenna in action, it would have gotten a 5/5 if Alexis would have been more involved in it.

Scene Four: Nikki Benz, Charles Dera, Evan Stone and Tommy Gunn (2/5 rating)

She is walking in factory or something and she opens the freezer door walks into a room where the guys are locked in some sort of cage type thing. Evan is the first to pull out his cock as he waves it in the air. She says she wants their cock, but first she wants to tease them. So she takes off her panties and begins to play with her pussy as she tells the guys to stroke their cocks. She leans in far enough to the guys that they get to lick her tit’s a bit and then she starts working on Charles’s cock. She follows up with some time with Evan and Tommy and then is back to teasing the guys. She moves in close enough that they can finger and even lick her pussy a little. She then sits on the floor and begins to finger herself as she tells the guys to keep stroking their cocks. Evan can’t take it anymore and he figures out a way to get out and the other guys follow.  On her knees she gets surrounded by the guys and gets face fucked by all the guys. She continues to work on all three guys, before this blow bang turns into some hardcore action. She ends leaning over the cage and Evan fucks her from behind as she sucks on Tommy and then the guys switch places. And she continues to spread the love with the guys as they continue to take turn spreading her pussy. And if she can’t find a cock, she yells out until one shows up. There seemed to be some squirting action coming out of her pussy a few times during the scene. Otherwise the scene consisted of the guys taking turns on her until, mostly doggy style , but there was some reverse cowgirl action too. The scene comes to an end as they cum on her face and tits. The guys pick her up and throw her into the cage and then walk away and close the door on her.

Scene Five: Teagan Presley, Jenna Haze, Nikki Benz and Andrenalynn (2/5 rating)

The scene starts off in a morgue and the ladies are laid out on the  shelves. Teagan is the first to awake, and apparently she is very horny, as she begins to play with her pussy with a fury. Jenna is the next to awake, and she begins to play with her tits. I had no idea that zombies were so horny when they wake up. Nikki is next and she goes right for her pussy, as Teagan and Jenna really start to work their pussies even more. Adrenalynn is the last to wake up and she takes off her panties and starts to finger her pussy. Jenna is bent over with her ass in the air and she is fingering her ass and pussy, and I am enjoying the view. The girls start to pair up and we get Jenna and Teagan in one group and Nikki and Adrenalynn in the other. Jenna reaches around and fingers Teagan’s pussy, while Nikki dives her face into Adrenalynn’s pussy. The camera does a nice job of panning over the scene making sure you get a good look at all of the action.  The girls come together as one group and then switch off to Teagan and Nikki and Jenna gets Adrenalynn. Nikki shoves four fingers into Teagan’s pussy, as she sticks a finger in her ass. Jenna is fingering Adrenalynn’s pussy. Sort of a sidetrack, but is it wrong that I found it funny that they gave Nikki a few of her open scars on her tits, where her implant scars would be. Nikki ends up using a toy on Jenna, while Adrenalynn has one for Teagan. Jenna finally gets to use a toy on Nikki while Teagan uses a toy on Adrenalynn. I have to say it’s nice to see Teagan again, it’s been awhile since I have seen her in a movie and I could really see more of her. Nikki and Jenna put on strap-ons and the other girls ride them, as Teagan takes it in the ass. The scene comes to and as they get back on the shelves and seem to go back to sleep.

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