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Cum Glazed

Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 12/15/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: 18+ Teens, Facials, Prebooks, Widescreen

Director: Vince Vouyer

Cast: Bruce Venture, Chastity Lynn, Cindy Jones, Evan Stone, Gigi Rivera, Haley Cummings, Melanie Rios

Date of Production: 11/03/2010

Length: 2 hrs. 15 mins.

Audio/Video: Both the video, and audio quality are superb. The scenes are displayed in a widescreen format. The cover of the DVD has "Shot in HD" printed upon it, and the quality definitely reflects this.


This DVD is all about 18+ teens, and cumshots. Each scene has a different role playing scenarios that involve some very sexy young ladies of the adult film industry. The scenarios themselves are hot enough to get a guy hard, and the sex will blow you away! The girls are definitely good at what they do in this DVD, and that is giving a performance that will definitely get the viewers' rocks off! If you like 18+ teens glazed in cum, then I can confidently say you will thoroughly enjoy this DVD!

Scene 1: Melanie Rios

The scene opens with Melanie walking into a school's detention room. The male performer for the scene is writing something on the chalkboard as punishment for his dirty deed. It's the classic 'Write this 100 times' type of punishment. Soon I catch a glimpse of what he's writing, and it just happens to say "I Will Not Glaze teens At Shool"! While this is taking place Melanie is strutting her stuff, trying to decide which seat to sit in. This is accompanied by a slow motion view of her picking up her fallen notebook. The background music reminds me of a teen flick for some reason? when Melanie finally gets situated, she asks the guy at the chalkboard why he's there in detention. What ensues is some rather corny dialogue that leads Melanie into asking the guy what "Teen Glazing" is? The guy wastes no time in explaining, and pretty much tells Melanie not to mention it to anyone then yanks out his dick! Melanie responds in a very naive manner asking him is that what he's going to teach her about teen glazing with? The whole little scenario is extremely hot! However ridiculous the dialogue between the performers is, is totally irrelevant. In fact it makes the scene even more outstanding! Melanie is stunning, and the sex that goes on on top of the desk is amazing. There's a little bit of everything thrown in the mix including doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, and even missionary sexual positions. The ending cumshot is even satisfying to watch. Melanie asks the guy "are you going to show me teen glazing?" as he shoots his load onto her face! Afterwards the scene closes with her saying "Is that what teen glazing is!? It's so fun!!!". It's definitely a great scene, and a very awesome way to start a DVD!

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Scene 2: Gigi Rivera

Gigi is one of those barely legal female performers that almost looks under age. She definitely suits the 'Teen' part of this DVD's theme. Needless to say, Gigi is smoking hot! From the moment she walks playfully up to the ice cream man's truck (just like a teen ...) you can tell this scene is going to rock hard! The scenario is that Gigi happens to be 50 cents short of getting her favorite frozen desert  from the ice cream guy. She begs, pleads, and whines just for a second to the guy. She says she doesn't have enough allowance to pay for the rest, and that her parents are out of town. Hearing this the guy asks if what she said was true that her parents aren't home, and Gigi giggles saying "yes!". The guy practically invites himself to her house (like a creeper ...). When the two arrive at her house the guy starts groping her butt! Gigi doesn't mind at all. In fact by the look on her face she looks like she thoroughly enjoys the attention. One thing leads to another, and soon Gigi pulls the ice cream guy's dick out of his pants! As soon as she sees his massive cock she says in a naive teen voice, "Hey mister ice cream man that's a really large cone you have there!". If that's not enough to get a viewers blood pumping to their lower extremities then I don't know what is! after sucking on the ice cream guy's cone for a while the sex begins. With Gigi being as hot as she is the viewing pleasure of the sex is amplified. The sexual positions included doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. This scene was pure eye candy! from start to finish it was truly a satisfying scene. The ending cumshot included some dialogue about the ice cream man being on time. It was a bit corny, but truly satisfying nonetheless.

Scene 3: Haley Cummings 

This scene contains a little less naivety than the two previous scenes. When the scene opens Haley is reclining on a couch dressed in almost nothing. Her very large natural titties were practically bulging out of the ribbon of a top that she was wearing. In fact you could see her large nipples through the pink top! This time the scenario involves Haley talking on the phone with her best friend about 'teen glazing'. From there the plot gets a bit more complicated, and involves Haley getting the pool boy to help her out. Not only does she ask the pool boy about 'teen glazing', but she also tries to talk him into doing her chore of cleaning the windows. The pool boy seems to try and act like a gentleman at first, but as he stares at Haley's massive tit's I guess he couldn't help but give her a lesson in 'teen glazing'. The sex starts off with a lengthy, and very hot blowjob session. Haley definitely knows how to suck cock, and she shows off her skills several times as she deepthroats the pool boy's massive cock all the way to the balls! After the cocksucking is done, the pool boy pounds Haley's pussy in several different positions including doggystyle, missionary, and cowgirl. The missionary, and doggystyle sex was easily the best in the scene. It was satisfying to watch Haley's all natural tits bounce around as her pussy was being pounded by the pool boy's pole. When the deed was said and done the pool boy 'teen glazed' Haley's lovely face, and took off in a hurry not even putting his clothes back on! Just as I thought the scene was over her boyfriend with a pink mohawk walks in questioning her about the goo on her face! She stutter's trying to explain it to him, and then sucks his cock! She ends up with two facials in one scene! This scene was just ok for me. The scenario was a little to off the wall, but the sex was great! Overll it's a good scene! 

Scene 4: Cindy Jones

This scene had a title called "Hard Candy", and it suited the scenario very well. Cindy just happens to be Trick r' Treating all alone. She looks a bit old for it though. The scene opens with her ringing a strangers doorbell dressed as a witch in search for candy loot. The guy who answers the door not only looks creepy in his halloween costume, but acts the part as well. Cindy asks the creepy old guy if he has any candy, and informs him that she has to leave in a hurry to meet her friends at a 'Teen Glazing' party. The guy informs her that she happens to be in luck, and that he is an expert at 'teen glazing'. With little persuasion needed to get the very naive Cindy upstairs, the creepy guy puts his naughty paln into action. When they get in his bedroom he asks her if she likes soft candy, or hard candy? Cindy pauses for a second then replies "I like hard candy!". The creep says " I was hoping you would say that!". With in a manner of seconds the creepy guy has his cock pulled out of his pants, and the two swap some corny dialogue including "Hey Mister! That's Some Hard Candy!". This scene has to be the hottest role playing sex scene I have seen in my history as a reviewer here! Cindy's naive comments, and the hot sex make this scene very noteworthy. At one point the male performer has Cindy eating halloween candy off of his cock! Cindy's exceptional cocksucking, and sexual performance mixed with the male performer's energy made this scene truly awesome! Watching her natural tits bounce around as her pussy was getting banged was a huge plus. The end glazing was a treat, and Cindy's reaction about her already having done teen glazing made for a hot finish. I have to say that this was my favorite scene out of all of them!

Scene 5: Chastity Lynn

This scene was a different take on the detention scenario. It was titled "The New Girl". There are five guys in the room with Chastity spreading a rumor about what sexual deed 'The New Girl' did, and with whom. After overhearing the five boys conversations she confronts them asking if they were the ones who banged her. None of them had the nerve to say yes. Chastity stands boldly in the middle of the row of desks and tells them that she is hot, and they are not! She also mentions that she had done it with a girl in the bathroom, and that's why she's in detention. Chastity questions the boys about why they are there, and the all answer at the same time "Teen Glazing!". From there the scene jumps right into a five guy blow bang featuring Chastity. The scenario wasn't as detailed as the previous ones, but it was still very good. Chastity trys hard to assume the dominant role in this blow bang, but soon the male performers make a nasty wet mess out of her. There's a lot of deepthroating, gagging, and slobbering that happens during the scene. Chastity manages to go balls deep on each of the guy's cocks everytime! It truly was a very intense blow bang in a very hot way! The teen glazing covered Chastity's entire face. She was one messy girl, and the guys walked off leaving her asking hopelessly for a tissue! This scene was a great way to end a truly remarkable DVD!


Behind The Scenes, Bonus Scene With Haley Cummings, Trailers, Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap, Web Access, Bonus DVD/Disc: Young Ripe Teen Mellons #2

Final Thoughts:

From start to finish this DVD delivers high quality performances. I couldn't find one scene that I did not thoroughly enjoy. I'm a huge fan of the cumshot genre, and this DVD delivers it well. Not only do you get to watch some of the hottest 18+ teen female performers in action, but you are also blessed with some extremely hot scenarios. This DVD absolutely delivers more bang for the buck with a bonus scene, good extras, and a bonus DVD! This DVD has great replay value as well. I could go on, and on about how good this DVD is, but I think my review speaks for itself. This is one DVD that's worthy of the highest recommendation here!

Final Rating: Xcritic Pick!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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