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Fan Bang

Studio: Metro » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 12/19/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Widescreen, Gangbang

Director: Beth Ann Rafael

Cast: Ginger Lynn, Sabrina Deep, Sasha Knox

Date of Production: 9/25/2010

Length: 2hrs. 17mins.

Audio/Video: This DVD is shot in True High Definition, and the quality does reflect that. The scenes are presented in a widescreen format/ratio.



I'm going to stary from my usual review format for this review, and give you details on the DVD packaging, and the DVD set itself ...

The package this DVD comes in is pretty remarkable. Not only do you get the regular DVD case with a cover, but you also get a slip cover that is the best adult DVD cover I have ever seen. On the front of the slip cover is a picture of Sabrina Deep in a ringmaster's circus uniform with her breasts uncovered. What I truly like about the slip case is that it opens like a book, and shows pictures of scenes from the gang bang! The slip cover is high quality from front to back, and will make a worthy colletcor's item for any adult DVD fans' collection.


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The first part of the first DVD plays like a documentary. The camera follows Sabrina Deep on a very intimate journey to California where she is to have the gang bang shot. Along the way we get to see the more human, and fun person that Sabrina really is. There isn't a moment when she isn't smiling, laughing, or having a great time. She shares some personal gang bang experiences during a car ride in California as she's doing some sightseeing. For the most part the DVD seems like an X-rated documentary, even when the gang bangs are taking place. I suppose that they wanted to keep an intimate atmosphere to the DVD experience, and in that I think they succeeded.The intro to the first gang bang looked like something right out of a sideshow. The had a flame eating little person, two performers suspended by ribbon, and even some clowns. The whole atmosphere looked like a freak show, and in a manner the gang bang probably is. I actually began watching this DVD thinking it was going to be one massive gang bang with 40 guys at once, but they actually did seperate gang bang sessions.

In the first gang bang session, which included the thematic intro the sex was actually kind of bland. There were some fluffer girls in the scene, which really amounted to little. None of the people involved, including Sabrina seemed to be 100% into it. For the most part it seemed to me as if Sabrina was not taking it seriously. By that I mean she wasn't seriously into the sex. She often times laughed, and joked. This made the first gang bang less enjoyable to watch for me. There was only a handful of guys for the first session. As a whole all the persons involved in the first session didn't seem to have it together. The guys had to constantly readjust ther positions  just to satisfy Sabrina, and to satisfy their own needs. I also noticed that the action actually skipped around a good bit leaving out a lot of the actual sex. Most of the cumshots went to Sabrina's face, but a couple went other places like on her feet. The first gang bang session was definitely a let down.

The second gang bang session went a great deal better. It was more like a porn video than the previous one. I didn't notice much skipping around on the actual sex which was good. The guys that were involved in this one definitely made it a team effeort, and seemed to know what they were doing. It was much more pleasant, and enjoyable to watch. Even Sabrina seemed to be into the sex this time around. The guys in this session constantly had Sabrina surrounded taking care of each of her holes. After the session was over. Ginger Lynn sat down with Sabrina, and talked about the gang bang. I didn't mention before, but Ginger Lynn is the host of this documentary styled gang bang.  The first disc ends there, leaving me totally baffled as to what's supposed to be so great about this???


The only really notable extra that is included on disc 2 is the 'Behind The Scenes' featurette. For the most part it is a video montage of all that happened during the filming of this DVD. It includes footage of the circus performers that were included in the intro rehearsing their acts, as well as participants in the gang bang sessions. You even get to see the camera crew that is shooting the event. It's actually one of the best behind the scenes segments I have seen in an adult DVD. The other extras include:

- Photo Gallery

- Trailers


- *More Adult Fun (Phone Sex Ads)

- Web Commercial

- Direct Web Access

Final Thoughts:

This DVD, to me, was just a fun documentary style porn flick. It's a great example of why not to judge a Porn DVD by it's cover. I was expecting great things out of this DVD, but was let down. Sure it's a fun way to get to know Sabrina Deep a little bit better, but it fails greatly in the sex part. The sex part is the whole reason I was excited about reviewing the DVD. I'd say this DVD is all about eye candy. I also watched the entire two discs, and I can't honestly see where there were 40 guys banging her like it advertises on the fancy cover??? Overall this was a huge disappointment. At most it might be worth a rent if you're interested in a porn style documentary. 

Final Rating: Rent It


"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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