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Naughty Newbies

Studio: Metro » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 12/19/10

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Naughty Newbies

Release Date: September 30, 2010

Running Time: 3:49

Condoms: None

Director: Van Styles

Cast: Kelly Surfer, Milla Mason, Natalia James, Rosemary Radeva & Zoe Voss

About The DVD

“Naughty Newbies”, brings a mix and I mean a mix of performances with some nice newbie young girls, but several of the scenes do not even stand up to what I call an average newcomer scene. The other thing you will have within the dvd, is very long drawn out openings of the girls getting ready, from dressing to makeup. Which in my opinion is something that doesn’t belong in the main scene, but should be part of the extras.

Natalia James

After a long drawn out opening that should have been a BTS segment, we do move into the sex. Now, keep in mind the long drawn out part in the beginning, falls to the director, who the girls are listening to and is not the fault of the young lady. In the beginning of the sex, I really couldn’t get a good feel if Natalia, was enjoying it or not. I feel it was the later of the two as she did not show much enthusiasm at all during it. Her oral skills were below average and about the only thing she did to enhance it, was an attempt at deep throating. Natalia’s, fucking started off slow and again at first I questioned if she was into it, especially as she would just look off into nowhere at times. As things progressed, she did pick up and get into the fucking more, with cowgirl and spooning being her strongest. Her reverse cowgirl was real sloppy and seemed a challenge for her. Wrapping up a below average newcomer scene, she takes a load in her mouth, but real quick spits it out, with a face that said she did not like or want it at all.

Positions: Oral, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Spooning, Doggie, Missionary, Cum In Mouth

Kelly Surfer

Kelly is put through a similar long drawn out opening as Natalia was, that again should have been part of the BTS extra. Her oral skills were very limited, but what hurt her more than her skills when sucking cock, is that she just talked to damn much. In the beginning she mentions that she is not very vocal normally, when she fucks and it showed as she attempted to get vocal and it came across fake. Now not only does Kelly talk to much when giving head, but she does the same at times while fucking. To make it even worse, there was too much talking by the camera man too. Let's fuck and talk later. She rode best in cowgirl, but when they went sixty-nine, there was no excitement at all. She takes a cum shot in her mouth, with very limited response and not much excitement to bring this overall poor scene to an end.

Positions: Oral, Spooning, Doggie, Missionary, Cowgirl, Sixty-Nine, Reverse Cowgirl, Cum In Mouth

Zoe Voss

I have seen Zoe Voss, perform in other scenes and it was nice to see someone come onto the screen that I know can deliver. Sadly, she too was put through this drug out opening that had nothing to do with her sex segment. Nothing against Zoe, but when I watch a sex scene, I watch it for the sex and not to watch the girl get her makeup done for the scene. As Zoe’s, partner worked her over orally and with some finger fucking, her response was extremely strong and show total enjoyment throughout. As she returned the favor back to him, she wasn’t as strong orally as I have seen her in the past, but she makes up for it with a strong and exciting fuck in every single position. As she takes a nice cum shot into her mouth and on her face, she then sucks and completely licks him dry with enjoyment. Up to this point, Zoe has delivered the strongest scene in the dvd so far.

Positions: Oral, Sixty-Nine, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Cum In Mouth

Milla Mason

Milla Mason’s lead in was scripted a lot better and did not seem as much like a BTS, as all the previous scenes. It did have a nice flow that led into sex and was not as drawn out. She actually does some good work orally on her partner, but that strength was taken away from her being totally expressionless as she sucked his cock. When she fucked in reverse cowgirl, she does some damn nice slamming and took a nice finger fuck that she responded to well. When she went into doggie and spooning, she looked more bored than in pleasure and enjoyment. There was a second round of doggie, that was much stronger than the first, but over all her total fucking positions were like a roller coaster, as she was up and down on her overall performance. She takes a facial from her partner, but her response and facial expressions told me that she really wanted no part of it at all.

Positions: Oral, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggie, Spooning, Facial

Rosemary Radeva

Now, here is a cut little spinner that performed well enough to tell me that there is some long term potential with this little lady. After making out and some nice foreplay, on to oral. Even tough she doesn’t yet have the strongest oral skills, she made a great effort and put a little enthusiasm and excitement into it. As she had her pussy eaten, that she responded to extremely well and you could see her total enjoyment as she did. Now, like I mentioned, she is just a cute little spinner and you can really see how tiny she is as she mounts up cowgirl and her partners cock was almost bigger that her cute little ass. At first and I think do to the size of his cock, she road easy but then picked up with some nice fucking that at times was very strong. After a nice fucking she takes a load of cum on her ass, but did not give much response to it. As you know, I spend a lot of time with newcomers and I feel this is one to keep your eye on for future scenes as I certainly have her in my radar. By the way, this was her very first scene on dvd.

Positions: Oral, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Spooning,


Audio & Video: At times, the settings used delivered to much echo for and took away from the overall scene. The video work was of good quality and did bring some nice close ups at times.

My Final Thoughts

I watch and focus a lot of my time, reviews and interviews with newcomers and each month put out exciting newcomers for my monthly XCritic colum “Newcomers & Fresh Faces". Even though Zoe Voss is a new starlet in the industry, she has put out a fair amount of strong work up to this point and continues to deliver again in this scene. She is one I have come to enjoy in many of her dvds. Natalia James, Milla Mason and Kelly Surfer could possibly have some potential, but they have a long way to go and only future scenes will tell us if they have what it takes to deliver and rise to the top. The scenes of theirs in this dvd, did not do that, so they have their work cut out for them. I had some excitement in watching, Rosemary Radeva, and even though it wasn’t the strongest newcomer scene I have ever watched, it did have enough strength to put it above average and hopefully as she continues to work on her overall performance, she will bing us some future, excellent jerk off material. Even though, there were some basic sex delivered, by a few, it did not destroy that sex segment of the overall video. What killed it for me, was the long drawn out openings, like I mentioned should have been part of a BTS and not the actual scene. That was some poor positioning of footage on the part of the director and drives the value of the dvd down considerably. To put out a dvd that claims over three hours and almost half of it is non-sex, is disappointing and some what misleading. The best recommendation, I can give to you, is to “Rent It”, but do not spend your money on buying it. You can put your hard earned bucks into a lot better overall newcomer dvds that are out there.


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